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Found 144 results

  1. david___drz

    Rnning Issues

    I have a 2000 DRZ 400E. I got the bike after it sat for a few years. Since i have had it i rebuilt the carb, meaning i took it completely apart, cleaned the bad gas out and replaced anything rubber that needed it. I also cleaned out the gas tank as it had rotten fuel in it. I set the air fuel screw to the factory setting since it was a little off, but i don't think i messed with the idle position. I have also changed the coolant, oil, and the battery. the bike now runs and i have been riding it every day for a couple weeks so far to bring it back to life. my issue is that the bike won't run unless the choke is out. once it is hot it will continue to run without an issue as long as the choke stays out. when i push the choke in the bike bogs down and dies, no matter what i do with the throttle. i have tried to adjust the idle but it doesn't seem to make a difference. Once it gets all the way up to temp the choke button goes in by itself so i haven't had the chance to ride more than 10 min or so at a time without fighting it. I've just about scratched a hole in my head trying to figure out if i did something wrong and how i can fix it. I think i'm capable enough to fix it mechanically and am too stubborn to take it to a dealer, even though that is where it might end up soon
  2. Stabby

    Jetting Reccomendation

    Hey All, dug around lightly an didn't quite find what I needed, as I have specific things I'm lookin for. Idealy a place to start with jetting settings, couldn't find a thread with the same mods I got. CW 440 big bore, STOCK header and exhaust that was cut in half by previous owner, hotcams stage 2, 3x3, K&N street filter, stock carb, sea level altitude. Just a bit odd having the stock exhaust and BBK, hence a little difficult to find a good starting point from advice. Thank you for any and all advice!
  3. Palazzolo88

    Sumo Graphics and UFO Plastics?

    I recently bought a new set of plastics from UFO and a graphics kit from MAXcross.... Needless to say the graphics look like crap because the alignment is terrible. I'm looking for recommendations on graphics that fit with UFO plastics. Also, was wondering if anyone knew of anywhere that install them as well? I figure there are a few people like myself that have been down this road several times and just wondered if someone had any good experiences with a certain company that will cut for certain plastics or even install. Thanks in advance. -Nick
  4. I know y'all have probably read thousands of drz engine noise complains, but this one is different. I just bought the bike, a 07 drz400sm with 9k miles, and this is my first drz. Likewise, it struck me how noisy the engine was. There is an annoying ticking that I assume is the cam chain and I plan on buying an mcct soon, but that is not the issue. It seems that in the mid rpm range, especially in low 2nd gear (because of low ambient noise) there is an almost siren like noise coming from the engine, pulsing. It's hard to tell what it its, but it gets louder and much more noticeable after the engine is nice and warm. I'll try to post an audio sample as soon as I can. Also, the pulsing seems to speed up with an increase of speed and doesn't pulse but rather stays constant while revving in neutral. It's noticeable when in neutral as well as other grears and throughout the rpms, but is especially noticeable while holding constant rpm. (The sound is not there during deceleration) Could this be the cam chain? I'm very new to the drz and I'm not sure if there is something that I should take care of before it locks up on me or if I'm just being paranoid. With the limited amount of info you have, tell me if you know what it could be. Thanks.
  5. Im looking to paint my stock DRZsm400 chain guide, and Yoshi RS2 Exhaust cover black and possibly kickstand. I believe the yoshi cover is made of some sort of steal as i was able to clean the previous owners paint job off with a bench grinder brush and polish it up, and I believe the chain guide is made of aluminum or something else similar and light. After A black base coat (Doesnt need to be glossy, but i want to match the look of black plastics as much as possible) , i would like to accentuate the yoshi lettering on the exhaust and windows on the chain guide with a thin layer or "stroke" of red. I have almost no experience with painting things but they are small so I think it should be relatively simple. I need the paint job to stand up to 85% road driving and 15% backroad/fireroad/light trail riding. Questions: What would be my best option for the black base color, simple as rustoleum or is there powder coat in a can i can get that will be much more durable and aesthetically pleasing, is something as extreme as por15 or something similar a good idea? I plan on hand painting the red outlines, what type of paint will be durable enough to withstand heat and small debris? Is there a good clearcoat I can/should finish with to keep it from wear and tear? Price isnt really an issue just quality/experience/fun. Would I just be better off having a shop do it?
  6. beetlerox

    2010 Drz400E Headlight issue

    Hi everyone, I recently purchased a 2010 Suzuki DRZ400E and am in love. The bike is awesome and rides like a dream. It has one issue though. Sometimes the Headlight does not come on at all (High or Low beam) but the blue Headlight indicator on the instrument panel is permanently on (even when switch between High to Low beam). When the Headlight works normally, the blue Headlight indicator on the instrument panel works as it should as well, only coming on when High Beam is selected. The issue randomly sorts itself out from time to time. However it's quite odd and makes evening / night rides impossible. Have any of you legends come across this issue or know what it is and what needs to be done to fix? Thanks in advance.
  7. Hey all, i was riding today and my Case cover thingy fell off of the engine and i was wondering what would be the best way to clean the old glue stuff off and put it back onto the case. Thanks (pic is of my engine)
  8. Supermotofool

    Handbrake / Clutch lever setup

    Hello all! I have everything setup and ready to go. I did the S to SM swingarm conversion, and I was lucky enough to have a friend that gave me 2 of the 50 stunt dual piston calipers for free off his bike after he sold it. All I need now is the bracket, a master, and a line, but this is where I want to be sure I make a good choice. I was thinking about going with the Dominator clutch cap on top of the brembo master cylinder.. But I am not sure how much adjustment there is on that. What would you guys recommend for the a stunt clutch/master setup? I do have the short impaktech clutch lever on currently, is there a good master that will fit with my clutch? All input is appreciated! Even trolling for a good laugh. lmao Thanks everyone!
  9. Hey all, I was wondering if anyone could tell me what voltage the white signal wire operates at going into the coil pack? Is it a low voltage 12V line, or is the coil capacitor inside the CDI making the white wire a high voltage line? Or is it just a relay switch line? I'm getting curious reading from my oscilloscope (sadly I never took a signal sample so I can't show you, I can get that this weekend), but I was getting 0.4V AC on the spark pulses... which was confusing since I was expecting 12V AC. Maybe my cheap scope it just retarded? I'm wondering how it should read? The white wire I'm referring to plugs into the spade connector on the pack.. like in image. Thanks for any help!
  10. Hi all, Was surfing the web for a FCR 39 or a likely alternative to upgrade my DRZ400 and came upon this. https://technologyelevatedco.com/ I've never seen this kind of carburetor before with no jets etc. The manufacturer claims all the regular stuff; more hp, better mileage, easy to dial in and so on. Has anybody here used one of these and can share their experiences? Is this just tosh (aka snake oil), or actually the best thing that happened to carb's since <insert preferred analogy here>? Other thoughts on this are also welcome! :-) Thanks.
  11. ajwillson

    Oil Leak from Shifter Shaft?

    Hello, just looking for some advice on where this oil leak can be coming from. It is around the shift shaft area, maybe a little to the left. After reading around on here a bit, I ordered a CS seal kit after I found the sprocket nut loose. I pulled the sprocket, noticed the area behind it was dry, and replaced the seal anyways. After riding a bit, I noticed I still had the leak. I could obviously tell it was not coming from the CS seal, as I cleaned that area good and it was still dry. Now my best guess is the shifter or the white piece to the left of the shifter(someone help me on what that is lol). Also there was a drop of oil on the washer around the shift shaft I wiped off earlier.
  12. Cliner56

    DRZ cheep dirt mods

    Hey all, Through out the years of dreaming and envisioning the prefect dirt build (perfect to me), I have finally came across the mods that I think make this the best possible DRZ dirt mod list on the cheep. I am a young married college student so my budget is slim to none, however I'm a motorcycle addict. Due to my tight budget and big imagination I had to do some selective purchases to revamp my 2005 DRZ-S. When I bought the bike it was pretty much bone stock, except the seller did hook it up with 3x3 mod, correct jetting, and yoshi RS3 full system. While I did love the bike in its 'almost' natural form, the 320lb scale weight and spongy trail performance was quickly hindering my off road capabilities. In short, I wanted to drop some pounds, give her a face lift and tune the suspension to my taste. What I ended up with was exactly what I had envisioned, and I did it on the cheep. What I want to do here is throw down a list of all the parts I used to make my bike lighter on the scale, prettier, and all around better. The mods I did made a night and day difference with off road performance, it sits just a hair over 300lbs now and had no problem keeping up on hard trails, single track, and wicked hill climbs. Starting from the top down and front to back: Pro Taper 7/8 CR high bend (RMATVMC) $62 BikeMaster 7/8 bar risers (amazon) $28 Clutch+Brake Pivot Levers CNC (eBay) $20 Fly Racing hand guards (amazon) $46 Odi ruffian grips (RMATVMC) $9 Winllyat Motorcycle Turn Signals (amazon) $18 (4 pack) GOOFIT Universal 12V 35w (amazon) $26 Acerbis Front Fender 02 Yellow - 2007 SUZUKI RM250 (RMATVMC) $20 Suzuki gel seat (amazon) $180 Primary Drive 520 Chain (RMATVMC) $43 Tusk LED brake light (RMATVMC) $29 Kenda Trackmaster set (RMATVMC) $107 120/100-18 Rear 80/100-21 Front Let me know what y'all think of this look and if you have done anything similar. The sky is the limit (and the pocket book) with these bikes so post your images and lets see what you got!
  13. Hello Everyone, First post on thumpertalk but I have been lurking the forums for awhile. I am new to the supermoto world and definitely new to carbed bikes. Came from the supersport world so any help is appreciated. My setup: 2015 DRZ400SM -Full Yoshimura RS-2 Carbon (recently installed) -Stock Mikuni Carb -K&N Air Filter -3x3 Mod (to be completed soon) -JD Jet Kit (also to be completed soon) I live in CT so the bike is inside for a couple months due to weather. I can run it but cant ride it much unless we get a clear day, so I would like to get the jetting as close to perfect as I can on the first go around. Riding anywhere from sea level to a couple thousand feet above sea level max (0-2000ft) Wondering what you all recommend for my jet setting. I have the stock fuel screw as well as everything the JD kit comes with. Thanks for the help!
  14. I've fitted an FCR MX 39, RS2 (my god. uncorked, that's loud) and done the 3x3 mod. Turns out I need to reduce the size of my pilot jet - bike still idles with fuel screw fully wound in. Currently I have a 45 fitted - I've got a 42 to try. BUT... I need advice on changing the PJ with the carb still on the bike - I really don't want to take the carb off. The pilot jet is recessed and needs a flat blade screwdriver to remove it (unlike the main jet). Thing is I can't get any of my stubby flat blades in the limited space below the float chamber. If I loosen the hose clips and try to rotate the carb then the throttle wheel fowls the frame and prevents the carb rotating, so that's not an option. Any clues/advice on removing/refitting the PJ? Thanks!
  15. I have a 2006 Suzuki DRZ400s. I am having an issue with the tail running lights not working. The brake light does work with both the foot and hand brake. The running lights will come on when i turn the key past run to the park setting. It does have an aftermarket led tail light. Any insight would be appreciated
  16. Fr0styy_iz_i

    DRZ400-sm Plastics?

    Alright so I'm probably just blind or have no clue what I'm doing but I can't seem to find plastics for DRZ400SM's. Can anyone help? I just don't dig my stock plastics all that much.
  17. Kindill

    Electrical Headache

    Greetings Thumper Talk community, I've been using a 2002 DRZ 400 S as my daily driver all winter long without any kind of problems. Starting last week I have found the battery being depleting enough to not turn the starter motor. Using a jumper box I was able to get it running. After having the battery tested and replaced I assumed the problem was solved. Unfortunately this does not seem to be the case as the problem persisted. Checking with a multimeter and with the key in the OFF position there was no significant amp draw. So I'm not thinking there is a parasitic ground. Checked the stater and rectifier both seem to be in working order and with the bike running I could measure the voltage of the battery slowly increasing. Starting with a full charge by tender and 2 days of sporadic riding the battery is now down to 11.6 volts.. when I attempt to start it at 11.6 volts the neutral light heavily dims, and the starter motor sluggishly engages then stops. Assuming the new battery isn't faulty I am thinking there might be some short that is opened when the starter motor is engaged. But honestly I've no idea. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Side question: what voltage is required for the starter to start the bike? It was at 11.6V with the key in the off position and could barely turn over.
  18. Cliner56

    RMX Dual sport viability?

    Hey all, I am wondering if any of you have converted your RMX for road use and if it would even be a viable option to convert. I don't ride highways, and wouldn't expect the bike to travel on the highway, but with taller gearing and suspension adjustments could you get the RMX to be a true dual sport bike? I am interested in selling the DRZ as my riding has switched to more of an off road style, but I would miss riding my bike to work and such. (way better gas mileage than my truck) Let me know what you guys think, or if anyone has done a dual sport conversion. Cheers.
  19. Randy Sorensen

    Whats my bike worth?

    Hey guys, my wife really wants to ride with me. In order to do that, I need to get a different bike ( or a different wife). I've been sadly been debating trading my bike for a cruiser. I need to know what you guys think would be a fair price for this bike for trade value. The bike is a 2000 Drz400. Kickstart model. The bike has been converted to supermoto using behr rims wrapped in brand new Avon trail riders. Front has big brake conversion. All new plastics including tank. New seat, Tusk street legal kit ( the bike is registered street legal) answer bars, geared 15/38. 470cc striker kit, k&n filter. This bike came with the fcr39 carb and an open air box ( 3x3 mod is more like 4x4 ). Full yoshimura exhaust. Carb has obviously been jetted and also had an extended fuel screw installed. Bike has roughly 300 miles on it after complete rebuild( all new parts were put on at the same time). Im sure I'm forgetting a few things but you get the gist. All the expensive stuff is done. Bike runs like a million bucks and is probably faster than 99% of the drz400sm models out there. Mainly due to the lighter weight of this bike and the stroker kit. What should I ask for this? Trade value? also, if you guys were in my situation, what bike would you guys look for? My wife is 5'4" 110 lbs, so I don't want a goldwing lol.

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I have a like new (used for only 2 months - maybe 50 hours total) Seatconcepts seat that fits the DRZ 400 from 2000 - 2019 and 03/04 KLX 400 R/SR. This is an amazing upgrade over the stock seat in terms of comfort and looks(it's wider in the back and it also has grippy material on top to keep you from sliding around). This cost $279.99 new (without tax and shipping) and I'm asking for $150 or best offer since it's barely used. I'm only selling it because I sold the bike.


    , Massachusetts

  21. I am stuck! Bought a Suzuki DRZ 125 L 2011 and trying to source parts. Every website I come across shows 2003- 2009 then jumps right to 2012 Every site seems to act as if the 2010 and 2011 doesn't exist? I find random parts 2003-2009 that fit when compared, or some to the KLX 125. Managed to find Procircuit pipe labelled as 2003-2012 at least that fit reg and the L , but finding random things such as replacement parts are never listed. I am a pretty thorough internet searcher and I am unable to find any correlation to why these particular years do not appear to be listed on any part listings as compatible? I know the dif between the 125 DRZ and the L, but things like brake levers etc., would matching them with a 2009 DRZ work or will any year for most parts work from 2003 and up? even ebay searches are not coming up I would appreciate any insight as the online companies I normally order from only show parts up to 2009
  22. MarKSmaN98

    Advise on buying new DRZSM

    Hi, My name is Mark and this is my first post here. I've been on this site a lot looking things up about the DRZ, but I have never had a need to make an account. But in the near future (weeks to a few months) I will be getting my first DRZ, although not my first motorcycle. Also, I'm sure this question has been asked many times before but every person and situation is unique and I wanted to get answers for me and my situation. I wanted to ask the community what you think about: 1.) should I even buy new? (are there any benefits of the 2018 model vs a 2000? Excluding mileage, wear, idiots screwing with the engine and whatnot) 2.) where should I go to get the motorcycle (assuming the 2018 or 17, something that would be at a dealer), the Suzuki dealership? A general power sports place? Is there any place that can be said to almost always be better? (better prices, more friendly, more willing to adjust their prices, etc) 3. Should I lease/ get a loan? I am a college student with 3k in the bank. Should I put that down and get a new bike, or wait a month or so and get a used one for 5 or 6k? (the bikes here can be pretty expensive even used for many years with obvious signs of crashes/ wear) That should be about it. If I think of any more questions I'll post them in this thread. Thank you, Mark
  23. drz125project

    drz 125

    So I bought a 05 DRZ 125 L off craigslist and I replaced the piston, cam shaft, head, and valve cover. This is my first dirt bike because I wanted to learn how to rebuild the motor. After installing everything fallowing every direction in the owners Manuel. After I install the valve cover I would try turning the motor over with a wrench and the motor binds up. does anyone know what this could be ?
  24. hey guys ive had my drz for about a year and recently the little hole on the left side of the engine has started leaking what looks like oil, ive read it could be a head gasket or something failing but I have no other leaks and the bike still runs fine. can someone please tell me what this hole is for and why its started leaking recently. thank you
  25. Hi i have a 2006 Suzuki DR-Z 125L and i am looking for more performance from it. I am already saving for a FMF Powercore 4 s/a slip on. If you guys know of any good performance mods for my bike please tell me!! Everything is appreciated!