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Found 23 results

  1. Hi guys I got a rmz 250 2008 and it’s started jump into false neutral and unfortunately it happened while I was in mid air in 4th gear on the weekend I’m all cut and bruised but I want sort this problem out soon as , ready for the weekend I no people say ‘it could be this’ ‘ it could be that’ it’s a common problem.. is there anyone who has actually sorted this problem and what did it...? so I can go from there please instead of just trying guess some stuff, most of the time people break the engines in half and everything looks normal with this problem ... Thankyou all comments will be appreciated
  2. He guys and girls. Ive got a chinese grom clone and it has the chinese YX 127cc motor with corresponding 4 speed gearbox. Im still under 100 miles so i know the 1-2 and neutral circut suck for a while on these but im actually having problems with my 3rd gear shifts. Ive been riding street bikes for years IE ninja 250, CBR1000, harley softail, suzuki bandit 1200, ect. So i know about being firm with shifts so on so forth so we can skip that portion of the convo While diagnosing the shifting problem im wearing steel toe riding boots so im eliminating the soft shift variable. it will shift up from 1-4 just fine no issues with nice firm shifts sometimes will hit a false neutral between however when i drop down from 4 to 3 the shifter will stick down and not return to the “resting” position and it Sticks into false neutral and i have to put my toe under it and pop it back up to engage the gear. It sometimes happens down to 2nd and sometimes i have to click it up twice to get it into 3rd or 4th. But ive found that the problem consists solely around gear 3 wether its down from or up to 4th or down from or up to 3rd but there is absolutely no problems between 1-N-2 any advice would be greatly appreciated. Also it feels like when i shift up from 2nd to 3rd after the gear selector has returned to rest the “click” of the gear engaging is delayed or i have to rock it backand forth to hear the little click of what i assume is the detent spring? Ive never had a reason to tear into a gearbox so any help is GREATLY appreciated thanks guys. If you need more info ill gladly supply it. Im getting ready to pull the clutch cover today but i want to know what to look for before i do so.
  3. so I purchased a 2006 rm125 and loved it till the gearbox broke before I even got it to a track! put it in second gear and give it a handful and it hits false neutral then slips into third. I'm gunna have a go at fixing it myself, can anyone help me with what parts I may need to replace. I'm guessing a selector fork is bent. but am a little confused as to how the gearbox works (primary and final drive gears) and help would be appreciated. what parts do you guys suspect will need replacing ?
  4. Hello, 2016 ktm 150sx. I am the only owner and have less than 20hr on this bike. It developed a shifting problem. It will not stay in gear, jumps around in and out of all the gears, running or not. I pulled it out of the shop yesterday pushed it up to the another building leaned it aganst the wall. came back to move it and it was in gear. The shifter feels real simmilar to a small kids quad. where all the gear shifts are one direction, and even though you shift down to first gear you can still just keep clicing it down all day long (if you follow what I mean by that. it does not hit a floor once you are in 1st like any other 1 down 5 up tranny). I have found and downloaded the manual. I could find the link if anyone needs it, but nice guy 10 dollar donation and instant access to 100's of ktm service manuals. Anyways i found the time to start tearing it down, but thought it would be best to see if anyone has had or seen a similar issue be for I start.
  5. Greetings. Today I've crashed on left side of my DRZ400. Gear lever was totally curved (fixed on video). Main problem: gear selector shaft pressed in (inside) engine! I can't change gear when it pressed in. If I pull it back from engine, then gearbox works correct (I can change gear). But selector shaft not fixed. What I can do? Dismount right engine crank case cover first?
  6. Hi, so after a countershaft bearing failure I needed to take the engine apart for inspection and repair. I had a few questions that I think the forum members will be more knowledgeable than me. 1) I have pitting in my 2ND DRIVE and 4TH DRIVE gears and I am unsure where the damage could come from(Without affecting the DRIVEN gears as those are fine) and if I should replace the gears. 2) I will be replacing the oil pump completely as that is worn a lot from metal shavings, but the problem is that one side of the pump goes against the case and there are score marks in the aluminium. They aren't gouges, but you can feel them when dragging with your nail. Getting a new case isn't really a good option. Is there a possible partial fix I can do to lessen the damage or should I not worry about it too much? 3) The splines on my countershaft sprocket are a little worn with noticeable play with the sprocket on. Red loctite fix hasn't really been helping and the sprocket nut still comes loose after a while(Maybe 1000km or something). I included a video where you can both see the play and the wear on the splines. Should I just not worry about it and keep tightening the nut every once in a while? Or is there some fix other than ~100Eur shaft replacement? Youtube link to the sprocket video Thank you, very much for any help you give me for these questions.
  7. Bought new in 1997, my Suzuki DR650 motorcycle in 2014, with 20500 Km on the clock experienced unpredictable catastrophic 3 rd gear disintegration. Eventually in December 2016 the Small Claims Court of South Africa, with Suzuki Auto South Africa defending,the court awarded me my damages claim for the repair of my Suzuki motorcycle. For more details visit www.harryterezakis.blogspot.com
  8. Hey guys, Backstory: 2010 RMZ 250, bike always ran and shifted great, no false neutrals, everything was fine and good serviced. Did another rebuild recently (3rd one so far). New Rod and athena 290 bigbore kit this time. Gearbox looked fine upon inspection. Bike started, ran and shifted great after rebuild. So, here's the problem now: after a few laps, the bike started sputtering and clonking in 4th gear and only in 4th gear. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th had no issues at all. The sputtering felt like a fuel problem, it just won't rev up. When i was trying to figure out what was wrong, the transmission locked up in 4th gear on the bike stand. Sure enough i ripped the whole engine apart again and found a broken shift fork (the one for the 5th gear). Everything else seemed good. So i installed a new shift fork and inspected the other parts. Bike starts, shifts smooth and sounds good. Rolling in all gears is no problem. But again, the 4th gear sputters under load. And that's where i am now. Going to open the engine again. But maybe somebody has an idea what's causing my problem. Seems to make no sense to me. Mike
  9. While riding last weekend and started having shifting issues with my 2011 KTM 300 EXC. I've 'Googled' the ? out of the issues but haven't found someone with exact same problem and or with a fix. I have tried the Ryan Despaws fix suggestion from Youtube for issue 2 ,as it was nice and simple while shift shaft was out for inspection, but no luck. As I'm having these 2 issues I feel they might be related and after all my research am leaning towards a shifting fork issue. Thing is I'm no mechanic so before I split the engine cases I'm hoping others may have had a similar experience and found a solution. Any advise would be greatly appreciated. Issue 1: Shift Shaft Freeplay (for want of a better term). As per video below (hope link works) the shift shaft moves freely in and out of the engine and can move far enough in to jam completely on the outside of the shift star. I removed the shift shaft and nothing is out of place, broken or appears damaged. Issue 2: When downshifting on my last ride it would stick or not shift until the revs were low/mid. Not long after I had issues upshifting the same as downshifting but also where it would change but the gear lever appeared slack (not centred). I removed the clutch side in the hopes of finding something simple and 't have to split engine cases but nothing stands out. While I realise the engine running, oil, load, etc, makes changing easier the video below demonstrates almost exactly the issue I was having under load, whether at speed or stationary.
  10. Just wondering mainly how often to change the transmission fluid on my crf150r also the engine oil but i have a rough idea just wanting to know as im new to having a transmission oil on a bike. thanks
  11. Hello I want to order a 2016 gearbox but I have a question. Does a rmz 250 2016 gearbox fit in a rmz 250 2015 engine ? because I have always have problems with the 15 gearbox and the 16 gearbox is much better i have ask 6 local dealers but they think it fits but nowone nows it for sure do anybody can help my ? Greetings Rens
  12. Hey legends, So after successfully rebuilding my 2003 WR450F (Bottom and top end) with an 06 crank and flywheel upgrade as well as a 480CC Athena big bore...Everything was going well... On my 5th or 6th ride, the motor was well worn in and everything was running strong...I was out riding with mates when I noticed 5th gear start jumping in and out...It got worse and worse till the point where I did not use 5th gear anymore...At first i thought it might be the clutch but its only in 5th gear it does it .. :/ I did a little research and some people think ive damaged something inside the gearbox... Can someone help me out on exactly what I need to do to get this fixed? I really don't want to have to disassemble the engine again :'( Please help Thanks Ben @grayracer513 Can you help at all??
  13. so I purchased a 2006 rm125 and loved it till the gearbox broke before I even got it to a track! put it in second gear and give it a handful and it hits false neutral then slips into third. I'm gunna have a go at fixing it myself, can anyone help me with what parts I may need to replace. I'm guessing a selector fork is bent. but am a little confused as to how the gearbox works (primary and final drive gears) and help would be appreciated. what parts do you guys suspect will need replacing ?
  14. Hi Guys, I have a 2010 KTM EXC 450 fitted with a Rekluse Z-start Pro. My bike has recently start to shift gears automatically up and down under load and off load. It takes several attempts to change down gears and also neutrals I'm hoping someone might be able to inform me of the cause and repair remedy. Thanks
  15. Finally got my 87’ XR250R running good, but not driving well... while accelerating I can shift from 1-2,2-3, 3-4, but when I let the clutch out in 4th it’s like false neutral. I have zero power. The interesting thing is if I let the clutch out really slowly, or without giving gas at the same time, it won’t slip/pop out of gear. I’m trying to determine if this could be an issue with the clutch, or if I’m going to have to split the case open, which obviously is not ideal. It will also occasionally do it in other gears. One other thing to note is the shifts aren’t always smooth, often time it can be tough to downshift into 1st or second. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Hi so recently I have taken apart my Honda cr125 engine and replaced the bearings etc. Now here’s my problem, when I put the transmission back in it will lock up when rotated but only in 1st gear and 6th gear either end of the the shifter barrel. In 2nd 3rd 4th and 5th it never locks up runs smoothly. I have put the cases together and checked as well and it still locks up. I have tried two different shifter barrels no difference taken apart the input and output shaft and followed the parts diagram from Honda parts house and a Manual, no difference what so ever. The forks and gears are not bent nor are they under service limit. Any help would be appreciated.
  17. Hi. I found your site while looking for a fix for my Yamaha XT350 gearbox shaft problem so thought i'd share my fix. The wear on the shaft was quite severe as you can see. Pic (1) Replacing the shaft was an expensive option if I could find a new one so I thought of another option. I decided to modify the sprocket so it engaged on the good part of the splines by making it twice as wide. I bought two new sprockets and cut one up as you can see. Pic (2) The end result was a collar with the correct splines Pic (3) I welded this collar to the other new collar and to ensure perfect alignment while welding I used two pieced of 5mm key steel as shown. Pic (4) I then drilled and tapped two 5mm grub screws and the end result is shown here. Pic (5) The sprocket was then a good fit on the shaft and the grub screws could be tightened. Pic (6) The end result is a solidly fixed sprocket that will hopefully last a long time. If the sprocket did need to be replaced the collar could be cut of and welded to another sprocket. All this work can be done with limited tools and equipment. Regards, Stuart.
  18. So some of my gearbox oil leaked and tomorrow we wanna go to the track, cant find any atf or bike gearbox oil, i know car oil or car gearbox oil can`t be used. is 2 stroke castor oil possible? any experience`s? as far as i know it doesn`t have friction modifiers and as the temparature rises the lubing factors don`t decrease, but i don`t wanna ruin a track day. NO SHOPS OPEN TOMORROW OR TODAY ANYMORE!
  19. Hey guys, I've had my wr450 for about 3 months now, and everything has been working fine, only some light carburetor done. Yesterday I let a younger kid use it, his riding skills are very basic and we only did some simple tracks, and when I got it back and went on my own I noticed 5th gear won't work; it will engage, but when you give it gas the engine revs making a weird noise and the bike does't move except for your initial inertia. I tried it a couple times, picking up speed and moving up to 5th, but it kept doing the same thing and I didn't want to force it. Any ideas? Thanks!
  20. I recently acquired a 1990 KDX200. The bike runs reasonably well for it's age. The first ride over 30 min the gearbox oil started overflowing into the airbox (overflow hose is routed to airbox). The oil that overflowed and the oil in the gearbox are an odd shade of dark forest green. The oil appeared to be overfilled slightly which explains the overflow. What I don't understand is the weird dark blueish greenish gray color of the oil. I believe the PO used motul 10w40 ester gearbox oil because he gave me a half used gallon. I use Motul 710 2t oil which is blue, and run green coolant in the radiator. I drained the gearbox oil and there was a nice little clump of dark gray metalic paste on the magnetic drain plug, which should explain the gray hue. What I do not understand is the greenish blue hue. Anyone know what in the heck is going on with this old horse? The pic shows a sample of my drained oil. When held up to the light it turns more of a green color. Oil still feels slick as can be.
  21. Hi All, I have a shifter kart with a 1999 CR125 Honda motor. After my last race, I rebuilt the top end with a new Wiseco piston and ring. No other service was performed on the motor. After my last race, there was no problem with the transmission. However, after the service, the motor will NOT turn over with any gear engaged. (Starting the kart is similar in technique to bump starting a MX with a gear engaged and motor fired by spinning the rear axle). The drive gear spins freely in neutral, with a lot of resistance with a gear engaged and clutch lever pulled in and will not spin AT ALL with gear engaged and clutch lever released (engaged). I'm really perplexed since all was fine with the motor and gearbox at the conclusion of my last race. ANY help warmly appreciated.
  22. My Lifan125 cc engine is brand new. I rode it around for a bit and noticed something weird. When I Shift into 3rd gear, it doesn’t shift. But when I shift into fourth it shifts ok. Also, when I downshift, the shifter gets stuck in the down position. It is also very hard to get into neutral and I get a false neutral trying to shift into 3rd. What could be the problem here?
  23. EDIT: ACT sorted me out after calling them. This is not trying to defame them, just trying to get my bike running before Friday. Their sales department is great, they're sending me the missing gear priority and are comping the taxes and duties. Can't wait to finally ride my bike with the ACT box. Hey all, I ordered an ACT gear set to put in my 470 stroker, but someone &%$#@!ed up royal and they sent me two third gears....not sure how low your IQ needs to be to make this mistake, but someone did...my mistake has been that I couldn't imagine someone being this stupid, so I never checked. I'm leaving for a bike trip this friday, the rest of the rebuild had been done and it was just about to be put together. Does anyone have a spare set laying around, or the 22 tooth fourth gear? I really don't want to rebuilt it with the old box and having to re-do the whole thing.
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