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Found 104 results

  1. Hello everyone! 👍 I would like some help regarding which Supermoto-style front fenders fits a 2017 KTM 500 EXC-F Six Days. There's 2 screw holes in the back off my current off-road fender that mounts in the back of the lower clamp. A friend suggested a 690 SMC-R or Husky FS300-570 but I'm not sure since I've only seen pictures. (OEM partnumber: 7730821000028)
  2. This popped on a local Craigslist this morning and I went ahead and put a deposit on it for the guy to take down the ad and let me get the cash together. 50 hrs, 1100 miles, comes with a steering damper, guts seat, taller (yeah, taller - he's trying to find the old ones) sprockets, shock bleeders and a nice foldy mirror. $4,750. Very clean in person, a few nicks. Drove it, man the last big thumper I drove was a Husky 610 back in like 2003 - really powerful, night & day, maybe that was weight or just me getting older, I don't know. I do know I'll need to lower the seat height 1 to 2 inches. Onto questions: -Lowering seat height a huge deal? It looks pretty straightforward with the adjuster. -Dude will knock off $250 without the damper. I've never owned one. Any thoughts? -My commute is 10 min with a short 5-mile highway burst - I would be riding to work maybe once a week. Chasing around gravel roads and trails maybe 4 days a month. Not a whole ton of really intensive or dirty riding. Given this usage, thoughts about the maintenance interval? -Lastly, this seems like a heck of a deal with the hours on it but made it hard for me to valuate. Sound too good to be true / just about right / or should I have some wiggle room? Thanks all, appreciate all of the good reads on the site.
  3. So I replaced my wheel bearings on my exc200 because the old ones were shot. After one ride I noticed a load of metal filled grease around the spacers again and the wheel had had movement. Gone again. I replaced them again and after one ride same thing. This time I took it to a shop in case I'd been doing something wrong (I don't think so, been using a blowtorch, freezer and bearing driver method) bought new spacers and a new spindle because the old one had a bit of wear. Just put the wheel on and it still moves from side to side before even riding it. It probably moved last rime I replaced the bearings hence they went after one ride. What do you think.. hub need replacing? Thanks
  4. Like I said I have a 2008 KTM 450 exc. I live in Southern California along the coast in Dana Point. Riding is almost entirely all desert. So far average altitude is maybe 1-3k pretty much sea level to about 5000 ft is where I normally take it. Whenever I blip the throttle when stationary the bike dies. I’m trying to put some money into the bike to release some more power. I’ve gotten lots of recommendations: jd jetting, new exhaust system, gearing, suspension etc. so I want to get this throttle problem fixed with the right parts. Anybody care to point me in the right direction if jetting or jetting/exhaust is the problem for me ?
  5. Hi all, some help is required. I have bought a Ktm exc200 which i am very happy with. Thr previous owner had removed most of the wiring needed for the lights and horn etc and i want to get it working again so i can get an MOT and green lane it. The instruments still work but it looks like the wire to the rear brake has been cut at the master cylendar. See the attached pic, can anyone tell me what the connectors are for?
  6. Is there ANYONE out there on this forum who can give a good honest and experienced review of how well the Slavens Stink Bug Killer works on XC-W models? Stink Bug Killer: Slavens Racing I'm 6'2" 190lbs geared up and have no need for a lower seat height, however it's advertised to make the bike much more stable at speeds. Sounds pretty general... Will a stock bike with SBK handle whoops? I'd rather spend $40 than $900 getting suspension reworked (probably still will). I wanna know how much different the bike handles with a SBK installed. Thanks, all
  7. I would like to preface this by saying that this might be somewhat of a rookie question, but never the less I am in search of answers. For some time now I have noticed that the front brake on my 2003 450 EXC has been fairly squeaky when coming to stops, even though I have hardly put any miles on the bike since I installed new pads several months ago. Upon closer inspection to the front caliper I noticed that the outside stationary brake pad does not appear to clear the thin channel located at the top of the brake pad for the rotor to pass through (picture provided). I would also like to add that I have an extra front caliper for my model KTM that also appears to have the same "issue", and this caliper is also the one I will be posting photos of, instead of the one currently mounted on the bike. So, is it possible that this is the source of the banshee screech my front brake seems to emit whilst coming to a stop? If so, does anyone know of any fixes for this issue, or is it something that I just shouldn't be worrying about? As a final side note, the only direct, let's call it, "performance" issue I have noticed is that my front brake is unable to keep the front wheel locked whenever I attempt to do burnouts. I could basically be squeezing the lever so hard that I feel like it's going to snap off in my hand, and the front wheel will either slowly roll, or sightly hop. Thanks to all in advance for any help or wisdom given, it is very much appreciated.
  8. hey guys, Recently acquired a 2004 KTM 250 EXC. I'm looking for more power, better response. I've searched, but can't find an answer. What year heads and CDIs from 250SXs will fit my 2004 250 EXC? thanks for the knowledge.
  9. Noticed that my 2007 ktm 300 was bottoming out with no real power and looked at the reeds(Vforce3) and the petals had a chip in one of them. I bought some new petals off of a ktm dealer and used them for about two hours bbefore the exact same thing happened. What could the cause be?
  10. Hello all, I am attempting to reverse bleed my KTM's clutch per the advice of a few forum posts (syringe filled with fluid going straight into slave cylinder bleeder), and due to normal bleeding not having any noticeable effect on my clutch feel. I have run in to a bit of a problem however, when trying to force new fluid through the slave cylinder bleeder it is completely stopped. I had that maybe my lever was still partially engaging the clutch so, I adjusted the lever outwards and tried again; still did not allow fluid through. I removed the lever; still did not allow fluid through. Removed the master cylinder's plunger; still would not allow fluid through. After these did not work, I removed the slave from my bike repeated the above steps, and it still was locked up. At this point I'm assuming it is a slave cylinder issue so I decided to do things the old fashioned way and just use anger fueled force. With the bleeder CLOSED and the master cylinder still completely taken apart, I've tried pushing on the slave cylinder itself and it barely moves. However, I do notice some air bubbles appearing in the reservoir when doing so (virtually no fluid flow though). When the bleeder is OPEN and I try pushing on the slave cylinder, fluid comes flying out of the bleeder (as expected I suppose). Also, when I try staring at my bike and waiting for it to fix itself, nothing happens. Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance guys/girls.
  11. Hi guys ive got a big problem. ive had a 07 ktm 250 xcf for a while and it has worked great for me. Ive always kept up with maintenance and keeping it in good shape. But my problem is, someone recently bought it from me and he is saying it is losing a lot of oil through some big black overflow tube. I have no idea what overflow tube this could be. I changed the oil pretty recently before I sold it, I didn't follow the proper procedure of running the bike for 5 minutes then changing the oil. But I forgot and changed the oil while it was still cold. Does anyone have any ideas?
  12. hi is was lokking for a ktm 250 xcw for my son and i couldnt find any horsepower related articles and i was wondering if anyone new???
  13. Bought my 2015 EXC-F brand new 3 years ago, and haven't gotten to ride her as much as I'd like, but just got back from a 4 day trip in the Utah desert, and for the first time saw some of the shortcomings on my bike. Brand new I just got basic parts installed like a grab handle, skid plate, LED blinker bark busters, etc., but nothing to modify the way the bike performs. After doing some desert riding and some hill climbs for the first time, I think it would be nice to have a little better hold-up in the suspension, and better low-end torque/power delivery. I've changed the gearing over to 13/48, which seems fine for all around riding. My local riding areas are more woods and trails then open desert, but getting out in the desert and on some of the whoops (and riding my buddies '17 suzuki 250 MX'er) I realized how soft the suspension is. So there's two things I want to look at. First would be the suspension. I haven't even touched the clickers on it since I got the bike, as I'm 170 pounds and I'm told the bike is basically set up perfectly for me from the factory. That, and I had a bad experience with my old Yamaha where I never could get the suspension set up right and I'm kind of afraid of messing with it to a point where I'm lost and can't get back to the pretty good factory feel. The suspension seems set up really nice for the trails, but it would be great if it held up a little better in any jumps and whoops. Comparing to the MX bike I feel like I have to time my body position and throttle just right to get a smooth ride in the whoops, where the MX'er you can just power through. So, if I go a couple clicks in one direction or the other, can I keep the plushness in the woods and improve the performance on jumps and whoops, or do I need to start spending big $$ to get a noticable improvement in this department? On the power delivery, when I got the bike the dealer offered to put on an Akropovic pipe and re-map the bike to match. They said it would run a little cooler and bring on more power. Since I hadn't even ridden it yet, I figured I'd put some miles on it and decide later. After talking to the same dealer last week they said they can no longer adjust any mapping, but they could put on the pipe. I don't see what the point would be of bolting on a pipe if I can't adjust the mapping to take full advantage of it. I'd like to increase the low end torque, mostly. So, what options do I have to improve the power output and delivery? Thanks in advance! And because every post is better with pics... Here's one from Swingarm City in Utah
  14. Hi, I'm seriously thinking about putting a Vortex in my 2017 EXC 350. Has anyone done this yet, and what was your experience? Interested in experience with the 450 and 500 also. I really don't want to get fancy with tuning - just put it in and find a map that I want. I will be removing the two screens in the exhaust outlet, and removing the reeds. Thanks in advance, Toby
  15. After doing some adjusting to my float, my 2 stroke has started running a lot better than before but started acting a little bit funny. First, It's a little bit of a pain to start. Then, The idle feels low and it dies if not given gas. Also, if I'm on the clutch while coasting it tends to die. Lastly, bottom and mid power feel pretty good, but the top end power feels weak. Whenever I stop it pours a little gas out of the vent hoses. Is my problem still my float? If so, how do I adjust to fix this?
  16. Hi all, New to this forum! I have recently purchased a clean KTM 200 exc 2002. 1 owner from new - so he says it has never had a top end rebuild which did concern me however it rides lovely feels like it has lots of compression when I kick start. I decided to do a compression test to see where it was at.. My new Compression tester showed it's at 200 psi (image attached). My dad's very old gauge showed 150 psi which o understand is on the lower end of where you'd want it.. the thread was much shorter on this gauge then the new one Any advise would be great!
  17. Hi all, Looking at changing the chain & both sprockets on my 2002 200 exc. Currently running 14 f 42 r sprockets (this is what came with the bike) I ride green lanes with occasional easily ISH hill climbs and I was wondering if anyone would suggest a different gearing for the 200 exc? Cheers
  18. Hello I’ve commented so much about noises on TT that I feel like a nuisance but today I had a noise with the clutch in, for the first time. I know the bearings cause a lot of rattle but when the clutch is engaged it usually goes away. Today it didn’t. I pulled the cover off and this fell out of the clutch side. (Image) I checked the main crank nut and it seems tight. Before I re-torque everything back down I need to know where this goes. I’m so confused, I doubt this thing caused the noise? Any insight would be helpful
  19. Hi Guys; Last week i bought a couple LC4 rims (17x3,50 + 17x5,00) for my bike (EXC450 2008), but i didnt know it's working with Cush Drive. I measured my swingarm distance it's nearly 185-190mm. And my hub is 183mm. I believe it'll fit my bike. Before I try it i wanna ask you guys, because; if I try to fit and and give a scratch to rims, i can't return to the seller. So my questions is; Is there any1 who used this rims with EXC 450 2008-2011 and if you're using, what wheel size you're using? Thanks and regards!
  20. great Day for hard enduro Hallo to all from CROatia
  21. Looking for something a little lighter and faster to supplement my xr650l and I think this bike might fit the bill. I'm hoping there are some owners here who can give me some insight into the typical experience with this bike. The question I'm most concerned about is how many hours these engines last before needing a rebuild with normal trail riding? Also, how do they handle in technical terrain? How about on the road? The machine I'm looking at has about 75 hours and 1,500 miles on it, all stock other than a lectron carb, and comes with some dualsport lighting not installed. The current owner's asking price seems pretty high at $4500, but he seems to be a communicative, eager seller, which is practically unheard of in Upstate NY where the vast majority of dirtbikes on Craigslist are owned (or "owned") by rednecks trying to flip them. I'm willing to pay a little more than market value for this reason. Thanks for any input!
  22. Hi I'm here once again for a friend who's ktm has electric issues, he was riding on the street at night and the bike died, it didn't blow up, we checked spark and it was weak, stator was burnt black and almost all the coil were broken, he changed it but the spark is still weak, it starts but at low rpm it dies and at high rpm from my perspective it sounded odd but it runs. Anyone knows what could it be? Burnt stator broke other electrical components? We checked the wiring a few days before changing the stator and everything, we excluded the regulator wich seems to be needed only for the headlight and tail light. Not for the spark. Changed the spark 2 times both work the same way, weak spark. Checked carb at a professional its perfect. Also the spark isn't only weak but is missing most of the time
  23. I have a 2003 Ktm 250sx that I would like to turn into a good off-road bike. It handled single track at Buffalo mountain fairly well but I would like to make it better. My biggest question is can I swap in an exc gearbox or at least 1st and 2nd. I was told that the rest of the gears were identical. Also, what are some good mods for it? So far I’m planning on installing a flywheel weight, Changing out the power valve spring, putting on a thunder products intellajet, putting on protection like skid plate and pipe guard, getting the suspension set up and getting tubliss for the rear. If the exc gearbox fits I will be doing that as well. I’m 16 and I have other things to put money into as well so I would really like to make a great enduro bike without spending a ton of money
  24. Hello, Trying to make sense of the XPLOR shock on my 2019 excf450. I've built the bike to rally in the desert. All the extra weight of nav kit,tanks and fuel makes me bottom out pretty frequently. No other handling complaints though. Bike is lovely apart from landing jumps and dune transitions but this is so frequent the mudguard is taking a beating. Heaviest spring I could buy already installed, and AER forks are keeping the front end up (at 160 psi). I'm looking at revalving the shock for more compression dampening as I've already tried closing the adjustments off completely and there still too soft. One recommendation I've had from a suspension shop is to "remove shim #4 (28x0.15) and try it once more". This blew my mind as I thought only adding shimms for more compression would work... the only sense i can make of it is its a crossover shim for hsc/lsc so it will cause the whole stack to work as one fat wedge? Bike Setup: The weight is 93kg rider weight (clothed) 27kg of fuel/water total (8kg above the rear wheel/4kg on the sump rest in large capacity main tank) And aprox 3kg on the bars (roadbook) Tot:123KG Current shock setting is: Comp LS 8 Clicks out Comp HS 1/2 turn out Rebound 12 clicks out 83n/mm linear rate shockspring (the heaviest I could find) Shock is 23hrs from manufacture Thanks Maki
  25. I've wanted a 300 smoker for a long time, and now I've decided it's the time to do it. I've been already pretty much decided on a 2004-2007 300 EXC, but then I started browsing my local ads and noticed quite a few of these EC 300s for sale. I can get around a 2007-2010 EC 300 for the same money as a 2004-2007 300 EXC, that's why I've been considering it. Does anyone have experience with both of these, preferably these years? It's hard to find head to head comparisons on the internet for these two. Do the EC 300s and pre-2008 EXC 300s have an adjustable power valve? How do the engines and suspension compare? The only thing I've found out from my research is that owners of both seem to love their bikes.
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