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Found 70 results

  1. Hi I just done a top end rebuild and a few other bits too my bike change the clutch cable,got it started sounded like a ticking sound coming from the engine after listen for a minute I think it’s coming from around the clutch area and it starts to tick faster if I rev it ? I disconnected the clutch cable and still was ticking. Even if I push it with the bike off I can here it . The bike won’t go into gear at all now it feels as if it’s half in gear and then clicks out any body able to help me ? New here thanks 😃👍
  2. So the bike runs alittle rough right now I’m not sure what’s wrong with it the carb may need rebuilt because it has a hard time at idle . I’ve been told it’s my head gasket but there’s no white smoke coming from the exhaust so I’m not sure if it’s just starting to go bad or what .Does anyone know what this is ? Thanks in advance for the Help
  3. So I recently rebuilt my RM125’s clutch. I did everything to spec and made sure everything was good and fine in the clutch. I put it back together and it seemed all good until I kicked it over. It started idling extremely high. Like WAYY too high, it sounded like one second more and it was gonna explode. So I went into the carburetor, checked ALL of the jets, made sure they were clear. I noticed my idle in the carburetor was too open. So I adjusted it to spec. I kicked it over again and it’s still idling too high. The air boots are tight, not ripped, no broken seals. The carburetors jets are clear, the idle of the carburetor has been fixed and everything else seems as it should, so what can be the issue here?
  4. I’m in need of a cylinder power valve it’s a discontinued part And I cannot find any anywhere I have searched high and low I have a 1999 yz125 I need the right side valve
  5. I got a question. I own a 2016 KX 85. It ran amazing after it first bought it used. I was riding one day with a bogging issue and about 35 minutes of riding I shut it off to take a break. Came back 20 minutes later and it would not start.I changed the spark plug, cleaned out the carb,checked the reeds,and tried hill starting it but nothing .When ever I try to hill start it I can hear it trying to crank and It starts for like half a second but then dies.There is spark coming from the plug though.I took the cylinder off and the piston and cylinder are &%$#@!ed.The piston rings were stuck in the grooves and I had to use pliers and a screwdriver to get it out.There was a ton of blow-by and the cylinder was scored.I bought a new piston already but how can I fix my cylinder.Im thinking of getting it repaired and replayed by either millennium,PowerSeal USA, or usnicom.This is my first time owning a 2 stroke.Any answers or tips.
  6. Please help I accidentally took this piece out of the side of my engine on a 2004 yz250f and idk what it is I tried putting it back in but now I can’t kick my bike.
  7. Hi guys i have a 1992 xr250r im working away on and having trouble finding a specific sticker kit any help would be appreciated of where to obtain them.
  8. i am building a 2003 kx 85 for a guy. i got the bike an it was locked up top and bottom end. i tore the bike down and put a vertex top end with a hotrod crank, with a new/ used transmition. i have had a lot of ups an downs with this bike, such as before i got it running the powervalve governer spring gear, i discovered was completely shot. so i put a new one in. i finally got the bike up and running with little effort. the bike ran so crisp started 2nd kick every time 1st kick after warm. i was just waiting on some odds and ends to tie the bike together an give it back to the owner. but the other day after riding the bike for allitle to test the bike after putting about 2 hours of the top end to make sure everything was good. i went to start up the bike and it would start and then cut off. i got home found a piece of metal in the bottom of the inner clutch cover, then i then matched that piece up with the old powervalve actuator,(kips) . so as i would usually do when a part breaks i replace it. so i went and got a used pwoervalve actuator(kips), i waited for arival and after a long time of waiting i installed the new kips, wich i thought i installed correctly, by lining up the dot with the case mark, but the thing is is i go to start up the bike and the bike starts up 2nd kick like always and i let it warm up on choke and i give it alittle throttle and it returns to idle (not hitting the powerband) so i start to rev the bike right before the power band and blip the throttle, it reved into the powerband and sputtered and shit off (puffing out smoke while spuddering) it will only shut off when i let off the throttle, the thing that gets me is that i checked my allignment witht the case mark no exageration like 6 times and the bike will do the same thing, i then toom the plastic powervalve cover off to see if the powervalve was being stuck open or something of that nature. but it was opending and closing but it took awhile for it to close almost like the powervalve is being held open but not stuck. i am just verry lost and have been raking my head for days now. please help me. and if anyone is willing to talk with me about this private message me and i will give you my phone number. i will also provide videos and pictures appon request.
  9. Hello there, im having a very interesting issue with my rebuilt 2001 honda cr250r. I got the bike in a box in peices 5 months ago and rebuilt the motor since 5th gear lost a tooth from the previous owner. Motor was properly rebuilt using two different manuals and making sure everything was in its correct place and orientation. New pro x piston and hotrods crank. The issue I'm having is after getting everything back together in the bike and trying to start it up, the bike will not idle or run below around 1500rpm. I can fully rev the bike out and get a lot of power from the midrange and top end, but if I let off the gas and get into the lower rpms it dies out quickly and can't catch the rpms from falling. Now, after messing with the air screw, timing, and stator assembly I figured out that with having barely any air gap (pretty much touching) between the flywheel and pick up coil the bike runs as described above. But when I set the air gap to the recommended 0.18mm air gap the bike will be able to idle for a few seconds and probably can be adjusted to idle fine, but anything after 1500 rpms it just dies out and will not Rev out. Seems like either no air gap and the bike will be able to run fine but no idle or low end, or if at recommended air gap the bike will be OK in the low end and idle but absolutely no mid to top end. I'm confused and stumped with this. I've been working on dirtbikes full time for over 5 years and this is a dewsey. I have a brand new genuine pwk38 air striker carb, new v force 3 reeds, new stator, spark plug, silencer, air filter. I'm at sea level running a 45 pilot and 175 main on clip #3. I will be trying a smaller pilot soon to see if that fixes the idle/ low end problem. Thanks in advance for any suggestions or advice on this problem 🤙🏻.
  10. Hello I bought my first dirtbike two months ago with no isssues but a clutch that wouldn’t disengage and a new Input shaft bearing. Being the over achiever I am I split the case replaces that got a new to me input and output shaft because one of the gear races was destroyed and I got them for 45$ ?. Anyway I replaced a bunch of other stuff broke some bolts ordered a new clutch pressure plate and reassembled the motor. Took it out for a spin and after about an hour oil was coming out of the clutch lever arm like crazy so I decided to split it and replace all the seals. After this I went to put the motor together and the transmission would completely lock. Took it apart did it again still locks, about 15 times later I decide to built an engine case holder out of 2x4 to keep the shafts from moving and after 5 times of trying that the input shaft locks and the output spins. I’m assembling it in neutral and I put grease in all the bearings and guide holes for the shift fork arms and they’re all going in they’re proper spots.. I’ve pretty much given up after 5 days of this and I’m about to take it to a shop but I want to say I built it by myself not took it to a shop who does that ?. Anyone have any experience with this or any ideas? Any help would be appreciated 🙂
  11. My father and I purchased the 225 from our family friend. He thought it was just a carb issue but when my friend and I cleaned it and adjusted the Float. Still it would turnover run for a second then die. When bump starting it much of the same. We have tried testing spark, Air, Fuel, Compression. But it still won't idle and tips or ideas.
  12. My engine on my 2017 Husqvarna fc 250 rattles when the clutch is not pulled in. I’m not sure if this is normal as it is my first 4 stroke but I assume it is not. Any help or knowledge about this will help alot
  13. I have a 2008 KX250F I got it running, but it’s back firing some. I also can’t get the idle adjusted. I already cleaned jets and the idle screw is right. The fuel screw is the way it’s suppose to be. Not sure what the issue is. Already checked the timing and it seemed to be correct. I’m lost on what else to try, if you could give any suggestions to what to do I’d appreciate it!
  14. Just bled the clutch line because it was wanting to grab a little bit in gear but it’s still having the same issue just not as bad but it’s still really noticeable. Anyone with the same issue and have a solution? I have a 2019 tc 125.
  15. I've found a stator kit for a ktm exc 530 at a cheaper price but I'm worried about the dimensions if it would fit It's Dimensions : Interior diameter : 28.7mm / 1.12 inches Exterior diameter : 83.8mm / 3.30 inches Pole's Thickness : 28.3mm / 1.11 inches Pole's Width : 21.5mm / 0.84 inches To those who own 505s any suggestions or comments? Maybe you have anything to say?
  16. Hey all. I've got a spark issue I cant seem to nail down. It's a 91 dr650s kick only with about 12k miles. The problem is that it'll only spark when it feels like it. If I get it started it runs great. I'll shut it off, go inside for an hour, come back out and there's no spark. I've only had it a couple months. Before me it sat in a garage for a year. I replaced the plugs, wires, caps and coil. Did a diode test on the regulator and it tested good. Stator was grounding to itself so I replaced that with a Rick's stator/pickup coil combo. Cleaned the ignition switch with electrical cleaner. All wire connections seem to have continuity. Neutral switch is working. Battery connections are solid. 30 amp fuse is intact. What else am I missing? Could it be the cdi? I've been pulling my hair out for three weeks over this turd.
  17. Hello all! thanks for the awesome recurse that this site is and all of the help this place already has been before this...my first post! So, I am as the title states, rebuilding the lower end of my 2008 xr650l. Now that I have installed the 2nd and 5th gear mod as well as replaced another worn gear, and center shift fork I now have the shift drum installed and am beginning to wonder if there is indeed a way to install that(shift drum) backwards? I have tested and all seems to shift smoothly through the gear, however it would seem to me that if i were on the bike I would be pushing the pedal down to shift through the top four gears. Is this possible, or am I just second guessing myself? THanks for the help!! -Jdoo
  18. I got a question. I own a 2016 KX 85. It ran amazing after it first bought it used. I was riding one day with a bogging issue and about 35 minutes of riding I shut it off to take a break. Came back 20 minutes later and it would not start.I changed the spark plug, cleaned out the carb,checked the reeds,and tried hill starting it but nothing .When ever I try to hill start it I can hear it trying to crank and It starts for like half a second but then dies.There is spark coming from the plug though.I took the cylinder off and the piston and cylinder are &%$#@!ed.The piston rings were stuck in the grooves and I had to use pliers and a screwdriver to get it out.There was a ton of blow-by and the cylinder was scored.I bought a new piston already but how can I fix my cylinder.Im thinking of getting it repaired and replayed by either millennium,PowerSeal USA, or usnicom.This is my first time owning a 2 stroke.Any answers or tips.
  19. I’m new to 2 strokes and recently picked up a 05 cr125, The guy had a lectron on it before he sold it but took it off to put on his new bike, and didn’t have a lot of time to dial the mikuni in. In 1st and 2nd it sputters, cutting in and out of power, mainly at higher rpms, when I hit 3rd it clears right up and runs like a champ. Where should I start? Air fuel screw? Main jet?
  20. So I recently drown my crf in some mud/water, it only got in through the exhaust and shut down right before any got inside the engine (or atleast im hoping so). The bike then sat for awhile until I recently tried to get it going, I dumped the float bowl, replaced the spark plug, and did a oil change. The bike then started just fine. I had it going for half an hour to 45 min idling just to get everything through the engine that was in there. When I shut the bike off it just started to puke out coolant from the bottom end. Not sure if I overheated it or what but just freaked out I cooked the engine. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  21. 2002 YZ125 - Trying to get some riding in before the season is over - Sorry for the novel but wanted to include all the details I could that might help diagnose/figure this out: CURRENT SYMPTOMS: After the bike has been sitting for a while I can kick it over with a few kicks. I do this using the choke and the RPMS start fairly high and climb like expected. Before leveling out or stabilizing the engine starts to bog and dies. This happens if I hold no throttle, cracked, or wot. After this happens I can sometimes get it to start a second time with the same result. The plug is removed wet with fuel at this point. After this it refuses to start at all to the kick starter - even with new dry plug. Rolling it down a hill gets it to start again for a moment but then it immediately bogs and dies after a moment. After the last time rolling it down the hill and having it die at wot - the plug was removed dry. Bike has spark visually and to the... touch 😒🤣 HISTORY: A few months ago the bike had stock reed cage and reeds with mikuni carb that was dialed in for WOT motocross riding. I have been converting the bike into a trail bike since then. It would run on the trails ok but didnt like not having a place to rev out and would foul a plug occasionally. I replaced the reed cage with a vforce3 assembly. After doing that the bike seemed to run fine and rev a little faster. However occasionally when riding the engine would bog and die as if a plug was fouled - the plug would be taken out wet, bike kicked over to dry out cylinder, new plug put in, and usually start to run for a while - very intermittent. I installed a SmartCarb2 on the bike (brand new and setup for my bike) and it started on the second kick. I tooled around the neighborhood for 20 minutes after it warmed up and it seemed awesome! Super linear and no signs of bogging down at any rpm. I noticed after that check ride that there was a small puddle of fuel underneath the reed assembly - leading me to suspect an intake leak was causing my previous ghosts. I took the reed assembly out and used gasket maker to seal all mating surfaces then reinstalled and let cure 24 hours. Now I am getting the current symptoms and cant keep the bike running longer than a few seconds. (there is no wetness on the bottom of the reed cage LOL) /////////////////// What can I test or check to help get this sorted? Thank you
  22. I have a 1987 yz125 that usually runs great but has been having problems, I went on a 3 month trip and left it at home and had to leave it under a car port, when i came back the kickstart will not pop back up when it kick it (so i have to bump start it), the clutch no longer works and feels really lose ( i tried adjusting the cable but no luck) but it still shifts even when i don't pull in the clutch. I put fresh gas in it (32:1 mix) and it ran fine for the first tank but when i was riding i ran out of gas and when i put new gas in it, it would barely want to start and when it did it had no power and wants to die when i go slow, and when it gets warm it doesn't want to hit high rpm and even when it does, there is no powerband. I would really appreciate anyone who can help me out and maybe point me towards the problem.
  23. Whilst out on track yesterday in the first session my sons bike kept cutting out and stalling. The track conditions where wet and muddy, we were the first out on track and it was thick! By the time i noticed him sat track side looking sorry and i got to him he had drained the battery trying to get it started, so after getting the bike back to the van and leaving it for 30 minutes and finding a jump start pack to get it going this is what we found. These statements best describe how it ran sat on the stand. losing power on full throttle. spluttering and cutting out. cant hard rev, cuts out. poor idle cutting out and lumpy runs ok on light throttle, cuts out on hard throttle. Now, i know very little when it comes to 4 stroke bikes and a little bit more on 2 strokes but i do have the internet to help. So what could it be and where should i be looking first. I`m looking towards a clogged injector maybe? blocked fuel screen/filter? knackered fuel pump? am I on the right track here and what other suggestions can you guys offer? Cheers Tom.
  24. I’ve had my 2007 rmz 250 literally forever and although she might not be the best bike she gets the job for the weekend, recently my cam chain broke inside of my engine, after taking the engine apart I noticed everything was fine except for the guides and the cam chain guide holder on the left. My buddy says to just jb weld it and call it a day but I don’t wanna do that. If I buy a Used but good condition left case for the engine what are the chances it will work without having to buy a full case?
  25. Just got a new top end done on my ktm 85 and I was warming it up it started up fine! Then it shut off and won’t turn back on.. I thought I flooded the carb trying to kick it back on so I tilted the bike let some drain and nada!
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