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Found 50 results

  1. Hello, this is my first post on these forums. I have been reading some posts to try to learn about common problems with my motorcycle. There are a great many dead threads, but there are also several very helpful people who put up guides to do stuff. Okay, here we go. I have a 2004 XR650L with about 10k miles. I have about 200 miles on the new top end, and things are looking good. I have yet to check valve clearances and I think my cam chain is loose, but none of that matters unless I can get this bike to stop dumping oil. When I first got it, the previous owner told me that the oil should be checked while running and with the dipstick screwed in. I trusted this against my better judgment, figuring that the bike was just quirky. Well, there was understandably never any oil on the stick unless running, and the short story is that the bike burned up and I replaced most of the top end. Now, I check the bike just like my car and everything goes 100% smoothly. I don't know if I am just lucky or stupid, but the bike shows proper oil level if checked exactly as the book says. I rode about 100 miles yesterday. The first 100, the bike didn't leak a single drop of oil, but yesterday it started leaking. I was riding between 5 and 15 miles between stops, and by the end of the day, about 12oz of oil was missing. I checked the spot it was leaking from when I first got it, and I found that it was spraying oil from underneath where the starter goes into the starter gear cover. I thought at first it was the side cover gasket, but after putting RTV black around the top of it with no good results, I have decided that it is most likely spraying from the starter O-Ring. My questions: Should there be so much pressure that the oil is spraying out of the O-Ring? If so, is there a strategy to smush the starter in and get a good seal? I feel like just getting out some more RTV and sealing with that instead. Thanks!
  2. Hello. My CRF450R 2011 have leaking (oil with coolant) from water pump drainage hole: I install new mechanical seal (7), oil seal (16) and new bearing (15): Filled new coolant and run my bike, all was fine, but after 15 minutes I got heavy coolant leaking: Disassembled again and noticed that "head" of mechanical seal is disconnected: What's can be wrong? Looks like problem with slight tightening (torque) (12 N/m) of impeller (part #6)? Sorry for my bad English.
  3. Please help! I recently bought a Yz250f and have not been able to start it, it Has spark, but there are many issues with the carby which I wanna rule out before I leap into a rebuild, ( I want to avoid a rebuild if possible as I’m low on cash). The carby at the moment is a complete mess so the usual steps to fixing it might not work. So here’s the deal with the carb: - It’s leaking fuel from overflow ( really fast! ) and when I mean really fast, I mean it emptied my fuel tank in 2 mins. - It has a slow leak coming from somewhere under the float bowl - the air fuel screw is not adjusted correctly - I don’t know if the electrics work on it either - I don’t even know if it’s shooting fuel into the cylinder or not, as after kicking it a couple times and it’s not starting I remove the spark plug and it’s still dry. ( I tried putting fuel directly into cylinder from the spark plug hole but the bike still wouldn’t start) okay so I know it’s a lot but I’m not expecting anyone to answer every single question themselves. If each person could tackle whatever problem they know it would help heaps. Also just want to know what Order to fix things in as I can’t do air fuel until the bike is running and it won’t run unless I stop the leaking and get it to spray fuel into the cylinder. And buying a new carby is not an option ( I’ve got $40 to my name atm). Please help guys thanks.
  4. Working on my buddy’s 2017 Ktm 250xc-f. With 67 hrs on it. For a while now we’ve been smelling coolant . We saw a drip near hoses above exhaust. So we tighten up or replaced anything that looked bad. .. just last night he started it and we smelled again so we looked closely and noticed it leaking from the valve cover gasket . I pulled the cover and there was traces of coolant all around cams and can caps. Not leaking bad enough to make oil milky though or doesn’t look very low in rads after 1 ride. I was assuming head gasket so we tore it down but I’m now seeing any imperfections that stand out. Anyone got any ideas ???
  5. KTM 250sx leaks a large amount of oil or splooge from the exhaust where the exhaust connects to the muffler or the head and some leaks from the large exhaust piece that 2 strokes have, idk what it's called exactly, sorry. I believe it's an exhaust leak making it leak from those places, but I'm only worried about if it is bad for the bike to leak like that. Is it supposed to leak that much? I don't have much experience with 2 strokes, and I want to know if it is okay for the bike to stay leaking that much and through the exhaust like that? I will eventually seal it, but it is significantly more than my kx100 did, which I would expect obviously. Ik 2 strokes are supposed to do this, and the guy I got it from knows a lot about bikes, especially 2 strokes, and he said that is okay, just want to make sure.
  6. Hey guys, Crankcase Oil Leaking From the Exhaust Port 2002 CR250R I think it’s coming into the combustion chamber via the right side crank seal. I’m going to swap out the crank shaft seal. But question is this. Beneath the Prime drive gear is the drive gear collar. Is there a seal that resides inside this collar?
  7. Hey all - hoping you can help me with this. I've got a 1974 f7 175 and I'm having issues getting it to run properly. Cleaned the carb out twice at this point, new choke plunger and carb cover gasket. I finally got the thing to idle without any choke after it warms up, but now the thing lags on the throttle. When I rev it up it stays up for awhile after I let the throttle return Is this an air intake leak? Any idea where I would look? I've heard about the crankcase seal and haven't checked it yet. Is there a way to test if that seal has failed before I pull it? Video of bike idling here https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=31&v=W5-U92O0n5k
  8. I have noticed an oil leak on my 2009 DRZ400. Please bare with me as I'm new to this. Ive traced the oil to what I can see is the highest point where the trail begins but don't know what the part is or linked to. Has anyone had this problem? know what part the pipe leads to, or know if its a possible cracked pipe? Thanks, Jake.
  9. Hey all, just got a DRZ-400 yesterday and absolutely love it. Today I took it out for a ride and when I got back I noticed the tire was leaking from the valve. I looked on the other posts here about leaking valve stems but all of their leaks are coming from the top. The leak on mine is coming from where the stem meets the rim right under the nut. Can I put sealant there to patch the leak? Or what can I do to fix it? Thanks!
  10. Carb only leaks fuel when bike is running out of the overflow tube inside the carb, which causes the fuel to leak out the bottom of the tube because that is where the tube leads to. The bike does not leak with the fuel on and the bike not running. this means the float is not the problem. Could it be the petcock? Drain screw shouldn't be the problem because if it was the fuel would leak all the time.
  11. TLDR: does the video below show a faulty petcock, and if so what’s the best approach to solve? Howdy, I’ve been reading on petcock leakage but have a bit of a spinning head now. I have a Clarke 3.9l tank with the stock petcock installed and a stock carb on a 2006 ‘S’. When the bike is off I’m seeing leakage where the fuel line connects to the petcock, after removing the line the fuel looks to be coming only from where it should: the line coming out of the petcock spigot. It doesn’t seem to be leaking from a surrounding areas although it is difficult to be 100% certain the way fuel creeps sideways. Here’s a video of the leak. (See below) I have been struggling with getting the bike going after a couple of years. Not being a bike guy l feel relatively accomplished having rebuilt and jetted the carb... she starts now but idles high, and this leak. What I don’t know is.... assuming this is not normal, does this drip drip drip while the petcock is ‘On’ and the bike off indicate there is fuel slowly draining out of the tank into the system, getting in and ruining the oil etc? I’m wondering if this is NOT an issue, and is possibly a result of a crappy fuel hose clamp... and that the fuel should be expected to drip out like that due to gravity. I don’t really understand the DRZ petcock... is the ‘vacuum’ to pull the fuel through created when the bike is on... and one should not expect any flow when the bike is off (no vacuum)? I’ve heard “go buy the Yamaha raptor petcock and be done with it”... and other saying ‘that’s generic advice, some folks have trouble with that petcock’. If the best advice is to buy a new petcock, is there one that suits the Clarke 3.9 tank? Or should I just rip out the stock one and rebuild it? Not sure how changing gaskets would stop the fuel from flowing directly out of the spigot on it’s own though... but again i don’t know what’s inside the petcock. Thanks for your patience with my basic (and oft repeated) question.
  12. Hello all, My TTR125 has had a leaky carb ever since I bought the bike. It’s not just a drip, it’s a constant flow even after the bike is turned off. I have adjusted the float level numerous times at different settings and nothing does the trick! Could it be that adjusting the float isn’t enough, and I have to actually replace parts? Could I need a new float needle? Or which other parts should I try replacing first?
  13. I just recently re-installed my White Bros exhaust system on my 2001 Wr250f. It's a two piece (header and muffler). I installed the header, then slipped on the muffler. The muffler fit very loose around the header where they meet. I tried angling the header and muffler at all different angles, yet still very loose. So I went ahead and used some high temp gasket maker, which failed the first ride. Am I missing a gasket or spacer of some sort? If I push the muffler into the header and extra 1/4 inch it fits air tight, but then I cannot bolt the muffler into the mounting brackets. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  14. Anyone know what could cause this leak on the left side of the bike by the shifter believe it’s coming from the crankcase. I was told the gasket could be bad causing oil to be pushed out at that bolt. Any other ideas or anyone else have this problem? I bought the gasket but haven’t installed it yet.
  15. So previously I had an issue of coolant leaking out of my head on my 2001 rm125 (between the cylinder and head) as well as the head studs. I took the head off and resurfaced it until it was flat with no wobble against glass. I put it all back together today and rode around for like 7 minutes, then when I stopped I noticed coolant leaking out of every single head stud. It continues to leak but slower after the dirt bike is shut off. This is all with new o rings in the head from the tusk kit. What is my problem? Please help, I’ve been facing this issue for two weeks now waiting to ride with my friends. the picture included is of the head after I resurfaced it. added: there is an overflow tube at the top of my radiator so if there was excess pressure I would assume that it would come out if that tube and not the head studs
  16. hey all, noticed gear oil leaking from the left side cover. pulled the cover off and see oil coming from the hole underneath the flywheel. checked again by leaning the bike to the left, and sure enough, it is definitely gear oil. not sure where to start? is it the left crank seal, clutch actuator arm shaft seal? was gonna ride it today, but not sure if the leak would cause major issues. i have attached a picture, which i found here on the forum, thanks!
  17. I noticed on my DRZ this carb nipple isn't connected to anything and it spurts fuel every time I twist the throttle, even with the engine off. It's a Kehin FCR carb from the enduro model. Photo here The bike runs mostly okay but I'm having a possibly-related problem where the engine cuts out when I blip the throttle, especially at low revs. I wondered if this carb port had something to do with it, since it's connected to the accelerator pump (which would explain why I can't blip it). Can anyone tell me what the port is for and why it's squirting petrol? Any help appreciated.
  18. I’m new to this forum, I recently bought a 2009 CRF450R. The bike is in reasonably good condition, and supposedly has around 30 hours on an engine rebuild. While the bike is running there seems to be coolant very slowly seeping it’s way out between the left side case cover, and the engine. At the top, right by the head (not from the head). Now my first thought would be to take off the left side case cover, and ispect the gasket and surfaces. However this is my first 4-stroke and my big question is, why is there coolant there at all? As I said all I’ve had in the past are two-strokes so any input from you four-stroke guys is much appreciated.
  19. Hello i recently took the advice of a member on here on how to get my bike running after going through deep water. there advice was to take the gas tank and spark plug off then flip the bike upside down and hand pump the kick starter till no more water came out. I did this and no water came out so I put it back together and went to start it but when i turned on the gas it started leaking out of all the hoses. thank you for any help!
  20. I noticed some oily residue on the bottom of my case below my water pump, checked coolant level and it was just as It was when I refilled it last. I followed it as best as I could and it appears to be coming from the rubber gasket on the bottom on the power valve what does this indicate??? Again it's a very slow leak nothing is dripping I just noticed oily residue.
  21. Alright guys, my 04 YZ450f runs fine minus some slight backfires when decelerating (need to adjust fuel screw). The other day when I was done checking my valve clearances I changed the oil and filter and put the bike back on the stand, kicked it a few times without the ignition coil in to get some oil flowing got off and noticed a little drip spot on the ground, it was no bigger than a dime so I thought nothing of it. Started the bike with no issues took it for a quick 10-15 min ride, came back to the garage to find out my whole case was soaked with oil and it started pooling in the low spots on the clutch basket side. I cleaned all the oil off and took it out again for 5 mins to try and see where it was coming from, here are my three possible places but nothing directly leads me to believe it’s any of the three either. 1. Decompression plug area 2. Valve cover gasket leak (not really sure because the amount of oil leaking Looks to be a large amount 3. Oil tank (bad weld or cracked weld somewhere what are you guys thinking?
  22. Hey guys! Quick question on my left side crank case (stator side). After my rides if you pull the cover off I am finding gear oil. Which shouldn’t be there. I am not sure if it is coming from or could come from the clutch arm or what seems to be a wheep hole? See pictures and let me know if any of you have ran into the same problem, and how you fixed it. All info would be greatly appreciated. - Jarod
  23. I bought this bike and the previous owner left the pet cock on after test ride. I notice there was oil in my truck bed. I unloaded the bike rode it half a mile and noticed the bike was leaking oil. I took a picture and searched for related topics. Yesterday I drained the transmission oil and it was very dark and I put in Honda 10W40. I then power washed the bike to see exactly where oil is coming from. I rode the bike another half mile and the bike was still leaking this very dark almost black oil. The bike has had a new bottom and top end rebuild with a wisco piston and hot rod crank but that's all I know. I messaged the previous owner and he said it could be the crank case gasket has a leak. I would prefer not to have to split the whole crank case just to reseal the case at the split. I find it strange that the bike leaks more when the gas pet cock is left on because when I let the bike sit overnight it did not leak but maybe one or two drops. The bike starts and runs fantastic it just has this leak issue. All input is welcomed thanks
  24. Nugent336

    Coolant Leak

    I have a 2004 Suzuki RM 250 2-stroke that is overall a good condition bike, but a couple months ago i took the engine of and ran down the top end just to check everything while i had time, and while it was apart i went ahead and did a top end gakset/seal kit. I haven't ridden it much but the other day i rode it just a couple times to keep it in good running condition, and noticed coolant leaking from the most of the top end gaskets and some dripping from the radiator overflow hose. Does anybody have any idea what is wrong??
  25. Hey all, New ktm owner as of Friday- '16 xcf-w 350 w/ 13 hours. (First real dirtbike too!) To the point- rode it about 30 minutes Sat and 15 minutes Sunday. After each ride (on the next day) several drops of oil were discovered below the engine (dripped from engine case near oil plug due to lean of bike). Bottom of engine revealed gouges from PO riding w/out skid plate. I think the centerline gasket may be leaking laterally to the oil plug. After cleaning well and idling bike for 10 minutes, I could feel faint oil at the gasket while everything else is dry. But I didnt feel it til an hour or so later. Btw, There seems to be too much oil in engine- 5-10 minutes after shutting engine down, oil level was high in sightglass. Seller said bike had just been serviced but couldnt say what all was done. He likes his toys; doesnt work on them at all. Bike looked awesome in the dimly lit garage of seller- shouldve noticed oil level was off and the gouges under engine. Bike looked really good. Oil leak from bash or what? Thanks for any help, John
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