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Found 35 results

  1. So I'll give a quick recap of my problems. I bought my bike from a buddy who got it from a buddy so I don't really know what was done to it. I got it right at 51 hours so a few weeks ago I did a valve adjustment, fork seal replacement, and did all the minor maintance like oil change and spark plug, and everything seemed to be running fine. The first day I took it on the track after the valve adjustment it was ridding great until my clutch cable snapped, replaced that and went back to the track the next weekend. This is where the problems really started. On my third lap, I came out of a corner and tried to give it gas and it bogged down for half a second then came right back up. This kept happening out of every turn, or every time I slowed down and got back on the throttle. So I called it a day. The next time I went back, it was running fine until the third lap, and then it started bogging down again. I took it back to my truck and road it on flat ground for a bit and it only got worse. Instead of occasionally happening, it bogged down every time I gave it throttle. But then it will idle just fine. I've pulled the fuel pump out and hooked it up to a battery and it pulled gas out just fine. Any idea of what's going on? Please help! Thanks. -Trey
  2. MichaelAxelKlose

    But Can You Jump My JEEP?

  3. BadcaseofTB

    Where does this part go?

    I missed tracking where this little top hat came out of in my 2011 kx450f. Was thinking clutch or right side engine cover. Any help would be appreciated I can’t seem to find it in the manual.
  4. This year at the age of 35, I start Dirt-Bike . My start was with a 2011 yz450f . i trained 2 or 3 time per week in the deep sands or the woods. getting better give me confidence to think about riding on track. my first experience on the MX track was a disaster, i have done the first lap and barely could corner correctly and stall the bike 3 time and a bad jump and .... then i rest for 30 min and 2nd lap(run) was not better either. my thought : Okej, i just simply cant . But i keep training for the next 2 months in the sands and woods + 1 month ago i sold my YZ and bought a 2013 CRF450F . the difference was obvious, immediately found CRF an easy bike to ride and fell comfortable on it ( except the &%$#@!ing clutch ). 2 weeks ago i was on MX track with my friends , and i was surprised . i could drive easily compare to my YZ and do the cornering and jumps , or do 12 laps in my last run and the best part was that i enjoined so much and had a good feeling. During the week i was talking about it with my friend and conclude its mostly the CRF (70% ) and my improved riding skills(30%). Today we went to the Track, and deep down i had stress that i might &%$#@!ed up on a powerful bike like KX or YZ . Fortunately my friend let me to try his bike ( 2014 kx450f ) , and i was shoked on the bike .... !!!!!!!!!! i felt good from the first touch of the gas to the last corner . Damn it was me as a rider which had the most improvement rather than the bike effect on my riding. of course, CRF good handeling and drivability helped me to gain my confident + i have no reason to blame the bike and I worked on my driving skill . I am a YZ fan and still Love YAMAHA brand... i will put more hours on my CRF before moving to a 2016 YZ450F(I already decided what to buy ) .
  5. it seems they have totally different opinion that the other shoot outs . you can read the full article here : i like the way they described each bike http://www.motorcycle.com/shoot-outs/2018-450cc-motocross-shootout
  6. Hello all, I currently live in Phoenix Arizona and I am having problems with my 2006 KX450F backfire. Its rides perfectly fine and has all the power in the world, does not lack on the responsive side at all. But whenever I engine break I pop A LOT. "Poppopopopopopopopopop" and its whenever I am slowing down after either going fast or slow. I want to know how to stop that, I understand that some popping is okay, but its a lot, spits fire sometimes after going fast. I am not sure what current jets I have in the bike, because the previous owner did not know, but I am thinking of going to a 180 main jet, 42 pilot, 55 leak jet (from 70 stock), throttle clip position 4th from the top, and 2 turns out on the fuel screw. I have heard a lot of people changing the leak jet from 70 to 55 helps a lot overall. I am not sure on what to use for the elevation wise on the jets. I have tried to lean and richen the fuel screw before but nothing has happened. Any suggestions of what I should do? Just thinking of getting JD Jetting kit and going from there.
  7. started to make this noise when i shut the bike off anyone know what this is or ever run into this problem? thanks,
  8. I have a 1999 KLX300R which I bought this past April (2017). I only ever ride it on the weekends for no more than an hour (time constraints). Since I bough it, it has always ran hot. The oversized aftermarket pipe it has constantly heats and burns my leg, just from those hour rides. I've dropped it twice and both times the coolant boiled afterward, but it doesn't boil when I just riding it normally. Just this past weekend (late July), I went riding with some friends and put some hard hours on it. As I was coming in for a break I pulled in the clutch and the engine immediately stopped and locked up. I got off and tried to kick it over but it wouldn't budge. I let it cool down then rolled it back and forth in 6th gear to free it up. It starts and runs smoothly now, but there sounds and feels like there is something rattling around in the top of the cylinder. What should I do? Can and should I try to swap another engine into it? What could the problem be? broken piston ring? broken valve/shim?
  9. Okay guys I could really use some help on this one, I've been diagnosing this bike for almost 2 months now without success. I've spent hours on the phone with a technician in Anchorage, time searching this forum, and in the manual as I live in an area of Alaska without a dealer/ tech. 2012 KX450F set up for a Snow Bike kit I just bought this year haven't had one ride. Problem after checking valve lash bike developed difficulty starting. (Here we go I've checked the valves they are good to go triple checked...., the bike runs fine the issue is starting.) At this point the only way I'm able to start the bike is by unplugging the capacitor and hooking up 12V battery, if I dont do this and allow the fuel pump to prime at least 1-3 times bike will not start. Things I have checked so far... Valves in spec Ignition Coil Fuel pump flow test in spec Fuel pump pressure test in spec Stator Magneto output in spec DFI self diagnostic gave a water temp sensor code (replaced and didnt solve) Fuel injector ohm tested in spec Voltage to Fuel injector in spec Crank sensor in spec ECM replaced (didnt solve problem) Regulator Rectifier 12-13V output which is not in Spec (14V-14.5V) but dont suspect that to cause this problem? Spark Plug replaced Capacitor tested passed OHMs test Ground to ECM in spec I bought wiring harness, ECM, Capacitor, Regulator Rectifier, Ignition Coil that were taken off a running bike plugged and played did not solve problem. (I have not replaced the wiring harness with the one I bought) Whats your thoughts on what to test next? I've probably missed things I've checked at this point. My thought is to start back at the beginning this thing is really exhausting my patience. Anyone think I need to buy a new Regulator Rectifier based on the 12V-13V output. I've spent about 500$ on parts so far and hate to keep buying more if not needed. Thanks in advance!
  10. radodge

    2014 kx450 engine noise

    I have a 2014 kx450f. I'm having a gurgling noise when idling I can't really hear it when riding runs good and cranks on 2 or 3 kick when cold. I have just put a new cylinder and piston and rings in. I checked all my clearances when I put it together like valves and cylinder and piston size and ring gap and I also staggered the rings like the manual says. I also took the flywheel off and cleaned the screen it was pretty dirty this is the first time I have done this I just got this bike about 2 months ago. The reason I replaced the piston and cylinder is due to scaring on piston and cylinder when I took it apart to replace the base gasket on cylinder due to water leak when I bought the bike then discovered when I got inside I had the scaring on the piston and cylinder so I went ahead and replaced. I'm at a loss on this gurgling noise looking for some advice please.
  11. they just announce the first position, i am interested to read their december issue .
  12. I have a 1999 KLX300R which I bought this past April (2017). I only ever ride it on the weekends for no more than an hour (time constraints). Since I bough it, it has always ran hot. The oversized aftermarket pipe it has constantly heats and burns my leg, just from those hour rides. I've dropped it twice and both times the coolant boiled afterward, but it doesn't boil when I just riding it normally. Just this past weekend (late July), I went riding with some friends and put some hard hours on it. As I was coming in for a break I pulled in the clutch and the engine immediately stopped and locked up. I got off and tried to kick it over but it wouldn't budge. I let it cool down then rolled it back and forth in 6th gear to free it up. It starts and runs smoothly now, but there sounds and feels like there is something rattling around in the top of the cylinder. What should I do? Can and should I try to swap another engine into it? What could the problem be? broken piston ring? broken valve/shim?
  13. i have a 2013 CRF450R and for next year i wanna buy a 2016 bike . 2016 honda is off my list . i am looking for a 2016 yz450f or KX450f . my heart is with YZ450 , but from people around and magazin comment i am wondering if it is a good choice !? dose it realiy feel heavy in front and steering into corners is a big problem !? is KX450f really better !? what is your experience with YZ450f !? which one should i buy !?
  14. Walker Leonhardt

    EFI/ Exhaust need help

    I recently bought a 2011 Kx450 and am having some issues starting the bike. Ive ridden dirtbikes since i was little and ive never owned a four-stroke or anything with EFI. So tuning and tinkering is something I need some help on. Anyways, I can kick a thousand times on the bike and it seems like it wants to start it wont start unless I blip the throttle, and very carefully because too much and the thing will either kickback or backfire. Cant use the idle knob either because then it really pops and backfires. It takes about 5-10 kicks with the bliping method. Ive check plug, fuel filter, new fuel, everything is fine. Once the bike runs and is warmed up it dies without the choke after about 10 seconds. As far as I know it hasnt had the ECU reprogrammed with the full system, would it really make it that hard to start without a reprogram? Should I send it in or just buy a stock header for it?
  15. I found this bike that is for sale near me, it's a 2007 KX450F. The seller is asking $800/OBO. The reason he's selling it is because the valves need to be adjusted or replaced and it's a costly fix(He says ~$300 to fix it) and he doesn't want to deal with it. It has a clean and notarized title, but the bike only backfires, it doesn't physically run. From what I've heard from my friends is that it is the valves. But I am worried that when I purchase it, there is going to be something more costly that is wrong with the bike rather than just the valves. I can't see the bike run but if it is only the valves I would buy it in a heartbeat but I don't know for sure because the bike doesn't even run. What are some other major issues that could be wrong? Would you buy this? What are your thoughts? One of my buddies mentioned that it could need a motor rebuild which is pretty expensive. I'd love it if I could get some input from everybody. The bike is very clean looking, plastics are pretty nice and there isn't a lot of cosmetic damage to the bike. I'd really appreciate it. The two pictures that are attached are pictures of the bike. Thanks in advance, I appreciate any help with this.
  16. Kenny_mac

    Kx450f 09 sensors

    Hi, new to the page. I'm building a buggy with a Kx450f 09 engine. I've got the wiring loom, but don't know what sensors I will need to buy for it. Any that are inside the engine will still be there, I just need to know about anything that would have been outside. Like the air sensor in the air box. Is there anything else I will need? cheers
  17. considering riding 450s : Is 12t sprocket better for trail/enduro use !? does it help the bike not getting stall in the tide sections !? or 13t is still better and just changing the rear to 52t ? dose it help to have 12t front + 52t on the rear ? any other combination !? suggestion !?
  18. kf92

    kx450f Engine noise

    My 2006 KX450f Started making this noise when i shut it off. Bike runs fine otherwise and doesnt have any issues. Does anyone know what this noise is or ever ran into this issue Thanks,
  19. Hey guys, I have a 2012 KX450f and it is giving me major issues. I will give you a run down of the history of it. I bought this bike a few months ago and have only ridden it really once, yes once! When I bought it everything seemed to check out, it ran fine, started fine, sounded fine, so I bought it. Took it out to ride and the first hill I hit it got really hot and overheated like a SOB and spewed coolant everywhere. I thought to my self maybe it was because we were riding trails slow before so maybe when I actually got on it it got too hot. After that though, it began to overheat every 3 minutes no matter what, I would ride it for 3 minutes, and have to stop to let it cool down because I was scared I was going to melt the top end. Got home and started inspecting, found out that oil and coolant was mixing both where the oil is supposed to be and where the coolant is supposed to be. After some research I found that the 2012 450 had head gasket issues. Assuming that was the issue, I took the head off and got it resurfaced (it was actually decently warped) and put new gaskets in everything top end related. Piston and cylinder looked brand new by the way. So I put it back together, started it up, and it instantly started spewing coolant and oil mixed out of the crank case breather hose. Like literally as soon as i started it and it would make a puddle on the ground in 10-15 seconds. I'm at a loss here, brand new coolant and brand new oil, brand new head gasket and resurfaced head, and it instantly started doing the same thing again? What could it be? Is it worth my time or do I part the bike out? I have put way too much time into this bike to want to tear back into it again unless it is something cheap to fix, if not I am going to post it on craigslist and let someone else deal with it. Overall this whole experience makes me want to go back to a 250T! XD
  20. Zorrostunts

    2014 Kx450f won’t start without spray.

    I just got done totally rebuilding a 2014 kx450f I mean all new everything on the inside of the motor. But now the bike won’t start on its own. But it will start with starting fluid and then it stays running untill you shut it off. Could my fuel pump be going out or could my ECU be bad? Iv had different people tell me different things. Bike also has a bit of a misfire when your trying to keep the throttle locked at a certain point. This is my first fuel injected dirtbike and I’m not sure what to check first and or how to check it. I put a lot of money into this bike and I just want it to run right.
  21. Protip

    Kill switch connection

    I have a 2012 KX450 and am going to ride it in an event where I have to put a tethered kill switch on it. After doing some testing I got a normally open tethered kill. It just has wire coming out of it though. Does anyone know where I can get the connector that would plug directly into the spot the factory kill plugs in so I could just swap it in and out as needed? Picture is of the female side that it needs to plug into. The male side is hanging next to it.
  22. Chaser503

    Top end - which piston?

    2015 KX450f Time to do a top end, after 85 trouble-free hours of trail and vet mx practice. The 2015 came with a re-designed piston for Kawasaki "box bridge design". Should I get the OEM replacement or Vertex, Pro-X? Thanks
  23. jhess212

    FS: WARP9 Supermoto Wheels

    I have a set of Warp 9 Supermoto Wheels I will be selling with in the next month or two. Just testing the waters to see if anyone is interested in buying them. I just bought a 2015 Honda CRF450X and am going to set it up for dual sport / enduro riding rather than supermoto riding. They have the black rim, silver spokes, and red hubs. They are in great condition, not scratched up or anything. Depending on what shipping cost and everything I'll prob ask around $750 for them. Brand new they run $900-950. The wheels have dual sport knobby tires on them now and can potentially be sold with them included. I don't have pictures of them right now but can upload some on here soon. DM me if you're interested.
  24. ZAYxSLAY

    Moving To San Diego

    Hey Thumper Talk Folk, If anyone is located in San Diego around Coronado i could use a riding buddy. You can reach out to me on Instagram: @ScottREC Ill be moving there this summer! HMU Thanks!
  25. rjmosch

    KX 125 FMF 909 Bike

    I have come across a KX125 in boxes, it has a 98 frame and i believe a 98 motor as well. I started to assembly everything and have found that instead of an engine number on the cases, it is stamped KX125 FMF 909. This is in the exact location that the engine number is located on my other KX125. Does anyone know if FMF and 909 once teamed up to build 125's? Either for factory riders or just engine builds in general? It also has a Factory Connection state cover. The top end was not included so i am guessing that was taken off before being sold. I know factory bikes have a lot of special parts removed before sold. The bike also has a newer electronic controlled Carb and I know they did not have any electrical going into the carb for years after 98'. It also has a custom wire harness with an aftermarket injection control until with a 3 different settings to change. I basically just trying to find out if FMF and 909 once built factory bikes, or if this is just a massively modified KX 125. Thanks in advance.