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Found 8 results

  1. So it's been a while since I was on here, forgive me if this thread is in the wrong place, but I was on here about 7 years ago with this Zundapp rickman barn find. I've recently found many parts on ebay and finally got back into the project, I've had the cylinder replated, gone through and fixed some case damages on the trans, basically a restore, and I've got a lot into it now. I was dealing with the wet clutch and I've hit a bump here in the road. it's a wet clutch, in a basket, there's 6 friction plates and 5 steel spine plates, one retainer with studs, and the other cap retainer(plate that holds the spring thimbles). My question is to do with the final retainer plate, and one of the steel splines. The retainer has a convex middle, as does one of the steel splines, and the assemble manual says to aim this outward away from the bike. But when I first took this thing down, the convex sides of the two plates were not aimed in that direction and I can see teeth marks from the inner spline gear on the top of the convex spine. Do I go with what the manual seems to say? I find it weird that the bike was opposite of what the manual says to do, and maybe the people before me had accidentally assembled it wrong or something,(I'm not the first to take this bike apart). Would anyone know where I can get better instruction on assembling the clutch body and basket, because the manual is fairly weak on explanation. It also does not mention the convexed spline plate, just the 4 flats. So I am left guess as to the order for how the plates go on the clutch retainer. Right now my order is, Retainer/w studs, friction and flat alternate, convex flat spline, and convex retainer cap. This is just my guess as to how it goes together because the book only has 2 blocks of vague text and no picture for this part that is helpful. I have videos of my project if you guys want to check it out, playlist at and I will bump this post with my most recent video which towards the end discusses this problem a little more in detail so that you can see. As soon as I get that to upload to youtube, I will bump this post with the link. Thanks so much for your guy's time. I really want to save this motorcycle so any information provided is greatly appreciated.
  2. kf92

    kx450f Engine noise

    My 2006 KX450f Started making this noise when i shut it off. Bike runs fine otherwise and doesnt have any issues. Does anyone know what this noise is or ever ran into this issue Thanks,
  3. Adam Moore

    dr 2000 dr engine rattle

    Hey everyone. I've just started to ride my dr650 again after about a 6 month break. As I was taking it down a back road I started to hear a rattle coming from the left side of the bike. At first I could only hear it in 1st gear, after I got back to the main road I could hear it in the lower gears. Where there wasn't a whole lot of noise hiding it. It doesn't do it on smooth roads, and it doesn't do it while idling. At first I thought it might be my home made foot pegs. Alas it still did it even as I was holding them still. Also on the left side the engine is getting very hot fairly quickly. I'm currently waiting for the engine to cool off to knock things aroubd and see if i can find something loose. In the meantime I've been looking up the symptoms and some posts mention the heat shield, but since it isn't rev specific I don't think that's it. Any ideas anyone?
  4. Hello, My name is Dan. I recently bought a 2001 yz125. I have been having jetting issues that i cant seem to fix. I have rebuilt the carb, tried a JD Jetting kit, and new reeds and nothing is working. I am looking for someone in the Central Jersey area who is willing to help me work on my bike and get it running strong. I have all tools necessary. I would pay $25 dollars per hour. This is completely legitimate. Feel free to text me at 908-448-9639. Located in Central New Jersey
  5. Hello all So my 99 Dr350se got a new noise the other day and hoping someone else may have had a similar issue at around 4900-5200 rpm there is a buzzing like grindiing sound coming from the left side of the bike. I think we have narrowed it down to the crankcase. It happens regardless of speed or gear that I am in. It also seems to happen more often as it decellerates but it does happen on the way up sometimes too. Oil is good and nothing is obviously loose that i have found yet. Chain has also recently been lubed. Any help is appreciated Thanks,
  6. I have a pretty crazy problem. This has probably never happened to anyone before, but here goes..... I own a mint 1987 XR250R. The bike maybe has 20-25hr on it. It ran fine when I bought it in the Fall. I pulled it out to start it. It started after a few kicks, however on the return of the kickstarter it somehow rotated internally to the left and now it is caught behind the posterior portion of the frame where the exhaust bolts on. When I say caught, it may be more accurate to say completely jammed.I took off the exhaust in hopes of creating some room to move the kickstarter down and out, but this did nothing to help my cause. I cannot push the kickstarter down any further- it feels locked and I don't want to break or bend anything. I thought to pull kickstarter off and I can't. The top portion of the kickstarter lever is f'ing wedged in behind the posterior portion of the frame and won't allow me to simply pull off the kickstarter at it's base. I can only pull it out so far and then the top part of the kickstarter lever wedged against the frame stops it. I did see the screw on the kickstarter top portion where it attaches to the base of the kickstarter. I took this screw out thinking I could 'tap' the kickstarter's top portion off. The top portion looks like is should come off not problem, but it won't. I'm not sure if it simply slides on or slides on and then locks into position with a twist. If it locks with twisting, I have no idea which way to turn it. I do have the factory service manual, and I'm surprised it shows nothing about the kickstart lever coming off. I've hit YouTube and can't get anything. If anyone has any ideas, I'd really appreciate it. I apologize in advance if this sounds ridiculous or is a purely elementary fix for someone who's very experienced / mechanically inclined. I'll be the first to admit I am no motorcycle mechanic but can usually do most stuff without incident. Warmer weather is coming to Northern NY and I just want to get the bike ready to go. This certainly isn't helping matters. In addition... the bike started and made are really odd noise after the kickstarter got wedged on its return stroke and then died. I'm hoping it doesn't mean something horrific just happened. Thanks in advance for any info. At this point anything is better than what I'm doing. I know being Sunday afternoon, odds of getting responses are pretty low....
  7. started to make this noise when i shut the bike off anyone know what this is or ever run into this problem? thanks,
  8. Does anyone else get a feeling after you work on your bike/quad/truck/car that you forgot something or did something wrong? And you look over the damned thing for like 2 hours afterwards to see what you messed up/what's wrong with it, when almost 99% of the time, everything is fine. I do this a lot and was wondering if anyone else does too. It might just be because I don't trust my own work lol, but I expect my friends to trust my work when I work on their bikes