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Found 24 results

  1. So I thought I should create a new thread to dump my vlogs into for the few that do watch them. If you didn't catch my vlogs from last year for 2017, check them out here -> 2017 NMA Series Season 2 is well underway for 2018. This year I'll be racing the Open A class competing in both the NORCS and NMA off-road series as well as the Desert 100 and maybe some other races throughout the year. If you got any questions or recommendations, lets hear them. Enjoy! Northwest Off-Road Championship Series (NORCS) Northwest Motorcycle Association (NMA)
  2. Over 10k people and several thousand bikes camping in a field to set the stage for an epic desert event. Has a great time. https://youtu.be/yOITGtenqZY
  3. Okay so first of all right off the bat obviously my clutch keeps burning. BUT! Before you go off and ask me if I’m doing things right.. Keep noted I’ve been racing my entire life and am a Double A offroad-racer going through training coaches and professionals even who have won gncc’s i can assure you I’m doing everything right and riding the bike as i should. Secondly manually slipping the clutch is an absolutely normal thing is actually a must have for racing, i slip the clutch a lot but knowing my boundaries by how much i should slip my clutch, and how aggressively. I know when my clutch is slipping, when something’s wrong, or when I shouldn’t be slipping the clutch. I’m using Ams-oil 4T engine oil. And after my stock plates burned a while back i put on tusk plates. Although having tried Pro-X with the same result. The only time even very rarely my clutch stands a chance at burning would be on a major hill-climb, but even then it’s not enough slippage to fry the clutch! I’m getting a fried clutch every &%$#@!ing 35 - 40 hours and im pissed it’s too much money. I’m not sure if there’s any air in the clutch line/lever. I’ve only got 220 hours on the bike so i’d have to give it a look although doubted. People often talk about plates being blue or warped. Mine are just straight up &%$#@!ing black. Im trying to give you as much information as i can but I don’t even know what could be the reason. The bike should be able to handle my abuse, that’s what’s triggering because if you’re gonna make a race bike it better be able to handle a racer and it doesn’t quite seem like it can. Is there any other reason why i’m having these issues? Ask away, i’m glad to answer. Here’s some pictures. HOWEVER!! One thing to note, i am using a midwest engineering clutch lever BUT i tune it every single race to make sure it doesn’t fry the clutch. The midwest lever makes it easier to pull the clutch in, Ive got some tighter springs on my clutch to keep it from getting fried.
  4. Hey everyone I have an 03 cr125, with a good skid plate, a lectron carb, wrap around hand-guards, armadillo pipe guard, and a pipe that I am 75% sure is a Bill’s Pipe. what I am asking is, are there any crucial parts/mods that I am missing to begin hare scramble racing? Any suggestions are appreciated, thanks!
  5. Yo. Wondering what tires can be recommended for racing in superstition I’m taking my time finding the right ones. Must be DOT approved. Race is over 100 miles. For my Ktm 450 exc 03 with lectron carb. Thank you for your time.
  6. AMA vintage hare scramble insight? The rules use terminology of "(and like design)" and define as " Like Design: frames, swing arms, forks, engine mounting points and suspension mounting points must be of period design and materials. Cosmetic differences are allowed as well as minor component differences so long as there is no performance advantage. " It seems to me that A CRF230f meets the reqs for ; "Non-Current class will include motorcycles originally sold as 1998 and older (and like design) models. Classic Non-Current will include motorcycles originally sold as 1990 and older (and like design) models. Non-Current Classes 36. 125cc Non-Current - 122cc-125cc 37. Open A Non-Current - 122cc-Open cc 38. Open B/C Non-Current - 122cc-Open cc 39. Vet 30+ Non-Current - 122cc-Open cc 40. Senior 40+ Non-Current - 122cc-Open cc 41. Classic Non-Current (1990 & Older) Non-Current - 122cc-Open cc AMA Vintage Motorcycle Days https://www.amavintagemotorcycledays.com/page/vintage-off-road-2017/ AMA Vintage off road rules - pg117
  7. I have a 2005 CR250 and it runs really well except for one issue that I've been having over and over again. When I'm on the throttle the bike is responsive and feels crisp, but when I'm coasting down hill or off the throttle in general the bike will out. I've learned to just avoid by working the clutch and keeping the RPMs up, but it increases fatigue and arm pump really fast and it's a bitch during a race. Also, I have great midrange in the power band right now, but the low end could improve, and the top of the power band is very flat. I've pulled the carb apart and cleaned it multiple times, but after awhile the same issue comes back. The float gets stuck and the bowl fills with gas and chokes the bike out. If I leave it in the trailer with the fuel petcock on it will piss gas out of the overflow, and it doesn't like to idle for longer than about 30 seconds unless you're hitting the throttle. I've tried throwing a flywheel weight on so I can ride in single track conditions and get the low end pull but the stalling issue remained a problem. Would it be better to just go with a Keihin carb and run different jets, or does the smart carb really give you a better ride? I'm considering putting a Lectron Carb on there so I can just be done with always trying to rejet the POS Mikuni, and I can freely ride from elevations of 1000ft - 6500ft without dealing with a finicky carb, it's got me pretty annoyed by now. I've heard really good things about the Lectron so far and I'm curious if any of you guys have tried them out? If so what did you think? Do you think it would help get some more low end out of the bike and remedy the stalling out? My skill level is intermediate to advanced, I ride in the Central California area mostly between Carnegie and Hollister SVRA and race District 36. Mostly into hillclimbs, single track, and woods riding.
  8. If your looking for a fun race this is it. Pymatuning Holeshot Raceway CRA Buckeye Race is a little different then your regular woods race. Although we have a some woods, we ride in the farm fields around the place as well as every inch around the track.. No motorcross track for this one, although we have one. A bunch of man made hills, telephone Poles, rail road ties, Grass sections, lots of logs and a real fast top gear straight!! Here is a video of last years winner. We've made a lot of changes to make it funner! All classes, 2 or 4, big and small.
  9. I'm and intermediate rider who rides very aggressively and on hard, but fast-paced woods/cross-country/harescramble riding. Sometimes I'll do technical, really tight trails, log crossings, and hillclimbs, etc. and I also will ride motocross tracks every once in a while. I currently own a 2008 KTM 250 XC-F with a bigger rear sprocket, FMF exhaust, aftermarket piston, and I typically run high octane fuel. I won't be upgrading for quite a while but I am planning ahead trying to decide what to save up for and all that. I'm sure this forum will also help others in similar situations. I'd like something that can top out faster than my bike but something that can accelerate quickly and have more torque as well. The majority of my riding is very fast-paced woods with hard corners and lots of roots and steep hills as well, so I'd like something that can blow through corners and accelerate quickly. But, I also ride a lot of tight technical trails so I'd like something that's torquey and has explosive, yet controllable power and something I can take over big logs and rocks. I'm fine with a bike that likes to be revved a lot as that's what I do on my 250xcf now. I'm used to four strokes although I'll probably adjust to a two stroke very quickly as I ride constantly. I'm leaning towards a 250 XC or a 350 XC-F although I've heard lots about KTM's 125 and 150 2 strokes, the 450 and 500, the wide ratio "w" models of the cross country bikes, and their respective motocross models just because I know how explosive they are. I understand that this is a lot to ask out of one bike but I'm going to be adding a lot of aftermarket parts to whatever I end up getting if it doesn't already have any. Tell me all about these bikes if any of you guys have ridden them! I'm probably going KTM because I've heard nothing but good things about them but I will still consider any other brands as well. Tell me any aftermarket you had to do, improvements to be done or downfalls of each bike, and all their advantages and things they're better at than the other ones if you've ridden more than one of these. This is more of a harescramble/cross-country racing post, but since some of my races have parts of motocross tracks I'd like to hear how they do on the track. Also, money isn't too huge of a concern with me but I will definitely not be able to get a brand new bike. I will be racing so if it's bigger than a 250 then I'll have to be sure that it can compete with bigger bikes. Thanks, in advance!
  10. Sorry for putting this question in this category, it was the only available one to click on. But i'm looking on craigslist and trying to find a used 250cc 4 stroke dirt bike and i found a 2011 rmz 250 for $3,000 and i'm wondering if buying a bike that has been used for hair scrambles bad. Because maybe it was beaten on. It has only 30 hours on it. So i'm thinking this is a great deal/STEAL! Any opions?? Let me know thank you! PICTURE OF BIKE BELOW
  11. Since the 2017 series is over I figured I'd share my experience/time racing the series... some entertainment for those who aren't riding as much anymore this time of the year. This is my first time racing a series and pretty much racing in general. I entered the Open B class on board my KTM 300 XC and was able to compete in 8 out of the 9 rounds held. I do include more footage of each event at the end of some vlogs... so if you were there watching or racing, you are probably caught on camera. Enjoy!
  12. Tired of putting money into an old 2003 KX 250 that keeps breaking and isn't perfect for what I ride, has some upgrades but kills me every race from the suspension. I like the bike but just don't want to be the guy who puts $1000 into suspension to make it suitable. What does anyone think the best option would be? budget around $3000. 6ft 160lbs. Really interested in a crf 450x or a wr450, and I know it will be heavy for me to handle but I'm hoping the trail settings and suspension should compensate and still be better than my KX (and it would still be a fun powerful bike). Ideally I would want a 250f mx bike that already had the suspension work done, but that is rare. Is there a certain 250f to buy that would have the "best" stock mx suspension for the woods? Really want something reliable and newer (2006-2010ish) but I know I would be bored of a regular trail bike (KDX, 250x, TTR) after the first ride, and need something to be able to compete. I can deal with my 250 2Ts power but the 450x torque might be a bit much in the PA single track. KTM is an option, probably only a 2 stroke, but bikes newer than 2005 are fairly expensive and hard to come by. Any suggestions for a competitive woods bike for that budget would be great, thanks.
  13. PLEASE NOTE, START TIMES LISTED BELOW ARE IN EASTERN STANDARD TIME, NOT CENTRAL!! AMA and District cards are required, if you have a current D17 harescramble card, I was told they will honor it. Still have to hear back about transponders. Most likely will have to purchase their transponders for $15. Motorcycle hare scrambles races will be 2 hours, Plus one lap in length. Youth class races will be 1 hour in length. Day schedule: •Sign up opens at 7am •Small Bike – 9:30am •youth quads 10am •50cc auto. 2:30pm •big bikes 12pm •quads 2:30pm
  14. I want to start racing hare scrambles next year but I need some start knowledge before I do so. I will either be on a YFZ 450r or a TRX 450r. I get that hare scrambles start from a dead engine but how do I actually start the quad and get going like what gear should I start the quad in and that kind of stuff if you could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Also how do you use the clutch in the corners for a better drive in the corners?
  15. I want to start racing hare scrambles next year but I need some start knowledge before I do so. I will either be on a YFZ 450r or a TRX 450r. I get that hare scrambles start from a dead engine but how do I actually start the quad and get going like what gear should I start the quad in and that kind of stuff if you could help me it would be greatly appreciated. Also how do you use the clutch in the corners for a better drive in the corners?
  16. FTR Hare Scramble 2017 at GatorBack Cycle Park - 5th Place Finish in Senior C
  17. Had a great race last weekend and had a ton of fun doing it. If you haven't been to a Hare Scramble, Enduro, or the similar I would definitely recommend it. They are a ton of fun to race or spectate. Enjoy the video. Video Link
  18. Yamaha has recently released the yz125x in the US. What is everyone's opinion on the bike specifically for trails, enduro, hare scrambles etc. What could/should Yamaha have done differently? Is it a good purchase or not worth the money? I provided a link to the bike and specs on their website for those who are interested in viewing. https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/cross-country/models/yz125x
  19. Capital Punishment Offraod event Sept 4,5,6 Sprint style qualifier on Saturday, Hard Enduro Sunday (Skill Level Appropriate)
  20. Good afternoon all! Quick question. Can anyone help dial me in on suspension settings for woods riding for my KTM? Where is the best settings for the forks and rear shock? I just bought it and it was set up for motocross jumps, ie just way stiff. Any info would be greatly appreciated!!
  21. Good evening to everyone and I wish only health and happiness in these strange times. So this is my first time reaching out to a public forum on more of a information collection basis than a specific question. I own a number of KTM’s and the beta here is indispensable. So I live and work in the breadbasket of México. About two hours North of Mexico City, and ninety minutes South of Querétaro City. For the past five years I’ve been tracking world class routes through the mountains here and am finally ready to start a dirt bike touring business. I am collecting Six Day edition 300 XC-W’s so all folks have to do is bring their gear and they can ride. World Class single track, mountain passes, dirt roads, and wide open prairie, anything and everything. Just trust me please.... my collection of friends who visit from the Northeast of the US cry out in exclamation at how beautiful my part of Mexico is. 10,000 feet in elevation and 75 degrees every day. No shit. Like the San Diego of México, but all open fields and dairy’s. This part of Central México is super safe and absolutely gorgeous. I now have a rock climbing guide service and climbing school and really want to bring in the bikes as climbing and toolin’ around are my two favorite activities. So anyone reading this ever gone somewhere as a destination to ride? Colorado, Arizona, or international?? Did you find the trip exceptional? If you did was the guide exceptional? Was the total experience something you will never forget? This is what myself and my guides provide rock climbing. ‘Experiences of a Lifetime’ is my catch slogan and we put out. Www.SouthernXposure.com.mx if you want to take a look at the area. This is not phishing..... The climbing I have solid. But to be able to live the dream climbing, AND riding??!!! You have to dream before it can be reality. Plus my insurance for climbing will cover the riding! This helps spread out the costs. So if anyone reading this has positive input or solid beta on how their trip could have been better I would be psyched to learn more. Thanks for reading my post. I hope each and every person has an opportunity to get out and twist the throttle soon! Cheers! Simeon
  22. I'm new around these parts. Looking to find some hare scrambles/races of any sort. Google and this site have only found an MX track that popped up about two hours south of here, "Fossil Bowl." Looks good for MX, I do have a crusty CR125 that I can run. Might take a whack at it, probably D class on the MX track (I've cleared some doubles, gotten a good rhythm a time or two but never raced MX) My total racing experience only includes a couple of harescrambles in C class back down south. Its hard to beat that adrenaline rush you get when you're on the line. Motors revving, the smell of two stroke oil and dirt.... for me its not about winning but about just running the race. I'm literally finding zero information on any nearby hare scramble races/woods races. Might just be par for the course up here as there aren't a lot of people around these parts. There are a lot of dirtbikes though... Any thoughts? WA MT included- if its within two hours of Coure D Alene.
  23. How do I make my suspensions softer on my stock yz125 mx bike for an enduro coming up. Do I just mess around with like the clicks. They are labeled as an H and and S on the forks. i weight like around 155lbs. Thanks
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