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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everyone and merry chrimbo to all. Ive pretty much finished my resto project and everything’s great apart from the dim lights. I bought the bike with the problem, and thought it would be an easy fix. Nothing seems to fix the fault. So far, I’ve replaced the whole wiring harness, the rear light and wires, brake light switch and wires, front light holder and wires, speedo cable and wires. All 6v bulbs and I even had the light coils checked and replaced. So everything has been done apart from the handlebar switchgear. I had the frame powdercoated, but sanded the main earth point for the harnsess, so it’s a good earth. Even, ground two points of the five engine mounting points away hoping that might help. All the electrics work like they should including the pass light, just dim lights. Has anyone had this problem? Does the engine need to be grounded at every point? I thought if the engine had one good ground that would be enough. Really at a loss with this, and if I can’t sort I have to admit defeat and had it over to an auto electrician ?
  2. Hey guys just need some experienced help. I bought a street legal lifan dirt bike last weekend and the front shocks are SUPER soft compared to all the other rigid bikes I've drove is that normal for street use? And 2 what is the best way to run the light electrics looking for a short? Cause my brake light shorted out last night and my headlights got brighter.
  3. Anyone ever had there signal lights stay solid? They are solid on the front and back, is this mean my signal relay is gone? If so, anyone know where this relat is located on the bike?
  4. Anyone ever had there signal lights stay solid? They are solid on the front and back, is this mean my signal relay is gone? If so, anyone know where this relat is located on the bike?
  5. So I'm wondering if there is any way I can put a headlight and a tail light on my 2006 Honda crf 150f. It is a kick start bike, and does not have an electric start. If there is a light kit out there that anybody knows about that would work please let me know. Also let me know if this is even possible. Thank you.
  6. Is where a way i can wire something up to put a lightbar on my 2004 crf450r without spending big bucks? Has anyone done it? How did it come out?
  7. I'm having an issue with my 2000 Honda XR400R, specifically the tail/brake light bulb #1157. My brake light works but my tail light doesn't. I flipped the index pins around and put it back in the socket but it had the reverse effect causing the tail light to come on but not the brake light. I also believe that only the thick wire filament is lighting up. Let me know if y'all have had similar problems and how I can fix it. Ideally the simplest cheapest way. Thanks.
  8. Separate yourself from the pack with one of Baja Designs Polaris RZR RS1 Headlight Kits. These kits utilize 4 Squadron Series Lights and come in 3 different performance packages. The need for front bumper lighting or roof mounted light bars are a thing of the past. This plug and play mounting kit includes two vehicle specific mounting brackets and a wiring harness, allowing you to use your factory switch and mounting hardware. Included: - (2) Vehicle Specific Mounting Brackets - (2) Plug & Play Adapters - All Necessary Hardware - (2) Squadron Series Light, Combo - (2) Squadron Series Light, Spot STARTING AT $$584.95 - CODE: BDForums for 10% OFF + $5 Shipping to the Lower 48! Wondering what lighting configuration is best for you? Checkout the breakdown below showcasing multiple performance tiers. Sportsmen: (2) Squadron Sport Combo (2) Squadron Sport Spot Pro: (2) Squadron Pro Combo (2) Squadron Pro Spot Unlimited: (2) Squadron Pro Combo (2) Squadron Racer Edition Spot www.bajadesigns.com
  9. My 79 XR185 is shaping up and its time to add some lights to make it work on the roads. From what I've read, the stock lighting that came with it is pretty weak. Ideally I'd like to be able to buy some 12 volt lighting that shines bright. Any advice would be great! I've got the wires hanging out for the headlight, just not sure what lights I can get running on them, and if I could upgrade that to something stronger.
  10. I've found a stator kit for a ktm exc 530 at a cheaper price but I'm worried about the dimensions if it would fit It's Dimensions : Interior diameter : 28.7mm / 1.12 inches Exterior diameter : 83.8mm / 3.30 inches Pole's Thickness : 28.3mm / 1.11 inches Pole's Width : 21.5mm / 0.84 inches To those who own 505s any suggestions or comments? Maybe you have anything to say?
  11. It's been a long time since I posted and although I found this site a few months ago, I didn't think about posting it here till tonight. Found it on a DRZ400 group on FB. They've got decals, t shirts, bolt kits, lights and racks. Didn't spend much time as I'm not in the market for anything but thought yall might be interested. http://www.grvinyl.com/products Later George
  12. Hi, I'm hoping someone can help? Have just put together a 1983 PE 175 and bike runs fine, lights are slow to come on and dim. Brake light blows when applied and horn pretty asthmatic too. If I disconnect one either light and the other goes nice bright. Other than I nailed it!! Have checked wiring against a diagram I found on the net and all the wires are where they should be. Checked the connectors on the light related wires and cleaned. Also ground the powder coating back on the earth point. Really haven't got a clue why it the way it is. Any help will be much appreciated, as I spend most nights doing the same thing over and over again which is a little underwhelming. Cheers waz
  13. Does anyone have a wiring diagram for 2016 350 EXC-F please? My (driving) rear light has stopped working (no voltage) but brake light does work. The horn has also stopped. I'm thinking it's probably the left hand switch but I've cleaned it and seems okay. Checked all the fuses - nothing blown. I have disconnected the indicators and license plate light. Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  14. So i have a 2009 kx450f with efi and I'm trying to hook up lights and turn signals and all of that good stuff to make it street legal. I know I need to tap into the bikes power supply to power all of this but I don't know where that would be. Should I go through the cdi or the efi and if so where would that be.
  15. Does anyone know if the twin headlights or the metal baja tanks from the Japanese street legal models like the MD22 and MD30 (XLR250’s, I think) will fit on an American model XR400R? If not, are there any known ways of fitting them. Both the lights and tanks are available from Japanese auctions and i think they’d look nice on a my 400R 👍
  16. So I have a 2008 yz450f and I would like to add some LED lights to it to make it street legal. Mainly just a headlight and a tail light and turn signals if I need to (which where I live hand signals work). So where I need help is getting power from the stator to a battery. Wiring from a battery to anything else I got and understand and don't need help with (but recommendations are welcome). So my questions are. What type of power is coming from the stator. AC or DC? Will I need a regulator or rectifier? How do I wire something from the stator to charge a battery? What would that wiring look like? Would this stator http://www.rickystator.com/product/stators/yamaha/yamaha-yz450f-35-watt-lighting-stator-assembly-06-09 work? Anything else I should know? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  17. I've got a vintage enduro frankenbike. It's a 1980 Yamaha MX175 2-stroke, with a 1980 YZ125 engine in place, with the top end and carb from the MX. The MX is basically the same bike as the DT175, with the lights removed (and a slightly different engine tune). I picked this bike up with the understanding that it was a DT that had been stripped, and wanted to add head and tail lights and get it somewhat streetable (ride to the trail and back, etc). The YZ stator (magneto?) doesn't appear to have any room to add a lighting coil, and I can't find any aftermarket support with stator options for anything this old. Any ideas on how to add lights, short of adding a battery w/ LED lights and recharging all the time? Maybe another bike (or newer YZ) has a similar flywheel diameter I can scavenge a stator with a small lighting coil from? I realize the bike won't have a huge output from it, and I'd be doing LED's anyway, and likely put a switch in to turn the lights on/off as needed. Just curious if anyone has any ideas/experience to impart. I've been googling around and have come up with very little to nothing, and I'm afraid that's about all I'm going to get.
  18. I bought a tail light/brake light from Rocky Mountain atv for my 2009 TTR 230. I have everything wired together the way I was told to do it but when I turn on the power nothing happens. Maybe I have it wired wrong. 3 wires come out of the light. Red, yellow, and black. The black I used as the ground, The yellow I ran to the brake switch and then to the starter and the red I connected to just the brake switch. This is my first time trying this so it could be very wrong. Anyone know where each wire connects to or if I am missing something? Thanks
  19. So here is a interesting question, I have the 2016 YZ250x, I am planning on going up to Goldendale Washington for the 25 hours of Starvation Ridge as I haven't done that race since I was in Middle School and I have been bragging about it to my buddies who also want to do it. Now here's the question, I'm on a budget, aka i'm broke and I'm trying not to spend a ton of coin to get a good ridge. I found a bunch of LED lights and LED bar on Amazon and a buddy of mine runs them on his WR. But since (at least to my knowledge) I don't have a stator on the bike. So does anyone know of a cheap stator, or know of good wiring so I could possible run a external batteries for these lights? Thanks in a advance guys!
  20. I recently bought a voltage regulator, Baja stator and capacitor to power my lights on my crf50 and they arnt working I'm only getting to 2 volts Dc idle
  21. So I'm wondering if there is any way I can put a headlight and a tail light on my 2006 Honda crf 150f. It is a kick start bike, and does not have an electric start or a battery. If there is a light kit out there that anybody knows about that would work please let me know. Also let me know if this is even possible. Thank you.
  22. Hey all, I've recently brought a wr450f 2004 model and none of the electrics work, I've purchased a new battery and changed the 3 10amp fuses under the seat and nothing changed, it has power past the solenoid and is charging when running, relay clicks when pressing the start button but nothing happens. I've just got back into riding after a way too long break. It wouldn't worry me too much but the kick starter is savage on the old foot and makes hill starts a nightmare, I'm going to get it registered this year and get my license so I need to sort it out eventually anyways. Any suggestions will be much appreciated. cheers all
  23. Can anyone provide some guidance in how to wire a KTM 250 xc-w for lights. I have already purchased a rear brake light and blinkers. My understanding based on some of the kits I have seen which I don't like because they include lights and blinkers that I do not want. These are the parts I have assembled but need the wire harness and a diagram on how it all connects to battery including any fuses or rectifiers or anything else I would need. I appreciate any help anyone can provide. Below are some of the parts I found: Motorcycle 2Pin 11-15V LED Turn Light Flasher Blinker Relay Signal Controller ($5.92) Motorcycle 2Pin 11-15V LED Turn Light Flasher Blinker Relay Signal Controller 6107931728455 | eBay Motorcycle Rear Set Hydraulic Pressure Brake Light Switch Banjo Cable 10x1.25mm ($7.99) Motorcycle Rear Set Hydraulic Pressure Brake Light Switch Banjo Cable 10x1.25mm | eBay 2pc lights Strip 6LED Baomabao Mini Strip Black led motorcycle Turn signal Universal Amber (1.99) put these in inside https://www.amazon.com/lights-Baomabao-motorcycle-signal-Universal/dp/B075WRKH8N/ref=sr_1_11?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1524592870&sr=1-11&keywords=turn+signal+motorcycle Dirt Enduro Bike LED Rear Fender Brake Tail Light Turn Signal Off-road For KTM(12.31) Dirt Enduro Bike LED Rear Fender Brake Tail Light Turn Signal Off-road For KTM | eBay Pair Universal 7/8' Motorcycle Handlebar Switch Horn Turn Signal Light Control(11.49) A Pair Universal 7/8' Motorcycle Handlebar Switch Horn Turn Signal Light Control 970232175893 | eBay 12V Waterproof Loud 105dB Universal Motorcycle Car Bike ATVs Horn Black (6.50) https://www.ebay.com/itm/12V-Waterp...651699&hash=item33e6a5501d:g:26YAAOSwEsRaxvq3. As you can see getting all the parts separately is a bit less that buying a kit which has parts I don't want. What I am missing here is the main wire harness to connect everything together and a diagram on how to do this. Also need to know where I need add fuses or anything else so I don't drain my battery. thanks for any help piecing this together. John
  24. Hi guys New to the WR250. I previously owned an XR400 but my arthritic right foot couldn't take it anymore, so sold up, waited, and plumbed on the Yam. Being a Yamaha road bike guy too, I thought I'd get the set. Anyway, this is probably my 2nd post here as I seldom posted during my XR tenure. Anyway, bought a 250f during the week. It's had MOTs , but they've been so called daylight only ones. I want working lights however so took the nose off. Turns out the lights are there, but someone's made a pigs ear of the wiring. I need to make a loom up to get working brake lights and a horn, which I was gonna do via coming straight off the battery. Separate from the main loom I hasten to add. Could I also do this for lights? I don't see why not but thought I'd ask in case I'm missing something. Thanks in advance
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