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Found 10 results

  1. _Cloudy_

    KX250F Lowering

    Hi, I have just bought a kx250f, 2013 with a freshly rebuilt 2016 motor in it, this is my first time on these forums, anyways, I have also bought a lowering link to drop it 4 inches on the arse, I was wondering if anyone knows how much I should drop the forks? I havent put the lowering link on yet. Thanks.
  2. I just recently got a 2001 yamaha yz250f and it is pretty tall for me I am 5'4 and I cant hop on the bike without something to step on one legged I dropped my bike a good amount of times due to this problem. I know if i lower the springs it can affect the performance but I'm barley starting to ride dirt bikes so I am not riding very fast to notice. Is there any cheap way to lower it? no shop will do it for me.
  3. Zachary Castagna

    lowering Short rider on '03 RM125

    As the title suggests, I'm looking into the possibility of getting on an RM125 with the caveat being my height. At 5'2-5'3, the stock seat height is way too high on an '03 (37" or so). Are there any vertically challenged folks riding this bike? I saw koubalink has a lowering link that drops the rear 1.25" which can be used in conjunction with a shaved seat (1.5-2") which may be enough. Is there anything else that can be done on the cheap? I found one on CL for $1,500 that looks to be in pretty good shape.
  4. I want more wheelbase for my raised BMW F650 since after making it taller its weight distribution became noticeably uneven - it tends to push its front while off-road cornering and became more prone to wheelies. This is my daily use bike and I use it for long trips and off-road cruising regularly. What I've been thinking about is to mount an alloy KTM rear swingarm with a PDS shock that would terminate the need of regular linkage maintenance and would give some extra ground clearance at its bottom. The biggest problem is, that I have now an F650GS Dakar rear shock and the WP PDS I have now is *a lot* longer than that - also the Dakar shock connects to the link under the swingarm but the WP connects onto it, hence I'd need a 300-340mm long PDS shock instead of the recent >410mm one. Were they ever produced in such length or is it even possible to shorten one by so much?
  5. Today i install the dogbone from the Rally in to my CRF250L from 2013 . I have the RT Forks , YSS Shock and a taller MT21 in 130/90-18 installed and with the stock Dogbone , YSS Shock in its shortest settings (lenght is adjustable by 20 mm) my Seat hight (lowest pos. on modified seat ) was 910 mm . Messured with spirit levels and Tape . On the Rear end of the Bike fom the Rack down in the middle of the tire 1000 mm . Then i remove the Dog Bone . Rally Dogbone 52475-KZZ-J00, 1100 THB (right) is 10 mm longer then the 2013 L Dogbone . Surprise after installation , the 10 mm longer dogbone makes not a big differece . -10 mm on the seat and -20 mm on the Rack . If i remember correct 10 mm would make on a XR or XL much more difference . I was hoping the Dogbone drop the rear of the Bike 30-40 mm and allow me to use the lenght ajustment of the YSS to ajust the bike to the hight i want . Need to check the triangle Link block when i get the next time to Honda . Maybe there is a differece to , some how Honda lower the 2017 L by 40 mm , was hoping its just the Dogbone , but no. Need further Investigations.
  6. I'm looking to get into the dirt bike market. I currently have a bike for the road - a Suzuki TU250X. This has quite a low seat height - 770mm or roundabouts - and this is comfortable for me. I could go an extra few centimetres particularly because dirt bikes are generally more narrow (so my legs won't be as wide apart) and I'd have thick dirt bike boots on. The dirt bike that I do get needs to be road legal as I want to ride it in national parks etc. rather then just private property. There are plenty of road registrable dirt bikes out there but the seat heights are insane. Most being around 870mm - 940mm which is way to high for me. I'm 5'2" with an inseam of about 63cm (I think). So, as you can imagine it's hard finding something that fits - with most bikes leaving my feet dangling. I have been looking at the Honda CRF250L, as its stock seat height is smaller then most. It looks like something that is marketed at the weekend trail rider rather than hard core enduro or motocross rider and that's fine by me - I just want something easy to ride. Its stock seat height is 875mm and I want to know what the best ways of lowering it - I don't weigh too much so lowering the suspension is okay (I know it affects the ride). Does anyone have suggestions? I also see the Suzuki DR200S - with a seat height of 845mm (which is lower) but I have to say I'm not keen on the way it looks... Silly I know. Suggestions on lowering this one? Otherwise, are there any other suggestions of bike model and their lowering techniques.? I'd rather not have a bike less than 200cc's. 250cc-300cc's is ideal. Any help would be amazing. I have been looking for some time but I am striking out. Thanks in advance!
  7. firstplacephoto

    lowering xr400 spring length?

    I am going to lower the xr by 1.75 inches by puttting spacers internally to shorten travel. I bought 11.5 kg rear springs and .47 kg fronts. I am 220 dry,LOL and plan on doing shim stock mods also. Is this going to put more load on springs at resting position,thus stiffening it up too much in front? Not so worried about rear,plenty of adjustment for spring. Should i cut off inch or so of springs,or use stock ones? I know there are lots of people who say dont lower,just too hard to get on and off it at 62 years old with 28" inseam,and lots of injuries,no flexibility left. Thanks for any help guys,as always!
  8. I am thinking of lowering my 16’ TE 125 but i have no clue on options or cost. Honestly, i am not to worried about throwing a little cash into it. At 5’5, im tired of high siding 5 times a day. Side note, I ride a mix of single trac and open woods, hare scrambles/enduros, and a tad bit of mx. Thanks for the help!
  9. wr250ish

    17FE450 lowering kit

    I'm looking at the 20mm lowering kit offered through Husy/KTM . P/N 79612955144 this would be the perfect amount to lower for me . Any of you have experience with this? Special tools for installation? Pros or cons? https://www.ktm-parts.com/79612955144.html
  10. In one of the OEM/model-specific forums, a TT member posted the following as part of a thread on lowering a bike: I could be completely wrong but it seems to me that the Zeta ring wouldn't have much effect on the height of the bike when sitting or standing on the bike because it only reduces how far the shaft can extend out of the shock body when it's fully extended. When seated or standing on the pegs, the spring will be compressed and the shaft will go further inside the body than when it is at rest so you would be at the same height on the bike for dabbing etc. This all assumes that nothing would be changed for the preload on the rear spring. To get the same sag measurement as before, you would need to back off on the preload tension and this would lower the rear of the bike. But how would the handling be different than having the preload rings at that position without the lowering ring? It seems to me that you would also need to change the rear spring rate for the bike to behave much differently. It seems that shock spacers are often considered to be better than lowering linkages but I don't understand why unless there was also a change in the spring rate. Can anyone here explain this to me? Thanks!