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Found 511 results

  1. Lovett

    honda Cr 125 Issues

    Hello, I'm having a couple problems out of my 2000 Cr 125 that I recently picked up about 2 months ago and wondering if anybody could help maybe point me in the right direction to fixing these problems. 1.) Little to no power in first gear (won't even pull front wheel off ground) 2.) When holding the bike in the powerband it will "kick in and out", out more then in though 3.) The bike is blowing quite a bit of splooge from all the exaust connection points and even dripping on my rear swingarm, I've tried changing my mix ratios from 32:1 to 36:1 to 40:1 and the problem still persist so I just stuck with 36:1 Also can't find an exact answer on what compression the bike is supposed to be running at. I recently compression tested it and it read at about 120. I've read up on these problems quite a lot but everybody says something different, everything from jetting, reeds, top end, ect.. Any sort of lead in direction would be highly appreciated!
  2. Mark Angala

    honda Trans oil turns white milkshake

    Alright guys. Today I took out my 2016 crf250r for a trail ride I cross some rivers and ive notice my bike was leaking white thick milky it was coming out from the trans breather. Bike keeps dying out.
  3. hi, i have a crf450R 2009, having difficulty setting the idle knob to factory setting. Having problems interpreting manual Japaneses interpretation. Can anyone out there assist with the correct factory setting and how i can manually do the setting ie how many clicks out or in etc... would appreciate any assistance
  4. Fryboy

    Kroc loses ride to JMART

    Click bait JMart to make his 450 debut at Daytona on Kroc's bike !!!! Congrats dude Current GEICO Honda 250SX rider Jeremy Martin will make his 450SX debut at Daytona Supercross on March 11. Martin will move over to the Honda HRC rig as a fill-in for the injured Ken Roczen. The move will only be for a round, as Martin will transition back to GEICO Honda and a 250 after the race to prepare for the remainder of the 250SX West Region and Lucas Oil Pro Motocross. “I’m beyond excited that American Honda is giving me the opportunity to ride a factory CRF450R,” stated Martin. “I’m also looking forward to making my debut in the premier class at Daytona, one of the most hyped up supercross races of all time. Everyone loves Daytona due to it being so different so I’m excited to go race the best guys in the world. I’d love to get a solid finish for Honda since they sponsor the event.” The move makes a lot of sense, as Martin, currently ninth in 250SX West Region points, signed a two-year deal this off-season with GEICO with an option to move to the 450 Class in 2018. Daytona will give Martin a chance to get his feet wet in 450SX, as well as give the team a look at how Martin might adjust to the bigger bike. Honda, which is the title sponsor of Daytona, also surely wants more riders—currently with Cole Seely as the lone rider in the factory truck—representing the brand at their big event. Martin is currently already testing with HRC. “We’re excited to have Jeremy riding for us at the Daytona Supercross,” said Team Honda HRC manager Dan Betley. “Despite only a short amount of time on the bike, he already feels very comfortable so I’m confident in his ability to deliver a solid result. I’d like to thank GEICO Honda for making Jeremy available to us for this race.”
  5. Looking for a company that sells a seat cover for a 1984 honda xr500r that has the old style square back seat but isnt oem and has some sort of grip on it. I believe it would be the same for xr200, xr350, xr600 and so on. Or maybe I can by a large universal blank seat cover and make it fit. Anyone have experience with this? This is what I currently have but its too slick. Need something with grip.
  6. Fanga Dagen

    2013 Husqvarna TXC310 Brakes

    Does the 2013 Husqvarna TXC310 come with Brembo brakes stock?
  7. Before I put my 05 CRF250R away for the winter it was running weird. I noticed it was leaking oil out of the engine cover. It was understandable because i had just put a new stator in. The bike had been running oddly for some time before i realized it was leaking. I just took the bike out for the spring and now it doesn't even start. I bought a new engine gasket to try to fix the leak. I am currently installing it. I am wondering if the low compression could've messed up the top end? I rode it with low compression for about three weeks before it started to bog so bag i couldn't ride it anymore. Will replacing the seal fix my issue or have i created a whole new one?
  8. Hey Guys and Gals! I went on a really cool ride at Corral Canyon OHV park in SoCal. The conditions were epic since we've been getting all this rain recently. I also got a new camera mount so let me know what you think!!
  9. Ferhuagarz

    High RPM Scraping Noise 2011 CRF250x

    I have a 2011 CRF250x, I've always been on top of maintenance, never really flogged the bike. From about this time last year the bike developed a sort of rubbing/scraping noise coming from the left side of the motor only when it was 3/4 throttle or more. I thought it might have been drivetrain so I pulled over, put it in neutral and did the same thing (3/4 throttle and more) while sitting still and it did the same thing. The bike sat in the shed for about 6 months and then I took it out to see if I could figure it out. I pulled the valve cover off and everything seemed normal, nothing loose, valves still in clearances. I also pulled the cam chain tensioner out, I wasn't game enough to go further so I put it back together and started it. No noise. It was fine, I rode it for about 1-2 months with no noise at all. I had to get a friend to ride it to get it inspected for road worthy and the noise is back. I've tried taking the cam chain tensioner out again and it hasn't worked this time. The noise has also become worse and at lower RPM (more like 2/3 throttle now). I'm wondering if this has been experienced by anyone else also and how they fixed it. I'm not game enough to continue riding it as I'm not sure whether the noise is something going bad. I'm keen to fix the problem as I've been without a bike for so long, I just don't have the money to pay someone to dig around the bike for me. Thanks in advance
  10. I replaced my throttle tube and started up the bike, it idles fine but as soon as I give it even the least amount of throttle it stalls out immediately. How do I make the adjustments to fix this, starting from the top and then if needed going to the carb. Thanks.
  11. I've just turned 16 and have just about enough money to buy myself a cr125 i'm 6,3, i wanted to get an 85 for my first bike but i am to tall so i was thinking of getting a 125, so i want to know is a cr 125 too powerful for my first bike, i had a little 125 pitbike so i know how to use clutch but is a cr125 too powerful for a first bike ? Thanks in advance
  12. jettlewis551

    2015 crf 450r

    hi i have a 2015 crf450 and im doing my own service on them and need help on how to take them apart and how much oil to put back in. also if someone has a video of them doing it would be so helpful
  13. JacksonDRZbeast

    CRF250X Converion to SM Tips

    I am currently in the thought process of purchasing a crf250x and converting to supermoto to get it registered for road use. Just wondering if anyone has converted and what tips you would have for me to maybe make it easier? I already have a set of SM wheels off my drz that will fit with new spacers. Any advice will help!
  14. TArnett207

    Honda CR85RB 17" SM Wheels?

    Looking to get 17" front and rear Supermoto rims for my 2005 CR85RB. I was just going to get the rims and spokes and lace them up to the stock hubs, does anyone know what width and where I could buy the rims/spokes. Thanks
  15. nickrideshonda

    CRF250R Craigslist bike

    Okay so I'll make this short and sweet. I bought an 05 CRF250R on Craigslist. When I got the bike, it ran okay, but definitely hard to start and not a lot of pop. The guy had told me it was time to get the valves shimmed. This is my first bike over 125cc, so keep in mind I'm totally new to this all. Anyways, there was oil slowly leaking somewhere from the engine, so I found out it was coming from the valve cover. Took that off, the seal was pretty beaten up. Plus the guy had basically folded the seal when he put the valve cover back on. Okay, so I got a brand new seal in, and it actually seemed to fix everything. Started in 1-2 kicks, no more leaking, so I think I'm in the clear. I've been riding the bike for about 2 weeks and the only problem is with the idle which can get kind of uneven. I cleaned the carb out (broke the hot start plunger while I was in there haha) and still have an occasionally rough idle. So, what can I do to fix the idle? Also, can a loose valve cover cause hard starting and loss of power?
  16. Alex Fiscalini

    Yz 250 Power valve

    Hi, i have a 2015 yz 250 two stroke. I have lots of smoke coming from the power valve over flow. I do not under stand why it is doing this? The smoke make a steaming sound and is coming out constantly. Also when my bike is kicked over it is bogging a lot. It did not do this the last time i rode, which was a week ago. Thanks.
  17. Selling my CB750 brat build for a dual sport and want to go the scrambler route. Decided on the xr650 and looking at one with a 'new top end' but unsure what it's worth (as well as if it's a riskier purchase than one with 'no known issues.' Attached is a picture of the bike and the invoice from the shop that the current owner passed along. Should I pass based on the repair (or that fact the the owner over-heated it)? If it's still a go, how much should I offer? Is the oil cooler a must now? Thanks in advance from a newbie!
  18. So, I picked up a '03 CRF150F a few weeks back. Found out later that it had been rebuilt but UTI, supposedly. It has a BBR exhaust and has been re-jetted with a BBR jetting kit. Ran good until it started having difficulties starting. Changed the oil and it made it easier to start for about a week. Put in a new Rev Box because that's what it had in it, and that has fixed the hard to start issue. But even more lately, there's been a knocking or clunking sound from the bottom end of the engine. You can only hear this knocking sound though when the engine is returning to idle after revving it in neutral. And it has this knock or clunk whether its cold or warmed up, although it does get louder and more frequent when it's warmed. Don't know what it is and haven't figured that out, but when I was test driving it, I got up to fifth gear and all of a sudden it sounded like a valve or something from the top end broke. It was if the engine lost all compression because you could hear the air just blowing in and out of the cylinder. Pushed the bike forward and I could feel that the engine wasn't seized up, but trying to start it with the kick start wouldn't work. Wasn't able to start the bike so I removed the engine and disassembled the top end expecting to see a broken valve or one that wasn't seating right. However, the cylinder head is black and has quite a bit of carbon buildup, so I don't know if that would cause it. Or maybe a valve is out of adjustment or the timing? The connecting rod seems to be tight enough because when you pull the piston up and push it down, there's no slack, except for side to side, which is normal I believe. Valves? Timing? Carbon buildup? Something in the lower end? Any ideas?
  19. Hey, I've had my 01 cr125 (picture one) for sale on kjiji for a while now...No serious inquiries until someone messages me pictures of a 01 yz450f (picture two) that he's willing to trade (evenly) for mine. He says the engine was fully rebuilt about 15 hours ago. Not sure if this is a good deal? Any known problems with the 450? It looks like its in decent shape? Thanks in advance.
  20. C_juve

    Cylinder head-reusable?

    I have a 2002 cr250 2 stroke that recently blew up. i believe it was due to low octane fuel and extended periods of holding it wide open. Mill tech already replated my cylinder, redid the power valves, and sent me a new piston with gaskets but i was wondering if i can reuse this cylinder head if i really clean it up. Any advice would be appreciated. I can buy a new cylinder head for about $85 if needed. i would like to reuse this one but i already have $600 into the top end by sending it to millennium and the parts alone so i suppose another $80 wouldn't be too bad. pic of cylinder head attached.
  21. Goon Rides

    1993 CR250 for $250.

    Hey guys, I found a 1993 Honda CR250 that is already disassembled for $350. He lowered it to $300, but I offered $250.00. It's coming with everything but the Plastics ($100.00) and Silencer ($150.00). He is also saying that the top end needs to be replaced and the bottom end should be. The entire kit costs $400.00 and let's say I add $300.00 (probably more) worth of extra parts, the grand total is about $1,200.00. I'm not sure what the value of the bike is, considering it's old. On KBB, the CR250R goes for $1,700, this would probably go for $1,600. Is it worth it or no? I don't really think so anymore.
  22. Hello. I am a 19 year old female, looking for a dirtbike to learn to ride on. I am 170cm and weigh 50kg. I'm looking at two bikes atm but don't know what one would suit me best. Is a Honda CRF100 better or a Yamaha TTR125 ???. I don't mind if the bike is a little small as I am just wanting a bike to learn on and muck around on a padlock. Thanks.
  23. Here's my GoPro footage from the start of the 2017 SCORE Baja 1000, enjoy!
  24. Hey guys. I recently picked up a 2015 CRF250L brand new. I love the bike so far but would like a little more from it (as many of us CRFLers do). So far it is bone stock other than some hand guards and a Two Brothers M7 slip on. I am a heavier rider at roughly 265. I am just your opinions on how to make this little 250 a significantly better bike than it already is. For me top speed is not an issue but I cannot get the bike over 75 mph right now. For the light highway use I do I would greatly prefer if we could increase top end power a little bit. I guess my main thing is share what engine mods (mufflers, headers, programmers, big bore, etc) you like, what cosmetic and mount wear you like to use (phone mounts, hand guards, clutch/brake levers, etc). Also would not mind seeing some dyno charts with your current mods if possible. Also one last thing, I bought the two brothers M7 slip-on not knowing that two brothers didn't make a header. What work would it take to get an M7 slip-on onto an FMF Power bomb or mega bomb by any chance? Go crazy with the builds and recommended mods and stuff! Excited to have this bike and to make it my own, with a little input from y'all of course!
  25. Okay so a few weeks ago I brought a 2006 cr250 and I want to put the motor out of it in a crf250x frame and register it, note that I'm in Queensland Australia which seems to be the nanny state that doesn't allow much because our bike laws are super outdated. What am I gonna have to do to register it? I want a 2 stroke dual sport but I don't want a ktm and betas are hard to get parts for where I am whereas honda parts are like flies, &%$#@!ing everywhere. I know ill need to change engine mounts, not the y peice out and move it up and drill holes and tap a thread into them for the powevalve servo but what else will I need to do? Will I need a mod plate because of the engine swap?