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  1. As I'm closing in on the last things I need for my riding gear I'm doubting what I actually would need. As a newbie I'll be just doing single track most of the time. I'm looking to either combine an Alpinestars A1+ or Bionic Chest Protector with a BNS PRO neck brace or Leatt 4.5 with a GPX 3.5 neck brace. It's a tough decision because I'm obviously unsure how my experiences will be. Is the rib protection a must? What made you lean to the gear you now have? Enjoy your rides! 🤘
  2. In my search to setup my DRZ and XR as I wanted, I found endless topics on what gearing and handlebar setups are the best. Not only on the DRZ and XR forum, but all of them. There is really great advice but it always depends on what the other rider prefers, which is sometimes hard to gauge. While looking for my perfect setup, I found these websites, that helped me a lot. I am not affiliated with them or anything like that, they're tools I found that work really well. I haven't seen these linked on this forum yet, so I thought I would. The first is www.gearingcommander.com. It is a calculator for you gearing, obviously, but is has so many options and an enormous database of models. It lets you compare three setups, where you can change pretty much everything and gives info on top speed, rpm in gears at a certain speed, what -1 or +1 would mean for speed or rpm, but also the number of chain links needed, chain speed and number of chain contacts with the sprocket. For the DRZ you can even change the actual ratio for the gearbox, if you have an ACT box installed, to see what the effect is. The other is www.cycle-ergo.com. A calculator for riding position. After choosing a bike you can adjust handlebar, foot peg and seating position, seat height, and body posture. There's an option to view with a pillion, and to the enter your inseam and have the feet on the ground to see if you will reach. None of this info says anything about how it will feel to ride, but it lets you compare your current setup to what is suggested and get an idea of what to expect. The perfect setup is wholly subjective, so it can be hard to decide what advice to follow and this lets you see it with your own eyes. Saved me ordering a bunch of wrong parts. For the Japanese brands, if you're looking for high quality parts fiches, OEM parts numbers or OEM parts that are hard to find, www.cmsnl.com is a good spot to look. Again, not affiliated, just helped me out a lot. It is easy to find the part number for something you need, then look for that part number to what bikes have it. Sometimes the same part is much cheaper if ordered for a different model. They even stock the ball and spring that lock the passenger pegs on the DRZ-400S and SM to give you an idea of their selection. They consolidated all Japanese motorcycle parts dealers in the Netherlands, to make finding parts easy. They've been expanding into Europe ever since. The non-Japanese selection is growing, but isn't as big yet. Finally, a good reference is www.motorcyclespecs.co.za, which a database with all the basic factory specs for pretty much every bike ever made for every model year and variation, including a review on many models. I found it useful to see the differences between model years and variations, when ordering parts. Hope this helps someone with setup, riding comfort and parts!
  3. I have a Voss helmet and really like it I was wondering if anyone else has experience with their products and what they think.
  4. Does anyone own or know anyone who owns fox flexair union gear? I was wondering if it was still a durable option even though its so light. Thanks
  5. Would anyone know the best gearing for desert, long ranges, I have 13/49 and I feel I can go faster, anyone know what I should use for more top speed?
  6. taking my transmission apart of my 2013 kx450... bike has about 40 hours on it. started grinding and jumping out of gear when shifting from 4th to 5th under load. after splitting cases and inspecting gears, i was surprised to see they all looked like they were in nearly new condition. the only wear i can find on any of the components is on the 5th gear gear dogs. they arent a perfect 90 degree angle anymore, but i wouldnt say they are anywhere near "excessive" wear. i guess my question is.. how much wear is too much? i know these are incredible precise parts, but it's just hard to imagine this is what was causing the jumping out of gear. but on the same note, there is NOTHING else wrong that i can find so it almost has to be this?? ive provided some pictures hoping someone with more knowledge and experience with these transmissions could set me straight. sorry if this posting is in the wrong place, but this is the first time ive ever joined a forum to ask a question. Anyway, thanks to anyone who can help. James
  7. Greetings. Today I've crashed on left side of my DRZ400. Gear lever was totally curved (fixed on video). Main problem: gear selector shaft pressed in (inside) engine! I can't change gear when it pressed in. If I pull it back from engine, then gearbox works correct (I can change gear). But selector shaft not fixed. What I can do? Dismount right engine crank case cover first?
  8. I’m a teenage girl and new to riding dirt bikes but I have previously rode atvs for fun. When I would ride the atvs I would just wear a helmet which I don’t think was the safest or the same as a dirt bike. I’m not exactly sure what is a must for riding and staying safe so I figured I would ask for some help on here. I will mostly be riding through grass or farm fields, and dirt/mud/tree trails. So far I’ve been looking at a fox v2 mips helmet and I already have a pair of gloves. I can spend some money but don’t want to be spending a fortune when I’m not that into it yet but also don’t want to be going to the hospital in the first few times I ride my bike either. I’m just looking for some advice on what is a must have and what isn’t really needed to stay safe and be comfortable when riding. Any other tips to a beginner will be helpful too! Thanks to everyone that helps!
  9. Sorry if this is in the wrong section. I was wondering what gear people run for enduros, and if there's a specific brand/line that lasts longer than others, especially if many of the races will consist of navigation thorn trees. I know this is preference but just wanted to get some ideas, as I have outgrown my old gear and ready for something new. Thanks
  10. I have a 2018 KTM 250 SX and I have found my way to this forum because my ktm dealer is the only one in a two hour radius and does not know a lick about their own bikes. Also all of my family and friends have never had KTM's or Husky's. I race motocross and am in the Intermediate/B Class, I weight 185 pounds. So I was hoping I had some KTM gear heads on here to help me answer some questions. Warning: I am about to ask a lot of information so if some threads are already created just please point me to the link. 🙂 My main goal is kind of crazy in my mind... I need more longer wrap out time in 2nd gear but need 3rd gear to be snappy out of turns so I do not burn up my clutch. I ask this because a lot of the tracks I ride at in Missouri have pretty good size jumps right out of a sweeper or sharp turn. I dont like to hit them in 2nd right now because I get the Ronnie mac air boner affect in the air (because 2nd gear is very snappy and short). 1. Does anyone have any recommended adjustments for the RED power valve spring? (turns out/turns in?) Also what is the tool/socket I need to adjust, Robertson? What size? 2. Any recommended suspension settings other than the manual? 3. My manual says the bike has a Performance ignition map that can be plugged in? Is that correct or is that only for the EXC models? 4. What rear tire has everyone seemed to run on this bike, 120 or 110? 5. Hate the long silencer exhaust, Should I run the FMF Shorty or the ProCircuit Shorty? 6. What size rear sprocket seems to work best for motocross with this bike? 49? thanks for the much needed help!
  11. dropped the bike doing a dirt donut, Pretty sure I broke a pin on the change drum /gear holder star thing (and 1 week from my Friday the 13th DMV test that I need this bike for) but found a pin in the oil pan when I was trying removing the gear changer face plate. couldn't remove the plate because I realized you need to get the chain and sprocket out of the way since I don't have tools for either of those things I was wondering if I could get away with EITHER removing the sprocket OR the chain ...to save money. if not I guess ill just have to buy $400 impact wrench + a $200 master link revet tool.
  12. Ok so I have a question I'm racing a arena cross race in a couple weeks and this will be my first one. I was wondering kinda how you jump the doubles(not sure how big they are) when there right after a corner. Should I be in a higher gear like 2nd going into and out of the turn? Or should I be in a little lower gear like 3rd I'm assuming I won't hit 4th because it's arena cross but really any advice would be great. I have a 2016 crf250r if that helps thanks!
  13. Bought new in 1997, my Suzuki DR650 motorcycle in 2014, with 20500 Km on the clock experienced unpredictable catastrophic 3 rd gear disintegration. Eventually in December 2016 the Small Claims Court of South Africa, with Suzuki Auto South Africa defending,the court awarded me my damages claim for the repair of my Suzuki motorcycle. For more details visit www.harryterezakis.blogspot.com
  14. Hello, Thumper Talk, I am a new rider, I just got my license 2 weeks ago and will be getting a bike within the next couple weeks. I have my eyes on a klr 650 but I haven't looked at it yet. My problem isn't with the bike it is with the gear, I will be using this bike for short commuting 5-10 min for work and longer 1hr+ treks, all street at first but I do hope to get off the road eventually, so I need to be able to get it all off with relative ease. I also live in Wisconsin so I need protection from cold, rain, sun, heat, and maybe snow if I dare to try, I would like to accomplish this with around 500$, which is a lot to ask but I do already have a helmet so that will help. I have the AFX FX-39 hi-vis urban camo. If it is absolutely worth it or a really good deal I will go over 500$. So basically what I need is boots, leg armor, upper body armor, and gloves. Some ideas I already had are the o'neal element for boots but they don't seem to have enough protection at the ankle, knee brace and hip armor while just rock denim but I don't think that would be a good idea for the highway, something like the fox titan for upper body with a jacket that can provide protection on the road but I thought that might just get complicated, along with a neck brace and I didn't know what to do for gloves. Obviously this is a lot but I couldn't find anyone that had already asked this before, Thanks.
  15. Hello, I posted a couple of weeks ago about DOT tires for the 450X. I went with the Michelin AC-10 tires which on the road seem good. a little light but good. they have not seen dirt yet because i am trying to make the bike street legal which so far is a breeze. (have not gone to DMV yet) Any way was looking for advice on front and rear sprocket combos that will give me a good combination On/Off of the road. want the torque when need but need to keep out of the way of traffic without rpm winding to high. Thoughts??
  16. So far I have torn up two pairs of fox boots that cost around 200 bucks. I was wondering what the most durable boots is for around 250. Was thinking of the gaerne gx1. Any thoughts?
  17. Ok so ill keep it short and sweet. I had an issue with a kx250 engine locking up. I checked before i went to splitting the case. Once i did i found the culprit to be the top input gear wheel thats supposed to spin on the shaft. It was completely seized and ive tried everything i can to get it off to no avail. Is their any way to get this gear off or would i have to cut it off?
  18. Hey guys, it's been about 3 months since I bought my new yamaha yz450f and today it has about 21 hours of use. Now, the other day climbing a dune the motorcycle began to make a strange noise only when the motorcycle runs in the 4th gear (in the rest of the gears it does not happen) everything indicates that the gear of the 4th gear was broken or that He moved. Did anyone else happen to this or just me? The motorcycle has only 21 hours incredible that a 0km motorcycle breaks the transmission only climbing in dunes. What do you think it could be? What should I do in this situation? Change brand and buy Honda or Kawasaki? I do not know. I am very disgusted and frustrated with the brand for now and with this happening on a completely new motorcycle. I await your fellow responses. Thank you
  19. First off I usually don't wear knee braces. I would like to find riding pants that have a tighter fitting knee area and aren't made to fit knee braces. does anyone know of any mx pants that have a tighter fit, ESPECIALLY through the knee area? Any help would be much appreciated.
  20. Hey guys I've got a question. I've just finished putting the kx450 back together. I noticed though if I wiggle the gear shifter back and forth there's a knocking. It's as if I'm pushing the shaft against the casing. Does anyone else have this?
  21. Do you guys know of any walk-in store in NYC that sells dirt bike gear? Such as helmets, boots and etc. Any store better than the other? Thanks in advance. sincerly, Einar Þ
  22. 2006 YZ 250.. The manual calls for 10w30 (yamalube 4 stroke oil), can I use 10w50 (Motul semi sythetic 4 stroke oil) ?? I bought the bike, want to change the gear oil before I ride tomorrow but all I have at the moment is the Motul 10w50 semi synth. Is that oil going to be too thick compared to the 10w30 or will it be fine.. Thanks
  23. Hello I want to order a 2016 gearbox but I have a question. Does a rmz 250 2016 gearbox fit in a rmz 250 2015 engine ? because I have always have problems with the 15 gearbox and the 16 gearbox is much better i have ask 6 local dealers but they think it fits but nowone nows it for sure do anybody can help my ? Greetings Rens
  24. Going into my second season of track riding and desperate to find a chest protector and neck brace that fit together. For reference, i'm 5'7" and roughly 160 pounds with pretty narrow shoulders. I have the Atlas defender chest protector and an atlas neck brace (bought without trying on together) and neither fit properly on me... separately or together... Want some advice before I go out and start buying both new Open to any and all suggestions. I've looked through older postings on here and saw some great recs for chest protectors but not sure if the combo of both pieces of gear has been discussed yet. TYIA (First time posting... hi!)
  25. I have a 2015 WR450F that I would like to outfit a Pelican 1150 box to a Pro Moto rack. My goal is to take the weight out of my pack and carry a hammock, suspension straps, GSI Minimalist pot, and a Vargo Hexagon stove for some back country rides. All the gear fits in the case but I'm trying to decide how to mount it to the rack. My initial thought is to use four 3/4" bolts with washers to pin the case against the rack to keep things looking clean and simple as opposed to strapping the case to the rack and needing to re-attach every time I need to get into the case. Wondering in you have any other ideas for attachment before I start drilling into the Pelican case? Thanks in advance for your thoughts.
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