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Found 104 results

  1. I have recently done a lot of maintenance to my WR 450f and there are still some issues which concern me with it, when I took out the clutch basket there was a gear with a bent piece on it (picture attached) This was probably done by the previous owner but I think it should probably be replaced? - When I checked the valves they were only opened for measuring when the knob things were pointed down instead of up, (picture attached) I dont know if the timing is messed up or if it has been retarded to the yz specs. ( the picture of the cam chain was when the valves were open, at the same time as the knob things were downwards in the other picture). -There is also a clattering noise from the engine but it seems to run fine? I will try to make a video for mine soon but it sounds pretty much like this persons - sorry about the bad pictures.
  2. ive got a 1997 yz250 and it needs replating or boring. idk about it because ive always been able to go to the local machine shop and they can do it. can i do that or do i have to send it in somewhere?
  3. Hello, I am looking for a used 125cc dirt bike. I am puzzeled because I do not know what I want, what would you guys recommend and why would you recommend it. Also where could I get performance mods, specifically suspension and which of the bikes have the most tuning capabilities. I've narrowed my choices down to Kawasaki kx,Honda cbr/xr, Yamaha yz, and Suzuki rm around the 2000-2005 range. I'd rather hear from people who owned one of the bikes but advice from any of the experts is welcome P.S I'm sorry for any mistakes like the wrong "sub forum" or grammar as I'm on mobile
  4. Whats up everyone I'm pretty new to the forum so I'm not sure if I'm posting in the correct spot.Either way I need some help! what year kickstart levers will fit my 2007 yz450f. I got away with a Kim lever off a 525 exc but now I'm looking online and can't find much but one option for 130$ I'm seeing a lot of options for 2011 levers around 75$ and they look nicer with a blue instead of silver. Does anyone know what size the spline is? what other years I could possibly use? thanks in advance. On another note my oil filter housing bolt is stripped like most I see are dealing with. I have googled away and cannot seem to find where to order that bolt.
  5. Is it possible to swap the working 110 taotao autoshift electric start from 4 wheeler into a manual shift kickstart taotao pitbike?? Looks like it has all the same mounting points.
  6. 06kx250F627

    Engine swap

    I have a 2006 kx250f and was wonderingly if I could swap the engine for a 450f. Does anyone know if I could do this?
  7. 2009 YZF250 - Ex Dixon bike with the wet sump conversion. Stuck a bunch of quality hours on this thing the other weekend doing some enduro practice. Didn't skip a beat! Changed out the oil and filter, putoline - 850ml with filter change as recommended by someone off the dixon facebook page. Fresh airfilter. Didn't start it for a few days after the oil change as was late at night after service, warmed it up at trackside this weekend with no issues to get the oil flowing, checked pressure by removing the bolt, all fine... Killed it. Came back to the bike about 15 mins later started fine, rode literally about 100m (wasn't hanging around but not going mad) and she just died under load, instant death. I believe it locked up, hard to recall. Didn't feel right either-way, i've had bikes flame out on me (CRF450) and this was a bit different. Bike started OK afterwards, I sat there with it on idle for about 10 seconds, all good, gave it some throttle and it just came to an abrupt stop again, almost made a squeak when it stopped. Rolled back to pits, checked oil filter, was fully soaked, everything looked fine, rads weren't exactly hot but i'd only been riding for a short period, head was pretty hot to touch, crank didn't seem that hot - but then again i've never touched an engine after 4 minutes of running so I've no idea what sort of temp it should be haha. Bike started again fine after little inspection, idled OK. Sounded sweet, no rattles or bangs. Started to give it some throttle, rolling the revs and it just came to a screeching stop again. Kicked it in anger and it hasn't started again since. Gave it a little strip down last night, took valve cover off, all looks normal, valves are in spec still, took the carb off and had a look down the inlet, small little bits of something foreign in there and the tiniest of metal slivers sitting ontop of one of the valves. (By this point i'd already dropped oil and filter for inspection, nothing that looked out of place) Now the bike kicks over OK. Its never had the strongest of compression on kick, but its been a while since i've had a 250F. it does 'get hard' at certain points but its pretty easy to kick through these hard points normally just body weight will do it. Can any of you advise on moving forwards, i'm going to remove head and cylinder for inspection but i've never dug this deep into an engine before haha! Any thoughts or tips on things to look out for? Bike has a spark I should add, not that this really felt like a lack of ignition.
  8. Hello All, Well, I came home with a 2013 RMZ250 today and I am super excited. This will be a project bike for me as the motor is currently locked up. I got this bike for such a good deal, I could not pass it up. I dont know much about it yet, but tomorrow, I will drain the oil and start opening up the sides of the engine to see what I can find. Since this is my first Suzuki, do you have any suggestions on where to start? Also, anyone have a 2013 Service manual? That would really help me out. Just wanted to start this thread as I am sure I will have numerous questions and you guys are the pros. Wish me luck and check back for updates. Cheers!
  9. Previous owner used some sort of nasty sealer on 2000 KTM 125 headgasket. Razor blade would not touch it beyond this. I had 2 headgaskets out of 5 heads that were stuck this bad. Suggestions?
  10. These are pictures of a 2006 honda crf 250 right side case half. In the kick starter mechanism housing, there is a small piece of aluminum that bridges across a hole in the case. It broke off, and im wondering if anybody else has seen this before, and will it be an issue? I dont think it serves a purpose, but i would like a second opinion. Thanks!
  11. I have the option of either installing SKF bearings or Koyo bearings . I was told by my local parts / Bearing retailer that SKF makes high quality brgs . Koyo have also earned a great reputation being a trusted brand as well . I'm seeking the opinions of the forum on this choice . Thanks for your input on this matter ! Application : 1984 YZ 250L
  12. I'm trying to help my buddy find a DRZ and we came across this E model with a blown engine for $500. Seems like a pretty good deal so long as the engine damage isn't too extensive. https://ashtabula.craigslist.org/mcy/d/2000-drz-400e-street-legal/6319866501.html He says he was on the highway and it locked up. He said the crank still moves to a certain point then gets stuck. Does anyone have any idea what the issue is? Figured if it was just a top end we could just put a big bore in it. We're gonna try to look at it this weekend, any ideas would be appreciated.
  13. Hey, first off I'm new to motorbikes so I may be using the wrong terminology here and there. I haven't run my bike for a few months and now it's not starting. I'm in neutral, tried the choke at different levels, full gas tank. I may have flooded the carbs, but I wanted to check the spark plug first because I have no clue about carbs. I've attached a photo of the spark plug, could this be the reason it's not starting? When removing the cap have I pulled too hard and snapped the wire (see photo), if I've snapped this piece what's it called and what am I replacing? Really appreciate the help, Cheers,
  14. HI. So i am in the process of putting new studs on the cylinder in my 2001 CR80r! I am just wondering if i need to torque the studs if so what is the torque spec?
  15. So I've 3d printed the crank truing stand, I'll upload that to thingiverse soon, may make some improvements first. It uses skate bearings. The crank is well within spec. maybe .04mm max at the very ends of the crankshaft. I've never trued a crank before, this is my first time measuring one even. The manual shows where to measure it. I'm curious if it's even worth the trouble to try and get it perfect, probably not obtainable. Obviously I can't smack the crank on these PLA stands
  16. story time So i have always been told that a Flywheel weight is the tits on a yz250, so naturally, i installed one within a month of owning my new blue monster. The YZ250 is a genuinely incredible machine and making it as luggable as a diesel was a really great decision. It makes cornering, traction and so many other parts of riding alot easier. Its easy to see why even the top riders of back in the day used them as a mod. i chose the 11 oz size by Steahly. Today i was riding at AJS motocross in Western Australia when the engine completely went on me. I thought i had blown the bike and i was fairly upset as i had a week of riding planned ahead of me. I spent a couple hours stripping the bike down but found the motor itself in reasonable condition. What had happened instead was the flywheel weight had come a little loose (like there is absolutely no room in that flywheel bay. the 11 oz leaves zero space left before it hits the cover) and wedged itself on the cover. This was what caused the "Seized" engine. I have pretty well destroyed the thread on the flywheel shaft rod thing which ill have to some how fix. This is upsetting as its caused alot of grief and will stop me using that flywheel weight again as its thread is trash and i wont risk that happening again. Is this a common Problem? i torqued the weight properly and checked it after the first ride so its pretty surprising. This was the flywheel weights maybe 5th ride.
  17. Does anyone know where to get a cylinder honed/resurfaced? Looking at ebay for a "slightly used" one and i'm finding a couple for a decent price but I would like to touch them up a bit. Any input would be appreciated, thanks.
  18. I see the 701 manual shows engine maintenance done with the engine on a stand. How can I take the clutch cover off without removing the right footpeg/frame bracket which will mess with the swingarm pivot??? There's nothing in the manual and I don't want to cause an issue with the swingarm if I can find a work-around. ONE cover bolt is behind the footpeg! What a pain! Thanks!
  19. I have freshly rebuild my top end on my 2009 yzf250, new intake valves piston and rings, cam chain. I put it all back together ran mint, but after starting it up for about the 3Rd time a loud knocking noise from the engine appears, the bike is still running fine although a very obvious loud knocking noise. valves are all inspect aswel. note, the knocking id only at one certain compression stroke its past TDC its a short stroke but quite a difficult one, never had even put it in gear so i dont think it is the trans. i also ripped out the cams a couple times thinking that was the problem and once i put it together it ran mint for about 4 seconds then knocking came back. I originally thought it was the exhaust cam decompression sticking but after inspection was not making the nosie. I took the flywheel off and checked if I had put it wrong, but no. have just tore apart the clutch side cover and all teeth are fine. I am at a point where I don't know what to do next. please any advice is much appreciated.
  20. Hey guys, was hoping someone could help me identify what year my engine is? I was told the bike was a 99, turned out to be a 96. But when replacing my top end, a 96 piston doesn't fit. So was hoping someone could help. The vin on the casing is "J115-103439" Thanks!
  21. Have a 2015 YZ125. After a rather bad crash I had to replace the subframe and air box. I put it all back together. Kicked for 5 minutes Wouldn't even come close to starting. Had been sitting for 6 weeks or so, so I checked and Got spark, got compression, got new plug(old one showed proper color, not lean), got gas supply to carb. Anyway I lay the bike on its left side for a highly technical excess fuel purge and first kick with fuel off and zero throttle, it starts but have runaway engine condition. Had to use kill switch to stop it before it blew up. I have been reading that it could be crank seals or another type of air leak. Not really buying that because why would it start right up after simply laying it on its side. New air box should be sound and sealed. Anyway I would think the air leak if it's that is after the carburetor. On the YZ there is only the reed valve after the carb. I'm thinking crud in the carb but on a dirt bike you would think that would be a more common condition. Anyway, looking for ideas here.
  22. Hi all, Recently noticed a snapped bolt on the left hand side of my motor. I have attached photos. I believe its an engine casing bolt, however i'm unsure. I want to remove it and replace it however have thought about leaving it as nothing is leaking. What are your thoughts? Thanks
  23. Seized my engine last weekend because i put in my oil filter one backwards... i'm a dummy. Needles to say I need a new cylinder and a new piston this is what i'm ordering or at least planning to order.. Piston : https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/974/3784/Wiseco-Piston-Kit?v=533&s=47466 Cylinder: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2004-KAWASAKI-KX250F-OEM-CYLINDER-JUG-TOPEND-TOP-END-KX250-KX-250F-250-F-RMZ250/192304125998?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649 going used on the cylinder to save some money. My question is.. has anyone done one of these and if so do you have a step by step how to? or know of a video on how to do it? on a bit of a budget and want to get back riding as soon as possible. Thanks for looking!
  24. Hello all, I have begun the tear down of my recently purchased 2007 CR125. It has been ridden once since I purchased it. The piston is about to go (approx 50 psi on compression test). I have already submitted a few questions on TT, but thought it would be easier to pull them all into one thread. Here are the most recent threads about the build and from here on out, I will just post questions and relay my progress here. The other day, my son removed the engine as we are going to replace the top end (still stock OEM, engine has never been opened). Naturally, I have to clean the entire bike now since the engine is out, but that is a bit later. While I am replacing the top end, I am going to go ahead and replace seals and all gaskets (minus splitting the engine). As I was starting to tear down the engine to look at the condition, I notice that the fly wheel has some rust on it, which is not good (see pic below). Question is, should I just try to remove the flywheel, clean it up really good and reinstall or replace it all together? It seems mostly surface rust. It looks like maybe some moisture got in through the cracks in the rubber wire cover around the case boot area (see pic). I need to address that as well, but it appears the only way to fix it is to get an entirely new wiring harness which is $400!!! Any thoughts and comments would be greatly appreciated. Unfortunately, I will be away from the bike for 10 days (Traveling to Ireland), but plan to put together a shopping list from RMATV and/or Partzilla during the long flight over so the parts will be waiting for me when I return. More progress to come!!
  25. Bike's still giving me the middle finger after a top end rebuild and camshaft replacement. I've ruled out the decompression system as the culprit but am now back to square one with one big clue. It's something in the crankcase.... joy. Got a video of it doing it's thing as well. Sounds alright when it's putting around, but when you get on the throttle things start clacking around and the moment you pull in the clutch and allow the motor to spin freely it dies. Engine failure happens at 1:25 in the video and dies again at the end but no clacking that time. If anyone has an idea of where to start, or a specific part to start with please let me know. I'm in way over my head here.
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