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Found 30 results

  1. I've had several of these bike in my garage and they are not very stable on my bike stand. They flop left/right because of the downtube and frame rails. They don't sit flat. What do you guys use to stable them up? -suggestions welcome, thanks in advance
  2. Hi i have a 1997 kx100 that i bought as a project bike and when i bought it, it was all in pieces. Ive put it all together but i cant figure out how the cdi box mounts to the frame. If someone could help me out that would be awesome, thank you
  3. My kx100 won't start. It gives a little purr when I kick it like it wants to. Spark plug is good. I never took apart the bottom end so idk if that could be bad. But I changed the piston but don't ask why but I used an old ring on the piston and one new one. The cylinder has a gash in it kind of like it was grinded by the piston a bit but that may be a problem. It's an 08. I tested the compression and got 85, and then tested 75 so it's bad. Could one bad piston be the problem? The piston was torn up bad so I'm sure the ring was bad. It was sharp too. Could that solve it? Thanks
  4. hi all so i got this bike not too long ago for what i thought was a steal a 96 kx 100 and has been giving me troubles since i got it knowing it would need a new shift shaft since the guy before me took what seemed to be a torch or maybe some sort of cutter to cut it into a square 🤦 but once i bought it i found out when opening the side cover i was missing the clutch pusher and all the smalls that assemble it but the clutch looked fairly new, once i got all the parts i ran it but every time i would put it into gear it would start to bog down and die, when giving it alot of gas i could get it to go into gear but it would get stuck and the clutch also would not engage.. does anyone know what the problem could be? i managed it get it back out of gear but it gets stuck only when its running any thoughts help thanks
  5. Hey Kawi riders! Wondering what upgrades I can do to a new KX100 will give me better performance for woods riding. I would also like to know if upgrading the exhaust/muffler actually increases overall hp instead of just transferring the powerband a bit. The 2014+ models already have 28hp. Hard to believe they can draw that much hp out of 100cc! Which muffler and exhaust would you recommend KX100 woods riders? Thanks
  6. My question is in regards to my front forks for the second-hand bike I just purchased. I have been looking all over the internet for the last three days to find out a similar issue to mine, so I know where to start. When ever the bike is off the stand there is a excessive amount of slack in the front forks from the point where I pull the handlebars up to fully extend the forks to the point where the settled without out my weight on them. The issue is that there is virtually no tension in the process. The vertical free play/slack is far too much. Low oil, Shock springs worn, a need for spacers? I don't see any signs of leaking on the bushings. Compared to my other bike it is nowhere near the same. Im just wondering where to start and to look to help fix this because I can't find any troubleshooting that relates to this issue or has a term for this excessive vertical free play in the forks . The bike is a 2004 KX100. Any Info would be much appreciated. Thanks
  7. What causes the intake bridge to crack? Just had this cyclinder recoated 30 hrs ago since the air filter came lose and fell out during a long hare scramble. Rebuilt the bottom end too. I am going to just get a new cyclinder since it's the cost is not much more. Do these type of repairs hold up?
  8. So I’m looking for some answers as to what year kx100 forks fit on my 2004 drz125 small wheel. I have read countless things about the RM85 swaps but I have the chance to get a 1995 blown up bike for CHEAP and was wondering if I could do the swap with that? Is there anyway to also do a full rear end swap so I could run the disk brake and kx wheels? Any help would be appreciated ! Here’s a few pictures of the bike just after I picked up/clean up. Completely stock bike.
  9. The vin on the motor is kx100ce012024 what year motor would this be ? Thanks
  10. My Stats: 14yrs 5,5 130lbs I have owned trail bikes before. I want to get into mx and racing. I have only ridden a 2 stroke twice. I am thinking about a kx100 with upgraded suspension and fmf exhaust. I will have to mod the KTM 85 a good bit with suspension, exhaust and engine mod. Tell which would be better and easier to mod. Also tell me if I need to mod anything else.
  11. Hey guys I just made possibly the best purchase in my life I bought a clean running kx100 for $200 it was only posted for a few minutes before i told him i would take it. Was this a good deal? I'm 6' 4" And am just using this as a pit bike right now but I just want to know if this was a good deal the only reason I said it was is because some friends told me I got super lucky but Idk anything about Kawasaki.
  12. Hey guys - I got a pretty good deal on a used 98 RM125 but when I pulled the cylinder to inspect, I saw a crack. When I asked the seller about it, he said he's been riding with that crack for over a year with no issues. "He says" that his mechanic told him it was not worth getting the cylinder honed / plated given the cost. What are your thoughts? I am thinking it needs to be repaired but wanted some additional opinions from experienced riders and / or mechanics. thanks for your help! Chris
  13. Hey, I'm wondering how often the Powervalve system should be cleaned (namely KX100) for woods riding. Thanks!
  14. I have a 2001 kx100 and i think it has a weak spark. i took the carb off and sprayed starter fluid in the intake and when i kicked it it did nothing. i know its sparking though. i took the plug out and looked at it while i kicked it. it looks like a white spark. i tried a new plug and a new ignition coil. didnt help. my stator resistance and crank sensor resistance are in spec. Anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
  15. Hey everyone, I'm hoping some of y'all can help me out with some advice. I always liked reading threads like this one. Hope it's ok posting here in the Kawasaki forum even though it's an RM100. It's supposed to be the same bike right? My girlfriends 2003 RM100 started rattling one day while out riding. There was power loss and it stopped running but would still turn over. Fast forward to yesterday, we took the top end apart and checked the crank for play. The piston has some marks on it as well as the cylinder. I took some measurements and the piston and rings were at the service limit, but the cylinder was still in the acceptable range? This is my first two stroke rebuild and any advice would be great. If the bottom end needs a rebuild along with the top end, I'll probably take it to a mechanic ?.
  16. Hey so I have ridden a drz125L for almost a year now. It’s really really comfortable...too comfortable-I’m ready to upgrade! !! I am 14 , 5 foot 6, 115 pounds and I do all trail riding. I am fairly experienced, not a pro by any means but good at what I do I suppose. What do y’all think?
  17. Trying to gear my 2016 KX100 for Land Speed Racing...Top Speed. What is the largest front sprocket made that will fit? I found a 16 made by JT Sprockets but don't know if it is the largest and/or if it will fit. Rear sprockets...what is the smallest made that will fit? I haven't found anything smaller than a 47 yet. If you respond, please let me know if the sizes you are talking about are 420 or 428. Probably going to a 420 in the long run just because it is a little lighter but the bike has a 428 chain on it now. Thank You
  18. So Im wondering if I would be able to move up to a 125 of a 250 bike. Im 23 and only 5'2. Right now I have a YZ 85 and a kx 100. I can handle both fine I just feel a little cramped sometimes. I have rode a yz250f and hardly can touch the ground. I like the power but I need to be able to atleast start the bike... should I just stick with the minis? Id like to try to race the local open womans class but i feel silly on a mini.
  19. Hi, I'm 15 and and an intermediate rider. Right now I'm on a CRF150F, but its getting a little small. I'm about 15 and mostly ride trails/desert and I only have around $2500. What would be the ideal next bike for me?
  20. Hello all, first time poster. Question for the experts.. real and fictional??. I bought my son a 2010 KX100 Monster Ed. For his birthday last week. It's in premium condition and he loves it. Small problem.. he's 5'6 so the bone is small for him, plus he's a brand new rider. First time on a bike was a few days ago. He'll get the hang of riding but he won't shrink. I happened upon a guy that wants to trade a 2004 DRZ 125 for a 85, which is the same as our 100 in every way except the factory boost to the engine. In your opinions is this a worthwhile trade? The DRZ seems to be in immaculate condition and the guy seem pretty anal about his bike. My concern is trading a 2010 for a 2004. Thoughts TIA
  21. My 2006 kx100 dies when going over rocks and bumpy stuff. We noticed that if i hold the front brake and compress the forks quickly the rpms drop and it dies. It’s especially noticeable going over rocks and i have to keep the throttle on halfway so it won’t die on me. We first cleaned the carb and changed the spaded throttle cable to a new one, and also readjusted the float bowls. None of that seemed to work but it did make it slightly take longer to die out but is still noticeable out in the trails when we go over rocks. We run 60:1 on it and that’s been the only problem, it runs good on spark plugs and doesn’t foul out to quickly. I don’t know what to do.
  22. So I finished rebuilding a 96 kx100 but the crankshaft isnt centered in between the cases. One side has a small gap and the other has a gap where i can just barely fit a piece of paper through it. Im wondering if this could give me any potential problems and if i should center it. Ive already ran the bike and it runs fine but that off center has been bothering me. So should I center it? Would it make a difference if i didnt? Thanks in advance.
  23. Project bike. This is a full ground up restore. Gorr replated cylinder, resurfaced head and con-rod rebuild to standard specs. This bike has seized 2 pistons in under 5 minutes. The first one (wiseco) I thought I cold seized it. The second one (OEM) did the same thing but lasted a few minutes longer. Both pistons look about the same (see pics)with scratching mostly on the intake side. Cylinder will be fine after cleaning. I checked ring gap, cylinder bore and piston diameter and all were in spec according to my Harbor Freight T-gauge and micrometer and Kawasaki service manual. I did not heat cycle though.... I just warmed it up , putted around slowly for a few minutes and revved it out a few times but never super high rpm. It has stock jetting. My only guess is a bad left seal (but its new?) or the lower cylinder diameter is off. No clue though. I'm really surprised as I have never seized a bike since I was 14 years old (34 years ago). If there are any cylinder/piston wisper'ers out there... your opinion is appreciated.
  24. Hey guys, I'm new to the 2 stroke scene. I have been a mechanic all my life. I've worked on anything from airplanes to. Submarines. But this is a subject I know little about. I built a kx 85 2006 model for my son. It's got a 2001 kx100 bottom end and a kx85 jug. I can't for the life of me get it to fire. I'm using the factory cdi and stator. I have spark... But I'm not sure it's timed correctly. I had to modify the stator mounting bracket slightly to get it to bolt up and I'm thinking that is probably my problem. Can anyone help?
  25. Hi, I am 13 years old and I am trying to decide what bike I want to get (two stroke of course). I'm 5'2 - 5'3 tall, and I weigh 125lbs. I'm a beginner at this, meaning this is my first bike but, I have ridden a dirt bike a few times. My choices are the yz85, cr85, kx85, kx100, sx85, and the sx105 (Yamaha, Honda, Kawasaki, or Ktm). I am not interested in the rm because I just don't like it. It seems like a cheap crappy (sorry if I offended you) and it doesn't seem to have the speed and power that I want ( at least that's how people describe it to be). So please don't include it in. I am going to buy a used bike on Craigslist or somewhere because this is my first year and I'm not the richest of families (in case that helps.) Right now, I'm confused about which bike to get because they're all good brands. I want to be fast on the track (obviously) and I want to be aggressive. Which bike will fit that role? Can some also explain what top end and bottom end power is and what it helps with when you are listing a bike? Can you include the pro and con of it? I'm also not sure if an 85 is the right size for me, as I want to grow into a bike and have it last me. Maybe I should get a 125, if is so, which one (again, no Suzuki rm)? I'm going to a dealership to sit on some and try some (not too sure about trying some) Saturday but I just want thoughts about this. I don't know ANYONE with a dirt bike so the internet is my only friend here so I am really counting on you. My mom doesn't know anything about dirt bikes or the sport so I have to really look at this stuff myself. If you have any tips, please leave some as they will be helpful for me or any other onlookers in the same situation as I am in.
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