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Found 118 results

  1. I'm sure this topic has been abused but...I have read that the FMF FACTORY 4.1 RCT Slip On improves the low and mid performance. Does it rob the top end at all to do this? Has anyone that has installed experienced any loss in their top end? Does it still pull as long in 5th?
  2. I have a 1995 kx80 and have a Pro Circuit racing pipe and 304 silencer on it. The bike is too loud for where I ride. I want to know if I could put a Fmf slip on on my dirtbike. I dont need a exact fit but I need something. My Kx80 hit 120 Db when I was revving it up and 100 from 5 feet away idling. Can some on please help me.
  3. Any idea what bike I should get I want something fast I'm 5'8 125 pounds and 13 years old
  4. We Laugh, We Cry, We Sweat, but we are together! The 2017 Loretta Lynn’s National Championships have come and gone and FMF Racing was on hand to take part in so many special moments at the Ranch and would like to thank all of our athletes for the hard work and determination to make it to the National Championship 40 rider gate. In the end FMF Riders dominated 19 Championships and put together a quick recap video along with our CHAMPIONVILLE Win ad. FMF Solutes Our Champions @FMFRacing73
  5. I want to get a cheaper used FMF exhaust for my bike. The one on eBay I was looking at had some dents in it. Do dents in the muffler have a big impact on the performance? Also the pipe looks to be turned the wrong way does that rotate? I don't want to buy this if the pipe will not rotate because I think it looks like its turned the wrong way and wouldn't fit.
  6. Hello, TT community. I picked up a 2018 YZ250FX and love it. I've always run FMF exhaust systems on my bikes due to the weight saves and performance gains. I bought the full 4.1 RCT Titanium system for the bike, but so far I've only installed the can/silencer. Installing the can provided a nice boost in performance across the board. My question: I'm debating whether or not to install the 4.1 RCT head pipe sections. I heard from a reliable industry insider/rider that the FMF 4.1 RCT head pipes on the YZ250FX actually lowered the HP on a dyno test that they performed. Upon further investigation on the FMF website it looks like this exhaust system is spec'd to be used on both the 250F and the 250FX. And according to FMF's website this same system is used on a variety of years too, like from 2014 to current! This seems rather odd. The FX motor and the F are similar, but actually much different and one would think that the head pipes would be designed differently depending on the characteristics/design of the motor. I read somewhere that Yamaha had spent a lot of time developing the head pipe for the FX. Of course, the stock cans/silencers are always plugged up to meet all of the import requirements, so changing the can out is a no brainer, but I'm questioning the head pipes. In looking at the stock head pipe compared to the FMF head pipes, the stock pipes appear to be larger in diameter. So, I'm wondering if anyone else has had any experience with the FMF 4.1 RCT exhaust systems on their YZ250FX, and more specifically, the head pipes and one's thoughts on the performance of the head pipes. Any first hand experience/knowledge would be appreciated. Thank you,
  7. Hi all, i recently bought a drz, and to be honest I don’t know too much about them. I purchased the bike to do some trails and greenlaning with my little boy as he’s just got a bike for Christmas. Anyway, I’ve ordered new chain and sprockets, kick start kit, seat, blah blah but I’ve also bought a new stainless steel full exhaust system as it looked nice and the one it has on is far too loud for me and my neighbours!. Today I went and got the bike out and noticed the header pipe was a funny shape and did some googling and it looks like it has a fmf powerbomb header pipe (the muffler I knew was fmf) After more Googling, it appears everyone raves about these and I want to know what I should do? Should I keep the header and muffler and try and live with the sound? i know the bike does not have the 3x3 mod, just the powerbomb and muffler. Jetting wise I don’t know. If the powerbomb is only making 10% more power, to me it’s neither here nor there as I only use the bike for tootling about and never ring it’s neck. advice and opinions please heres a pic if you zoom in you should be able to see the header pipe. cheers
  8. Fellow big bore brothers, I have uncorked my XR650L with Dave's Carb Mod, popped the top snorkel on my air box, Free Flow filter, and finally wore out my stock Bridgestone TW knobby trash tires and put on Mitas E07 front and rears. I am now searching for an exhaust kit that compliments the bike aesthetically, gives it a good bark at idle and highway speeds, and still delivers good power. I have been considering XR's Only header and slip-on but haven't heard to seen too many reviews for it... but like the price I have also considered FMF since I was never disappointed on my 2 strokes or my previous CRF450X... My ears and mind are open to suggestions... what is everyone using? I am budget conscience but more so concerned of getting a kit that may need re-jetting due to the existing Dave's Mod. Thanks -Risty
  9. I need a spark arrestor to do a few events. Pro Moto Billet, or EE make add on end caps for my stock 150 XC-W can. They range from $75-150. FMF Turbinecore 2.1 for my bike has a built in spark arrestor, and goes for ~$200-220. Outside of the obvious $70-100 price difference.....why would you get one setup--vs--the other. In my head, it seems like getting the FMF would be the smarter play and an upgrade?? Chime in please! The FMF website is really lacking in technical info about the Turbinecore technology
  10. Hello all! Long time lurker here, great site! Long story short, I pick up a bike with low compression for a little project. I notice "FMF" on the side of the cylinder ask him if he knows anything about it? He replies "the guy I got it from said it was an FMF race bike, but I don't think so. Figured someone just carved that in the side." I have never had my other yz250 apart, looking at the ports and comparing them to the few pictures I have found, it does not seem the cylinder was ported. Admittedly, I very inexperienced when it comes to any 2 stroke porting. Stock rebuilds is how I have always rolled. Also, I noticed the "c12 only" but the head only looks lightly milled, if at all. Any expert eyes out that have some input? I am trying to keep this rebuild reasonable since the holidays are around the corner. There is a gouge in the cylinder from the ring breaking. Last time i sent a cylinder off for repair it was 350ish. If it is a stock cylinder I may try to find a used one in good shape a little cheaper. Any help or suggestions would be great appreciated!
  11. I have a 230 I just picked up a 06. I am pretty happy with it. I have been getting it back into top shape. Have a few questions... 1- The exhaust might have taken a hit at some point... Take a look at the picture... 2- are their any slip ons that actually do anyting for performance? I know they will sound louder...but im talking about a HP increase... 3- i have not yet done the powerup which I plan to do...if I put on the slip on does that change the recommend jetting? 4- how much up and down play is there in your clutch? mine seems very loose up and down but actually using it feels normal... I tried to tighten the bolt but cant seem to close the gap. Any other mods to get the most out of the bike... I do not plan to move up to MX, I just want this bike to be all it can.
  12. So to simplify this, I'm getting an XR100 like next weekend and I was looking for upgrade parts to make it competitive with a crf125, or just make it go faster 😏. Ive heard of many of the mods already but i have a very tight budget. Is there any other rejetting or other things I need to do after installing these? I'm thinking FMF header, atc200x carb, bbr120 kit, and modded air filter/ intake. (wanted a hotcam camshaft too but may be out of budget). I really only have about 350 to spend. I was also wondering if the cr80 throttle and cable are really needed for the atc200x catb. And the big question is if i buy these is there anything id have to buy to make them work or fit? nothing worse then brand new parts you cant use... also is this the 200x carb? http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/301891165034?chn=ps&dispItem=1
  13. The FMF 125 Dream race Triple Crown is our way of bringing back our roots. The origins of motocross was bred on premix and race gas, and some of these legends only dream of ripping a national track on a 2-stroke. After the kickoff in Hangtown that saw a packet gate and some intense racing, we took it Thunder Valley and finally Washougal this weekend where we will be giving away this custom built 2018 FMF Husqvarna TC 125. For the racers that competed in the first 2 races will have their chance to win the bike at the Washougal round. Winner will be chosen at random, so you don’t have to be winning, you just need to have the passion! Build Video
  14. From the fire, metal, fumes of the So Cal Horsepower Factory to the rolling hills of Zaca Station join us as we take a ride with the Flying Machine Factory for the Fall 2017 Apparel shoot. Since 1973 Don Emler has been creating iconic clothing to follow his power bred FMF exhaust systems. Now over 40 years later the FMF brand is still having as much fun as ever playing with dirtbikes. Join our FMF Athletes, and friends as we twist throttle and hit the 805 Brewery.
  15. I have a 2012 kx450f and am looking to buy a full fmf setup just not trying to spend the $800 on it lol.
  16. 2001 yz250 I need some assistence, first time user. I am new to this, aquired 3 two stroke like new bikes. They really need jetting know how and jets size MAIN JET AND PILOT. AIR SCREW. I will apreciate any help. I am a serious enthisiast with smokers. 2 Tiempo. I want it to clean real nice but im also running wiseco piston and do 30:100 MOTUL 800. Dont know to run the castor mixes? //////// I also have HONDA CR250 2003 with the mikuni and it needs some tunning!!! HAVE NO IDEA
  17. RANCHO DOMINGUEZ, CA – March 8, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Rocky Mountain ATV/MC stopped by the FMF Powerhouse last week to sit down to discuss some history of just what makes the FMF Brand tick. See what fire, metal and fumes have created over the last 45 years and let FMF’s own Don Emler Jr give inside scoop on what it means to be 100% Made In America. “Rocky Mountain ATV/MC brings you an Inside Look at the Flying Machine Factory. FMF was there in the days when the singleshock and watercooled engines were huge innovations and we’re glad to be here now for the aluminum chassis and electronic fuel injection. Our goal will never change – take the most advanced machinery to its limit by building the world’s best performing exhausts. And it’s a fact, we build every exhaust by hand from start to finish right here in the U.S. The biggest reward for us is knowing we’re helping our customers get the most out of their riding experience. We still ride every chance we get so we never forget why we got into this business in the first place.” Follow us: Instagram: @FMF73 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FMFRacing/ YouTube: http://youtube.com/user/FMFRacing1973 Follow Rocky Mountain ATV/MC: Instagram: @RMATVMC Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rmatvmc YouTube: https://twitter.com/RMatvmc About FMF Racing Established in 1973, FMF Racing is one of the most dominant and influential brands in the world of Off-Road Motocross Racing. Founded by Don Emler in his Hawthorne, CA garage, the brand’s steadfast dedication to supporting the sport, along with its athletes and partners, has earned the respect and loyalty of industry consumers and insiders. From cutting-edge design to efficient manufacturing, sourcing, marketing, operations and distribution, FMF strives to elevate performance in every facet of the business. FMF Racing’s iconic red-and-yellow logo is still fueling the growth and passion for the sport of motocross more than 40 years later. The family-owned and operated company also features top level world-class race teams that continue to dominate the podium at events around the globe. Source: FMF Racing @FMFRacing73
  18. My 2012 KTM is having issues starting. When I pull out choke and start it it takes forever to fire up. And if it does not fire up after 4-5 seconds I have to stop and try again. Oftentimes it will flood or the battery will get drained. Once my bike finally starts when I try to put it in first gear it cuts out on me unless I let the bike get hot first. Also if I just let it sit in idol without giving it throttle it will end up dying on me as well. Any guidance would be very appreciated and yes I’m pulling in the clutch when going Into first gear lol
  19. My 2008 wr250x has recently been struggling a bit!!! ?There is some odd sort of throttle lag/bog which seems to be regularly prevalent when i put the bike into gear and apply throttle(or blip throttle) or when i am rev-matching/downshifting. I have also noticed at times (quite randomly) if i am accelerating on the harder side the bike struggles and acts like it is going to cut out/looses power. When i realease the throttle it is fine again. My mods are as followed; fmf q4, fmf megabomb header, fmf programmer, airbox flap glued closed. I have played a lot with my fmf programmer settings and have still had no luck. I have also tried adjusting the clutch cable (for whatever reason) and that has also had no effect. Almost 2000 miles ago i took apart the whole motor replacing the gaskets, piston rings, etc. I have not yet tried unplugging the fmf programmer or done a compression test, but those are two things i would like to try. I have also considered the clutch needing to be replaced, but i don’t see how that problem would affect the throttle lag/bog. Any advice is greatly appreciated!! jay #SOS
  20. I just put an fmf powerbomb on my 2006 yz250f and started it up a few times and have began to hear a slight tick in the top end. I also turned the bike over maybe 20 times without starting it to test for air leaks in the exhaust. Could this have caused too much back pressure and thrown off my valves? (the muffler plug WAS in). I know the normal 4 stroke engine noise, but this doesn't sound too normal. Could you guys take a listen and let me know? Hoping it's a normal sound. Any help appreciated! Video of sound:
  21. I have a 2012 rmz 450 with a fmf megabomb, and I was wondering if an rs4 slip on would fit or if I would have to get another fmf silencer.
  22. Hey guys, i just bought a Yoshimura RS-2 slip on with an FMF header for my DR650, I realized that they wouldn't fit together. Do you have an idea how can I make these fit together ? Thank you !
  23. i have a 2007 Ktm 450 sx-f and i landed on a big boulder out in the woods and just totalled my factory exhaust so i need a new exhaust so I've been trying to find a full exhaust system from fmf because i want the mega bomb but no site has it in my year so i was wondering if any of the other years would fit on my bike.
  24. I know this is probably a dumb question, but my back is against the wall. I’m looking for a fmf gnarly exhaust, part #020028and it’s no where to be found. I’ve looked all over. Will a 1996 fmf exhaust, or any year for that matter, fit my 1997 cr250? I think the 97-99 are the same part number, so it would have to be 96 and older, or 2000 and newer. Any tips are appreciated, thanks!
  25. Im planning on adding some power to my 15 rmz250. The idea so far is High compression piston(not super high still want the option to run 91oct), and hot cams, and full exhaust, and getting it re-tuned on dyno. Im just wondering if anyone has had success making these motors faster how they did it.
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