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Found 21 results

  1. This might seem like an odd question but I am having a time and a half with this and not finding much info. I did a full rebuild on a 2011 450 sxf motor that i got as a lemon and this is possibly the last piece of the puzzle. Background: I did a full bottom to top rebuild but sent a few of the things out to have done at a shop. I had KTM put a new rod on the crank and i had a shop setup the shims on the crank/bearings(so i didn't get in trouble for sticking my motor in the oven :)). I sent them the bottom end/empty case but i did the original tear down and assembly. Problem...maybe: So the one way starter gear that sits just behind the flywheel seems to have a bit more play than i would like/expect. I pulled apart my 2012 and it has a little play but not as much. I have tried every manner of torquing on the flywheel and i am actually dealing with both a stock flywheel and a trailtech wheel to go with a 90w stator setup. This is a heavier unit but not an add-on weight. With both flywheels i can only get them on so far and feel like its not far enough(based solely on the gear play behind it not that it feels like its binding). I have used an impact, the 4/5th gear holding rear brake method. I have used a band type oil filter wrench to hold the flywheel and torque the bolt. It is certainly not an issue where its not getting torqued on. I used the 44ftlbs that Trailtech suggested in their instructions as well as a bit more in small increments just to ensure that it wasn't "close". i have tried a bit of oil on the crank. I made sure the keyway wasn't damaged. I have inspected everything, even made sure the bolt threads in all the way to the crank without binding. After the flywheel is on and i feel there is too much gap i have pulled the bolt off and there is a small amount of space(sorry didn't measure but a very small amount.) between the end of the crank and the end of the flywheel. Question: So the question really comes down to is this right? or normal? I wouldn't think there would be much play here but that starter gear has a one way bearing and isn't always moving with the flywheel and the space is set by all things that are fixed. The only variable is how far the flywheel can go on. I did notice with the flywheel i got(which included the pickup bracket, stator and flywheel) that the aluminum bracket has some wear on the back where the gear could rub and so does the pickup bracket i pulled off the bike. I also know that there are aluminum castings that appear to be surfaces that gear could wear/rub. This makes me think its okay but the last thing i want to do is waste the bottom end of a bike that i have only gotten to enjoy about 1hr total....I did contact Trail Tech to be sure there shouldn't be a thin spring washer between the two and they said no. So really just looking to see what others experiences are. Thanks!
  2. Does anyone know if a newer flywheel/starter gear/starter clutch(bearing) will fit a 2003 WR250F? I see that they changed the design some through the years, but I suspect that if I got everything from the crank thrust washer out that it would interchange just fine. It looks like the whole one-way bearing design changed in '04, which I'm not against as I believe that's what ultimately caused my failure. The rotor stays the same through '13. It looks like they added an actual thrust washer between the ring gear and the rotor in '06 (and I assume shortened the snout on the ring gear by that amount, thus the new p/n) and otherwise everything is the same through '13. I guess based on the above, I would assume everything from '04-'13 is swapable in the correct combinations, so my real question is if the change from '03-'04 made anything incompatible. Given that the stator itself is the same for '03 and '04, as is the intermediate starter gear that the ring gear meshes with, and although the crank shows a different part number aftermarket pieces are listed as '03+, I'm fairly certain it's a go. But verification from someone who knows never hurts. Not having to find one year specific parts would sure make things easier. Thanks!
  3. Hey guys. I have a 2009 KTM XCF 250 and I had to buy a replacement stator. I bought the OEM stator from motosport, but when I received ir I noticed not only were the wires different colors red/black red/white rather than green and red, but the connector is a male connector rather than a female connector. My old stator had the wires going into a female connector which connected into the male connector from the CDI. I'm unable to return the part so I'm trying to make it work. Are there any adapters? I'm having a hard time finding an adapter with female on both ends or some other way to get this to work without having to solder wires together. Thanks, Daniel
  4. DontMakeWaves

    Why can't I get a spark?

    I have a Honda SL125 engine and I'm trying to wire it up so that it can run without the battery. I found this guide http://waynescyclegarage.mysite.com/custom.html and I've followed it and done just what it says, but I'm not getting any spark. I used a voltage meter on the stator and there seems to be no issues with that. I also put one wire of the meter on the wire going into the coil and the other on the spark plug and when I use the kick starter it comes up with something on the voltage meter, but despite all that, I still get no spark. What could I be doing wrong?
  5. Smoking 2's

    Stepped up to 85cc

    Anyone find a flywheel weight for an 08 85cc, my son is figuring out but a weighted flywheel would be genius!
  6. TheAirborneCheese

    CRF80F Replacement Stator/Rotor Kit?

    My 2007 Crf80f threw a chain and broke the pulse generator off its mounts, also the flywheel came out of true as a result of the impact. After surfing the "wide and wondrous web" for a few hours I came across this kit that Tbolt makes. http://tboltusa.com/store/trc-outer-rotor-ignition-br-ultimate-full-system-p-650.html It comes with a flywheel/pulse generator/stator combo, a CDI, Ignition coil and some other harnesses, etc. It says in the description that it is compatible with CRF/XR 50's and 70's and I wanted to know if it is compatible with my 80. I would assume that the flywheel on the 70's and 50's is the same (or at least the kewyay/etc. is). Also it is a lightweight flywheel so i figured it would fit because its smaller. Just looking for some feedback... -Sincerely, Airborne
  7. Yeah. Yeah... I can hear it coming.. "You should have got a 250". But honestly, such a prime condition scooter at such a deal couldn't be passed up. Plus I honestly believe this will be a collectors bike one day. So you can congratulate or scold. I'll gladly accept either. I enjoy riding it and it's very trusting to handle, but having not ridden/raced in yrs (81 KX-420). Albeit, each time we go out we get to know each other a little better, I'd like to tame it a little bit until I get my riding legs back. Thought about a #17 flywheel install but would rather not go that $$$ committed because I know I'll want it reverted back by mid next season... But I'm still on the fence. So I know the G2 Throttle Tamer was designed more for the later EFI bikes, I'd be interested if anyone else has installed one on this model and what you think. Moreover, if you did install a flywheel in this model, what did you put in and what do you think. cheers, Whop
  8. All - I'm having a hard time finding a stator and flywheel for a project 1998 RM 125 that I am working on. I found a complete but it's for a 1994 model - any idea if it will work? More generally, how can I figure out if parts from a different year will work on my bike? Thanks! Chris
  9. I can't find a light weight flywheel to replace the one in my 2014 500EXC. It is going to be used strictly for hill climbing so quick shifting is very important and I need to be able to get the bike up to high RPM's as fast as possible. A flywheel weight is easy to find, but I can't find a replacement that is "lighter". Can anyone help please
  10. Hello Everyone, I'm doing some work to my 06 CR250 after it was decommissioned due to a broken spoke and flat rear tire. I tried to install a steahly fww a few weeks back and had trouble getting the weight to fully thread. I'd put the cover on thinking it was completely screwed in (yes i had the spacer gasket on) and tried to kick over the bike, but the motor was seized. I came to realize that the fww was stuck against the cover of the motor. Reached out to steahly and they seemed to think either the flywheel or the fww had damaged threads prior to the install or i crossthreaded the weight. They offered to repair my flywheel for free if i sent it out to them (that's some kick ass customer service if you ask me). Anyways, let me get to the point. Removing the flywheel was fairly straight forward with the flywheel puller. My only concern is I have no idea how to install the flywheel and I can't seem to find any how-to vids on the web. Can anyone help me out? I'm sure it can be that difficult!
  11. Based on suggestions from the thread YZ250 Mods Out of Gate post about adding a flywheel weight, I'm considering a flywheel such as this MSR model in 9oz or 11oz (not sure). I have never installed a flywheel weight before and was looking to purchase a flywheel puller. Looking at them, I thought, geez, those sure like like that old Shimano bicycle crank pullers I have, per picture. Think I can use one of these to install a flywheel weight?
  12. Looking to put a Steely 8oz flywheel weight on my 17 350XCF and would like some input from people who are using them. What do you like and not like about it? Can I take it off if I don't like it? I have always run a Rekluse in my CRF450R's and feel I am a faster rider without it now, that's why I am leaning towards the flywheel weight for Harescrambles and trail riding. Thx
  13. Hi I got a KTM 450 SXF 2017 and ride mostly motocross but I am thinking about swiching to enduro since we doesnt got any good mx tracks in my area. Tired of traveling hours to ride a nice track. I want to be able to ride both enduro and motocross so I dont want to sell the bike for a exc at the moment. The main problem with the sxf is that it stalls easy in the woods. So I googled a bit and found that swiching flywheel or adding a weight to the flywheel will do the trick. I doesnt find any flywheels but I found these 5 ounce weights from steahlyoffroad.com. Will 5 ounce be enough? Anyone know how much the sxf flywheel and the exc flywheel weighs? I saw there is a "Dungey edition" for the 13-15 bike and it has options of 8, 12 or 15 ounces. And what about the clutch, I read someone swiching out some alu plates to steel plates.. anyone tried this?
  14. So, I had my 2009 YZ450f for a bit, and it runs pretty strong. However, I am getting it ready to sell as the land/track we are making is smaller and tight and the 450 is too big and it not fully being utilized like the 250 is...so it will be sold. In my preparations to sell it..I pulled the strator cover off today and found this! PERFECT! Found a good used on one ebay for $35....so all will be good, but wow....you just never know what you will find! Naturally, I could have brushed this up and sold it...but I want a qualify product going to the new owner, so the right thing to do is to fix it.
  15. Trying to figure out what I missed here. My starter spins freely after rebuilding the engine - new crank, bigbore. Everything is back together but when 'cranking' it over, the starter just spins free. I took off the starter cover held on by 3 phillips head bolts (fig 1 &3 ) and held on to the bushing on the starter gear train- directly located behind starter cover. This set of gears turned freely. So my starter teeth and sprocket teeth are not at fault. Next I turned the idler sprocket between this sprocket and the flywheel and this idler would turn freely clockwise but not rotate by hand counterclockwise CCW. Figure 3 - bottom center. I followed a thread on here of someone who had the same or similar symptoms. Following advice given to that poster, I removed the idler gear adjacent to flywheel and attempted to spin flywheel. This I can do in a clockwise direction but CCW provides much resistance. According to the arrow indicating the direction flywheel is suppose to turn (figure 2 bottom center) when running, I have something backwards. Anyone follow? What could I have done wrong here? Thank you
  16. noacluck

    Left case removal

    2008 crf250r, I removed the 7 bolts around left case/cover and the oild filter because Im trying to put the timing chain back on. It fell off the sprocket when I dropped in down in the engine. After removing those bolts, I cant get the thing to come off and I have tried tapping around the perimeter with a hammer. Is there something else to remove so it will come off?
  17. Hi guys, I bought a DRZ 400 and the flywheel bolts backed out on me and 3 of the bolts got sheared off. Now I need to remove the flywheel so I can take the sheared bolts out of the starter clutch behind the flywheel. There is a retaining nut on the flywheel that needs to be backed out before threading the flywheel puller tool on and removing the flywheel. Is this nut left hand threaded or right hand threaded? Does it need to be turned counter clockwise or clockwise to be loosened? I found conflicting information about this and I want to be sure before I destroy my crankshaft. Also, I'm having a hard time keeping the flywheel from turning as I try to loosen the nut; I hear that a 26 mm wrench is what is needed to hold the flywheel in place. Is this true?
  18. mauleyG

    2002 Honda CR125 STATOR!

    Hey guys, I’m in the process of building a 02cr125 from the ground up. Have just about all the parts now, thing is I can’t find a stator to save my life(build). I ordered one off ebay(regulator rectifier) and it came w/o a stator plate. I ordered a flywheel off eBay as well. Both of which, I don’t really, 100% know if they are the correct item. My question is, does anyone know where I can find a stator/flywheel assem. for a 2002 CR125 complete? Does ANY other years interchange? I know according to part numbers on oem-cycle, the 02 is the only year listed for compatibility. I emailed Ricky stator but they didn’t have one for 2002. Can I use a 05-07 assembly? I’m not using it for headlights, just to get the bike started. Many help would be great. I’m new to bikes and am trying to feel my way. Thanks
  19. roleyrev

    Flywheel Size and weight

    Hi Does anybody out there have a standard flywheel that they could run a tape measure over for me?. I'm after total height, internal dimension (for the stator) and external dimensions. As an aside will an LTZ 400 flywheel fit in the hole? Cheers John
  20. My flywheel key sheered off on my old crf100. It was a pile of junk project bike I bought and its been nothing but a money pit, it has nearly all new parts on it, but theres one thing that happened that is going to break my wallet if it's the case.. The flywheel key broke, so the flywheel wasn't spinning directly with the crank, causing bad misfires and barely idling etc. I noticed this when TDC on the flywheel was like wayyyy off, so much it wouldn't even make sense the motor was rotating. The crank is fine, but the flywheel probably needs replaced. I wish I had a picture but the notch (on flywheel) where the flywheel key sits is kinda burred out. About 50% of the length of the notch is somewhat questionable meaning about half it's depth is gone. Is my only option to get a new fly wheel or does one repair this? A new fly wheel is like 120 dollars :/
  21. I searched and only saw posts from a few years back or older model year YZ250s so I thought I would post this. I have a 2018 YZ250X and based on suggestions from a thread I posted on "what YZ250X mods out of the gate?" I'm looking into adding a flywheel weight. This Steahly model comes in 11 or 13 oz. ... and this MSR model comes in 9, 11 or 13 oz. Any suggestions, especially on how much weight, would be much appreciated. Also would appreciate any install tips on the simplest tools needed for install, e.g., is spark plug stop the easiest? Thanks!