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Found 25 results

  1. Hello all! New to TT and the dirtbiking world. Just recently purchased a 2014 klx250s at altitude (5000 feet). I almost immediately moved down to 2200 feet in the desert. I don't know what pilot and main jets are currently installed but I can assume it needs to change as the bike is probably running really lean. If anyone has recommendations for what jets to use and other settings to change before I start taking things apart would be gladly appreciated! I don't have a very permanent garage situation so every tune up/part replacement I do I try to make a one day job. I brought the bike with a FMF Q4 Muffler and Power Bomb Header Pipe. Thanks!
  2. Anyone know what the crank should feel like when manually turing it? I'm getting 10 foot pounds of cam/rocker resistance every time I turn the crank with a ratchet. 10 foot pounds, and the plug's out! Is that normal, or is this a serious problem after all? In the past I remember it used to feel like maybe 3 ft. lbs. to turn it with the plug out. I can even feel it's become harder to kick...
  3. I have a 03 klx125 and i keep hearing a loud knock (in my crankcase?); so i'm assuming a rebuild is in my near future. This is my first dirt bike btw and i don't know much. is it worth getting a rm or kx motor? Or easily possible? Would it be ok to get a 250 and throw it in there? I heard the 125/250 frame are the same and that the kiwi and suzuki frame were the same. If anyone has any experience with this klx rebuild id like to have your input.
  4. I need some help. I have a 1995 klx250d. It makes a rattle noise in the engine, but it's weird. I replaced the automatic cam chain tensioner with a krieger manual one and got rid of alot of noise. When i ride the bike with 2 people and when giving it throttle it rattles like a mofo.. when i ride it alone and jump up and down on the bike it makes the same rattle. It's a loud rattle. Exhaust cam weights? Im at a loss
  5. I have a 2006 KLX 250. I can not find a book for this bike for the life of me. Please help
  6. Hey all, I know there has probably been a ton of posts here about aftermarket for the klx250 but even after all the research I'm still a bit confused. I'm very very new to the bike world. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could tell me the most important things to do and in what order. I would like to have it jetted and a new exhaust. Not sure which ones to buy or how to install, but pretty sure I'd like this to get more out of the bike and definitely get a deeper sound than the stock exhaust (I have an aftermarket exhaust on my dr200 and its funny how much better it sounds than my new klx250 lol!). So basically I just need more clear instructions on what exactly to buy. Thanks much.
  7. Hello kids, Looking to get my second dual sport. Ive been riding for 3 years on my DR200. I mostly prefer single track and technical riding. I recently test rode the DRZ on dirt. I liked the extra grunt, but found it too tall for my legs and too top heavy for my riding style. Anyway, I like what I've read about the KLX250's suspension and aftermarket mods. I see "easy install" kits and directions all over, but no information as to how the 2018 kid's EFI will change installing these kits. Will it require an aftermarket EFI? Or possibly even a carb swap kit?
  8. Hello everyone, I have a KLX351 with a Mikuni TM33/34 pumper carb that I need to function at higher altitudes. I like in Colorado and regularly ride at 7000 ft. I would like to ride up some mountains that are above 12,000 ft. Is there a jetting setting that can do it all? 5000-12,000 or will I need to optimize the settings for a narrower range? Are jetting setting only good for about +/- 2000 ft elevation change? Thanks for your help,
  9. I currently bought a 2006 KLX250s with 1300 miles on it for 1500 buck! But its low on power and I really with it had more snap. I'm in college and have a budge and was looking at possibly getting a new rmx450z when I graduate. OR do you thing I should go with the 351BB kit and an FMF q4? I ride a lot of trails but want to take it on road as well. any help??
  10. I have recently purchased a very nice 2006 Klx250s w/ 1400 miles on it for $1500 bucks! (seems like a great deal to me). Anyway I just cleaned the carb, new plug, new oil and filter, new chain, new front and back sprockets (13t) and updated front fender. all of this cost me 150 bucks so no biggie there. I have done the smog delete mod and the exhaust is drilled but I need more power! What should I do next? I was looking at the FMF Q4 slip ons and would like to pick one of those up! but what is the best bang for the buck? Im a college kid so money is tight lol.
  11. I searched for a bit and was unable to find any market for trading-in 250 cylinders rather than 300s for folks going big bore. Starting off with two parts (300s) bikes and committed to 351 with an accelerator pump. Wondering if there is anyone out there who would like to step-up to a used 300 rather than me getting the work done on my 300 cylinder and 86ing piston? Seems a waste if there are useable 300 kits our there.
  12. I have a 2009 Klx250sf and am doing some dual sport modifications. I am having trouble removing the front sprocket. I am replacing the front sprocket, rear sprocket and chain. I went up to a 45 rear and kept the front at 14. I am turning the engine over and am unable to loosen it at all. I would have a friend hold the rear break but the rear tire and chain are not on the bike. Any suggestions or do I have to put the bike back together just to hold the rear brake? I am also running into an issue with putting on my barkbuster handguards because the ends of the bars seem to be plugged from the factory. I am tempted to drill out the thin plugs but am unsure what purpose they serve. Otherwise the only other way they would work would be to buy new handguards. Any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  13. I have a 2007 KLX250s that is completely stock. I couldn't find anything helpful online about a 2007 rejet, only 2009+ so I was hoping to get some input here. Dynojet doesn't make a kit for the 07 and I've read about a KLX300 kit but honestly I couldn't find a concrete answer. The only mod I plan on doing anytime soon is either replace the stock snorkel in the airbox with a KDX220 snorkel or completely remove it and the airbox lid, depending on what would make the most sense on an otherwise stock bike? Probably the latter. I live at 75ft above sea level if that helps with altitude jetting. I'd appreciate any and all info on what jets to get for that setup. cheers!
  14. Hello friends, Tonight I installed a "Ricochet Off Road" brand skid plate on my KLX300R. I made a video for those interested:
  15. so I live in colorado and I ended up buying a KLX250. seems it struggles to go passed 65MPH on 5th gear (my klx has 6 gears).....so im in search of another bike!! kinda.... now..for my klx250 its awesome on trails want to keep it...but cant barely travel on highway. But what if, I add a 15T sprocket in the front? can I then cruise at 75MPH? or should I even down the sprocket to give me more torque and maybe my 6th gear can be my 75 - 80mph? since it seemed my klx was stuck at 60mph on 5th gear giving it full throttle @ 8000rpm out of the 14,000 it has or am I better off with a drz400 or even a dr650 and adding a 15T? i dont plan on doing advanced trails...just service roads and chilling out in the mountains. maybe the most technical would be something like this below...... Any recommendations?
  16. trying to get my motor to run better. working on the TOP END Kawasaki klx250 valve specs exhaust: 0.15-0.24 mm intake: 0.10-0.20 mm First Time: took it apart to check the valves. (without removing tensioner) put it back together changed the oil notes: it was making a tapping sound (prob the chain ) shifting bad Second Time: took it apart again, reset the timing, reset the tensioner and sub tensioner checked the valve clearance -exhaust: 0.14 and 0.15 mm -intake: 0.13 and 0.10 mm notes: after the second time runs a lot better , shifts smooth as hell and no more chain noise **but slight tapping noise and a lot more backfire , this is what I'm worried about** I want to get the exhaust to around 0.21mm (I think the tapping is the valves) slight hesitation , I think its the carb or exhaust
  17. Hello, I am new to forums so bare with me.. I am looking at installing a Barrett KLX250 Full Exhaust System on my 1994 KLX250R but Barrett has informed me that they have designed their full exhaust system off of a 1997 KLX250. Both bikes are Australian models. Will I have trouble installing that exhaust?
  18. Hey guys, I am a new owner of a 2006 KLX 250. Friend just gave it to me, I would never pay for something as gutless as this bike. But, what can be done? For a 4 stroke it has no low end power at all. Is the bike worth dumping money into in the long run? Will sprockets help I heard people were throwing on 13T in the front. Heard about jetting but what jet sizes? I read that a fmf header and pipe and snorkel can be more a problem with too much air??? I saw people throwing on ejk's but I looked them up and they are for 2008-current. Can this bike show any balls? Where can I locate and remove the tampon in this Kawasaki? This bike seems to run and stay pretty damn hot, is that normal?
  19. After many requests and popular demand, the 1st gen KLX250s (06-07) Enduro Series rack is now available at https://www.pmracks.com/products.php?id=148 . Like all Enduro Series racks, they are Rotopax ready and compatible with many Wolfman Luggage products. All 1st gen KLX250 rear racks will include a separate bracket to relocate your turn signals.
  20. Hi all. Looking at swapping the cylinder and piston out on my klx 250 to a klx 300 kit. I see on e-bay a chinese copy can be sourced! Anybody tried one out? I'm guessing the price is too good to be true. (which it usually is)
  21. I just purchased a 2021 KLX300R Camo last month. I've done a few mods already but I'm having a hard time deciding what handguards and mirrors to go with. I would like to upgrade the bars as well, but I'm not sure where to even start. I do 75% of my riding on the road with relatively lite riding offroad. Please share your recommendations for mirrors/guards and any tips on bar upgrades is greatly appreciated!!
  22. Howdy friends, This past Saturday I rode solo from 5:20am - 7:20am out into the nearby forest. There is so much open space out here in NE Arizona that riding opportunities and new trails are endless. This loop, including new trail, was a total of 34.4 miles. Here's a small video summary of my ride. Of interest: 1 dead cow, 5 antelope in three separate locations, 20+ jackrabbits, some very secluded private property, a blossoming cactus, a section of cross-country travel
  23. This past weekend I purchased a 2009 KLX 250 SF with around 3,000 miles on it. It currently has an FMF Powercore 4 Exhaust and the top of the airbox as been remove with the air filter being replaced with an aftermarket filter. When I took apart the carb today, I discovered a CA compliant needle with no washers on it, a 125 main jet along with a 38 pilot jet. What I am wondering is should I spend the money to purchase a DynoJet kit or is it fine in it's current configuration. Bike is mainly run at Sea Level. Thanks
  24. NEW 2018 Kawasaki KLX®250 Motorcycle Kawasaki’s dual purpose motorcycle returns with improved performance and reliability. The KLX®250 motorcycle is built to take riders to new places. Borrowing notes from the KX™ line and Kawasaki’s racing heritage, this 2018 street legal, dual-purpose motorcycle is designed to cut through the busy traffic of an inner city or climb up a back trail to see the city from a beautiful view. The long awaited return of one of Kawasaki’s most versatile motorcycles, the 2018 KLX250. New Fuel Injection system 43mm 16-way adjustable front suspension Uni-Trak 16-way adjustable rear suspension New Digital Camo offering Stainless-steel exhaust Sharp, aggressive bodywork
  25. I have a 2007 klx250s, and had a leak in my non-fill radiator, so I bought a used one and stuck it on. However, the temperature gauge that came with the new radiator is a different thread size than mine, and has one wire with a bullet connector, where for some reason my existing one has two wires. I tried sticking each of the two wires into the bullet connector to test for a reading, but it was left blank for both. Anyone know why there are two wires, or what I can do to fix this issue? First picture is my old gauge, second is the new one
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