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Found 14 results

  1. Hi, I'm thinking about picking up a Lectron carb for a 06 YZ250 2 stroke. I'm seeing somewhat mixed reviews. Some are saying it's better then sliced bread and others can't seem to get it to work. So... before I jump into it.. I want the real scoop from folks that have put on on and ride with it. 1. Is it better? Better throttle response? Crisper... an improvement? 2. Or did it not perform better? 3. Did you by a 36 or 38?? Honest real world performance opinions please!
  2. PNW Enduro

    Lectron Carb Review

    A long term review of the Lectron carb on my 2017 KTM 250xc.
  3. Hey guys. I am looking into getting a lectron carb.... just wondering if anyone here has ever bought a 38mm lectron and not liked it and took it off? if you took it off, and have it just sitting in the shop... what didnt you like about it? why arent you running it?
  4. So im about to buy a lectron carb and a pro design cool head, i was wondering if the coolhead with the racefuel dome will be harder on my motor because of the higher compression? advise would be great i curently run AVGAS100ll and plan on runing that with the coolhead aswell 01 CR 250
  5. NEGbrap

    YZ250 with slight rev hang

    Hi All, I have a 2016 YZ250x with 12 hours ( I know, ride more!) I'm running a lectron and it feels really good. Had some initial struggles but now it seems to be dialed in. This is my first two stroke and I feel like it has some rev hang. When I'm on the trail I haven't really felt it but noticed yesterday after a good wash down. Started up, warmed it up, and still getting some rev hang. Check the video out yourself and let me know. thanks
  6. I have a new to me 2013 150 xc that I'm planning on putting a Lectron on this winter, I hate fiddling with jetting, especially since you can't easily get to the jets on this bike without removing the whole carburetor. I found a local guy selling a Lectron off his 2011 250xc, for $250, it's a 36mm so it's the right size, but is there going to be any differences that wont make it work right on my 150? I went on rocky mountain and it shows different part numbers when I enter the 2 bikes, but on the Lectron website it lists the same carb for all pre 2016 2 strokes. If this used one will work I can probably get the seller down a bit on price and save $200 over a new one, which will pay for a Turbine Core, but I don't want to drop the cash if it won't run right. Thanks.
  7. Has anyone tried a lectron carb on a yz 250x? How did it work out?
  8. I'm "jetting" my 2005 KTM 300 EXC and want to know what Lecrtron metering rod you're using. Slavens recommends a 3-2M and Lectron recommends a 2-3. I'd be curious to know what metering rods you're using and what else you can tell me about your setup. Basics for me are Slavens' shaved head, KTM FMF pipe Q silencer, and pump gas.
  9. I have a 2005 CR250 and it runs really well except for one issue that I've been having over and over again. When I'm on the throttle the bike is responsive and feels crisp, but when I'm coasting down hill or off the throttle in general the bike will out. I've learned to just avoid by working the clutch and keeping the RPMs up, but it increases fatigue and arm pump really fast and it's a bitch during a race. Also, I have great midrange in the power band right now, but the low end could improve, and the top of the power band is very flat. I've pulled the carb apart and cleaned it multiple times, but after awhile the same issue comes back. The float gets stuck and the bowl fills with gas and chokes the bike out. If I leave it in the trailer with the fuel petcock on it will piss gas out of the overflow, and it doesn't like to idle for longer than about 30 seconds unless you're hitting the throttle. I've tried throwing a flywheel weight on so I can ride in single track conditions and get the low end pull but the stalling issue remained a problem. Would it be better to just go with a Keihin carb and run different jets, or does the smart carb really give you a better ride? I'm considering putting a Lectron Carb on there so I can just be done with always trying to rejet the POS Mikuni, and I can freely ride from elevations of 1000ft - 6500ft without dealing with a finicky carb, it's got me pretty annoyed by now. I've heard really good things about the Lectron so far and I'm curious if any of you guys have tried them out? If so what did you think? Do you think it would help get some more low end out of the bike and remedy the stalling out? My skill level is intermediate to advanced, I ride in the Central California area mostly between Carnegie and Hollister SVRA and race District 36. Mostly into hillclimbs, single track, and woods riding.
  10. Hi folks i have a KTM 200 XC 2009. I just bought a Lectron carb, but I don't have the space. The airbox boot kinks up because of the longer carb. This is an known problem on many of the KTMs, but mine shouldn't be due to the year. As it turns out, it's the spacer for the Rad Valve that's the problem. Have any of you run the Rad without it? I know shorter intake tract reduces torque, which goes against what I'm looking for. But I didn't know if there would be a problem in this setting. Or should I start hunting an OEM cage? Thanks
  11. So I recently bought a 2016 300 xc. I am using VForce 4 reeds, and a lectron 36. After installing the lectron it looks like the air boot is just touching the top of the shock. Is this ok??? Is the air boot from an xcw shorter in 2016? I know in 2017 the xcw air boot is 10 mm shorter but won’t fit a 2016. Any advice would be great! thanks
  12. Anyone else running a Lectron carb on their CR500, how does it run, any problems? I have a fresh rebuilt 1998 500 and after trying to set the pj I decided to try out a 40mm lectron. Not sure if it’s just me but it slips on and doesn’t seem to fit the inlet or outlet too great. It goes on but looks like it could go on more. Anyone know if there’s a bigger inlet manifold I need? Nothing mentioned about this on their site or set up pdf. Plus could be me being picky. Seal good all round and looks fine through the air box side just not from the outside. I understand it’s 2mm bigger than stock and a lot of guys use 39mm pwks just thought I’d see if it’s me being picky or if I need to see about getting a bigger manifold.
  13. Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and figured it was about time to join in on the action here at TT. Anyways, recently I decided to tear down my 1985 XR350 and give old berths some loving and refinement! I've been riding this bike a little over 2 years and have been piecing it together slower over time into a fun vintage rider. I race this bike once a year at desert100 in Odessa, WA and have definitely found some areas of like to improve! One of obvious issues with such an old bike is the suspension. I ordered up new fork springs from racetech according to their spring rate calculator as well as their gold valve emulator set. Hoping this will give huge improvement in the whoops out at dez100 this April. Also arriving in the mail soon is one of Lectrons new 4stroke carbs!!!! So stoked to try out a lectron finally and see if it smooths out the jerky power that the stock carb plagued me with! I'll keep updating as the work progresses Here she is on my last ride Tank and seat removed to take pictures and measurements for the guys at lectron Forks and handlebars gone!!!! Not sure but I don't think your fork oil should look like this. I think old Bertha was long overdue for some loving Here's the stock carb. Can't wait to put the lectron in its place and see if it's smoother. The stock carb was unbelievably jerky and rough transitioning from idle circuit to midrange. I'm hoping the lectron smooths out the power and improves my fuel economy.
  14. I recently installed a Lectron on my 2017 KTM 250XC this clip is my first ride/impressions of it.