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Found 24 results

  1. So here is my conundrum - I have wired up my own harness for my enduro package as I did not like the Tusk version with lots of things I did not want or need. I've wired three different bikes and can read the wiring diagrams fine - even designed/built my own 12V harness with capacitor for my 1970 CT70. Back to the issue - everything works with the exception of my 12V aftermarket horn. I tagged off the blue wire for the headlight (headlight works fine) and sent it to the horn button and then to the horn and then grounded back to the wiring harness. When I press the horn button the light dims and the horn barely sounds - meeeep meeeep. I checked the voltage draw and its only like 1.7V to the horn. Just awful and wont pass DMV to get my street license plate. So I put on my thinking cap and drew on my experience with my CT70 (solid state with a capacitor instead of a battery) and I think the absence of a battery is likely the culprit on my XR400 as it typically evens out the voltage draw on the system (similar to the battery) to provide power to all components. So my question is what if I put a 0-25V 22,000uF capacitor (like I used on my CT70) on the White/Yellow wire coming out of the AC regulator that eventually ties into the BLUE wire that feeds the headlight, horn and rear running taillight? Would that provide the stabilization for the voltage draws when I use all of my accessories? Thanks for any help.
  2. I’ve been searching for the last week or so for a nice used bike and have found a very nice 07 250 sxf. My problem is that I have not found any kind of aftermarket stator to allow for lights, fan, or other electrical accessories I might add to make the bike more trail worthy. Ive googled, searched this forum, and checked several online vendors to no avail. Any info you guys have would be appreciated. Zach
  3. I got a 50watt lighting coil for my 2000 Cr250. Can I run an 18w led light bar and integrated led blinkers/taillight/brake light without a battery? I understand I have to convert the AC to DC with a regulator/rectifier but can I do this without a battery? Also what reg/rectifier should I get?
  4. I have a 2002 crf450r that I want to put a led light bar infront of the handle bars. I want to wire it without having to install a battery. If I buy the trailtech stator and the trailtech regulator rectifier and an on/off switch will it work without a battery? Every where I read it says you have to install a battery, is this true? I know the led has to run on DC power and the stator puts out AC power so the rectifier will fix that. Anyone who has suggestions or has done this before I would appreciate the info.
  5. Hello everyone, I am new here so i apologize if there is already a topic about the Honda MT250 Elsinore dirt bike. I am just now starting a restoration on my 1976 MT250 Elsinore and I am trying to go through the bike now and see what is re usable and what ill need to replace. Im having trouble finding a good source for parts, possibly because they are now hard to find? im not sure, but i was hoping someone could shed some light on this. Im pretty sure my wiring harness is shot, and needs to either be remade or replaced if i can find a new remake of it. I also know ill be needed new bushings, seals, chain etc.... One more question! haha........ My bike doesnt currently have lights or a speedometer ( im not sure if it ever did, or if it was removed). Do i need to do any upgrades to the electrical system to add lights and a speedometer? Any info would be greatly appreciated
  6. I picked up a 1975 MT250 elsinore yesterday, and its a solid bike to start a restoration. Frame and motor is great. Runs, but needs some work. Throttle cable is junk, and its idling too high but i cant adjust the cable because its broken and sticky. Killswitch is also junk, so a stuck throttle scares me right now. Headlight is mismatched and not wired up (nothing is wired up all wires are cut). Missing taillight and blinkers are not original. Side plate is there, but the piece that holds it on is missing so it falls off. it runs and drives, but would like to sort out the throttle cable and killswitch before i start doing any carb tuning to get it crisp. seat cover has a burnt section from the exhaust... do these usually have something to keep it off of the exhaust when its up? Its missing the latch for the seat as well, so im using a nut and washer right now. Whats the general consensus with the oil injection? Cap it and premix, or rely on the injection? Anyone with some knowledge of these bikes is greatly appreciated, because mine is very limited. Im mechanically inclined and excited to dive in, but will definitely need some help along the way.
  7. Hello! somebody know how to run a 4 stroke lighting stator on my Suzuki RM250 2005, i bought a lighting stator from a Suzuki rmz450 2005. Conetor and colors of the stator are the same so i think the only problem is the timing or the advanze of the flywheel. does anybody know if is possible make it run. The bike actually start a couple times but without the throttle dies soon/ I leave you a couple of photos of the lighting stator in the bike and the wiring harness of each bike. Thanks bros!
  8. Separate yourself from the pack with one of Baja Designs Polaris RZR RS1 Headlight Kits. These kits utilize 4 Squadron Series Lights and come in 3 different performance packages. The need for front bumper lighting or roof mounted light bars are a thing of the past. This plug and play mounting kit includes two vehicle specific mounting brackets and a wiring harness, allowing you to use your factory switch and mounting hardware. Included: - (2) Vehicle Specific Mounting Brackets - (2) Plug & Play Adapters - All Necessary Hardware - (2) Squadron Series Light, Combo - (2) Squadron Series Light, Spot STARTING AT $$584.95 - CODE: BDForums for 10% OFF + $5 Shipping to the Lower 48! Wondering what lighting configuration is best for you? Checkout the breakdown below showcasing multiple performance tiers. Sportsmen: (2) Squadron Sport Combo (2) Squadron Sport Spot Pro: (2) Squadron Pro Combo (2) Squadron Pro Spot Unlimited: (2) Squadron Pro Combo (2) Squadron Racer Edition Spot www.bajadesigns.com
  9. looking for an upgraded headlight for my 98 300exc. when i got it the PO put a hid kit on it, but since it doesnt have a battery it isnt that bright even when revving... im also powering a weak rear running light/tag light when i flip my headlights on. Looking for a decent upgrade that wont break the bank. thanks!
  10. I just picked up a new 18 Xtrainer and I must say, I'm Xcited for spring. I drove it home through yesterday's east coast snow storm. While waiting on the certificate of origin from the dealer, I'm going to be working on installing turn signals to get it street legal here in VA I have a set of 12v LED strips that I think I want to mount on the hand guards. I originally bought them to use a turn signals, but I think I want to use them as running lights. After looking at the wiring diagram, I think the best option for getting power would be the parking lamp in the headlight. Does anyone have any better suggestions?
  11. I have an '86 CR500R with what appears to be a 2-piece split alternator winding. I'm evaluating the possibility of adding a small light to the existing system, or possibly modify the system to be able to. I need answers to the following questions: - What is the stock Power (Wattage) rating on each of these two coils? - Which coil is used for spark? Which is for the ignition module control power? - What is the operating voltage? Does it vary? Does the module have a built in voltage regulator? - Does anybody have a circuit diagram of the stock ignition module's internal circuitry? - How many wraps of wire are on these two windings?
  12. Hi. I have a 1998 Rmx250 and I want to put led lights on it. The previous owner removed all the light that where on it and can’t find what rectifier( I don’t know much about electronics but I thing I need a rectifier) I need to turn the Ac voltage coming out of the bike to Dc voltage to power a light. Any help on telling me what I need to power lights would be great I would prefer not to add a batter to the system
  13. So I have a 2008 yz450f and I would like to add some LED lights to it to make it street legal. Mainly just a headlight and a tail light and turn signals if I need to (which where I live hand signals work). So where I need help is getting power from the stator to a battery. Wiring from a battery to anything else I got and understand and don't need help with (but recommendations are welcome). So my questions are. What type of power is coming from the stator. AC or DC? Will I need a regulator or rectifier? How do I wire something from the stator to charge a battery? What would that wiring look like? Would this stator http://www.rickystator.com/product/stators/yamaha/yamaha-yz450f-35-watt-lighting-stator-assembly-06-09 work? Anything else I should know? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Hi, I've been looking a lot online for a new light bulb for my 1992 Honda XR250L. I'd like to change from halogen to LED since LED's are a lot brighter. I was looking online but I can't find any LED light bulbs that have a 3 pin connection like the halogen bulbs. Is there a reason why and where can I find one for under 90$CAD (65$USD)? Thanks!
  15. bought a 2005 ktm 200 exc and the speedometer seems to be removed. also there is a small metallic pin next to the speedometer mounting, any idea what that is for? I have no knowledge in bikes, and would like to get the lights working as soon as possible.
  16. I've got a vintage enduro frankenbike. It's a 1980 Yamaha MX175 2-stroke, with a 1980 YZ125 engine in place, with the top end and carb from the MX. The MX is basically the same bike as the DT175, with the lights removed (and a slightly different engine tune). I picked this bike up with the understanding that it was a DT that had been stripped, and wanted to add head and tail lights and get it somewhat streetable (ride to the trail and back, etc). The YZ stator (magneto?) doesn't appear to have any room to add a lighting coil, and I can't find any aftermarket support with stator options for anything this old. Any ideas on how to add lights, short of adding a battery w/ LED lights and recharging all the time? Maybe another bike (or newer YZ) has a similar flywheel diameter I can scavenge a stator with a small lighting coil from? I realize the bike won't have a huge output from it, and I'd be doing LED's anyway, and likely put a switch in to turn the lights on/off as needed. Just curious if anyone has any ideas/experience to impart. I've been googling around and have come up with very little to nothing, and I'm afraid that's about all I'm going to get.
  17. Does anyone have the Trail Tech 8" Ralley Light (DOT Approved Version)? It's a $440 dollar kit: http://www.dualsportarmory.com/products/rally-light-trail-tech-8-race-light-w-h4-bulb-ballast-plat-brake-line-clamp.html Also, I'm not very familiar with my options for headlamp/light upgrades. What have some of you guys done when upgrading from factory lighting and how were the results? If I could somehow plug a different bulb into my factory socket that'd be ideal for me, but, like I said, I'm not exactly sure what my options are. If anyone could explain some options from simplest upgrade on up, that'd be much appreciated. I'm mainly seeking overall better lighting/visibility for nighttime road riding. I also need to pass my yearly state inspection.
  18. So I bought a Baja Designs Squadron Pro and want to install it. It has a 12v Adapter on the end of it(pic 1) and comes in a headlight holder/cowling (pic 2 below), and the lamp itself is installed in the cowling on a screw in plate (pic 3 closeup). The factory DRZ headlamp has a turn signal relay in it and that is attached by a small metal tab in the lamp housing of the factory headlight. I can find no videos or detailed post, or god forbid documentation from Baja Designs on how to do this on a DRZ. The dimmer switch does have decent documentation, Here is what it appears they want you to do? Let me know if you agree: 1) pull the old flasher plug and relay off the old light 2) remove the old light 3) cut off the old cabling (a dark yellow wire, light yellow wire, black/white and a white) 4) wrap the flasher plug and relay in some kind of waterproofing 5) It does come with an adapter that gets you from the adapter shown below to raw wiring. 6) Presumably your supposed to take a multimeter and locate a 12v supply line? Any ideas what would be the best answer for that source? 7) I have the dimmer kit and the kit (from Skene) has good doc. But I want to try it without the dimmer first.
  19. Hi, I have a 2003 625 SXC EGS. I can't find anything in my manual about how to open the turn signal lenses to check and change the indicator bulbs. Looks like you just pop open the lenses with a knife edge. Anyone have pointers? FYI, i don't know if my indicator lights are stock or not, so maybe mine are not like yours!?
  20. Hey guys new to Thumper Talk this forum is awesome from what I have seen so far. So my grandfather has a 1983 xr200r he bought brand new and has been through him and 2 grandsons so its a very strong and dependable bike. I have so many memories on this bike and it has sat in his woodshed for about 10 years until 2 weeks ago. I nudged him to lets get it out and get it to running again and we had to replace the rear tube and replace some spokes. After that I took it to my second job and have been working on it by myself to surprise him. I have cleaned it up and sprayed all the plastics with plasti dip(white). The headlight and tail light does not work and was very dim when I rode it years ago and this is where I need help. I wanted to replace the headlight and taillight with led stuff (bulbs or new headlight) due to the fact I would like to make it street legal just for around here but would be later. How and what parts do I need to replace the headlight and taillight because I don't know what led headlight will work or if it would be better to just put a led bulb in it. Any help and advice is greatly appreciated and if you could add parts numbers or links to the part that would be awesome. Thanks in advance, keep riding and stay safe. God bless.
  21. Would it be best to put a battery powered light on my XR100 or somehow wire a light into the ignition system? Thinking about LEDS. Any thoughts/recommendations appreciated. The bike is a 1990 XR100 with a BBR 120 top end. Want to be able to have my brother and girlfriend ride with me when it gets a little later in the day, that way they’re not dangerously just following my headlight.
  22. I am new to tt and was doing allot of research to see if anyone has tried to put the dual sport lighting kit tail light on a Drzs or sm. All I could find was people doing it on the e model. Well I had a acerbis fender eliminator on my drz400s that I bought used and the tail lamp only light up half way. I had a old enduro kit sitting in my garage the only thing I had to do was switch the plug on the kit with the one from the harness “fit female to female before” and trim the plastic a little so it would sit flush on the frame. It works great and IMO is way brighter than the one I previously had. Only downside is I live in Texas and you need a white license plate light and it only comes on when I hit my brake but is barley noticeable because the red over powers it anyways. Just wanted to put this up to help others as tt has been my bible in the past. Hope this comes in handy for someone. Kit is super cheap and the light is pretty bright.
  23. Hey guys and gals, I have a 2013 kx450f with a few hours on it. But have decided to move forward with some LED lights for some night time runs. LED lights are well within the wattage available off the stator per a tech at trail tech. Only question is the plug that I found 12v on, it controls the traction control light...concerned that I will be powering the ECU, I have it now un hooked. If I hook a battery up to run the lights and attach to the harness for charging purposes, what connector and wires should I be using? I bought a universal harness from trail tech along with a switch and a battery. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, Mike
  24. Hi all, I just purchased a nicely taken care of 1988 Honda XR600R here in my home city of Boston. The bike has a street title in RI from previous owner so ultimately I will be getting it registered as a motorcycle and plated for the streets here in MA. The kid I bought it from did not register it in MA yet or alter the title at all so I don't anticipate any problems. Although, the kid I bought it from in Boston never registered it and rode it off-road only. He has told me that previous owner told him he had put a baja designs kit on it. The headlight is there and it looks like it has a nice xenon lightbulb in there, there but it's not plugged into anything and that's the only electrical components I've found traces of so far. It doesn't appear the OEM or any other wiring harness is still in place. I would like to put some really nice lights on this (LED)... ...do I want to do a rickystator 200 upgrade but would the bike already have an upgraded stator / lighting coil if the previous owner did run the full baja lighting kit? I am familiar with the wiring harness on my 6v 1978 DT175 but not this xr600r... obviously, much different and I am going to research XR and will figure it out... but I wanted I'd start by asking if anyone has any general advice on what exactly I should be looking out for to see what kind of wiring the bike already had on it... if it has the infrastructure in place for LED lights / blinkers / etc... much easier than going from scratch. Thanks, Steve
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