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Found 101 results

  1. Hi Guys I was on XR's Only website last night, and see that they have updated the looks of the muffler for their exhaust system. Looks much better than the old one. http://www.xrsonly.com/xrs-only-exhaust-pipe-honda-xr400r-stainless-steel-cone-tip http://www.xrsonly.com/xrs-only-exhaust-header-honda-xr400r So I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with their full system? It will be for a 440 setup. They say the header is larger, but also say the muffler can connect to stock headers?? Sooooo, Power?....Quality?...Noisy or not? Thanks
  2. I have a 2003 crf450r and when I got the bike it came with a white brothers carbin pro exhaust and was told it came from a 250f. The SS pipe mount between the muffler and header pipe does not line up without making a bracket but everything else fits.. The muffler mount ended up breaking and looking for a new one to put on now but bike specific ones are through the roof in price. Does anyone know what 250f year might be the one I had so I know what to look for. Or any years compatible. 450/250 to a 2003 450f I've read the page for compatible 450s saying 02/03 header the same and need full exhaust to run 03/04.
  3. I am considering buying an 07 xr650l. The only iffy part I feel about purchasing the bike is that every time it starts after sitting for 4 plus hours a cloud of black smokes shoots out from the exhaust. What could cause this? Should that stop me from buying the bike?
  4. Hey guys, so ive got a 2017 YZ250f and ive just brought an FMF f4.1 Titanium full system exhaust for it and i cant find any recommended ECU settings from yamaha or magazines to run with an aftermarket pipe. Ive found one for a 2016 YZ250F but i think there might be a bit of a difference from 16-17. Cheers
  5. Does anyone know how to remove the quiet piece on the stock Ktm exhaust? Thanks
  6. RobertoDorito

    Dirt bike Exhaust

    Hi I'm quite new to dirt biking basically I haven't really payed attention to the bottom of the exhaust but there is a hole on the bottom at the end of the silencer is this normal ? Would appreciate any replies thanks.
  7. Topjimmy1973


    Want to put a new aftermarket system on my 06 crf450x . Any suggestions? Should I buy both head pipe and baffle? Can I just do the baffle? Does the bike need to be tuned to the new system? Thanks Jim
  8. Hey guys so i have a pretty interesting scenario going on here. I got a used kx65 on craigslist that needed the bottom end rebuilt, couldn't really hear it run because the knock from the crank and bearings was so bad, so i replaced the crank, bearings, seals, and gaskets. (In my college apartment living room) Bike started in a few kicks! Here is where it gets interesting It starts up totally fine but anything past idle, it really spits and sputters, and past half throttle it wants to cut it out completely. I tried cleaning the carb once, checking the plug and it looks to be burning fine, adjusting the clip position on the needle jet up and down both ways, new gas. Could it be possible the top end would cause that? I did put the old piston in it but it didnt have much sign of wear, but I could be way off. Or is there some stuff I should try first again? Cleaning the carb again? Im open to any and all suggestions! Not willing to give up now, its so close to being done! I have rebuilt quite a few bikes now, 4 and 2 stroke so i have a decent amount of fix it know how, just really stumped on this.
  9. BlindDude

    Recent purchase of xr650r

    Hello all, been here a long time ago when I had my 2003 xr650r. I had to sell that one a few years back and I have aquired a 2002 xr650r. My 2003 had a powerbomb header and fmf pipe. I am going to purchase a header and pipe for this 2002 but want to know your opinions about if I should go with FMF for the header and pipe? Any other suggestions? Best combo for uncorking? I plan to uncork it ASAP. So I will need a jet kit or maybe I can get away with spending less on a kit if someone knows the exact size jets I would need for full uncork and 6000' elevation? Also need a rear rack. I had a Baja designs rack before and I really liked it. Any others worth mentioning to me? Need buddy pegs. I ordered some before but dont remember brand or where I got them. They did the job and tucked up pretty nice. Anything there? I've seen some 650r's with the side panel that covers the air cleaner having holes in them. Are these homemade or does someplace sell them? My 2003 was never uncorked so what should I be expecting when doing that? I appreciate any and ALL info you guys can provide. Links welcome. I am in the USA Southwest NM. Thanks all. and GO BRP!!!
  10. Anyone have this setup or know if they will fit together? My Ti-4 header blew apart and don't wanna buy a whole new system.
  11. Kevin Snyder

    Head pipe cracked Help!

    I have a 2005 CRF450R, It cuts out when you get on the throttle when taking off from a dead stop it cuts out near the bottom end. After some research one of the suggestions was to check for an exhaust leak. I replaced the gasket between the head pipe and the silencer and still no fix. Then I noticed there is about a 1" crack right at the 1st bend coming out of the barrel. I don't want to spend the $500 on aftermarket exhaust so am trying to find someone to weld it. Nobody around here welds titanium. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I have found some full aftermarket exhaust for 270 for a 450X would this work on a 450Rif i re-jet? I have seen that in the 2005 the exhaust is interchangeable between X and R, Could I use a factory 450X head pipe with the 450R silencer? Thanks folks.
  12. So I just bought a 2006 YZ250F and it has an older Dr D Carbon Fiber exhaust and I noticed that it did not have a spark arrestor which is needed to ride trials legally here in Oregon. So I did some research and I saw that you can't put one in there because it will damage the pipe. Does anyone know why this could damage it and is it possible to even put one in there? Thanks, Talon
  13. So I just got a brand new bike and I bought new exhaust ended up not liking the exhaust I bought and decided to go stock, The only thing I miss is the way my fmf factory fatty looked, my stock pipe is painted flat black from the factory and I was wondering if anyone had some tips or tutorial on different ways to re-finish my pipe. Thanks Walker.
  14. Hi Guys! I hope I can find someone here who could help me, I've looked everywhere and can't find my problem. I recently bought a Suzuki rmz250 2017, I've done 13 hours on it on track with stock setup and stock mapping. My yoshimura rs4 full system just arrived, installed it, everything is awesome about the pipe. The only problem is I am running lean. I installed the rich mapping plug, but the bike is always backfiring as soon as i let go of the throttle. I thought I could buy a power commander or yoshimura efi tuner, but I can't find any company who makes one. So here I am, racing this weekend, my dealer doesn't know what to do about it, and the last thing I want is to have my bike running lean the whole weekend. Anyone has had the same issue or know what is going on? Thank you so much!
  15. SumoN00B

    Dirty header FE501

    So, my header has gotten "stains" on it from riding in the rain. I'd really like to get it looking all shiny again.. Any pro tips?
  16. Hello all, WOW, I have missed the community during the upgrade, but I am glad we are back up and running. I am in the process of replacing the top end on a YZ125 and going over my CRF250r and replacing all the items that need to be replaced. Let's get back to the CRF. The right muffler had a big dent in the cone tip, enough that it was driving me crazy, so I bought a used one off Ebay to replace it. When I installed it, I noticed that the diameter of the hole was much smaller than the left muffler. The guy who sold it to me said it was pulled off an 07 CRF250r, just like my bike. So, is the right muffler hole (at the end of the muffler) smaller than the left one? I just want to make sure I was sent the right one. Here are some pics of the new one installed.
  17. Joel Robin Valadez

    Stage 1 Kit MPG Issue

    I installed an FMF powercore 4, powerbomb and an EJK on my rally. I feel a boost in power but my MPG's are in the upper 40's while riding as easy as possible. It has stock gearing. This and the K&N filter are the only performance mods it has. I was getting 71MPG with the stock muffler and the K&N. What could be causing it to get such terrible mileage? I had this kit for my previous CRF250l and it got in the 50's when I rode it like I stole it with a 13t front sprocket. I'm not sure where to start besides checking for a leak in the pipes. Is it possible the computer hasn't adapted to the extra fuel yet?
  18. How much of a performance bump is there when putting a full exhaust, ejk, and modding the air box on a crf250l? Are there any dyno numbers?
  19. Hi All, I'm having a mental debate on whether or not to pick up a Gnarly and Turbinecore 2 for my YZ250x. I want more lug and chug, and plan on getting the RK TEK head as well as an exhaust kit. First I wanted a quality exhaust set up to boost the power across the full rpm range, while having a spark arrrestor to keep woods riding legal and safe. I'm getting mixed messages about the power gain(or lack of) from this combo. FMF Stated on the phone and email that "There is no gnarly specific to the YZ250X and it is the same as the pipe for the YZ250. However the Turbinecore 2 is specific for the YZ250X to work with the back pressure generated by this motor." So essentially my understanding is the gnarly would be a zero sum gain, just a tougher and shinier pipe, but the Turbinecore 2 would be a gain. The tech then went on to say I would get a power gain across the entire RPM range with the Turbinecore 2, but wouldn't say whether or not the Gnarly was any better than stock. Running a Lectron which is dialed perfectly for the bike, and overall the 250x package is fantastic just want some more grunt down low. Looking for individual experiences so far with exhaust changes on the X. thanks NEGbrap
  20. I have researched the threads on this exhaust pipe topic but still unclear on the differences on the exhaust pipe mount at the rear footpegs on an S versus an E model, (I can’t find a good photo of this). I have 2 scenarios/questions. I’ve read that the E front head pipe has a larger outlet diameter (41mm I believe) than the S headpipe does. 1. I want to use a E front headpipe on my 2001 S model using my OEM stock S muffler, how do you connect the two, have a muffler shop expand the stock pipe or fool around with using adapters? Or can it be done at all without being a PIA? 2. Let’s assume that the E headpipe is successfully connected to the stock S muffler and 2 years later I decide to add an aftermarket muffler. Which way would be the easiest : A. Order a muffler that fits the S which will require connecting the two pipes together (again), but the footpeg mount will be the same. or B. Order a muffler for the E model, the 2 pipes (should) simply slip together, but the footpeg mount will be different and needs modified (somehow). I just want the easiest way, this rear footpeg mount is where I’m stuck on a decision…… I want to get the new headpipe soon, maybe a new muffler next year. Thanks for your inputs.
  21. HancockMX546

    Loose fitting exhaust 08 crf250r

    Howdy. I have an 08 crf250r with yoshimura rs 3 titanium dual pipes and they're fitting really weird compared to my dad's Kx 250f. I recently bought the bike with the exhaust installed, but the previous owners were about as far from mechanics as anyone can really get. Coming out of the head, the exhaust has a little insert that mounts with a plate and fits inside the header pipe. The little insert wobbles around and I am pretty sure they have the wrong parts on it. Could anyone tell me if that's supposed to be like that or where to get a new retainer plate (the one that mounts to the studs on the head) and the insert? Thanks Hayden
  22. troyboysonicc

    2009 yz250f

    Looking to get a new exhaust system for my 09 yz250f what gives the most noticeable difference in power? Both top or bottom looking at the megabomb with the 4.1 but what would you guys recommend? Thanks
  23. 05Yz125ForLife

    Silencer science

    I have a 2005 yz144 with a pro-circuit pipe and pc r304 shorty silence. I’ve always thought that a short silencer improves low end power and longer silencers improve top end performance. Would the factory yz125 silencer perform the same as pro-circuit 304 silencer? Any thought would be appreciated. Would Jetting need changed?
  24. The graphics on my exhaust side number plate keep melting off where the header and the muffler meet… I tried moving the heat shield that was included in the plastics over a little bit but nothing seems to work does anyone have any suggestions?
  25. Jackcushney

    Yzf 250 exhaust

    Does anyone know if a 2010-2013 yzf 250 exhaust will fit my 2009 yzf 250?