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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everybody, anyone sells the Kawasaki kx fi calibration kit? software cd + connection harness. Thanks ✌️
  2. I have a 250sxf with the vortex ignition, when the Traction Control is switched on I don't notice any difference, meaning I'm still spinning the rear tire with no engine retardation. I bought the bike with it already setup with the vortex so I'm unsure what settings were done. Is there something I need to do to get the TC switch to engage the TC with the vortex or should it just work? I have the switch set to map 2 and the TC light on.
  3. I recently bought a 2011 Kx450 and am having some issues starting the bike. Ive ridden dirtbikes since i was little and ive never owned a four-stroke or anything with EFI. So tuning and tinkering is something I need some help on. Anyways, I can kick a thousand times on the bike and it seems like it wants to start it wont start unless I blip the throttle, and very carefully because too much and the thing will either kickback or backfire. Cant use the idle knob either because then it really pops and backfires. It takes about 5-10 kicks with the bliping method. Ive check plug, fuel filter, new fuel, everything is fine. Once the bike runs and is warmed up it dies without the choke after about 10 seconds. As far as I know it hasnt had the ECU reprogrammed with the full system, would it really make it that hard to start without a reprogram? Should I send it in or just buy a stock header for it?
  4. I recently bought the Juken 5 EFI tuner all the way from Indonesia. I couldnt figure it out for the life of me and I wanted to go riding soon. So I said ok lets just put the stock one back on for mediocre performance. Plug it in press the ignition button. Light comes on and fuel pump runs but when the start button is pressed it doesnt even turn over. Starter doesnt go. The ONLY things we did were mess with the juken 5 but didnt get very far with it. Put some electrical grease on the plugs for protection. Plug original ECU back in. Nothing else was unplugged or touched. We're not sure what to do. Dealers are closed and this technology is so new. I figured plugging the stock one back in was plug and play.
  5. Good morning. I have a 2020 WR250F and I need to know if I can upgrade the ecu to the gytr without requiring the power tuner... on yamaha site it says it's required. I'm hoping that i can just plug it in to get some more power... planning an exhaust as well though I haven't decided on the system. Thanks in advance!!
  6. Hi i had a problem with my husqvarna fe 250 2015. I have been riding it for a year and suddenly it wouldnt start. Not even crank. I cleaned all the contacts and checked the fuses. In the process i accidently connected my battery backwards, a mistake i will never do again.. But after going through all contacts and changing the main fuse it suddenly started, ran for a few seconds, ran poorly and then the rectifier started smoking. Bought a new one but all i get is cranking. No sound from the fuel pump, no spark. All the relays and fuses seem ok. Cleaned ground surfaces, tried a new battery. I measured the ignition coil and got the right amount of ohm. Does anyone know if the Ecu could be damaged? Also wondering if the stator/pickup could be damaged?
  7. Hey guys so I’m going to start off by saying I’m not very mechanically informed on 4 stroke motorcycles. I bought my first 4 stroke about two years ago, bike mostly sits it’s always started 1st-3rd kick and ran beautifully. I logged about 40 hours on it and brought it into a local shop for a valve adjustment. When they gave it back to me it now takes about 20 kicks to start and it even now backfires occasionally, Slight loss of compression.. they claim they messed around with the idle screw so much to adjust it accordingly but still it takes forever to get running. I was told these bikes have some electrical issues with the spark plug cap staying on, so I checked for spark, all good, cap was on fine and I had spark on a new spark plug. Still however it’s taking forever to start. Two questions, has anyone else had similar issues? and does that idle screw allow more air/fuel to enter the bike and which direction should i turn the screw to make proper adjustments?
  8. Hi, I have the GYTR Tuner and ECU installed in a 2015 WR250F. I am using the suggested Map that is included with the instructions for the Stock exhaust. I have a couple questions: 1) Does anyone have a similar setup and modified the mapping for better performance etc? 2) By installing an aftermarket pipe, ie (FMF Q4) what are the likely performance gains? (I know it will sounds better, but what should I expect in terms of performance?) thank you!
  9. Hello 😀 I have a WR450F from 2016 and bought the GYTR Competition KIT. After buying I got some doubts... How many maps the bike can have configured? 1, 2, N? If more than 1, how do you switch between them? I'm asking this because later models have a map switch (sold sep.). I have read some articles and I got the impression that the bike from 2016 can only have 1 map and to switch maps we have to use the Power Tuner. Is that right? Does anyone know what's the values from the default GYTR ECU map? If anyone was some good informations, tips, etc about the ECU, please share 🙂 Thanks! Helder
  10. Hello, I encounter some posts of Husky 701 owners that had their ECU flashed with "Husqvarna tuning kit ECU flash", I've looked to find more info as who does it and what params the flash overrides but without any success, I'd appreciate any information shared about this! Thank you all! RS
  11. I was looking to buy a leftover 2017 or new 2018 350exc-f. Dealers are saying that they have been locked out as of mid June and can no longer install new maps. I wanted to de-smog the Bike and have the EU map installed. Anyine have comments on this?
  12. Hey everyone! Today I bought my first WR450F! It's a 2013 plated in California! Super stoked on the bike and already want to get into it and start customizing. Let me know if there is anything I need to know because this is all new to me, my past experience has been with DRZ's so this is completely different. The main questions I have about the bike is about the ecu, programming, and maps. I have never dealt with computers on bikes before so all of this seems like witchcraft to me. The previous owner did the ecu upgrade to what he says is a "programmable YZ ecu". He was an old guy that did very light trail riding and he said he got it tuned for that kind of riding. My plans for the bike is mostly street, i'm going to be purchasing supermoto wheels soon but I also want to do some off roading. I'd say i'm going to use the bike for 80% streets and 20% dirt. Do you guys think I should get the ecu reprogrammed? He gave me the stock ecu aswell, should I put that one back on? I'm used to a slow DRZ so to me its super fast. The bike has a slip on LEXX exhaust from what I can tell. Let me know any information you have about all the Yamaha computer stuff or refer me to any good sites that explain this stuff. Anything is greatly appreciated. I'll provide a picture of the bike and also the current map that is has on it so you can tell me if it's good or not.
  13. Hi! I was able to snag a Comp ECU for my new 21 WR250f. I was unable to get the CCU or even the GYTR tuner (all of stock until late Feb/March). If I uncork the bike and put in the new ECU what is the default map? I'm assuming I won't be able to make adjustments or change maps without the CCU/app or the GYTR tuner? Should I just wait to install until I get those? I am new to this bike and Yamaha technology so any advice is appreciated. Thanks!
  14. hi. i purchased GET athena WIFI-COM for Honda CRF250r 2014 ... to modify my stock ecu. my bike has athena 280cc bigbore kit with Pro circuit Ti-6 Titanium Dual System. need some suggestions what to change on the mapping that i dont damage my engine or something.. tnx
  15. Hi i found this suzuki rmx250 race ecu and not sure what is the exact difference of the ecu then the normal one , if i use this ecu should i change any other setting such as jetting , it say `Competition use only` on the ecu Thanks !
  16. Just bought this bike and the pop on decel is horrible, looks like I’m gunna have to try a Tokyo mods remap. Anyone had success with this ?
  17. 2013 KTM 300 XC: Electrical Troubleshooting Advice badly needed for fairly new KTM owner who just reinstalled electric starter parts. WARNING! Long read and some Electrical knowledge required. Comment or PM with details please! Issue: INTERMITTENTLY not getting any ignition spark (wire or cap), but most times when moving the CDI/ECU box around I'm able to get spark again! But sometimes it goes out longer as if the CDI box was in some kinda protective mode. Background: bought bike without E-starter kit. It had a Baja Designs voltage regulator and stator mod for DC voltage (unknown to me during initial troubleshooting) to run lights I didn't get with bike. Installed E-starter and new battery but it wouldn't start with E-start on cold engine, only by kickstarter. But it would not produce more than 13.4 Volts with bike running. I even de-modded the stator back to OEM standard (AC v) and OEM voltage regulator. But not much improvement. Then I started having the no-spark issue, especially after E-start attempts, which I attributed to a combination of bad stator/pick-up coil and ignition coil since some of the readings were borderline off. I decided to get a new stator and voltage regulator and while at it new ignition coil. Installed all the new stuff and it cranked much stronger and even E-started it a couple times on a somewhat cold engine. Then it would lose spark again. I tested everything I could with a multimeter (ohms) and it passed the continuity tests as per the manual. However, I haven't found any data on troubleshooting the CDI box. I know I got continuity between pins 2 (ground, br) and 11 (pick-up coil/CPS, gn) in the CDI box. Not sure if CDI pin 11 should be grounded to pin 2 internally or if any other terminals should be grounded to each other in the CDI. All wiring harness wires have continuity and no shorts. I even moved them around while checking. Wiring harness connector to CDI was a little questionable cuz it slips out a little on one side but even while pressing it I'm still not getting spark at the ignition when cranking (intermittently). I'm leaning toward CDI box with a slight change it could be the connector. Thoughts? guidance? recommendations? New Parts: OEM stator, OEM voltage regulator, OEM ignition, Neuron starter, Shorai battery Used Parts: CDI/ECU box, bendix, wiring harness, starter relay Thanks AC
  18. Excited tonight to install the new fmf pipe and the vortex tuner that came today for my 2018 fe501. It only has 9 hours on it Plugged in the box, turned on the key (fuel pump and dash lights come on), and followed the tps endpoint instructions. Kill switch in the off position, throttle at idle, hold the start button. Engine clicked as it usually does when I try to start after forgetting to put the switch in the on position. Then for the full throttle position. But nothing happens that I can hear. ...and now, nothing. Bike is dead. Put the oem ecu back on. Still dead. I did disconnect the battery and let it sit for a while before reconnecting and still dead. I don’t have a meter to check the battery, but it seems like it being that new, it shouldn’t be that. Am I missing something? (Before I call the vendor in the morning?)
  19. Help! I have a 2008 Husqvarna TE450 that has issues. I think I've narrowed it down to the ignition coil or ECU. But before I order these expensive and hard to get parts I was hoping to do more diagnostics. The bike shuts down when it gets hot. I'm thinking something shorts when it gets hot and temporarily fixes itself when it cools down. I've already replaced the fuel pump and filter so I know it's not that. Does anyone in Colorado, or ideally Fort Collins, have a 2008 Husqvarna and would help me swap parts to test my bike? I would trade beer or money for your help, of course. I've tried to get on cafe husky but i need admin approval. If anyone knows a cafe husky admin, could you try to get me accepted?
  20. Hey guys, I've installed a GET ecu and a Pro Billet end cap on my 2021 Husky FE 350s. I noticed that after I start the bike and let it idle for a few seconds, sometimes even a minute, the engine will stall. I've checked the RPMs and they are in the spec range: 1950-2050. What could be wrong? What should I check for?
  21. An excellent listen with a ton of great insights about the TPI bikes. Also a special deal of $125 dollars for a ECU tune (good till end of May) if you mention the podcast. https://2wrpodcast.com/podcast-episodes/2wr-033-ktm-tpi-john-ross/
  22. I recently purchased a 2022 350 EXC-F. I plan on keeping it stock through the 6 month warranty. I have been reading up on intake mods (remove intake reed) and exhaust mods (remove end cap restriction or replace end cap with Fastway). Can I start with those two easy mods and have the O2 sensor add fuel as required to avoid overly lean A/F conditions or do I need to add ECU mods like a Vortex or similar? My guess is that O2 sensor will correct to OEM ECU A/F conditions, but that I could gain more power with an ECU upgrade that can lower A/F (richen fuel mixture). In the beginning, I don't mind getting higher intake/exhaust flow with OEM A/F's. If that's not enough, I could always add the ECU modification later. Thoughts?
  23. As the title says, I cannot get my bike to start for the love of Christ. I’ve tried everything. Fuel pump comes on, injector is clean, brand new spark plug and lithium battery. So I originally took it to a mechanic because of a low end bog that would eventually choke the bike out and while they had it, they couldn’t get it to run. They told me they checked the continuity throughout and the CDI wasn’t sending a signal out and that this might be the cause of the bog. So I found a used-but still working, stock ECU, plugged it in, and it still won’t start. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance
  24. Hey all. Apologize if this is well covered but I'm struggling to get results via search... Just picked up a 2019 FE350 with 50 hours on it, mostly dual sport from the looks (very clean). Setting this bike up for trail/enduro riding, likely won't see much street use. I've swapped the gearing to a 13/52 setup, and have an FMF 4.1 Titanium I scored used for (relatively) cheap. While the bike runs pretty damn well, I like to mess with stuff and I'm interested in swapping the ECU for the Athena GET, for both the performance and traction control. Outside of being a 'failure point', I don't see much of a need to mess with the emissions stuff, unless someone here has some great reasons. If there are other 'must do' mods for this bike I'm all ears too. There seems to be a bit of drama around who to buy an ECU from, who maps the best maps, etc. Maybe it's valid? Or maybe that's just the nature of the interwebz? Anyhow, looking to get some input from owners who've gone down the ECU rabbit hole and have some feedback. Noticeable improvement? Are custom maps from Taco Moto, Slavens, etc. snake oil or legit? Or is it more about customer service? Is the traction control the bees knees or just a gimmick? Thanks in advance, and if there's some good convo on this already feel free to point me in the right direction please.
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