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Found 45 results

  1. A 1994 KX125... This is my first 2-stroke (and a new purchase for me), i was told by the previous owner that the oil from the exhaust was a sign that it needed a new piston ring. Replaced the piston and ring and now the bike bogs down bad from a stop/very low speed while in first gear. New piston and ring (Wiseco spec sized for the year but is flat while the original one was crowned) Cleaned the carb (42 pilot jet with a 158 main jet) 800' above sea level Reeds look great Repacked the FMF silencer (still have oil out the exhaust so I know its running rich) I just can't figure out what else to do or check. The bike has great pull and power in the upper RPM range of first and all through the rest of the gears it pulls strong. Just looking for something that I might be missing. I have been searching this forum along with others for an answer to the issue I am having but have been unlucking in finding any leads...
  2. Looking for some help. I bought this bike blown up, rebuilt and bought new parts and put it all together but used the clutch that came with it. The bike runs really good. I went for the first ride and few days ago after some heat cycles and was just putting around my yard. When I first set off the clutch was working as it should, smooth feel at the lever, no lurching as I put it in gear or anything out of the ordinary. When I stopped and went to set off again tho, the bike tried to jump as I put it in gear and then the grab at the lever was gone. The clutch won't disengage. Has anyone else had a similar issue? I have been reading and many people said this was due to the plates sticking or grooves worn into the basket. When putting mine together I used a diagram and am quite sure it is together as it should be and the basket is not grooved. Could this be due to the oil? I was using 10w40 Castrol, should I try some atf type f? It's like there is suddenly more space between the pressure plate and the plates, I don't get it
  3. Hey fellas, first post on here. Just picked up a 1996 kx 125 last night, I took it on a trade for something I paid only 125 bucks for. So I couldn't turn it down. It is seized, so it is going to need a bottom end, jug looks to be okay, i mean it had has full fmf exhaust, renthal sprockets that are in great shape, boyeson reeds (unsure of condition of those) and it also came with a quick lift stand, so i didn't think I could go wrong. I have Been researching on this bike for awhile and I cannot find parts for it. Hardly any jugs, cases, and I can even find a new crankshaft, or a big bore kit. They have them for almost every year kx 125 besides the 96 and 01. I guess the biggest thing im wondering if any of these years of kx parts are interchangeable. im planning a total tear down (most of it is already) so I want to replace everything new. And if I cant get a new crank, I would like to purchase a couple to rebuild to have on hand. If someone could shed some light on this or give me any additional information I would really appreciate it!!! Ill be posting pictures and going to try keep everyone updated! I really appreciate you reading this! thank you
  4. I have a 03 klx125 and i keep hearing a loud knock (in my crankcase?); so i'm assuming a rebuild is in my near future. This is my first dirt bike btw and i don't know much. is it worth getting a rm or kx motor? Or easily possible? Would it be ok to get a 250 and throw it in there? I heard the 125/250 frame are the same and that the kiwi and suzuki frame were the same. If anyone has any experience with this klx rebuild id like to have your input.
  5. Hi there ! I'm currently looking for a used 125cc 2 strokes between 2000 and 2007. ME: I'm form Québec/Canada, I'm a 5.4 foot tall, i weight 130, i mostly ride trails(on dirt, sand, rocks) but i really like to jump, climb on some small rocks(a bit like trial) , and i do ride enduro style too. I CURRENTLY RIDE: an XR200a 1984 (with absorber) i really like that bike, it's undestructible and i can ride for ages with one tank. The downsides are the suspensions and the speed limit. I WANT: a light, 2stroke, 125cc, which i can use all around. I want to pay max 3000$cad. I did some research and found that the YZ 125 is a pretty notorious bike, and more notorious are the 2006+ because of the suspension, motor, weight, improvements. That being said, i'm not close for any other brand. The one thing i'm concerned with is the gas consumption. I can do 2, 3 rides with my XR(4stroke, of course) before it got bone dry. I don't ask for the same results but i just don't want it to run out after 1 1/2hr -2hrs ride. I would really like a bike i can easily find parts. During my reseach i fell on a steel vs ali frame thread, i'm also concerned about it. Being a Vintage dirtbike rider ATM i can say i love the way it feel. I tried my friend 2017 TE300 and it was great but it felt like the bike was SOOOOOO DAMN STIFF !! OMG, myself being small and light, i wasn't comfortable AT ALL on it. I don't think i could see a difference between a steel and an ali frame and i wonder if i could see a difference between 2002 Yz vs 2007 YZ's suspension too ?? HOW MUCH should i pay for a STOCK bike between 2000 and 2007 ?? (i know there can be that bike which as been redone and all, but just overall stock ) Anyway, i probably forget to write some lil thing but overall this is it, i'm looking for a 125, 2t !!! Thanks you very much for your time ! have a nice day
  6. I have a 99 kx 250 that needs a cylinder. I need to know if a 94 kx 250 cylinder is compatible with the 99 model assuming I use the 94 power valves? the bidding ends in a few hours
  7. Would the Shell Advance Snow Ultra High Performance Synthetic 2 stroke snowmobile oil work for my KX125? It says it's for snowmobiles but is there much of a difference? It's fully synthetic, and it says "Premix or Injection" on the back. This is the only oil that the local Canadian Tire, Walmart, and Auto Parts store sell, well this and 1 other brand for gardening tools, but I don't think I should use that. Plus, my work has an account at the auto parts store that sells this, and my supervisor said I could just add it to our monthly bill, so I wouldn't even have to buy it if I could use this oil. I am planning on making a 32:1 mix.
  8. I just bought a 1999 kx 125 and wanted to inspect the top end so i took off the pipe and looked through the exhaust port and saw the images below, I am new to this but i think that that is blow by meaning i could use a new top end. What do you guys think that I should do, if anything?
  9. Hey guys I’m new to the forum and have a question And I can’t get a straight answer....I have a 1993 kx125 frame with a 2002 engine....I am trying to find out if I have to find another 2002 cylinder or can I get a 2001,2000 etc. I plan on getting a bore kit done.....
  10. Will a stock 1992 125cc 54mm kx125 bore cylinder, fit a 1995 kx125? PLEASE HELP
  11. I am wondering how a kx125 will do at at Glaims. I am 14 years old 5 foot 4 inches and 100 pounds. I will have a paddle tyre in the back too.
  12. Hi All, I just bought a beautiful 2002 KX125 but it's missing the cylinder. I can't find one anywhere! The parts fiche shows no compatible parts other than 2002. Anyone have ideas? Can I get a 99-2002 cylinder and just make sure I get the piston for it too? They seem to be different sizes. Also, if anyone has a used one, please hit me up! mark.andresen@gmail.com
  13. Hey guys I have a 1991 kx125 and it needs a crank but you can not find em anywhere so i need a good cheap place to get it rebuilt if you guys know any place let me know thanks
  14. Does anybody know of any wireless headlights that mount where your number plate goes where you don't have to wire anything? Kind of just like push a button and it turns on type of light thing? I would also need it to fit my 03 cr125. Thanks for looking!
  15. I need some help, please. The main exhaust valve on my kx125 snapped and hit my piston. I have ordered everything I need to fix the bike, minus the main exhaust valve. Part number is 12005-1173. I have uploaded the pic with the part circled. The problem is, this part is no longer made and no one seems to have it. I have searched and searched for ideas, called a few local shops, machine shops, salvage bike yards, all no luck. I am getting worried that I may not be able to fix it now. Well, without spending an arm and a leg to do it. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions it would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you in advance.
  16. I have read quite a bit on here about anodizing and cant really seem to come to an understanding of it. I have a 2000 kx 125 I'm currently completely rebuilding. I just scored a new swing arm off eBay because the current one is trashed. I plan to get my frame powder coated black because it's steel. I want to get the swing arm hard anodized black. There are no anodizing shops near me where I live. I called one that does anodizing in Green Bay Wisconsin and they said they woukd be happy to do it if I send it in. They asked me if it's aluminum and told me that is has to be sand blasted and completely stripped of any steel. I have read on here that sometimes if the aluminum is cast it messes up the anodizing process. So my question is, is a stock 2000 kx 125 swing arm cast aluminum? Can you anodized cast aluminum? Other than the chain tension bolts is any other part of the swing arm steel? Will this &%$#@! me and I'll lose 100 bucks on the swing arm I just bought? Please let me know if you have any experience with this stuff.
  17. So today bought 03 kx 125. Told engine had complete rebuild. Clutch seems to work shift outt neutral smooth but bike bearly moves sounds like clutch it still held in lack or power. Wat should i check or look for wats first few steps i shound take first time ive seen this issue
  18. Hi I am 5'4/5'5 is and my 150r feels really small but the power is still good I'm looking for a new bike and I don't know what to get I weigh 125lbs would a 125 be good and if so wich one. I ride a lot of trails and sand riding but some local mx tracks thx
  19. This is going to be a long read so put on your &%$#@!ing helmets and lets get into it. A friend and I convinced another friend of ours to come ride with us one day. He rode around on my 01 yz80 and was instantly hooked. We took him riding a few more times until he finally made the decision to buy his own bike. Two days after that we went and picked up a 2001 KX125 for $300. Oh boy, a 300 dollar bike this will be fun. What makes it better is the previous owner's mind was fried from drug abuse. This poor bike looked like nagasaki had just hit. Lets just start off with the first view of her. Quite a sight it is.. Gotta love all the over spray. We did ask him why everything has extra paint on it (including inside the air box) and his response was gold. He told us you don't need to take anything off to paint if you're good. uhm, that explains why it looked like trash. Anyways, we got the bike back to the house safe and sound then started taking inventory. First thing that was bought for the bike was a bolt kit and gasket kit. No matter what those will be needed. There are a few key parts that are needed to get this 125 back to running status. First is the head. Apparently the previous owner has it but couldn't locate it after an hour of searching. Lets rack up this build budget! We also need the stator cover and a stator (pretty sure he "lost" it so the copper could be sold for money for drugs). Flywheel is missing. Powervalve assembly is gone as well. The kickstarter lever is missing but the gear assembly is there. Also needs a crank case and clutch cover. We have the clutch basket which is a surprise. The previous owner gave us an extra crankshaft because the current one is not in correctly...? Oh and no front wheel or expansion chamber, but those can come later down the line. There may be a few other pieces we are missing but we will go down that road when we start digging into the motor. First thing that had to be done was get rid of the poorly done paint job. We figured this was the best time to do this because the bike was just a frame. The front forks, rear shock, air box, and sub-frame were removed to start the process. We spent about 8 hours total using wire brush bits on an electric drill to remove the paint. For the smaller parts that could not be reached some 60 grit sandpaper was used. Over the hours the frame, sub-frame, and rear shock started to clean up nicely. The front forks managed to miss most of the paint so those were set aside. Oh did i mention he painted the seat? At this time my friend decided to get his use out of his parts washer. He brought in some parts that were just plain nasty looking. After a rinse or two they started to come out looking like proper parts. As he was pulling out some of the parts he noticed they weren't for his bike. Whoops. Back to the frame. Once it was finally down to bare metal it was time to go hard in the paint. Get it? no? okay, anyways it was paint time! The owner of this bike has a special touch to his paint that makes it stand out. Or maybe I just suck at painting. First coat was black primer. After the primer dried it was time for the main event. Before you tell me about the color, yes, I informed my friend Kawasaki's are normally green. The color came out beautiful. The final thing to this date was putting the rear shock, sub-frame, and forks back on. Once we had all this done it was time to grab another beer and make a plan of action. After talking it over we are taking a day break then going straight into the fun part, splitting the cases and making sure everything is up to standards. After that its time to put her back together and hope it starts. Luckily for me i get that day break to work on my cr250, but that is a different topic that i'll save for another day. I will be posting more progress here as it comes since my friend does not like using forums (what a whacko). Feel free to enlighten us on some tips and tricks for our adventures or just to say his paint color is wrong. Thanks for reading! More to come!

    • FOR SALE
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    2016 Kx85 2 stroke. 25.3 hours on new Wiseco pro elite Piston, rings, wrist pin, wrist pin bearing, grips, Rear tire, and rear tire tube. Power valve and cylinder head was cleaned and flushed out. Only ever used high quality Synthetic maxima k2 oil for best Lubrication. Gear oil changed every 10 hours. Air filter cleaned and oiled every 3 hours. Coolant was changed and flushed completely out of the cooling system. Cylinder base gasket and cylinder head gasket were changed. Crank is still in amazing condition. Tires are still in good condition. Never been ridden super hard because I do 50% motocross 50% light trail riding. It’s a good bike and always starts first or second kick. Vin number is JKBKXFCC9GA008119 Rarely ever had problems with it. Only problem is that clutch lever perch needs to be changed because the threads are messed up and I am missing a bolt from the front brake line guide that clamps the brake line onto the bike to stop it from getting snagged. Comes with a size medium helmet and bar risers and extra parts and goodies. It’s jetted a bit rich but that makes sure that enough oil is getting into the engine which makes it last longer . Bikes in good condition. fresh gear oil, fresh air filter, and bike is washed and cleaned Has a lot of power for a little 85. Plastics only have a few scuffs on them. It’s good for 10-13 year old kids. Selling because I’m to big for it and looking for a 125. I’m asking for $2,900 obo which isn’t a lot for how good condition it’s in. For more info,vids,pics, or concerns please contact me at monsoursaleh@icloud.com or (601) 415-9091. Pickup in Vicksburg Mississippi


    Vicksburg, Mississippi - US

  21. So I’m doing a total rebuild of a $500 2000 KX125 that “just needed a top end” .... I found it needed a cylinder weld and replate (big gouges) and the head trashed when I went to look at it. Bought it and noticed some rod play in the crank and took no chances. Ended up rebuilding the whole motor going with new oem crank, I don’t trust the hot rods lol. Had no luck finding a new or used cylinder head for this run 99-02 of the kx. Is my head too far gone to return to stock? Should I mill it for race gas? Also what are stock squish settings for this head for a starting point when milling?
  22. Assuming you had money burning a hole in your pocket how much would you pay for a 2020 kx250f with a 04/05 kx125 engine conversion? No hours on the frame, full rebuild on the engine, lectron carb. Obviously the cradle would be modified to accept the 125 engine along with the mounts, air box, and pipe mounting points. One of a kind and as if kawi suddenly started reproducing them. New ktm 125sx is $7300 and yz125 is $6600 of course those are being pumped out by the thousands. Just an idea that's driving me crazy so post your thoughts and numbers down below!
  23. Ok so I'm about to sell my Klx 125 and my clutch seems to lately have not been engaging like it should. its as if its pushing on the pressure plate but not far enough to let the clutch plates spin freely. I can put the bike in Neutral and it acts just fine but when I put it in gear and hold the clutch in, there is a lot of resistance when I try to move the bike back and forth. (the wheels aren't completely locked as if it were in gear but its very hard to move) I have had to adjust the pushrod one other time because it was doing the same thing. I've used all the adjustment in the clutch cable and it hasn't seemed to make a difference. I have also tried to rotate the pushrod lever to take more slack out of the cable. Before I open up the crankcase and take the pressure plate off and adjust it internally I'd like to know if anyone has any ideas as to how to fix it otherwise I'll just open it up and adjust the amount the pushrod sticks out. Any help would be great Thanks
  24. I bought a RM125, which is modded out to a 144 and after riding about a lap and a half it starts cutting out at high rpms. I cleaned the carb two or three times put a new spark plug in it and it is still cutting out. Also checked the reeds and they seem to be in great shape. Thought about swapping the stator with one I know works and trying that out. Anyone have suggestions? I have a video from my GoPro of it cutting out and bogging down but I can’t seem to upload it. Thanks for any input!
  25. Hey guys! I am planning an upcoming project bike. I am planning on buying a 2000-2005 KX125 and restyling it with the 2017-2018 plastics. I've seen it be done but I need to know what I am in for. What do i need to know and how do I do it? My main concern is plastics. So far, I know that I need a 2017 seat, tank, and subframe and a 2007 KXF airbox then custom fit everything. HELP!
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