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Found 34 results

  1. dirtbagian

    1998 KX250 shifting problems

    Hi, this is my first post on TT! I recently traded my PS4 for a 1998 KX250 with a "broken shift lever" the bike was unable to start due to it being freezing cold and stuck in gear. The reason the shift lever was broke was because the splines were completely worn. So right away, I bought a new shift lever. The old one was a bitch to get off as he had snapped the end of the bolt off to tighten the lever to the shift shaft. I ended up using a pickle fork to pry it off. Bit anyway. After putting on a nice, new shift lever, I was ready to get it running, only to unable to get it into neutral. Which wasn't really an issue. I figured I'd just bump start it. After several attempts, it didn't start, but I got it into neutral. After getting it into neutral, I couldn't get it back into gear. It just clicks about 7 times up or down and nothing happens. Now, I am able to get it in and out of gear, but only by clicking it randomly up and down so many times. I have no idea what gear it's going into, and it has no pattern. I already have the bike mostly tore apart. I plan on splitting the cases, I am just curious if someone can help me diagnose the issue, before I split the cases. Possibly worn shift forks?
  2. I have a 2015 WR450F that I would like to outfit a Pelican 1150 box to a Pro Moto rack. My goal is to take the weight out of my pack and carry a hammock, suspension straps, GSI Minimalist pot, and a Vargo Hexagon stove for some back country rides. All the gear fits in the case but I'm trying to decide how to mount it to the rack. My initial thought is to use four 3/4" bolts with washers to pin the case against the rack to keep things looking clean and simple as opposed to strapping the case to the rack and needing to re-attach every time I need to get into the case. Wondering in you have any other ideas for attachment before I start drilling into the Pelican case? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
  3. I've been trying to find some pants that provide enough mobility and ventilation to be tolerable when I'm riding my 650l in technical terrain, but will still give me some protection from road rash while getting to the trail. Pretty much all the dualsport specific apparel on the market seems over-engineered for my needs, and come with price tags to match their bloated feature sets. Plus, it all seems to have a "I just saw Long Way Round and decided to buy myself a 1200gs for my fiftieth birthday" kind of look which I do not dig. Can anyone recommend some proper dirtbike pants that are overbuilt enough to withstand an encounter with some asphalt, or some dualsport pants that are designed to tuck into your boots and accommodate knee guards? (And preferably come in colors other than grey)
  4. Hi guys, my brother and I have started a new youtube channel. It's mostly dirtbike stuff and could use the extra support. So far we have done a gear review, a hose bender for gas can review, and a how to on mixing 2 stroke oil. This weekend my brother is going to ride his bike with his new camera and do a riding vlog and will do a voice over of what we are doing. Here is the link Thank You so much if you subscribe. We will have better content soon just starting though.
  5. Cody Trego

    WR450f 5th gear rebuild

    Need some advice on rebuilding the wr450f transmission after the 5th gear issue showed itself. Just a little background so you guys know whats going on. Its a 2006 wr450f that has (I'm guessing) 6-10k miles. The majority of which have been street and supermoto miles. I was doing a track day at Musselman Honda Circuit in Tucson AZ and began to feel 5th gear slip especially under hard acceleration. Immediately after the track day I googled the issue and came upon the 5th ear issue of these bikes. Ive since barely used 5th gear and now have the time to tear it apart and see how bad it is. That gets us to where I am now. I split the cases and pulled out the gears only to find significantly less damage than I was expecting The only very noticeable thing wrong with the whole transmission was the shifter fork (#2 I believe) I was expecting the dogs of the pinion to be trashed but they are only very very slightly rounded To give you an idea of how shallow the marking is on this gear, I have trouble feeling it with my finger nail. Anyways what do you guys suggest I replace and what can I do to stop this from happening? BTW thank you guys for doing all you do! I've gained so much knowledge about my bike from this site and I hope this post can help someone down the road.
  6. Richard Stevens

    Anyone Getting Rid Of Riding Gear?

    I'm 42 6 foot 200 lbs male looking for any and all gear for adventure riding. I have a helmet but that's about it. I know there was a classified section coming soon has anyone heard anymore on this? Where should I check? I've tried eBay and Craigslist. Thanks all and if this is not where I should post it will a admin please move it. Thank you.
  7. hey, so I jus wanted some opinions on the fox instinct boots. ive seen some reviews here and there from years ago but it seems as though fox updates their boot yearly from what ive seen. any one wanna chime in on the boot? I know this is a matter of opinion but just wanted to hear what some of you had to say. thanks
  8. I liked around many brands of MX gear to try to find a really good HiViz jersey and found all sorts of stuff with just a little bit of HiViz thrown into gaudy graphics. If I'm laying in the damn dirt out in the desert somewhere I want a big ass blob of HiViz color to stand out and not some small graphic on a black or multi colored jersey. Anyway I found what I needed on Amazon and it was at a damn good price and they have huge sizes to fit over the armor I wear. Sweet wicking mesh with very good reflective tape. I'm 6'4" and the 5xl is a nice lose oversize fit. http://a.co/56kv7Nx
  9. Hey everyone, just seeing what everyone out there uses for their phone storage. For as long as I can remember I would just throw it in the pack but on short rides with no pack I was out of luck. I didn't have pockets and if I did I didn't want to go down and break it. I found a case from Havik Accessories that is just what I needed and liked it enough I thought we'd share. Enter havik when you buy to get $4 off. https://havik-accessories-and-apparel.myshopify.com/collections/all-products/products/havik-motobar-case Here it is on two bikes:
  10. Wondering how i could keep my gear true to their colors? I am planning on buying this gear right here, (https://www.rockymountainatvmc.com/p/1590/77640/ONeal-Racing-Mayhem-Lite-Blocker-Split-Jersey?c=382) and am already seeing it the yellow/white will be brown after 1 ride/wash in the machine. I currently have a turquoise jersey and after 5 rides its got brown spots, etc all over it and looks like crap after paying $35 for it. I use tide detergent only with washing instructions from the tag, no bleach or "degreaser cleaner" of any sorts added. (Just a note that "might help" is that I don't ride track but instead woods riding where the mud is thick and like concrete when it dries.) If anyone has any gear cleaning techniques that could get my gear looking better after rides so it lasts longer, i would appreciate it. Thanks.
  11. Motocopter

    Riding Gear

    Am I just not seeing forums for riding gear? Just might be useful if they do not exist. Jackets Helmets Boots Armor Gloves
  12. Got about 250 hours on my 18 EXCF-450. I've got my suspension dialed in- im a big rider. 1st gear wheelies effortlessly in any situation -as it should. 2nd - 4th gear cant wheelie at all, which is where I need it (mostly 2&3). Its utter shit. My 16 XC-f 350 would wheelie if a light breeze caught the throttle tube in any gear. I ride singletrack/Enduro. I only do practical wheelies to get the front up over logs, small pits, jumps-kickers etc... Dam thing flames out on quick throttle blips. I went down on the front sprocket from 14 to 13- Not much help, but 1st does respond quicker. Looking for advise to get the front end up with a blip and zap. -Praying that the $1000 Vortex ECU isn't the answer. HELP!
  13. Evan Dodd

    Voss Helmets

    I have a Voss helmet and really like it I was wondering if anyone else has experience with their products and what they think.
  14. Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I was wondering what gear people run for enduros, and if there's a specific brand/line that lasts longer than others, especially if many of the races will consist of navigation thorn trees. I know this is preference but just wanted to get some ideas, as I have outgrown my old gear and ready for something new. Thanks
  15. Fsxfisherman1

    Fox Flexair Union

    Does anyone own or know anyone who owns fox flexair union gear? I was wondering if it was still a durable option even though its so light. Thanks
  16. Kawasaki_kxRider

    Honda 2 stroke talk

    Would anyone know the best gearing for desert, long ranges, I have 13/49 and I feel I can go faster, anyone know what I should use for more top speed?
  17. taking my transmission apart of my 2013 kx450... bike has about 40 hours on it. started grinding and jumping out of gear when shifting from 4th to 5th under load. after splitting cases and inspecting gears, i was surprised to see they all looked like they were in nearly new condition. the only wear i can find on any of the components is on the 5th gear gear dogs. they arent a perfect 90 degree angle anymore, but i wouldnt say they are anywhere near "excessive" wear. i guess my question is.. how much wear is too much? i know these are incredible precise parts, but it's just hard to imagine this is what was causing the jumping out of gear. but on the same note, there is NOTHING else wrong that i can find so it almost has to be this?? ive provided some pictures hoping someone with more knowledge and experience with these transmissions could set me straight. sorry if this posting is in the wrong place, but this is the first time ive ever joined a forum to ask a question. Anyway, thanks to anyone who can help. James
  18. cordell0987

    Clutch problems???

    I have a 2001 Honda Cr125R that i just had the whole clutch replaced because my old one was shot do to a bad bearing that caused all types of problems. Anyway, i was happy with the work that got done on it right after because my bike started on 1 kick every time until i stalled it in the street due to a failed burnout attempt (lol). I had my bike in gear and just naturally held in the clutch and went to kick it over expecting it to start right up with no issues. But it did not start, it kind of jerked me forward a little bit and just didnt feel right when i was kicking it over. So i put the bike in neutral and kicked it over 1 kick, no problems. This just seemed very odd to me because I've never come across this problem before. With some further investigation on the bike, I put it up on the stand where the back tire does not touch the ground, started it up in neutral, put it in first gear just to stall it out but the bike DID NOT STALL! I let go of the clutch completely and the back tire just spun. Can anybody help with this? My first suspicion was something with the clutch cable possibly being too tight???
  19. So I got my bike running well after adjusting the valve clearances and installing a new to me FCR39MX, however it has developed the problem of getting stuck in gear on the test rides since I got it running. At first it was stuck in 5th gear, I managed to clutch it up to speed and get her home, where after awhile my dad was able to get it out of gear, He took it for a little spin and it got stuck in 3rd gear, came out at some point and was stuck in 2nd gear. Anyways, wasn't much data about where to start with this from my searching. It appears that this could be caused by debris that fell into the bottom end during the valve clearance adjustment? Maybe a loose valve shim would be the right little bugger to gum up the transmission? Any recommendations for where to begin my hunt? Take off the side case? It's worth noting that the cam chain had been stuffed into the bottom of the motor, while the motor was turned, however we were able to free it up and get the clearances in order. Somewhere in that stupidity, something went wrong that is allowing the transmission to get locked up in gear.
  20. Still kicking myself in the hind quarters for not buying them when they were available, but hindsight is always 20/20. In search of One Industries Misfits jerseys, the yellow one and Die, Die My Darling one in size Large. If anybody has any and would be willing to part with them, or any leads on where to get them, please send me a PM, unless you're going to ask $100+ a piece. I have tried searching high and low on the internet (eBay, Amazon, CL, etc.) for at least a year and have yet to find any in a Large! Also would be interested in the 2014 pants (plain black w/ red patches) in a 32 or 34 and gloves in Large if anyone has them!
  21. Bikelife Bradley

    2001 yz250 stuck in 2nd gear

    I have a 2001 yz250 that was running fine but had a water pump leak, I ordered a water pump replacement kit and replaced it. when i crunk up the bike it wouldn't go into 1st gear, But went into 2nd gear and wouldn't go back into 1st or neutral. So now the bike is stuck in 2nd gear I thought it was because I had a brand new shifter on the bike but it has grip and won't budge. I don't know what caused it to jam in gear. Looking at others with this problem it might be the shift forks. Do I have to split the cases to change it?? ...or what's the easiest way to find out what the problem is and fix it??
  22. I'm looking for advice on a new helmet. 2 biggest priorities are lightweight and large view. I've read great things about the Soumy MX jump and Klim F3. Any suggestions?
  23. I currently have a pair of axo (odd brand, had never heard of them until I got these pants) motocross pants that I’ve been riding on for about 2-3 months. In those few months, They have torn about 5 times and have burned 3 times. And since they’re Nylon they take a long time to cool down. So when the pants burn, so does my leg. So far these pants have sucked and they really make me want to go back to riding in denim jeans. I only ride woods trails and backroads. What do you guys recommend, and do my pants just suck or do other brands perform like this as well? P.S, the burns are from my exhaust, and the tears usually occur from getting caught on trees/bushes and when I crash.
  24. EDIT: ACT sorted me out after calling them. This is not trying to defame them, just trying to get my bike running before Friday. Their sales department is great, they're sending me the missing gear priority and are comping the taxes and duties. Can't wait to finally ride my bike with the ACT box. Hey all, I ordered an ACT gear set to put in my 470 stroker, but someone &%$#@!ed up royal and they sent me two third gears....not sure how low your IQ needs to be to make this mistake, but someone did...my mistake has been that I couldn't imagine someone being this stupid, so I never checked. I'm leaving for a bike trip this friday, the rest of the rebuild had been done and it was just about to be put together. Does anyone have a spare set laying around, or the 22 tooth fourth gear? I really don't want to rebuilt it with the old box and having to re-do the whole thing.
  25. Hello I want to order a 2016 gearbox but I have a question. Does a rmz 250 2016 gearbox fit in a rmz 250 2015 engine ? because I have always have problems with the 15 gearbox and the 16 gearbox is much better i have ask 6 local dealers but they think it fits but nowone nows it for sure do anybody can help my ? Greetings Rens