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Found 96 results

  1. Hi Guys I was on XR's Only website last night, and see that they have updated the looks of the muffler for their exhaust system. Looks much better than the old one. http://www.xrsonly.com/xrs-only-exhaust-pipe-honda-xr400r-stainless-steel-cone-tip http://www.xrsonly.com/xrs-only-exhaust-header-honda-xr400r So I'm just wondering if anyone has experience with their full system? It will be for a 440 setup. They say the header is larger, but also say the muffler can connect to stock headers?? Sooooo, Power?....Quality?...Noisy or not? Thanks
  2. With a catalytic converter, the stock exhaust on the 2017 KTM enduro R and Husqvarna 701 are both relatively heavy and run hot. There seems to be no shortage of reports of melted turn signals and bodywork when riding these bikes in slow, technical terrain. Despite this, we love the stock exhaust... because it's quiet! Not that we don't enjoy the sound of a dirt bike at full tilt. Over the years we've run plenty of aftermarket exhaust, but this time around, just not feeling the need. After a full day of dual sporting, we're really appreciating how quiet these bike are and coming from 500lb. ADV bikes, 326 lbs. (ready to ride) feels like a feather weight. With the low, close to center of mass fuel tank location and super slim at the knees profile, these bikes ride light and have tons of boost as they come. We noticed that the more expensive Husqvarna comes with a stick-on foil backed heat shield on the exhaust side turn signal and it reminded us that Moose Racing offers foil backed ceramic cloth that is easily trimmed to fit. We picked up two 18"X18" sheets and strategically stuck them on the vulnerable areas. TURN SIGNALS Here's a picture of how the apparently "better" Husky comes from the factory. Creating one for the "lesser" KTM Step 1: Using blue painters tape, fully cover the surface of the turn signal that you want to protect. Be sure to get it to lay as flat as possible, working it around its convex shape. Step 2: With a black Sharpie pen, mark the shape of the heat shield to the best of your ability. This will serve as your rough pattern. Step 3: Stick your rough pattern to a thick, but flexible piece of paper. I found that using drywall joint tape was perfect. Using a pair of sharp scissors, carefully cut out the general shape of the heat shield. Step 4: Orient your cut out pattern on the signal where you want it to lay and look for any areas that will cause it to wrap around any sharp breaks. While the material sticks very, very well, the sharper the bend, the greater the likelihood that it may become unstuck. KTM likes their angles, so their signals have sharper lines than the Husqvarna 701. I had to trim mine a couple of times before I was happy with the accuracy of my pattern. Step 4: Lay your final pattern on the silver side of the Moose stick on heat shield, trace your pattern with a pall point pen (creates a thinner, more accurate line), and carefully cut it out. Note: there is a small, square notch at the bottom of the signal that allows it to drain. Be sure that you don't cover this up unless you want a potentially foggy lens. Step 5: Clean the back of your turn signal with some rubbing alcohol to prep the surface and carefully stick on the heat shield. The material is hard to get bubbles in it and conforms to the signal shape nicely. Final Pattern Installed on the KTM 690 Enduro R PROTECTING SIDE PANEL AND FUEL TANK This is what the KTM 690 Enduro exhaust can looks like inside. We can only assume that the Husqvarna 701 Enduro looks about the same. The cans are fully welded shut, so this photo was provided courtesy of http://690enduror.blogspot.com My research revealed that catalytic converters run between 600 to 1,000 degrees F! While we've not had any issues so far, there are reports of melted side panels and even some fuel tank warpage in very hot and slow conditions. Here's a picture of the Moose Racing heat shield installed on the KTM 690s left side side panel: Here's a picture of the same covering the section of the fuel tank around the exhaust can. We had it down to two pieces, but when we stuck the piece closest to the header, there is a tough series of bends that come together just before the collector, so we had to cut a slit in the heat shield to get it to conform to the shape and lay down. So, the smaller square patch is to cover that slit. The heat shielding sticks to itself like crazy, so the patch is on there. We were just hoping for a better appearance, but the end of day, it's just dirt bike and fully hidden with the can installed. Can re-installed, no side panel Fully Buttoned up Our plan to was to get all scientific and use an infrared heat gun to gather some running temperature values at different points on the KTM and then compare with the same points on the bone stock Husqvarna 701 Enduro. My cousin is a home inspector, so we had planned to borrow his IR gun, but he ended up being busy all weekend, we're too cheap to buy what we can borrow, and we wanted to ride! But, this ended up working out. I put a bare hand on the KTM side panel in the area of the cat and while warm, I could hold it there as long as I wanted. Same spot on the 701? About 3 seconds before the brain suggested moving your hand. It was that hot. So, totally confident that the Moose heat shielding will prevent melted plastics and based upon where we located it, cooler fuel. And, since the in tank fuel pump is cooled by the fuel, potentially longer fuel pump life? Can't prove that, but I certainly can't rule it out just the same. Installing the Moose heat shielding was a bit time consuming, but we love shop time, and at the end of they, it's doing what we hoped it would. On to the next mod! Really loving these bikes. The smiles per mile has been huge! Moose Racing Heat Shield 18"X18" sheet
  3. troyboysonicc

    2009 yz250f

    Looking to get a new exhaust system for my 09 yz250f what gives the most noticeable difference in power? Both top or bottom looking at the megabomb with the 4.1 but what would you guys recommend? Thanks
  4. I have researched the threads on this exhaust pipe topic but still unclear on the differences on the exhaust pipe mount at the rear footpegs on an S versus an E model, (I can’t find a good photo of this). I have 2 scenarios/questions. I’ve read that the E front head pipe has a larger outlet diameter (41mm I believe) than the S headpipe does. 1. I want to use a E front headpipe on my 2001 S model using my OEM stock S muffler, how do you connect the two, have a muffler shop expand the stock pipe or fool around with using adapters? Or can it be done at all without being a PIA? 2. Let’s assume that the E headpipe is successfully connected to the stock S muffler and 2 years later I decide to add an aftermarket muffler. Which way would be the easiest : A. Order a muffler that fits the S which will require connecting the two pipes together (again), but the footpeg mount will be the same. or B. Order a muffler for the E model, the 2 pipes (should) simply slip together, but the footpeg mount will be different and needs modified (somehow). I just want the easiest way, this rear footpeg mount is where I’m stuck on a decision…… I want to get the new headpipe soon, maybe a new muffler next year. Thanks for your inputs.
  5. HancockMX546

    Loose fitting exhaust 08 crf250r

    Howdy. I have an 08 crf250r with yoshimura rs 3 titanium dual pipes and they're fitting really weird compared to my dad's Kx 250f. I recently bought the bike with the exhaust installed, but the previous owners were about as far from mechanics as anyone can really get. Coming out of the head, the exhaust has a little insert that mounts with a plate and fits inside the header pipe. The little insert wobbles around and I am pretty sure they have the wrong parts on it. Could anyone tell me if that's supposed to be like that or where to get a new retainer plate (the one that mounts to the studs on the head) and the insert? Thanks Hayden
  6. I bought this bike in January and have been going though some maintenance and upgrades. When I took the exhaust off to repack the muffler I noticed that the header only goes into the slip joint connection by the kick lever about 1/2". You can see in the picture that at some point this header was engaged at least another 1". The pipe does not appear to be bent and the silencer bolts line up perfect with the frame. The header was also hitting on the back corner of the cylinder and at the lower radiator hose clamp. But I was able to adjust to barely clear them now. It's definitely a Yamaha factory header with the heat shield tabs cut off. Thinking the previous owner swapped a header from a different year... any thoughts?
  7. I know this has been talked about somewhat but I'm hoping you can narrow this down for me. I am getting too much spooge coming out of my exhaust. A couple drops here and there ok, but I am getting quite a few drops, too the point where my rear hub is getting speckled and my swing arm is fairly dirty. Other racers I'm around don't seem to have this problem. I have a 2009 ktm 105 sx. The bottom end was replaced recently, new head pipe o rings. I have ran both 32:1 and 40:1 premix ratios with the recommended motorex oil (I know you don't jet by changing ratios, I'm just experimenting). The oil has just been changed and its clean. I run the manuals recommended jetting specs for my temp and elevation (if the google maps elevation markers are accurate). Air screw is two turns out. I run the engine hard around the local sand track. I have also noticed that although I have changed the o rings on the head pipe, oil still leaks there too. At least one head pipe spring is new, maybe both of them. Silencer has been pulled apart and the packing really didn't look that bad so I put it back together as is. The air filter is cleaned regular. I use the highest octane pump gas as I can get and stay away from ethanol. I have cleaned the carb recently, and made a decent attempt at setting the float. I have been told that the ktm recommended jetting specs are slightly rich. But how rich are we talking? I am leaning towards just changing the clip to a higher position on the needle but not sure if there is a better way? (clip is at the second position now). I am trying to jet for a race this weekend that is in a higher elevation than I am currently at...so I can't really test until I get there and time will be limited. So all I can do is follow the manuals recommended specs. on the chart and try to compensate knowing the current performance. The bike seems to run well overall. It idles well. Seems to pull well through every throttle range. Could sometimes be slightly more crisp at a quarter throttle...but hey this is a small bore bike...it not going to be like a four stroke. I would normally say that the bike is probably too rich, but I am at the recommended jetting specs, I'm not fouling plugs, and the bike runs well. I am hesitant to go past what the manual recommends for jetting as I am worried I may not recognize the symptoms of a lean bike soon enough, due to my relative inexperience with 2 strokes. (yes I know its supposed to sound like a marble in a tin can and lose power but I have never experienced it myself). I don't want to bugger up a good thing. Thanks for the help guys! I am probably just thinking about this too much
  8. moneypit

    new 2017 crf450x glowing exhaust

    Hello all. I just wanted to get some other crf450x owner input on something my brother noticed on my new bike. So this is on a newly purchased 2017 crf450x with about 4 miles on it currently. while riding around with my brother in my inlaws yard he pointed out that the head pipe was starting to glow red. I'm wondering if this is because the bike is new and is a bit hotter due to breaking in or if there is possibly a different issue going on with this new bike. Most of what i read suggests a lean issue presenting it self with the carb. i just installed a trail tech vapor kit on the bike but i doubt that would influence anything. Any help would be greatly appreciated. hopefully this wont abort our first trip out to go ride it this weekend.
  9. Jackcushney

    Yzf 250 exhaust

    Does anyone know if a 2010-2013 yzf 250 exhaust will fit my 2009 yzf 250?
  10. DR 400

    1980 DR 400

    I've just bought a 1980 DR 400, I need an exhaust for it, I have the header pipe for it and the muffler but I can't find either the soup can middle section or a "S" pipe to fit it together. Does any one have any suggestions? I'm willing to put a new exhaust on it if I could find one. I used to have a 1977 DR370 years ago it was tractor like bike, but I bought a Hooker header for it back then and can't find anything like that now. Any help will most appreciated.
  11. Hey everyone, I’m new to my drz 400 and have now spent a couple hundred dollars getting it to where I want it to be. Now I’m at the point where the only thing I need is a exhaust with a good flow, and was wondering if it would be possible to fabricate my own header and pipe , and simply attach the stock muffler on the end ? Thanks!
  12. NotBlueSteel

    LEXX MXE exhaust uh oh

    Hello all and welcome to my first post. I've just acquired a DR-Z 400 E and without realising the difference between a Z400 (quad bike) and my humble DR-Z 400...I went and ordered a new Lexx MXE exhaust ...For a Z400 SO, nothing I can do as it's on it's way and I live all the way south in South Africa so I need to make it fit and the DR-Z 400 Lexx MXE from Australia is a whopping AUD400 Does anyone have any pearl necklaces of wisdom for me?? Anyone know the pipe difference (as I find comfort in the fact that the actual exhaust is the same)? Look forward to hearing from anyone out there. Cheers NotBlueSteel Cape Town
  13. The graphics on my exhaust side number plate keep melting off where the header and the muffler meet… I tried moving the heat shield that was included in the plastics over a little bit but nothing seems to work does anyone have any suggestions?
  14. 05Yz125ForLife

    Silencer science

    I have a 2005 yz144 with a pro-circuit pipe and pc r304 shorty silence. I’ve always thought that a short silencer improves low end power and longer silencers improve top end performance. Would the factory yz125 silencer perform the same as pro-circuit 304 silencer? Any thought would be appreciated. Would Jetting need changed?
  15. pbblueroom

    Looking for a cheap TTR90 Exhaust

    Hi Everyone, I just picked up a 2000 TTR90 for my son. the previous owner had the exhaust fall off while riding and a guess left it in the desert. Anyway I want to pick one up, cheap. I'm not looking for extra power or anything. Ebay has a ton that say they fit, but I don't see how they fit the support bracket, and the exhaust pipe is 26mm, but these all seem to only go down to 38mm. here are some links so you can see what I'm talking about. If you know a good link for one please let me know. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-38-51mm-Motorcycle-Carbon-Fiber-Exhaust-Muffler-w-Removable-Silencer/332167907200?fits=Year%3A2000|Model%3ATTR90&hash=item4d56c00780:g:WSQAAOSwzgBY23oo&vxp=mtr https://www.ebay.com/itm/28mm-Exhaust-Muffler-For-90cc-110cc-125cc-Dirt-Pit-Bike-TTR-CRF50-SSR-Thumpstar/321988125687?hash=item4af7fce3f7:m:mtBWjDVUEnYxJPki7bidl3Q&vxp=mtr https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-38-51mm-Motorcycle-Carbon-Fiber-Exhaust-Muffler-w-Removable-Silencer/232615617126?fits=Year%3A2000|Model%3ATTR90&hash=item3628f8a266:g:WSQAAOSwzgBY23oo&vxp=mtr
  16. smalltownripper

    EMGO universal muffler/exhaust?

    Thinking about picking up one of the EMGO universal mufflers for my 2001 XRL. Has anyone ever purchased one of these for their XRL? It's about 300 (Canadian) dollars cheaper than the FMF (my other option, currently), and sounds great according to the ONE youtube video I found (see link). More than anything I'm worried about the fit (into the header, out into the rear of the subframe) - if anyone has experience please let me know. Additionally, I am thinking about jetting (of course), but this is something I can work out post purchase... `
  17. I have a 2008 CRF150R Expert and am trying to find a way to get more power on straights, any ideas for modifications?

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    Clarke tank, stock tank, stock seat, Yoshimura RS3 slip-on and lots of plastic for sale. All was on 2005 DRZ400SM. All in great condition as it was on a street bike that never was laid down. Sold the bike 5 years ago, had switched out all plastic out for white. See picture and message me for pricing on any item in photo and/or more photos. I'm in the Modesto, CA area. Items can be shipped at an added cost. Payment via cash or PayPal gift/friend.


  19. Hey all, Just installed my yoshimura rs2 full system and have been having alot of backfire on deceleration and engine breaking. The bike has a 3*3 mod and jd jetting. The kit says to use the 165 vs the 155 if you have full exhaust. Could the issue be having the 155 installed and not the 165? Or could it be a header leak. It looks like the flange on one side is just barely not flush but it will not tighten anymore than it already is. If you think it is a header leak what is an easy way to test that? Im thinking its the jetting, but thats just my amateur opinion. Any thougts?
  20. Hi guys! I am very new to thumper talk so i am sorry if i am asking this in the wrong place! I ride a 2007 XR250 motard and it has a VitalSpirit exhaust system (including the header pipes) I found a vid in youtube of a bike with a similar exhaust Just wondering if some one has used a similar one, the pros and cons of it because i was thinking of replacing it with something like a delta barrel 4 Thanks in advance!
  21. So I just bought a 2006 YZ250F and it has an older Dr D Carbon Fiber exhaust and I noticed that it did not have a spark arrestor which is needed to ride trials legally here in Oregon. So I did some research and I saw that you can't put one in there because it will damage the pipe. Does anyone know why this could damage it and is it possible to even put one in there? Thanks, Talon
  22. RobertoDorito

    Dirt bike Exhaust

    Hi I'm quite new to dirt biking basically I haven't really payed attention to the bottom of the exhaust but there is a hole on the bottom at the end of the silencer is this normal ? Would appreciate any replies thanks.
  23. Topjimmy1973


    Want to put a new aftermarket system on my 06 crf450x . Any suggestions? Should I buy both head pipe and baffle? Can I just do the baffle? Does the bike need to be tuned to the new system? Thanks Jim
  24. Kevin Snyder

    Head pipe cracked Help!

    I have a 2005 CRF450R, It cuts out when you get on the throttle when taking off from a dead stop it cuts out near the bottom end. After some research one of the suggestions was to check for an exhaust leak. I replaced the gasket between the head pipe and the silencer and still no fix. Then I noticed there is about a 1" crack right at the 1st bend coming out of the barrel. I don't want to spend the $500 on aftermarket exhaust so am trying to find someone to weld it. Nobody around here welds titanium. Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions? I have found some full aftermarket exhaust for 270 for a 450X would this work on a 450Rif i re-jet? I have seen that in the 2005 the exhaust is interchangeable between X and R, Could I use a factory 450X head pipe with the 450R silencer? Thanks folks.
  25. Hello all, WOW, I have missed the community during the upgrade, but I am glad we are back up and running. I am in the process of replacing the top end on a YZ125 and going over my CRF250r and replacing all the items that need to be replaced. Let's get back to the CRF. The right muffler had a big dent in the cone tip, enough that it was driving me crazy, so I bought a used one off Ebay to replace it. When I installed it, I noticed that the diameter of the hole was much smaller than the left muffler. The guy who sold it to me said it was pulled off an 07 CRF250r, just like my bike. So, is the right muffler hole (at the end of the muffler) smaller than the left one? I just want to make sure I was sent the right one. Here are some pics of the new one installed.