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Found 143 results

  1. What do you guys think of this guy's conclusions?
  2. hey guys, so lately i’ve been thinking and i think i’d like to try and get my hands on a dual sport that i could bring onto the streets. i’m looking for the early-mid 80’s era as i love the look of them. i don’t know much about these, and all i’ve really looked at were the honda xl’s & xr’s. Which do you think would be a decent bike i could get to restore? i have also been looking at the drz’s as well. but i’d like to know what’s the pro’s and con’s of the different dual sport type bikes and which you’d prefer? & also, all i have to rip now is a 250 2t on dirt.. and i know for examples the xr’s go up to 650 but haven’t been able to find anywhere, mostly 250’s and 300’s. Have any you guys ridden these? just seems like small displacement for the roads? you guys ever wish they had more power? thanks for any input!
  3. Xtrainer as a Dual Sport Review. I plated my Xtrainer last year with a restricted plate here in Idaho when I first got the bike. The Restricted plate allows me to ride anywhere except on Freeways/Highways unless the posted speed limit is 45 or less and within 3 miles of an established city. That would have been good enough but I live about 10 miles out of town and I have to use the highway with a speed limit of 60 to get there. Along with other off-road designations I would use the Highway to get to I needed the unrestricted plate. My wife works for the DMV, she got me the proper paperwork for the unrestricted plate. She also got to look thru the “Dead” plate list and found me MTN 208, 208 is our area code. I added the turn signals and a mirror so now my bike is legal for any state anywhere, just as if it was a factory street bike. Insurance is only $75 a year. List of modifications. Cycra Probend 1” bar risers. FMF Spark arrestor. Hammerhead brake pedal. Generic Turn signals for the front and LED strip for the rear with LED Flasher. JD Jetting and slightly lower Float level. Everything else is stock, tires, gearing, suspension, ETC. Pavement Ride report. Nice and smooth in the 30 to 60 Miles per hour range. It will run 70+ but the engine is singing along at that rate. Trying to ride 25 or less at a steady pace was not as good. The bike didn’t like the lower steady RPM. It would gurgle and surge. This was a bit better than before I had the JD Jetting. Plug still looked rich, black. Adjusting the Air/Fuel screw didn’t change much. Off-Road the bike performs great, just as it should. Plenty of low end grunt. Varying the throttle off-road the low speed gurgle isn’t noticeable. Pavement Ride Report with Float set even lower, about 1mm. WOW much better. Low end gurgle is pretty much gone, just a slight amount but livable. I rode it 30 miles on pavement and it didn’t miss a beat. It is very comfortable at 50, the motor is running smoothly, about 1/4 throttle at this pace. Very little spooge out the muffler but it might because of the high revs I was riding at. Lowering the float a bit probably is the best free mod to do to this bike. It now is a very good Dual Sport especially compared to my old Dual Sport bike I have owned. Past Dual Sports include 1982 Yamaha XT200, 1996 Yamaha XT350, 1988 Honda NX250 and a converted 2001 WR426F. If I was to ride more on the street the 430 or the 500 would better but I think the Xtrainer is the best for the little amount of street riding I do and its off-road ability is fantastic. If you need to travel on pavement to connect trails I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending the Xtrainer as a great all around bike. It even does well cruising downtown.
  4. XR_Marine

    Willamette Valley riding buddies

    Dual Sport riders in the Willamette Valley! I am looking for riding buddies in the area, specifically Corvallis. I am an XR400 rider, been at it since I was 8. Just looking for any groups that go out on monthly rides.
  5. Chris Shough

    First gen Dr650s...

    Hey all, new here. I’m going to look at what I believe is a 95 dr650s. The owner said it’s a 96 but it’s a kickstart bike. I thought 96 started the e-start generation. The bike has 12k on the clock and has a fer aftermarket goodies. He’s the second owner and the first was his buddy. All the maintenance was done at a local Moto shop. I’ll be getting as a trade and Im just wondering what I should be on the lookout for when I go check out the bike, common issues that should be addressed, etc... Thanks Chris
  6. Dean William

    Electrical issues

    So, I'm new to this and dirt bikes in general. I did small engine repair in high school, so I'm not full on retarded in that respect. But I digress. My dad recently have me a 1980 Honda XL250s Dual sport bike. It's got the 6v system, and goofy 23" wheel. When I got it, it had sat for a couple years, but nonetheless, I had it running in no time. Then a month later, it was fine tuned with the correct filter, carb rebuild, etc. So it runs fine, no problems there. So now I'm onto electrical; blinkers, horn, things to make it road legal. So after I bought a brand new 6v battery, charged it, I was going through the lights. Headlight runs off stator, so that's fine, tail light runs off both, that's fine, turn signal switches are good, but lights stay solid. Horn switch doesn't work, but I haven't tested the horn itself. Most instrument lights work, but there may be an issue because I used LEDs for that, and when I hit the turn signal, the light comes on, but shuts off neutral light. Today I got all 4 signals to light up, after I grounded the rear lights. But now they don't come on with just the switch on. Only when the bike runs. And I'm only getting 3v at the battery when it's running. I feel like I just made it worse when I "fixed" the rear turn signals. And to make things worse, my 6v trickle charger doesn't work anymore.
  7. Ok, first things first I haven't posted in a while and yes I have searched. Just need some more opinions. Riding a KTM 450 EXC. Mostly used AlpineStars Tech 3-8 boots. Decent but needing waterproof boots and something way more protective than the average "adventure" boot that offers little protection. I'm not doing Xtreme Enduros but relatively aggressive at times. Any opinions on AlpineStars Toucan, Sidi Adventure, Forma Terra, AlpineStar Corozal, TCX, etc. Thanks.
  8. Time Left: 2 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    2014 New Edition KLR650 Ridden mostly on-road commuting to work. 5900 miles (will increase as I am still riding it) Thermo bob 2 EM Doo hickey & torsion spring JNS skid plate SW Motech crash bars SW Motech center stand Moose luggage racks Pelican 1550 cases with Caribou case liners MadStad windscreen LeoVince exhaust Pro taper evo handlebars Uni air filter Touratech headlight guard HTP master cylinder guard New Bridgestone Trail Wing tires LED dash lights Aprilia mirrors Top gun 7.4kg rear shock spring Jetted for 8000 ft altitude (140 main) Extra Parts included: Stock Exhaust Stock Tires (only approx 200 miles on these before I changed them) Stock Windscreen Stock Hand guards Stock Skid plate Stock Mirrors 16t sprocket Stock Rear shock spring Carb jets: 138, 142.5, 145 Bike has been taken care of. Only damage is 2 small scratches on tank from leaning against it with belt buckle. Has been stored outside, but covered.


    Telluride, Colorado - US

  9. I need a new bike. I can get most any bike tagged. Most of my riding buddies ride KTM 450 EXC's. Some ride KTM 525's or 530's. And some ride Yamaha WR450's and Honda CRFX450's. We do a lot of dual sporting, and enduro type trail riding. A couple times a year we do bigger dual sport type trips where we ride 100 - 200 miles per day with some rode and highway type riding and mostly dirt, including some knarly singletrack. I want a bike that can best handle the nasty trail stuff and I want to be able to keep up with everyone. I also like a bike that is flickable. Of my buddies bikes, I feel the best in the tight woods on the KTM's and I think they are the only ones with a 6 speed tranny which is a singificant advantage. But, it seems when we go on our trips, the KTM guys are always doing maintenance on their bikes - changing oil etc. I want a bike with as little maintenance as possible. I can't quite get a straight story on whether or not the KTM's are truly lighter than the yamahas and hondas. They feel like it a little in the tight stuff. To summarize I want the bike which offers the best total package considering: A bike that has the power and handling to keep up with my group and to feel comfortable doing so. A bike that has enough power to comfortably keep up with them on the highway. But a bike that is lower maintenance. (and I can get a tag for any brand)
  10. RiDiculous

    WR250R vs CRF250L

    I'm looking at these two bikes as dualsports for the price and mpg. Even though I just said I'm looking at these two as dualsports I plan on putting slicks on them because I already have a dirt bike. I don't plan on any crazy mods with them except for maybe an exhaust. Which one would you recommend and why? And if you want you can throw in the CRF250L rally model as well.
  11. wild-billy

    Central NY State Forests

    Any riders outs there near Syracuse, Cortland or Binghamton? I'll be looking to explore the many state lands and back roads in the vicinity...come spring! I'm 1/2 hour south of Syracuse by Morgan Hill State Forest. There's tons of rural lands in Chenango, Broome & Tioga counties.
  12. Kenya

    1994 xr500r

    I've seen a couple forums about converting an xr600, but i want to ask a few specific questions. First of all i'm a new rider and i'm looking at getting a 1994 xr600r and converting it to a dual sport. I will be doing quite a bit of street riding, commuting back and forth between work most days and some off road on the weekends. 1. Should i change the gearing? 2. Is there a cush drive I can put on the xr600? 3. What other advice do you have for converting an xr? exauhst? suspension? jetting? etc. thanks!
  13. I know this topic has been discussed in the past, but I have not found any options available for the new 2018 bikes. I live and work for a new Beta Dealer (Auburn Extreme Powersports) in California, and we are having a difficult time mapping the RR-S bikes for full FMF exhausts. We have tried contacting Beta Support several times for this issue to no avail, and we typically are given the runaround when transferring to techs and secretaries. From what we can gather, the FMF flash is designed for the RR bikes, but not the street-legal counterparts. Every time we try to install the FMF map onto an RR-S errors occur, and the programmer screen goes virtually blank. We have heard through the grapevine that some are using the RR maps on the RR-S with success, but we have yet to try it, even on our own bikes for fear that it will permanently erase or damage the CDI. Any and all help or suggestions regarding this topic would surely be appreciated! Thanks, Ben.
  14. Do those who run sumo and dirt setups on the same bike swap chains and brake pads as well?
  15. Hey all , away on vacation and want to buy some hand guards for the drz while I’m out here options for the bars that actually mount are 7/8 and 1 - 1/8 since I’m not near the bike I’m not sure which size I need I’m running stock bars on a 2017 drz400 s any input is appreciated as always
  16. Curious as to the overall feelings of dual sport riders reading about the 2019 CRF450L regarding the likelihood of buying one. If I've missed a question, reply and I'll consider adding the option to the poll. Also, votes are anonymous.
  17. Jay_112

    To Beta or not to Beta

    Hey all, My name is Jay and i'm new to the forum community but not new to the sport. However I have reached my limit with my expertise and am hoping some of you may be of some help. Without further ado... I've stuck to a track most my life, I.E. Motocross, arena cross and outdoor national style tracks. I've made the difficult decision to leave to tracks to the young guns and ride more single track and trail riding up in the mountains. So i started by selling me Factory SLM racing 2012 Yz450F, yes i cried when he drove off with her. But i looked to greener pastures with hopes to have a KTM 500exc, Beta 500rr-s or a Husqvarna FE501. However, almost a year later and I still don't have a shiny new dirt magnet in my shop. I'm in the final deliberations and have narrowed it between KTM and BETA, with me leaning towards the BETA. This is where you come in. I would like to know the following. Is the Beta service intervals as daunting as the KTM's? Is the cost of parts between the two noticeable? And are the just as readily available? Those that have a 2017 of either bike, How are they holding up? Can I expect this bike to hold up like a 1985 XR250 (An almost impossible feat)? What are any major concerns about either bike? and finally what made you choose one or the other? Thank you for your efforts and advice. I appreciate it.
  18. Farmboi

    Dual Sport Legality

    So I live in Cook County and i was looking into buying a dual sport, however i wont be driving on roads until i get my license(1year). So i was wondering when i buy the bike do i need to get insurance for it anyway and license and all that. Or I dont need to, since ill be only riding on private trails and forests. Im thinking of buying the Yamaha 250r, 2016 or 17.
  19. Bryan Bosch

    2019 Honda CRF450L Pictures & Video

    Photos & video courtesy of Eric Hall, Sr. Editor ThumperTalk.com & XLADV.com 2019 Honda CRF450L Walk Around Video Sr. Honda Manager Chuck Miller riding 2019 CRF450L on stage
  20. Time Left: 24 days and 9 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    BLACK IS THE NEW ORANGE! Decided to sell my KTM beast. I've always wanted this bike and I bought this immaculate example at the beginning of the year. Alas it's just too big for me. My loss is your gain. I've spent over $1000 on goodies for it this year. Has just about every upgrade possible. (Shorai, GPR, All Balls, Michelin, MotoZ, etc.) Gets admiring looks and compliments every time I take it out. The price is very fair considering it's pristine condition. Clean title in hand. Meticulously maintained and just serviced with fully synth oil and new oil and air filters. Runs flawlessly and is turn-key, ready to go, needs nothing. Mileage: 66XX Cash only. No Paypal and I really don't need/want any help selling it. Located in Los Angeles, CA. Here's the list of extras: KTM 530 exc-r 2010 Champions Edition FMF full exhaust system. Rear fender eliminator with integrated blinkers and LED stop light. Michelin 4 mm ultra thick puncture proof tubes. Moto Z tractionator tires. Excel hubs and rims. Brembo brakes. Lightweight rim locks. MSR grab handle. Red Bull graphics. Stainless steel brake lines. Frame protectors. Wide foot pegs. Anodized orange billet ktm brake and clutch reservoir covers. Tuned WP suspension front and back. Fully adjustable for preload, rebound and stiffness. KTM engine guard/bash plate. Seat Concepts seat - ultra comfy Anodized billet orange ktm rear brake reservoir cap. Aftermarket high power radiator fans. Orange silicone coolant hoses. Orange 50T rear spryocket and 13T front sprocket with gold DID chain. Billet orange oil filler plug. Billet BRP fuel cap with aftermarket breather. Domino fast action throttle. Pro Taper fatty bar with wired silicon Pro Taper pro grips. Aluminum bar hand guards with integrated blinkers. Brembo master cylinders. Baja Designs Squadron led headlamp and shroud. Ridiculously bright! Under bar KTM orange GPR 4 steering damper (just serviced) with raised anodized orange bar mount. Dual USB ports (I run gps on my iPhone - works great) Front fork bleed valves. Mini billet under bar rear view mirror - works surprisingly well. Hydraulic clutch. Aftermarket billet kickstand. BRP guard mount (direct to bar clamps) New All Balls tapered headstock bearings - just fitted. Rejetted fuel system (JD) with billet ratio adjuster screw and Honda accel pump diaphragm. Emissions delete. Wavy brake discs front and back. Baja Designs handlebar control cluster. Shorai lithium battery.


    Los Angeles, California - US

  21. I've been looking for a while for a dual sport to back-n-forth to the gas station with. Found a non-running 1982 SP250 with 600 original miles, got it cheap, it's clean as can be. I figured carb issues since the compression is great, first no fuel at all, everything looked good finally figured out someone had the float on upside down... flipped it over and got er going straight away. But it's running super lean, and is hard to start, won't run well until past mid throttle. It sputters and backfires like hell. Intake boot and oring are good, air box and filter are good, carb is clean, diaphragm is good spark plug is new (and whiteish brown). The main jet is #125. I'm at 1,200' msl. I have to order online, anyone have experience with these carbs? Should a #140 help? Or am I missing something else in my trouble shooting?
  22. I recently broke my ankle on my enduro, so I decided to go through some old footage and put a video together of the best moments, hope you enjoy it! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbhGKHV7snY
  23. Brandon Rowe

    02 xr250 street legal questions

    First off, thanks for taking the time to look at this topic. I have been going crazy trying to figure out how to make my xr 250 street legal. I know I know there are a million topics, websites and places to find this info. I have looked at 99% of them. There are a just a few specific things I can't find or still need some help on before I can get my tags in Maryland. Recently there has been some law changes ( http://www.mva.maryland.gov/_resources/docs/Interactive-Title-and-Registration-Manual.pdf ) look at page 131 !! These laws are in place for a reason: So after seeing this most would understand why Maryland is not too keen on having "dirt bikes" on the road. So my list of questions is as followed: 1. I have a title, My step father is the original owner and has signed the title over to me. The title is labeled MC, this is considered an off road motorcycle. Am able to go through the proper paperwork to make my bike legal? 2. If I can even make it legal I know I need to get an inspection, that's fine. All I can find from the MVA is a list of stuff they will look at. The list is simply : • Steering system • Frame • Brake system • Wheels / tires • Fuel system • Exhaust system • Lights • Electrical system • Mirrors • Windshield • Passenger items (hand hold and foot rest) • Body items (seat, engine mounts, stand, chain and guard, fenders) • Speedometer / odometer I don't have nor want a windshield or passenger stuff ( isn't that bike meant for a single rider anyway??), am I going to be OK without or do I need? And how specific are they on certain items. When it says lights I know i need a high and low beam and indicator, brake, turns, but that's about it. Am I missing anything more specific? 3. Every street bike I have owned or rode had a neutral indicator light on the control panel, will I need one also? If so I have not seen a single thing about that item. 4. Is a trail tech spedo ok or does it need to be some stupid hard wire thing? I think that's about it, any more info you have to offer would be awesome and would love to get to know some riders in the Harford County region to ride with. Thanks so much.
  24. So I have a 1984 Kawasaki KDX 200 and I am working on getting it street legal. It already has the headlight and taillight, so I am just working on the wiring as of now. The turn signals and computer run off of a 12v battery while the headlight and taillight run off of the stator. The front brakes are hydraulic, but the back brakes are just mechanical; you press down the brake lever and it pulls a piece of steel. All the brake lights I've seen work off the banjo bolt on hydraulic brakes. I don't know if this is even possible, but is there anyway to wire up a pressure switch for when i press on the brake to turn on the brake lights?