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Found 71 results

  1. Hello friends, Just thought I'd share a short summary video of a 154-mile adventure ride my buddy and I did last week. Northeastern AZ has an unbelievable amount of rural trail/road to explore. My KLX300R averaged 71.5 MPG on this ride.
  2. I know, I know...it's not fair, but sometimes you gotta remind your boys who's the boss. Plus, racing is just plain fun. Had a blast out with my boys riding today. The bikes in the video are a 2007 Honda CRF70F, and a 2002 Kawasaki KLX300R.
  3. Hello all! New to TT and the dirtbiking world. Just recently purchased a 2014 klx250s at altitude (5000 feet). I almost immediately moved down to 2200 feet in the desert. I don't know what pilot and main jets are currently installed but I can assume it needs to change as the bike is probably running really lean. If anyone has recommendations for what jets to use and other settings to change before I start taking things apart would be gladly appreciated! I don't have a very permanent garage situation so every tune up/part replacement I do I try to make a one day job. I brought the bike with a FMF Q4 Muffler and Power Bomb Header Pipe. Thanks!
  4. Hi all, I have a completely stock 2005 Suzuki drz110 (same thing as a klx110) and it is running way to rich. It wont idle at all but will hang before it dies. It puffs a little bit of black smoke too. It always starts 1st kick and has decent power. Jets are stock at 35 pilot and 80 main. playing with the idle and fuel screws don`t do anything. Spark plug is black but it doesn't foul plugs. checked all around engine for air leaks with carb and choke cleaner and have found none. Air filter is clean and valves were just adjusted. Im out of things to try. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Luke
  5. So I’ve got a klx 125 that I’m fixing for someone they told me to get it running so first thing I did check spark plug needs a new one but should be fine for testing purposes then cleaned the jets after this I got it to start but was back firing after deceleration so cleaned the carb again just to make sure jets were clear then it wouldn’t start unless bump started so I made sure fuel air screw’s were adjusted after I thought it had to be mechanical so I checked the valves the exhaust was off a little so I adjusted it and then it started right up again still backfiring so I shut it off and tried to start it again(didn’t start) unless bump started step 3 timing chain??????? I don’t know what to do next so what do you guys think?
  6. So I got a 2018 Klx110l. It just has a exhaust on it. It’s about 40 degrees out and it bogs out whenever I nail the throttle.
  7. Hey everyone, i’ve been lurking for some time and now need some help. I just recently bought a KLX300R and am having an issue. First off, the carburetor seems to leak a little from a few places live the float bowl drain hole, and a black nozzle that is facing down on the side? but the main problem is the smoke. whenever it’s idling it runs fine and has no smoke, but when i gas it, it blows a white bluish smoke out the back, but then if i let it idle again it slowly stops smoking. i can’t tell if it happens while riding. my buddy said riding with me, that it did a little at times but that really doesn’t give much information. it also REALLY smuts up the back fender and exhaust tip. black smut all over, after riding for about 25 minutes. but i’m not sure if this is due specifically due to me overfilling the oil that ride. it has smoked since i got it. it smells like burning oil to me but what do i know. the guy i got it from said he rebuilt the carb which idk if that’s true or not, or if it’s just running rich now but i’m not sure. the thing is, it runs fine. no power loss, still hauls lots of ass. so i’m not too sure what the problem is. i hope some of you smart guys can help me find out what needs fixing. thanks! i types this on my phone so please forgive the bad formatting.
  8. I’m looking for a pit bike and for some reason I am drawn to the klx110. I found an 07 that is missing the rear fender and idk how beat it is but what do you think it is worth? He has it listed for $1,450. In 07, the msrp was only $1,699 so I can’t se it being worth too much.
  9. I have a 2009 klx 110 with a totaled engine and I'm wondering what type of engine I could replace it with. I've searched but only found engines for Honda crf 50's and cant find any that would hook up to a klx 110 frame. And before you say fix the current motor, the transmission is garbage, engine blew up so it also needs a top end rebuild, and both the engine cases have been broken with pieces missing. This happened because the slot where the Kickstarter shaft went into the case broke inside the engine and someone continued to run it while a chunk of the engine case was bouncing around inside. Also I'm wondering if they sell a kit where I could mount brackets on the frame to put a motor made for the Honda engines.
  10. Hello, I recently picked up a 2021 KLX300 Supermoto for my wife to learn to ride and she's having a blast. Im interested in buying a wheel/tire set more for offroad when my buddy's take their bikes trail riding. Has anyone done the conversion from a supermoto and if you could let me know what type of wheel to search for? will i need different sprockets? Thanks, any help appreciated.
  11. Hey y’all, Does anyone know what the clutch stack and clutch plates thickness and clutch spring Lengths are? Cannot find this info anywhere... I am trying to figure out if my plates are worn or not... Basically - my bike barely moves when I put the bike in gear. Not getting any power to the rear wheel whatsoever. The bike idles and revs fine, it just won’t engage to get any acceleration. I can only assume this could be toasted plates as I had to work like a dog to get the bike out of what I thought was a “small, shallow” mud puddle. Thanks in advance!!
  12. So I decided to purchase 2 gpx/pitster pro pit bikes as I bought some acreage and wanted something for me and my daughter to putt around on as we are making some single track in our woods. I have owned basically every bike known to man, 53 in the last 5 years to be exact and just couldn't justify another $11-12,000 ktm 500 for such a small piece of land (5 acres) plus I have street bikes and a sidexside. I went with the new fse190r for me and fse 110r for my daughter and I have to say I'm more than extremely impressed with both bikes! mine has the daytona 190cc motor in it 24hp and the bike only weighs 150 pounds and it's a rocket which I was not expecting at all, the bike is actually quite a handful to control in the woods lol. Lots of nice standard parts on the bike which a lot of klx 110 guys seem to change to anyway like the suspension(which is actually amazing!) dual oil coolers, folding brake/clutch levers, billet triple clamps, hubs, etc.. Pitster pros customer service has been top notch for sure, any questions I have had at all the owner has personally responded to, so far very very pleased!
  13. Hello ! Anyone know where they sell or some tutorial to put a usb charger on the handlebar protector
  14. My dad grew up riding three wheelers and quads but no bikes, he fixes and rides quads and Atcs daily and my mom rode a moped but that’s all of their experience. My parents act like even the smallest trail bike is a death machine. I have ridden a atc350x (dads) and a kxf250 (friends) as the most “dangerous” machines I have ever ridden. I don’t understand and I talk to them about it to death. I even see an xr100r for $350 that was $600 on Craigslist right now that I can afford. I ride a 300ex daily and have ridden all my life. I just want a dirt bike for a chance and I can’t even get my parents to budge on a ttr125 or crf150. I’m 15 and I think it’s time I’m alowed but they don’t. I know I can ride good because I have ridden many bikes and have had my fair share of crashes.
  15. dropped the bike doing a dirt donut, Pretty sure I broke a pin on the change drum /gear holder star thing (and 1 week from my Friday the 13th DMV test that I need this bike for) but found a pin in the oil pan when I was trying removing the gear changer face plate. couldn't remove the plate because I realized you need to get the chain and sprocket out of the way since I don't have tools for either of those things I was wondering if I could get away with EITHER removing the sprocket OR the chain ...to save money. if not I guess ill just have to buy $400 impact wrench + a $200 master link revet tool.
  16. After two full and intense days of trail riding on the Paiute Trail System in Utah, my buddy and I rode out bikes into the bed of the Ram 1500 and headed back to the hotel for some R&R.
  17. Just replaced my entire suspension and the forks are very stiff even when loosened all the way. I was wondering if the forks just needed to be ridden on to break them in.
  18. Hello friends, I thoroughly enjoy watching my boys progress in their riding skills on 2 wheels. It's fun to see them grow in confidence...and just be outside having a good time. I love that we can do this together. Here's a short video of some highlights from this past Saturday.
  19. I was looking at graphics for a Klx 125 and noticed that Klx 110 plastics/graphics fit a kx 65. So would Klx 125 plastics fit a Kx 85? I tried looking this up on google but to no avail. Any feedback would be appreciated thanks,
  20. So I'm looking for a klx110 online and I come up on this post, the dude wants 550 for it but the problem is it doesn't start and he says he needs a front end tune. Also has an rebuilt aftermarket carb. I asked him why it wouldn't start and he said the front end of the motor is shot but all I need to do is tune it. Is it possible?!I'm gonna offer him less but I want to know if it's worth it.
  21. I have recently purchased a very nice 2006 Klx250s w/ 1400 miles on it for $1500 bucks! (seems like a great deal to me). Anyway I just cleaned the carb, new plug, new oil and filter, new chain, new front and back sprockets (13t) and updated front fender. all of this cost me 150 bucks so no biggie there. I have done the smog delete mod and the exhaust is drilled but I need more power! What should I do next? I was looking at the FMF Q4 slip ons and would like to pick one of those up! but what is the best bang for the buck? Im a college kid so money is tight lol.
  22. Just bought a new 09 Kawk 250. Motor will get going with the choke, on a cold start. After warm up (15min+ driving) motor will sometimes start without the choke BUT a lot of the time won't start without the choke. no rich smell from the exhaust, no gas smell .... should it do this? I'm a new motorcyclist don't know much about motorcycle engines, just cars and small utility engines
  23. Ok so I recently bought a 08 crf250x, and I was shocked to realize it didn't come with a key! It has a battery, headlight, taillight, and an electric start, but no key. So I bought a cheap one off ebay, but I cant figure out the wiring. There are three wires: a red one, a black one, and a green one. I watched a video, and it said that you should cut the hotwire and connect the red one to one side of the severed hot wire and the black to the other side. And that the green was a ground wire. The video said that the hotwire was pure red, but the video was for a yzf, not a crf. The closest thing to a red wire I can find is a red wire with a white stripe, it was located down by the radiators. But on the video it was behind the headlight. So what I need to know is: where is the hotwire, and where is the black ground wire that I connect the green one too? A response would be very helpful, thanks
  24. I'm wondering what tires these are cuz I want some like them for my klx 110.
  25. March 2016 I bought my first motorbike A CRF50 May 2016 I moved to a 2.5acre block and started creating jumps for my level of riding I really tried to make the most of the natural features that were hidden beneath the grass/weeds but I really just ended up adding to a worm line that we constantly rode and added lip to sections that we saw fit. Straight / last corner First Jump Sandy burm Exit burm, minor woops into second jump Second Jump followed by small burm Small lip into into uneven decent into the last burm/beginning Perhaps this is a good start for a youngster on his/her first bike I failed to mention that I was born in 1995. This track was fun to start with but it was not long until this simply wasn't enough I started to build this line which opposed the direction of the original track. But the idea was to jump this, hit the small burm and then go onto hit a big jump.. But I got distracted by what I accidentally created. A little dodgy I know, this is the creation of when you can no longer be bothered digging and use random items to fill the gaps. Imagining is a great thing to do and to visualize is even better ! I took photos of my jumps and drawn on them with my smart phone. Little did I know this was going to be the most crashed jump of my life (so far) This was the beginning of my laziest effort. Pallet down ramp. These are pretty great if done well. -Level the area for stable stacking of pallets -Use pallets to fill most of desired down ramp space. -Then put any type of thick wood on top (helps spread the load and not crack pallets) -Then carpet so soil doesn't fall through the cracks -Last add soil/clay and lots of it ! I learnt the hard way (not the greatest effort on the jump but it puts the size in perspective a little) This jump quickly became our favourite And the little track quickly got forgotten and over grown. My lust for a bigger and greater jump and had clouded my mind... And with bigger jumps you soon require a bigger bike and this is when I upgraded to the KLX110L 2016 My stupidness resulted in this creation It stood at about 6ft And shook in the breeze After the result of poor pallet down ramp I realised making these sketchy jumps is dangerous and requires a lot of maintenance. So I contacted a lot of earth moving companies. And tried finding companies that were working on clay sites. This was free for me and should be for you. Each load of dirt 15-20t costs roughly $450 to dump in some parts of Australia. So I offered free dumping within my yard, I get dirt for jumps and they save a lot of money, win win. My first load arrived, roughly 17t of dirt.... it sounds like a lot but it really is not. I got these big crate boxes from work and screwed a door across the top of them to help spread the load. The crates are only there to try and save anybody that is lacking the correct speed. Progress was slow, but I needed to move this first load up against the crates as much as possible to allow the track to back in closer to the pallets. When I cant be bothered digging or don't have the dirt. I like to visualize what it will be like in the end Finally destroyed the old ramp and created a new one with the most desired material. That's what 4 days afterwork of my digging looks like (4 hours a night), worth the giant blisters This is about 22-26ft jump which is a good/fun size I believe. This is currently where I am at but I do think my plans are pretty great This is the plan for the future Apologies for not numbering the above photo The yellow jump with the 16 beside it is my pallet jump which is jump #1 And the second large jump of 21ft is the orange one that follows and that is jump #2 From now I ask that you use your imagination and hopefully can figure out which ones are which in regards to the following images. This one is Jump # 3 Note the burm will not swing around the tree and go to the left. This will be a bit of a hip and send you into a right hand turn quickly followed by a left as shown on the birds eye view. #4 is going to be a pretty hectic step down that I am already scared of the idea ! #5 is going to be a 25ft hip #6 is going to be roughly a 20ft triple (rollable) #7 will be a 17-18ft tabletop #8 and #9 need to swap as I think double-table-double would flow a lot nicer rhythm wise.... #11 a good sized triple roughly 18ft Into a hopefully very vertical burm Then into a +20ft hip to finish it off through the trees Hope you've enjoyed this read so far. I will keep you updated with the progression of the rest of the track. Please feel free to give me tips (other than spelling) in regards to the track and ideas. Cheers Jackson
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