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Found 79 results

  1. nick andrist

    kx250 98 Kx250 Rebuild Help

    Hello everyone I want to start out with I bought the bike a couple days ago and started the year down. When I bought the bike the kick start didn't move an inch so I figured it was seized. I started the tear down of the top end and I will included pictures to show you what I found. A piece of the piston broken off. I'm not to sure what my next step is. With this happening is the crank garbage too or is it still ok. with this happening the top end is in great shape I'm just scared of the bottom end. So many questions. Thank you for replying
  2. Im looking at buying a kx250 because i want to go back to a 2 stroke after a while on the 4 strokes, but im not sure which year to buy, ive been looking at the 02 to 04 models the most but anything over the year 2000 pretty much
  3. zrod625zz

    04 KX250 Triple Clamps

    I'm looking for some aftermarket triple clamps for my 2004 KX250 and I can't seem to find any that will fit my bike. Ride Engineering, Pro Circuit, Tag, Universal, etc. Anyone know if the newer model 250F/450F triple clamps will fit my bike? Also, if I wanted to swap out the front forks all together for some new 450F forks, is that possible? What all would I have to replace? Any insight is appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Could someone tell me the dimensions of reed cage bolts for a 02 kx250? I can’t find any info online. Should I get fine or coarse thread?
  5. Henry Nichols

    Kx 250

    Okay guys, I have a 1997 kx250 frame and I wanna know(if even possible) if there are any 2 stroke engines besides the original that will Bolt onto the frame without any modifications.
  6. canonball.z

    Front Brake Help

    I just bought a 2003 kx250 a few weeks ago. The guy I bought it from said he dropped the bike on it's side, and after that, the front brakes would "act up," but after feeling them, I figured they would just need bled and would be fine. After getting the bike home, I bled the brakes and realized that they weren't just mushy, but they would only grab on for a second before losing pressure, even while holding the lever all the way down. Sometimes they grab a lot harder for a lot longer, but they mostly just squeeze for a quick second. Also, when attempting to bleed the brakes for the third time, I realized that every time I pulled the brake lever, bubbles would rise from the bottom of the reservoir, which I was thinking maybe meant the master cylinder was damaged causing it to pump air into the brake line, but I don't know. I don't really want to take my bike to a shop or to buy a whole new front brake setup, so any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks! (Edit: I've never dealt with dirt bike brakes, so this is all new to me)
  7. Hi all, I have a 2004 kx 250 2 stroke and it wont start. it only backfires. I was out riding it one day and came up to a stop so the bike was just idling and it started to try and die so i revved it up a few times then let it die and now it wont start back up. It only pops or backfires when you kick it. Its getting good spark and i just put a brand new plug and coil in it. I took the reeds apart and they look like they're brand new. It was running great before so i dont know what happened. Im thinking it could be a fuel problem even tho the plug is a little wet if you take it out after a bunch of kicking. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  8. quickshoe

    anybody know this KX250?

    I am considering driving out to take a look at this bike. It's been for sale for awhile. I can't imagine that a handful of folks haven't looked at it....and passed. Before I go look at it, has anybody some wisdom to share? https://inlandempire.craigslist.org/mcy/d/kawasaki-kx-stroke/6174032017.html Thanks!
  9. I have a 99 kx 250 that needs a cylinder. I need to know if a 94 kx 250 cylinder is compatible with the 99 model assuming I use the 94 power valves? the bidding ends in a few hours
  10. CamrenKX'92

    Confused Kx250

    I bought a kx 250 a couple months back was told it was a 1997 i looked up the vin on the frame and it was a 1992. I didn't mind because regardless i had gotten 250 bucks off anyway. I rebuilt it and did the clutch but the gasket kit i bought for a 1992 kx 250 was not right at all so i bought a different one and that one wasnt right. Basically is there a way i can look up what year my engine is i tried typing in the engine vin and it didnt work. Thanks!
  11. Daniel Wolfe

    01 Kx250 proper jetting please

    So i know my way around a crab pretty well and i'm very familiar with them i just can't seem to get the kawi dialed in it seems to have this unging/erratic rev thing going on when i pull in the clutch and i slow down so i'm looking for the correct carb adjustment for the bike it didn't seem to do it when it was warm out but now that it's in the 30's forties it's doing it my elevation here in upstate ny is 295' it's been around upper 30's lower 40's but i'd like to tune it so it's ready for summer because i don't ride it much in the cold so i'd like to tune it so it would be best in 70-90 degree weather since that's pretty common around here So could someone please help me out I need to know what the fuel to air mixture is needle position and proper jetting thank you
  12. doubleClutch229

    98 KX250 Kickstart woes

    So I recently picked up a 98 KX250 for a killer deal, The guy's wife just wanted it gone so I picked it up without to much discussion. He did tell me that last he remembered it ran rough and had some issues with the kick start. Cleaned the carbs (replaced jets), checked the cylinder, replaced cables, grips, chain, and a few other odds and ends. Got it to start up fairly easily just needed to find the sweet spot for the air and idle screws. I did notice the kick starter seemed to be slipping a bit, so I took off the right side engine cover and inspected it.. I found that the bracket that stops the ratchet was misaligned, and the post that it was suppose to fit over had sheared off, so it wasn't holding the ratchet correctly... at that time I just re adjusted the bracket to where it was suppose to be and tightened down the bolt... I thought I was good and took her out the track for the maiden voyage and on the 3rd kick the end of the kickstart shaft sheared off (I had noticed the end had already been 'twisted')... luckily I found a few people to help me push start her and was able to enjoy some time out on the track. When I removed the broken shaft I noted that the bracket had not moved, so either I installed it wrong or there is something else going on.. So I ordered a new kickstart shaft, and this time when installing I carefully drilled out the spot where the post was suppose to got and found an allen head bolt that fit snugly inside the bracket. This time I took careful steps to make sure I installed the kickstart shaft so the ratchet arm was resting in the bracket, then was able to get the spring in its keeper. So I though I was good. I went to start it and man as I remembered before the amount of force to kick it seems really high, more so that 450s I've had the opportunity to ride. It also would kickback if I didn't make it all the way through the stroke. I did eventually get it started and running decent. The next day I was about to get the carb further dialed in when I noticed that end of the new shaft I just installed was already starting to twist, so I decided not to kick on it anymore till I figured it out... This got me thinking, when I installed hotcams on my 250f I intially forgot to install the decompression attachment to the exhaust cam, and started considering it was timing related. I'm still new to strokes but it seems like the timing can really only be set at time of assembly? I know there is ability to retard or advance, which mine is set to the middle tick mark. So long story short what should a be looking at for a harder than normal kickstarts? Could the exhaust valves be opening and closing and the wrong interval? is there an easy way to check those without removing the motor?
  13. DemonRanger

    Kx 250 lemon

    Hi guys, new to the forum! Making an account here however i've done some reading here before. I need some help with getting my dirtbike running. I am very frustrated with it as i haven't had the chance to even enjoy it since ive bought it. I've had maybe two good runs on it. Anyways here is the background: 2001 KX 250 2 stroke, Fully rebuilt top end and bottom end done by local garage. After the rebuild the bike was running pretty good. However I have had a issue with it losing spark. Took it for a good spin one day and the bike lost power suddenly and died. I started troubleshooting it, and found that it had no spark. So i went ahead and checked everything out and found out the new stator that the garage installed on it either developed a short or some type of issue. I checked it with my multimeter and proved that it indeed was faulty even though it looked new. So i threw the original stator that i had for the bike back in it and the bike had spark again. Yesterday, I filled it up with mixed fuel and had it running. Bike started fine and everything seemed good, however about 5 minutes after it warmed up it died. I checked the plug and it was full of fuel. So i was thinking it just flooded itself and no big deal. I then went and put a new spark plug in it ( tried an iridium plug as i read online that they are suppose to be better ) , bike started up fine and I was impressed with it, however after about 5 minutes of trying to warm her up the bike started to act boggy and i could feel the bike trying to die, shortly after it died. I kept kicking it over for a while and no go. So i then troubleshot it again today and now theres no spark again. I am very disappointed as the issue seems to be back to square one. Anyone have any input or advice, im at a lost cause with the bike. It's like when it warms up she gets boggy then doesn't want to start any more. Also i found it strange that the brand new stator became faulty or damaged and now with the old stator i am no longer getting spark. I had the motor fully rebuilt with wisco parts because i was hoping to take care of the bike, however i can't seem to drive it! Much thanks for any input.
  14. i know a lot of kx cylinders will interchange ( ive heard 93-04 will) but i know on a lot of those year cylinders the port timings are different. I have a 99 kx250 that i am looking for a cylinder. So my question is what year cylinders will bolt on and have similar port specs. Wouldnt a 99 run badly or not run at all if it had a cylinder with different port timings than what it was designed for?
  15. rjmosch

    KX 125 FMF 909 Bike

    I have come across a KX125 in boxes, it has a 98 frame and i believe a 98 motor as well. I started to assembly everything and have found that instead of an engine number on the cases, it is stamped KX125 FMF 909. This is in the exact location that the engine number is located on my other KX125. Does anyone know if FMF and 909 once teamed up to build 125's? Either for factory riders or just engine builds in general? It also has a Factory Connection state cover. The top end was not included so i am guessing that was taken off before being sold. I know factory bikes have a lot of special parts removed before sold. The bike also has a newer electronic controlled Carb and I know they did not have any electrical going into the carb for years after 98'. It also has a custom wire harness with an aftermarket injection control until with a 3 different settings to change. I basically just trying to find out if FMF and 909 once built factory bikes, or if this is just a massively modified KX 125. Thanks in advance.
  16. The stock kick starter is way to long for me. I'm 5'9 and every time I kick start it, it shins my leg and it hurts. My cousin who is 6'2 even has a hard time kick starting it. I kick started my uncles 1999 YZ250 and it was so easy it only took me once or twice to kick start it. The kick starter was short and thick. I was wondering if a kick starter like that could fit onto my dirt bike? It can be from any model dirt bike. It would make my life so much easier.
  17. lukerpm

    kx250f not starting after rebuild

    Hi guys. I have a 2011 fuel injected kx250f. I just put a new piston in it and adjusted the camshafts and valve shims. they are all adjusted perfectly in spec. I have put the bike back together now and have been trying to start it all day. It has spark and compression. However you can hear air coming back out the air filter when kicking it over. every around 10 kicks it backfires but doesn't start. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  18. Had sorta ruined my back number plates during a hare scramble last year and i'm thinking about getting a whole new set of plastics and graphics. I was wondering if anyone has tried putting newer plastics on a 2007 kx250. My biggest issue is the front fender, I love the look of the new front fenders on the 250's and 450's. The only other parts is radiator shrouds because the stock ones quite ugly to but the back fender and number plates are fine. If anyone knows if any newer plastics will fit let me know, not scared to re drill some holes or make some small brackets if necessary, just curious, anything y'all know would be a big help.
  19. Jakksin Henson

    Clutch plates?

    So my friend got this lil beast, it's a 1990 KX250, I've seen several kits on amazon but I don't know which to get. There are some EBC kits but the review from an individual said that the one that's "suppose" to be for his 89 was the wrong kit. Any cheap durable kits out there that will actually fit this 2smoker?
  20. My stator is good. Ive measured the resistance specs. But the connector that plugs into the harness is broke. Is there anywhere i can buy just the connector?
  21. yaboidouggie

    kx250 water pump

    Ok guys, this is my first time posting here on thumpertalk, i’ve got a 1989 kx250 with a water pump that needs some new parts. i found all the parts i needed in the oem section on motosport, except for a plastic gear. The short name for the gear is shaft-comp, pump, the part number is 13234-1079 and it’s discontinued so i can’t find it on any website, if anyone has one that they would sell to me or knows of where i can get one, it would be greatly appreciated.
  22. Ryland Rimmasch

    2002 KX125 stuck in gear

    Hi guys, This is my first post ever here on TT. I recently bought a 2002 kx125, the guy I bought it from put a brand new crank in along with a top end. It starts and runs great. My problem is it seems like it's stuck in gear. It will click down like first gear, but then when you shift a half click up (neatural) it still acts like it's in gear and then it won't click up any farther. I am out of town for thanksgiving but I was wondering if you guys have any idea what might be going on so I know what I need to do when I get home after the holidays. Thanks so much. Ryland Rimmasch
  23. Whaddup dewds, checkout this mini edit I made
  24. Fellas, I'm in the process of restoring a 1996 KX250 and am now at the suspension. The person who once owned this put a lot of high end pieces on it including Emig triple clamps and the suspension valving was performed by Pro Circuit. The fork leg stickers read: Compression - 10 Rebound - 12 Setting: .42 0-110 So I'm pretty sure it has a .42 spring in it which should be good for my weight (185lbs) but what's up with the 0 - 110? I'm assuming it has something to do with oil levels. Rear Shock: Only thing I can see on it is some sort of works bladder kit which increases oil volume. I just had it rebuilt by a friend and he said there was definitely some different valving inside. He changed the oil and filled it up with 165 PSI of Nitrogen. However, my manual calls for 142 PSI. Will the PSI & oil levels change with the different bladder kit? I'm pretty sure it's an aftermarket bladder kit because it sticks out about a half inch and then the valve comes off of that. If I remember correctly the OEM one is kind of concaved at the base of the shock reservoir and the fill valve is in the center. Anyway, any thoughts on how I should proceed to get this bike setup for me would be greatly appreciated!
  25. TrailandTail

    1998 KX250 ignition coil

    I'm currently trying to get my sparkless kx250 to run I've been trying to test the ignition coil with my handheld tester but I've run into problems. The service manual I found online has the test laid out as shown in the picture with the primary test running over the yellow arrowed items and secondary over the blue. I cant get my ohm meter to register any reading over these points on any ohm setting (200-200m, and yes I know my tester functions correctly). The red arrow points to a wire that isn't even mentioned on my service manual as being there (however its shown in the 2003+ manual for some reason?). I've used the measurement tests from the 2003 manual to test over the primary windings for a resistance of .8 Ohms, and secondary resistance of 17.8 Ohms are these in spec? Also why the hell does my 1998 kx250 have a coil that seems to have an 'extra' wire coming off the ignition coil? Whats it for? If I purchase a new one do I need it to also have this wire? As you can tell im new to this whole thing, we used to just take our bikes into our local shop but I would like to save money, I already have upwards of 3k spent there with very little to show for it. The first picture is the test setup from the 1998 manual, second is from the 2003 manual.