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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there all, was just wondering after my topend rebuild after buying a bike with a blown headgasket. My electric start turns but doesnt seem to be turning the crank its a 2016 350 exc? Not sure if the starter motor is half cooked and not turning fast enough or unlikely the freewheel engagement?
  2. Greetings to everyone. After a lot of searching I finally decided to join this forum in order to finally find a solution to my problem. Here's my story. Bought in a hurry an sm610 2005 (cylinder with the small tensioner) which wouldn't start cold. Only if I connected it to a car battery would it start but not always and not easy. Got a new 14amp battery and nothing. Spark plugs,starting spray etc nothing worked out. If the engine was cold it would start in an instant very very easily. Took it to a mechanic he told me that it had no compression so he grinded the valves. When I got there to take it back he told me that my pick up coil was in bad condition and needed to be replaced in order to start cold. Of course nothing changed after the valve job and after 5 hours of riding(not constant) my new head gasket blew and when I took it apart I found a crack in the water passage on my head right next to the blown up spot on my gasket. I don't know if it was already cracked or if it cracked after gasket blew all I know is that it was tightened properly as I was in front when this happened. I'm just trying to figure out why i can't get it to start cold. All answers are welcome. I had the head fixed and I'm ready to reassemble the engine. Could the pick up coil actually be responsible for this? Another thing I noticed. My tensioner had an apostate welded up to it so i needed a new cam chain as well as a new tensioner. I have these. Could the ruffled chain be in charge? The engine was perfect when hot starting and working like a charm. Please someone help as I'm ready to take the damned thing and throw it into the ocean. PS is the pick up coil from an lc4 engine compatible?
  3. Christo6060

    Pit bike electric start won’t work

    Hi I have a 50cc Chinese pit bike 4stroke with electric and kick start, 4 speed and disc brakes it kick
  4. Chris Hayes

    2002 vor 530

    I have a 2002 vor 530 and was wandering if anyone knows anything about the them or something, this bike is hard to kick so I was wandering if there is any way I can make it a electric start
  5. I'm new to the forum, just bought a 2003 crf150f. Everything I have read says that Honda did not put an e-start on the 150F until 2006. But this 2003 has an e-start and does NOT have a kick start (so it's not an aftermarket mod, right?). I figured the year in the ad was a typo, but the frame and the pink slip both say it's a 2003, and the VIN on the frame matches the pink. Then I thought maybe someone put a later model crf230 motor in it (150F e start motors don't fit this frame apparently). But the motor # also matches the pink slip. I'm stumped! Anyone have any idea?
  6. Hey guys I'm new to this site. I was wondering if you guys could help me out With my 2005 crf150f. I was wondering if there is an electric start kit for the bike. Is it possible to have electric start and kick-start at the same time? that would be preferable. if anything I need to try to make my bike electric start. I know the crf230f has a lot of the same Parts as the 150f, but could an electric start from 230f be placed into a 150f. I plan on making my 150f street legal and electric start would be nice to have for a daily driver. For now while I wait to accumulate answers, I will be buying a dual sport kit from tusk and setting that up. I hear, however, I might need a stator swap. is this true? does somebody have a link to a stator I can use? thanks for your help in advance guys.
  7. Hi guys, a couple of weeks ago the electric starter on my 05 wr250f quit working after working like a charm for a couple of years without any issues. It still started pretty easy kicking it but I put a brand new battery in it to see if that would fix the electric start but that didn't do the trick. I'm decently handy at working on my bike but i don't want to start playing around with the electric start unit/other electrical components so i decided i want to take it to a shop to get fixed up. While its there I was going to ask them to rebuild the carb since its been sitting for a while and could use a rebuild/re-jetting. Anyways, i want to see if anyone else has had a shop do a carb rebuild and/or fix the electric start on their wr250f, and how much $$$ it cost. I'd like to have an idea of how much it cost for you guys so I can have a good gauge on how the shops will price the job. Any shared experiences will be appreciated!!! Thanks
  8. Hello, I have a 2009 KTM xcf250. I put a hole in the stator cover and decided to replace the cover myself. After I did that I noticed something weird with my starter. It seems to me like the battery is keeping charge just fine, but intermittently I try the electric start and it makes a noise, but the engine doesn't turn. If I rock the bike in gear back and forth a few times or if I kick start and try the e-start afterwards it seems to work. I put up an audio clip of what's happening. What do you guys think is the problem? Once the bike is started it runs just fine. Thanks in advance for the help.
  9. Hey guys I have a new 2013 KTM 450 Limited Edition that seems to have a temperamental electric start problem. When I try to start it the bike has to turn over a couple times before it starts, sometimes I will run through the process (pressing button for 5 seconds) several times before it'll start. I had a 2008 KTM 450 XCF with the same lithium ION battery and it would start up right away. Even if I dumped the bike it would start back right up...... I can't say the same for my new bike. Is there a trick to start up easier - or is there an underlying issue with my new bike? Because I'm thinking of buying a new battery or a new started unit - my bike has 179 hours on it so far. What's the typical life on these starters? Thanks guys really appreciate the comments and help!!
  10. Hello. So i recently put my motorcycle back together and it worked great : started easy, rode really good and everything was bueno. The next day i go to start the motorcycle and it didnt start no matter what.... The bike is 2010 ktm 450 sxf, it has no kickstart, i also tried to bump start it, then it made a different noise like somethign was happening, but i didnt manage to start it. i have checked the spark plug(new), cleaned the carburetor, checked all the wiring, looked at the torque limiter, replaced the battery... what else should i do? how can this happen overnight ? i didnt change any setting after my first ride. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  11. Austintryingtofixhonda

    Problems starting

    I have a 2006 Crf 150 f and when I push the starter button it only works sometimes, and then when I turn the key off and back on it will work but not constantly. What could the problem here be. Iv checked all grounds and connections look good. When it does turn over the bike runs fine and no weird sounds come from the starter so I don't think the problem has to do with the starter. If any one else has had this problem or might have a possible solution I would appreciate hearing from you, Thanks!
  12. Jesse Smith

    2017 crf450r electric start

    any one do the electric start kit on the 17? i see two different part numbers for it 08Z70-MKE-A00 and 08Z71-MKE-A00? does the kit 08z71 come with the harness any everything else or do you have to buy both?
  13. Luke Guy

    Crf250x Starting issue

    hi all, i have searched the web quite a lot to find out if i can resolve my issue. I have a fairly old honda CRF250x 2006 that has done me wonders! just the other day, i stopped the bike to wait for a mate and then the issue presented itself.... what happens is that i tried to use the electric start...it turned and turned but did not start. i though to rather save the battery i gave it a kick start. When i tried to give it a kick, the kick start seems to have a jam/resistance by the starter motor or something, it did not go down freely and was difficult and slow to go down (made like a whining noise almost)- the bike turned over- there was compression etc. it eventually stopped doing this by me using the electric stat and the kick starter at the same time after about 5 minutes i have narrowed this down the an issue with the electrical start. but my mechanical knowledge of these things is not on form. I am just wondering what the issue is here? it is happening intermittently- i really don't want this to get me stranded somewhere from from the cars. could it just lie in the fact that the starter motor could be doing this? what other things could this be? any advice or help on this would be much appreciated!
  14. Spiritwalker2222

    2012 electric start fix

    Posting this for everyone information. I have as I believe many others have, always had issues starting my 2012 (same for 2012 thru 2015) WR450 with the electric start. It always started good the kick start. I tried different CO settings, and different maps to see if that made a difference. I found that my bike would start best with a CO of 5, but with the bike in natural and the starter knob pulled out it was still a poor starter. Not pulling the knob or leaving it in gear guaranteed it would not start. About 2 or 3 weeks ago it got real bad, it would either turn over very slowly or not at all. No chance of the bike starting. So I bought a brush kit for the starter and went to replace them. When I opened up my starter I noticed two small pieces of my armature had broken off and ruined the cummatator (the part of the armature that the brushes make contact with). So I had to get a new starter. I decided to also put in heavier gauge wires for the starter. I bought 4 gauge welding cable (although not as flexible as previous welding cable I bought) to make the new starter cables. My bike now starts with e-start with ease. In gear, without the starter knob, and very quickly. The starter sounds to be turning over much quicker than it previously was. The downside to having the heavier gauge wires? More weight, didn't weight the cables, but I'd guess they weight 1/8 to 1/4 lb more than stock. Stiffer and fatter cables, makes routing more difficult (around the battery). I expect it to be harder to change my clutch cable with the starter cables in place. I couldn't find a proper sized boot for the starter positive lead. I did find a PCV boot that works, the cable end was too big so I put heat shrink tubing over it. Would be nice to have a proper boot. Hope someone finds this info useful. I wish I had done this when I bought the bike.
  15. Hey guys, so I’m thinking about possibly putting electric start on my 2013 kx250f if it is possible. Sometimes it’s really hard to start. I am getting the motor rebuilt right now and I’m going to clean the injectors and all the electrical connections to see if that will help my problem. We already tried a plug and that was not the problem. So if none of this works, I was considering electric start. Is there a way that is possible? Thanks.