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Found 11 results

  1. SkInM4n

    2004 CRF80F problem

    So my son was riding his 2004 CRF80F around yesterday and had a major mechanical failure. I am unsure of the issue so I am going to post it here before I start the tear-down tomorrow. He was riding around hauling balls, as usual, and he said he heard a metal "clank" noise from the engine. Being the 14 year old that he is he kept ripping it and a couple of minutes later went OTB. The bike starts and runs but wont shift at all and when I clutch in and push it the bike only rolls a couple of feet before the rear wheel locks up. I have never experienced anything like this so any assistance would be appreciated. Unless I can spot something externally during the initial stages or get some definitive answer on here I will begin the tear down tomorrow. I will keep the thread updated on my progress so maybe it will help someone in the future. Thanks in advance, Skin
  2. ubercoper

    KTM top end advice needed

    I've been AWOL on here for a few years but I'm desperately in need some advice/ "expert" help... My 2000 KTM 300 grenaded with about 10 hours on a fresh top end. Here are the teardown pics. Piston is gonzo and the cylinder is going off to powerseal usa for repair. I'm wondering if this could be related to the horizontal play in the con rod? I may send this out to Andrew Cooksey to split cases and go deep ($$$) into a rebuild, but I'd like to save the expense if possible. Any and all advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance! -Seb IMG_6216 by ubercooper2000, on Flickr
  3. I was adjusting the intake valves and noticed this ! Should this be absolutely be replaced, or is it OK to run ? Its a 2013 450 XC-F with 72 hours. I had been aware of the KTM recall for the 2013 450/500 rocker arm due to poor DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon) coating, this looks to be the same issue to me. I didn't think the recall had applied to my bike since I had entered my VIN on the KTM website, and it only had the fuel line recall come up. Now I'm wishing I could have the warranty work done. You guys think there's any chance the dealer would initiate a warranty for this ? I'm going to see the dealer this week and see what they say. Any advice ?
  4. So I yeah a petcock failure today. I know I am getting older but really? The bike is only 5 months old and 80 hours so gas doesn't sit much. I was trying to run my tank low to switch to a different 2t oil. I was riding solo and was was heading off the single track and back on the dirt road. Bike went to reserve as planned but then wouldn't start. Wore the battery and legs down trying to kick it. Lucky for me my wife was able to pick me up. Anyway, pulled the fuel line and fuel would come out with bike on side switched to on. Not a drop would come out on reserve. Could of been a real bad day. I am running California gas but should it be this corroded? Looks like an anode rod from a water heater. Most of our rides would not allow for a pickup so lesson learned. Not sure the lesson but... check your petcocks and make sure your fuel flows on reserve or just run it on reserve to be safe!
  5. Bought new in 1997, my Suzuki DR650 motorcycle in 2014, with 20500 Km on the clock experienced unpredictable catastrophic 3 rd gear disintegration. Eventually in December 2016 the Small Claims Court of South Africa, with Suzuki Auto South Africa defending,the court awarded me my damages claim for the repair of my Suzuki motorcycle. For more details visit www.harryterezakis.blogspot.com
  6. TxSamsquanch

    Engine Failure while riding.

    Bike's still giving me the middle finger after a top end rebuild and camshaft replacement. I've ruled out the decompression system as the culprit but am now back to square one with one big clue. It's something in the crankcase.... joy. Got a video of it doing it's thing as well. Sounds alright when it's putting around, but when you get on the throttle things start clacking around and the moment you pull in the clutch and allow the motor to spin freely it dies. Engine failure happens at 1:25 in the video and dies again at the end but no clacking that time. If anyone has an idea of where to start, or a specific part to start with please let me know. I'm in way over my head here.
  7. I just recently re-installed my White Bros exhaust system on my 2001 Wr250f. It's a two piece (header and muffler). I installed the header, then slipped on the muffler. The muffler fit very loose around the header where they meet. I tried angling the header and muffler at all different angles, yet still very loose. So I went ahead and used some high temp gasket maker, which failed the first ride. Am I missing a gasket or spacer of some sort? If I push the muffler into the header and extra 1/4 inch it fits air tight, but then I cannot bolt the muffler into the mounting brackets. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I bought this bike 8 months ago and it ran like a champ since I got it. The guy I bought it off of had the bottom end completely rebuild right before I bought it off of him, he had receipts showing the bottom end was only done 2 weeks before I bought the bike. Well I went out riding yesterday and in the middle of hitting a hillclimb it locked up and shut off on me. I was reading that wiseco makes garbage crankshafts but I wasn't sure if it was just because it was a wiseco crank is why it failed or if I was doing something wrong. The synthetic looking stuff they put on the crankshaft melted and seized my connecting rod. It's a 1999 KX250
  9. I guess the glory days of winning the MXdN left with Carmichael & RV eh? The tables have turned and the best we can hope for is top five, now. Lord Alfred (shudder) was correct.
  10. Nathaniel Branting

    Magura slave cylinder failure

    I purchased a 2018 TX 300 in November and I been hearing about the magura slave cylinder failure on FE/FC/FX 450/501 but I was wondering if the 2 stroke models were having the same problems

    2016 150sx gearbox problem

    Hello, 2016 ktm 150sx. I am the only owner and have less than 20hr on this bike. It developed a shifting problem. It will not stay in gear, jumps around in and out of all the gears, running or not. I pulled it out of the shop yesterday pushed it up to the another building leaned it aganst the wall. came back to move it and it was in gear. The shifter feels real simmilar to a small kids quad. where all the gear shifts are one direction, and even though you shift down to first gear you can still just keep clicing it down all day long (if you follow what I mean by that. it does not hit a floor once you are in 1st like any other 1 down 5 up tranny). I have found and downloaded the manual. I could find the link if anyone needs it, but nice guy 10 dollar donation and instant access to 100's of ktm service manuals. Anyways i found the time to start tearing it down, but thought it would be best to see if anyone has had or seen a similar issue be for I start.