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Found 48 results

  1. So I picked up a pretty beat up 2013 gas gas txt 300 raga replica on Craigslist. It had a lot broken on it but ran, although very rich. It has a Keihin carb. I confused the idle screw and the air fuel screw, and turned the idle screw a few times counter clockwise to try and lean it up. I realized the error, but lost track of how many times I turned the idle screw when I tried to put it back where it was. The air fuel mix was at half turn, so I turned it to 1.5 out which is the default, but the idle is still hanging really high and the idle screw doesn’t seem to have much effect. I don’t really know what to do, is there a default idle rpm or position for the idle adjust? Could something have gotten stuck when I turned the idle adjust? Any help would be great!
  2. Mark Woodby

    Proper idle

    How do I know my dirtbike is idling at the proper RPMs?
  3. Huskyfe501

    FE 501 JD Tuner Issues

    I have a 2018 fe 501. I just installed a JD Tuner on it. I noticed now that when I am idling with the clutch in, if I blip the throttle quickly the bike will quickly die. It seems to run good otherwise. It’s just blipping the throttle at idle. I turned all the settings to “stock” (all 3 across the board) and it still does it, although it is harder to make do it then it did on the “off-road” settings. What gives? Any ideas?
  4. I've got a '72 TC90 I just picked up. I'm trying to get it running again. Just rebuilt the carb and I'm following the manual for the stock settings and ran into a perplexing adjustment... Under the initial idle settings it says: "At full throttle adjust play in the throttle cables to 0.5mm-1.0mm with the throttle cable adjuster at the top of the carburetor." I've been looking at this for a good hour now and I can't figure out what the hell that means. The grip will twist until the slide hits the top of it's travel...which is always what I've called full throttle. If you're holding it at full throttle then there's no way to add play into the cable...because you're holding it at full throttle, i.e. at it's full travel. Am I missing something really basic here?
  5. I have a 2004 Yamaha WR250F that the previous owner modified and the bike doesn’t run the way it should. It has an FMF muffler with an aftermarket pipe coming from the engine. There’s no other silencers or restrictions in the exhaust. When I got the bike, it was backfiring every time I let off the throttle no matter what speed I was doing. When the previous owner first started the bike, part of the exhaust pipe was cherry red while he was warming it up by giving it more throttle. I took the carburetor apart and found out that I have a 178 main jet, 40 pilot jet, and 72 leak jet. The needle clip was in the middle in the 4th position. I adjusted the fuel screw back to the 1.5 turns out position from the 3.5 turns out position the previous owner had it set at. I changed out the pilot jet to a 45 and the bike no longer backfires while I ride it but it does die when I leave it to idle. Sometimes it dies immediately after letting off the throttle and other times it will idle for a minute or two before dying. Now before this gets too confusing, I ran the bike with the fuel screw at 1.5 turns out and 3.5 turns out after changing the pilot jet. At 1.5 turns out, the bike would only run when choked and would die when idling. At 3.5 turns out, the bike will run with the choke off but will still die when idling. If anyone has any suggestions to try, please let me know.
  6. I have a Honda crf50f and its been sitting for 6 years. I just got a new carburetor and it's now running, only 1 problem. It wont idle when the choke is on or up position, it will only idle if choke is in the down or off position. Any help on what it could be? Thanks.
  7. Joe08

    Crf150r 2008 wont idle

    Hi i’ve just bought a CRF150R 2008, and the bike wont idle. When i got there he was having trouble getting it to idle. Anyway i went on it but he said i had to keep on revving it in order for it to stay alive. It was fine didn’t fully open it up so couldn’t identify any other isues but i did give it some throttle but seemed fine. So i bought it and got it home and still my self cant get it to idle. Everytime i start it it will start up and just die, and then when i go to give it throttle it just bogs out. Only the occasional time it will start up and i can keep it going but it will eventually die. So the guy said you have to ‘prime’ it twice before you start it so i do that and it start up a bit longer and dies and then i go to go give it throttle and it bogs out no matter what. So then i put the choke on starts right up but idles high but then as soon as i take it of choke it dies and then i go to give it throttle and it bogs out. Then only way to keep it going is to choke it and then hold the rev and turn choke off and just keep revving it like i did when i first went on it at the guys house. I’ve looked at some suggestions on Youtube and the internet and i can’t find much, people were just saying it could be a clogged pilot jet or needing a need a new pilot jet or to change it or the air/fuel mixture screw, but the problem is i cant find it and i wouldent know how far to turn it out nor how to know what pilot jet size to get. So i was just wondering if anyone out there could help me fix this ASAP. Not really looking to do to much maintenance as i dont wanna break anything before ive properly riden it. Thanks Joe
  8. I broke down and bought a decent condition four stroke to follow my son around on. My beloved 1987 CR500 was not working for a chase bike lol, and I was tired of working my old RM250, I thought hey, an old XR400R would be perfect and nearly zero maintenance, so I found an old one on CL, gave it a 5 min test ride and off I went. After about two rides it started a weird idle issue. I am having a really hard time figuring out the issue, any ideas would help??? My sons xr50 is ready but dad is failing... Bike started a bit hard, and would idle really high after you let off throttle from 1/4 throttle softly. If you popped the throttle it would then drop down and idle so low that if I wasn't moving in gear pushing the engine over it would die. I suspected an air leak or dirty carb, so I ordered a rebuild kit and rebuilt the carb. Same issue, no change. So I replaced the oring on the manifold and same issue, then I noticed a crack in the manifold and thought woohoo I found the issue!! I ordered a new manifold and an OEM oring. I put it all together and same thing! I can hear an air leak (suction) but cannot figure out where in the world it's coming from. I checked the carb side of the manifold as well, and dissasmbled it to make sure everything was seated right, exact same issue. Rebuilt carb, new manifold, new oring, still sucking air and idling so erratic that is dangerous to ride, completely unpredictable. One turn it will idle high and push through and the next it will fall on its face and nearly die. Any of you four stroke guru's have suggestions? Thanks, J.D.
  9. 2016 CRF450R- 70 hours did a top end and after putting it back together it doesnt idle. As i try to adjust the idle when warmed up it either dies or idles at 3.3k. I made sure the timing chain was correct, checked all connections, bike is clean, swapped out TPS, IAC, swapped tank( with fuel pump), Remapped and nothing. thanks
  10. i have an 03 yz250 that i just put a new top end on. it was dropped in the mud while running and the kid kicked it over 100x to try and start it and wore the rings flat. it starts and runs fine for about 20-30 seconds and then the idle starts to get higher and wont come back down, if you give it throttle it will die out. i just went through the whole carb, cleaned the reeds, unplugged the tps and im out of ideas at this point. if you give it some throttle it will rev and then hang but after about 10 seconds come down and surge and the process will repeat every time you give it some throttle. i have 100 octane mixed 32:1 for fuel. any ideas would be appreciated
  11. Almightyvicegrips

    Anyone know what causing this???

    I have a 4 stroke giox31 250 2010, and just had the engine rebuilt with a new piston kit, due to the fact that the old rings were worn out... so I stuck everything back on the bike and ran it without the air filter or tailpipe to make sure it work and it ran fine. But now I have stuck on the tailpipe and muffler it wont run and the weird part is, it especially wont run when the kickstarter is in its resting position.
  12. NotBlueSteel

    DR-Z400E FCR issue

    Hi, My DR-Z400E had a broken vacuum line and was idling low and lumpy and then would not come down from high revs if I blipped the throttle. I fixed the line and now this is how the bike starts with the idle back all the way out. Cables are set well, throttle wheel is in the shut position. Any ideas??? Thanks, Brett
  13. Hi, I'm new here, I've been searching around here learning things for the last week and though I'd join. I got an 84 xr350 (dual carb) not running for $500 aud (380 usd). Apparently it'd been sitting for 4 years so I took off the carbie and gave it a clean since it was completely gummed up with old fuel I did notice that the primary carb wasn't returning fully and the spring was a little soft. I found that it didn't spark and cleaned up all of the connections with sand paper and got that working. Yesterday I managed to kick it over and get it started. It was a little rough at first, only just idling then over a minute it slowly revved up and was idling fairly high. When I touched the throttle it revved up a lot and stayed there I shut it off then because I had to go to work. Now today it started up after a few kicks and revved up again, I turned the idle screw so it'd idle lower and it worked a little. I then used my fingers to close the throttle manually on the carb. When I did that it settled right down, down enough for it to stall. I re-set the idle needle and made sure the throttle was closed and it started up and idled really nicely. I decided to actuate the throttle by hand directly on the carb and when I did it sounded like it was alright then I did it again and got some exhaust pops and sounded rather lean. I closed the throttle all the way but it was stuck idling high. That's as far as I got, I feel like I might have to replace the throttle return spring, but I might also have an air leak. It's really eager to rev up and is pretty unstable. This is my first bike so I'm not exactly a master but I kinda know a few things, mainly from RC cars and full size cars. Am I on the right track? Does anyone with more experience and the time to read this essay know what's up?
  14. Hey TT, I have a 2009 CRF250R. She's a pain in the ass to start and keep running, won't idle with the choke off. Carb is stock (Main Jet #185, Slow Jet #42, Clip is on 3rd groove down from the top). No airbox mods, bike is stock. I've dismantled and thoroughly cleaned the carb, ensuring everything is correctly reassembled. Tried the fuel screw at 1 1/4 turns (stock). She'll run a smooth high-idle with the choke on. Dies immediately when choke is turned off. I'm positive the pilot jet isn't clogged or damaged. It looks perfect. I'm also positive I have no air leaks around the card. What else should I be looking at? It ran okay a couple days ago (just okay, not great). I have to use the 'pump twice then kick' trick to get it turned over. Usually 2-3 kicks. - Matt
  15. luke8500


    hi all, i have a 2007 Honda crf150rb that has an unsolvable hanging idle. bike has full fmf exhaust (powerbomb header and q4 muffler with spark arrestor taken out. you can turn the idle screw up and it will sit there and idle great but as soon as you touch the throttle the idle will hang very high and wont come back down unless i tap the kill switch a couple times. I have replaced the vacuum plate seal and installed in correctly and it did absolutely nothing. carb has been cleaned about 4 times before that. Jets are 135 main, 48 pilot and the others are stock. The throttle cables are not binding up i have checked this. I have tried the fuel screw turned really in really lean and turned out really rich. it made little difference except making it almost impossible to start. The screw is currently set at the factory specified 2 turns out. I have set and tuned the throttle position sensor to exactly what it should be. I've checked all around the engine for air leaks and have found none. Other than these issues the bike starts first kick and runs great. I feel like I've tried everything there is to try. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Luke
  16. Hi, I have a 2002 YZ250F and it's been about 6 to 8 months since I've ridden it. I cleaned the air filter, and put some new coolant in it. The bike runs great with the choke pulled out, but whenever I push it in after letting it warm up it will only run if you give it a little gas and it backfires. I've been looking around and have seen people saying that the carberator needs cleaning or needs to be adjusted to even replacing the oil filter. I'm not sure exactly where to start so if anyone could let me know what to look at that would be awesome! Thanks.
  17. Hi, i have got a question from my dear friends. My yz450f 2009 sputter at the steady and fix rpm and at the fixed throttle .for example at the 2000 rpm or 4000 or 7000 . When i fixed my hand it the throttle and fixed the rpm even low or high or mid rpm it begins sputtering and dont worked good.acceleration is good and declaration is good and without misfire or backfire. Bike starts at first kick even cold or hot. I do wheelie without any problem . but sputter at fix rpm. Carb?? Jetting? Coil? Exhaust? Spark plug is good.air filter clean.carb clean coil resistance measure correct . I Really dont know where the problem is. Plz help me.
  18. 717 Enduro

    Sportsman 700 efi missing power

    So we have an 05 sportsman 700 efi, bike has like 500 hours but lower miles. Previous owner used it mostly for plowing snow. In high gear, it really feels like it’s missing power. Our 05 carbuerated 700 will wheelies when you hit the throttle from a stop. This one lags and is slow. My first thought is the clutch slipping, but after reading some posts it’s more as though the rpm lags and takes a while to build up to wide open. The bike feels like it hooks and has its power while in low gear though. It also does not like to start right up and idle without giving it some gas. Another note would be that the check engine light is on when you turn the key but goes away when you start it. Any ideas and thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  19. Hey guys so i have a pretty interesting scenario going on here. I got a used kx65 on craigslist that needed the bottom end rebuilt, couldn't really hear it run because the knock from the crank and bearings was so bad, so i replaced the crank, bearings, seals, and gaskets. (In my college apartment living room) Bike started in a few kicks! Here is where it gets interesting It starts up totally fine but anything past idle, it really spits and sputters, and past half throttle it wants to cut it out completely. I tried cleaning the carb once, checking the plug and it looks to be burning fine, adjusting the clip position on the needle jet up and down both ways, new gas. Could it be possible the top end would cause that? I did put the old piston in it but it didnt have much sign of wear, but I could be way off. Or is there some stuff I should try first again? Cleaning the carb again? Im open to any and all suggestions! Not willing to give up now, its so close to being done! I have rebuilt quite a few bikes now, 4 and 2 stroke so i have a decent amount of fix it know how, just really stumped on this.
  20. D Punched

    XR200R running rich

    my 96 xr200r has is running rich also has an uneven idle it idles up and down and take a good 5 to 10 seconds to idle down from riding. It has a run tong Keihin knock off it starts first kick but runs rich and breaks up mid range Ive adjusted the float and its helped a little but but im not sue what else to try i cant tell if the main needle says 195 or 105 if it is a 195 i know its to big and that's why im running rich i have a k and n air filter with stock exhaust and the snorkel piece removed from the air box i just did a timing chain replacement on it and bottom and top sprocket tensioner ext made sure timing is correct and valves are in spec anyone know what else it could be?. Does any one know of a good place to get jets or a replacement carb for around 35 or less preferably just some jets
  21. Hey guys. I bought a 2004 KTM 65 sx for my boys. I brought it home, thoroughly cleaned the carb, put it back in and started it up. It runs for 3-5 min and as it warms up it eventually won't run. First the throttle response goes, then rough idle, then it won't idle, and finally even if you pump the throttle it will give up. If you let it sit for a while you can repeat the whole process. So, I took the carb off and cleaned it again thinking I must have missed something. Same result. Then, I checked the reeds and changed them. Same result. I'm actually enjoying working on the bike but my boys are getting a bit impatient and I could use some help. Thoughts? Ideas? Any help is appreciated, I'm new to the forum and getting into riding again. Thanks!
  22. Dale Crabtree

    2009 CRF230f idle problems

    I have a 2009 crf230f that I recently bought. It starts great other than being cold natured. When idling it will be fine then it will blow air back through carb and into air box. You can hear this happen and fill the air come out of the top of air box. This causes the bike to lose rpm's and will eventually kill the engine. Can someone please tell me what is causing this? Intake valve issue, carb adjustment or other? Thanks
  23. Rettich333

    Yz 250 swaying idle

    Good evening guys, I have a problem with the idlespeed of my 08 yz 250. When the bike is cold the idle is constandly up above normal speed, if it gets to operrating temperatue the idlespeed hast somesting like a step when the engine rewing down.Afte about 8-10 seconds the idle drops below normal speed. things i've checked/ changed: -Airfilter -checked for sucking in air from outside carb. -cleaned carb -brought carb to stock adjustments ( needleclip, airscrew 1 turn out) -reeds checked -crank seals done today -piston is about 10h's old A big confusement for me : pilot jet is #50 ( stock is #52) and the bike is still running too rich when reving it from the low ildespeed. does anyone have an idea ?
  24. roost221

    05 YZ250 Idle noise

    i bought a blown yz 250 and i fully rebuilt it then at 8 hours the bike had a radeling noise and i check the piston it had scratched walls so i sent my cylinder off and got a new piston. I put the bike together and it still is radeling but only on idle. any ideas would help, thanks
  25. Finally getting this 05 KX250F up and running. It's kicking over (most times) fairly quickly. However, when it gets going it's Idling at what seems to me to be high or will die out if I start adjusting the idle adjustment. I've done the recommended jetting from 40 to 42. My question is, I know where to start the air/fuel screw but when trying to find to sweet spot for idle where do you start with the idle screw and how do you work back and forth to find a nice idle? TIA