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Found 30 results

  1. First post here, but this forum has been great for my 1972 XL250 rebuild. This question has been asked a few times, but I can't find a good answer. I'm changing out the old Keihin Carb for a Mikuni VM 32mm. It comes stock with the following settings: Main: 200, Pilot: 35, Needle: Q-6, Air: 2, Slide: 3rd position Does anyone have any recommendations for rejetting this carb for this bike at 4000-6000' Colorado? I've messed with the stock carb so much I'm ready to just have this sweet old bike running more reliably Thanks for any tips
  2. Hey guys, Could someone please explain the numbers on a needle jet for a mikuni carb? I'm currently running a 38-73 needle but a lot of the people I talk to say I would be happier running a 38-70 needle. I don't have a problem with going with what other recommend but I would like to understand the numbering for the needles first. I understand the nozzle sizes, main jet and pilot jet it's just this damn needle thingamobob Thanks a lot
  3. Thumper Talk newbie with a question about my bike. I just bought a 97 XR400 with electric start, stock motor (not built) stock exhaust (but the center tip missing) and a Mikuni Pumper Carb (air box is open from the top and side). I am assuming the carb is unmodified from XR's ONly but the previous owner said he never got the carb/bike running right. I wasn't sure what to make of that but after taking it out for a ride the other day I noted that the bike sputters when I was buzzing down the highway at 60 MPH/2500 feet in elevation. Also, the bike doesn't seem to respond immediately when I blip the throttle to get over a rut in the dirt road. Not really sure where to start. I looked at the spark plug and it looks like it's not fat or lean, so I am kinda at a loss of where to go next. opinions would be appreciated.
  4. kawasakikyle

    KLX 351 Problems

    Hey all, In need of help ASAP I recently purchased a 351 big bore kit from Bill Blue. Have heard so many great reviews from others who have done the same to their bikes. Watched all the videos from Adventures in Real Life and MrDuhFactor (popular Youtubers who did the 351 bb kit to their bikes). Decided that I wanted to upgrade the bike since I am doing the Trans-American Trail in 5 weeks. did the whole nine yards of mods, pumper carb, dg exhaust, rebuilt head, stiffer clutch, and a few other little trinkets. finished putting it together and it fired right up and ran beautifully. Nearing the end of my break in miles I noticed it was having really hard starts and would cut out at high rpms once warm. Discovered that this was due to a blown head gasket. I assumed I got the wrong torque specs from the internet because when I pulled the head the gasket looked fine, so I called Bill and had him overnight me two new gaskets along with a list of torque specs. Well I just got it all back together and tried to run it. Barely ran at first, so I pulled the valve cover back off and discovered I was a tooth off on the chain. Fixed that and it sounded a lot better. But it won't stay at idle and and when I try to ride it, it cuts out hard past 4000 rpms. If I try and let it idle, it just dies. I feel like I've tried everything but nothing seems to work. I'm at a serious loss here. This is my only bike and I need it to run good for the TAT in 5 weeks. I am an auto mechanic so I'd like to think I'm not mechanically dumb :/ Getting pretty desperate though.
  5. I recently picked up a 2004 YZ85 that had no carb. I’ve been looking at a Mikuni that is said to work with the bike. I remember my old 1982 YZ80 had a mikuni and it ran great. So the question is...will the mikuni be a good match or should I get a “flat side” style carb or what? Thanks in advance.
  6. I have 2001 DRZ400s that I just re-built the carburetor (Mikuni CV) on. I cleaned the carb, replaced all jets, needle, and o-rings with All Balls rebuild kit. I set the float height at 13mm per the manual. I set the fuel/air mix screw at 2 3/4 turns. Bike is completely stock. The bike has a stock pipe, stock air box (no 3x3 mod), stock jetting. The bike starts easy, idles great, and runs good when heavy on the throttle. When low in the throttle range it hesitates/surges. It is really noticeable when shifting from 1st to 2nd and just cruising about 45 mph in 5th gear. There is a slight pop on deceleration, but not bad. Any ideas where the problem might be? Thanks in advance.
  7. I recently purchased a brand new XR650L. I have already de-snorkeled and de-smogged it, have a K&N air filter, powerbomb header and FMF Q4 Exhaust. Also installed is a stage 1 dynojet kit. It works great but I find myself craving a more responsive ride so I have decided to upgrade my carb to the Mikuni TM42-6 flatside pumper. Its hard to find a good source on proper jetting for this application. The distributor I ordered it from says it comes "mostly" tuned for my application. Anyone have any advice on what jetting works best for this setup? Is there any other upgrades that you would consider essential to compliment the higher performance carburetor? I'm pretty new to all this and will appreciate any advice you guys have to offer
  8. Does anybody know the float depth on an 82 pe 175 with a VM34 Mikuni fitted. I tripped a post that said 27mm, but not sure if that’s too high, as I assume the measurements taken from the base ( where the gasket sits) to the top of the float. Thanks in advance cheers 👍
  9. Hey Guys, I recently purchased a brand new XR650L. I have already de-snorkeled and de-smogged it, have a K&N air filter, powerbomb header and FMF Q4 Exhaust. Also installed is a stage 1 dynojet kit. It works great but I find myself craving a more responsive ride so I have decided to upgrade my carb to the Mikuni TM42-6 flatside pumper. Its hard to find a good source on proper jetting for this application. The distributor I ordered it from says it comes "mostly" tuned for my application. Anyone have any advice on what jetting works best for this setup? Is there any other upgrades that you would consider essential to compliment the higher performance carburetor? I'm pretty new to all this and will appreciate any advice you guys have to offer
  10. So I have an 03 rm 125 and I’m having a problem with my jetting. My original 460 main jet that came out of the carb is huge and unlike any jet I’ve seen before. I also ordered a mikuni genuine main jet off of eBay and went to go put it in the carb (440 main) and it’s way too small. Not sure what to do.
  11. Wondering if anyone has had any luck with a non-chinese, non-OEM carburetor replacement for the BW80. I picked up an '86 sans-carb, and I cant find an OEM carb assembly anywhere.. lots of chinese knock-off for between $15-30, but experience has taught me that these are generally garbage. I have been considering a Mikuni VM18 or VM20 carburetor, but would like to know if anyone has had luck with these or a different assembly. The VM18/VM20 assembly would require installation of the carb such that the choke and adjustment screws would be on the back-side of the carb, which might be a PITA to get to. Thanks in advance
  12. I have a 2017 250 XC-W, and after a head and ignition mod, I am pretty happy with the bike. However, I am curious to try the 36mm Keihin off my 2009 200 XC-W. There seems to be plenty of good feedback on this switch and the 36mm may just give the 250 that little bit of extra bottom end that I am after. I still run the old 200 quite a bit as they are just brilliant bikes, it generally take it out in the more gnarly terrain where running out of talent and sending it back down a rock ledge leaves me a little less concerned than the 250. So if I put the Keihin into the 250, I still want to be able to run the 200, hence looking for some feedback on putting the Mikuni on the 200? My 200 has a shaved and reshaped head, sxs hardparts pipe, Akro silencer and the option of running a 125SX CDI. In the 200, I have been running the 36mm Keihin with 40p, JD Red (200 specific triple scribe) #4, 168 main, A/S 1.5. I'm in Sydney Australia and generally run 1000 feet to 3000 feet and temps of 60f to 95f. I generally like to run on the richer side as the 200 is pokey enough but like all small bores needs what ever can help torque wise Any jetting experts care to suggest a baseline to begin with on the Mikuni?
  13. 2001 yz250 I need some assistence, first time user. I am new to this, aquired 3 two stroke like new bikes. They really need jetting know how and jets size MAIN JET AND PILOT. AIR SCREW. I will apreciate any help. I am a serious enthisiast with smokers. 2 Tiempo. I want it to clean real nice but im also running wiseco piston and do 30:100 MOTUL 800. Dont know to run the castor mixes? //////// I also have HONDA CR250 2003 with the mikuni and it needs some tunning!!! HAVE NO IDEA
  14. 416mike

    CRF50 needs some attention

    Hi folks, I'm new to TT. Seeking some help with an old pit bike (shown in pics). I didn't do the mods on this but saw some value and bought it cheap. It hasn't ran since shortly after I got it a couple years ago. When it did run it was blowing blue smoke I assume burning oil.. probably why it was bought so cheap. It has a 124cc Takegawa kit and I'm not sure the brand of clutch kit installed so I'm hoping you guys notice. It doesn't have any oil right now and I'm wondering if dumping oil in the clutch cover treats the whole engine and clutch or if they're separated inside. I think some oil and fresh gas would get it running again but like I said it didn't seem very healthy when it did run. Does the blue smoke I used suggest the top end needs replaced? Are these parts still accessible if so? Lastly, the sprockets don't align well and the rear brake hardly works. It may just need fluid but are there any good swingarm/rear brake kits out there for decent price? I'd about prefer to remove the swingarm/wheel/brake and start new there. Carb is a Mikuni, PC exhaust, if wondering. I'm not sure what the forks are from but they and the front brake work. Thanks for any help. Would love to get it built right and repost!
  15. Just bought a Husqvarna TX300 and the stock mikuni is giving me the worst gas mileage I have ever experienced on any 2 stroke. There is a little bit of spooge but not enough to seem extremely rich. Also, when I began running out of gas I would shut the gas off and the remaining gas in the bowl seemed to go forever. Perhaps the float if too high?
  16. Hi, Background: I recently acquired a 1993 dr350s and I cannot fix a rich condition; I am about to purchase a TM33 pumper carb off of eBay but I hate when I am not able to figure something out. Hopefully someone here is able to give some insight! Tried: The bike is 100% stock. I have replaced the vacuum petcock with a standard one, and replaced every jet and rubber piece float and needle with OEM Suzuki pieces, triple checked float height, the idle, main jet, and choke valve and seat surfaces appear to all be in perfect condition, etc. Symptoms: With the bike fully warm and choke off, the bike idles highest with the idle mixture screw all the way lean and dies if any choke is applied. It also smells rich, does not hot start, spits black soot, and pops on deceleration, low power, etc. The only unusual thing is where the idle mixture screw pulls fuel from there are three little pinholes drilled straight through into the throat of the carb. They do not look OEM, and I tried to epoxy them shut but I think I rushed it and the gas ate my JB weld... are these factory or did someone try to correct an old vacuum leak with this? Thank you!
  17. ericsXr600R

    EBay New FCR any Good?

    Hey guys, I put a Mikuni TM40 on my XR600R and really like it, but I always wondered if the FCR might be better. I ran across this EBay listing for a new FCR style carburetor. It doesn't show as a Keihin brand. Anybody buy one of these yet? Its a good price but I won't buy if the quality isn't there. I bought another XR and thought I would try an FCR on the new bike so I have one of each. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Honda-CRF-450-R-CRF450R-Carburetor-Carb-2002-2008-NEW/122835304977?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20160727114228%26meid%3Dd8d46407b09b4518913684b5910695aa%26pid%3D100290%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D4%26sd%3D253192404113&_trksid=p2060778.c100290.m3507 Any input?
  18. Hello everyone, I have a KLX351 with a Mikuni TM33/34 pumper carb that I need to function at higher altitudes. I like in Colorado and regularly ride at 7000 ft. I would like to ride up some mountains that are above 12,000 ft. Is there a jetting setting that can do it all? 5000-12,000 or will I need to optimize the settings for a narrower range? Are jetting setting only good for about +/- 2000 ft elevation change? Thanks for your help,
  19. Hey everybody, first post after years of lurking. Saturday I traded my johnboat for another bike. A very rough 2006 ttr125 with a 150 big bore kit. (no idea who made the kit). She starts first kick no matter what, idles and runs great until about 7/8 to full throttle where it proceeds to fall on its face until I let up. Bike has an "aftermarket" carb that i'm having trouble identifying. The only marking on it is an "M" cast on the side of the body. the insides look brand new but the jets dont have sizes on them. I can post pics as soon as I get off work but without knowing what size jets I have i'm not sure what kit to purchase. Starting to think a new mikuni would be the best course of action. Any Ideas or discussion would be great. Thanks a ton in advance. -Ricky
  20. Hi all... so been working on and off on this xl250 chop for a girl. I am on the latter stage, I hope. I converted it to a 12v/cdi electrexworld.co.uk because I couldnt get the 6v system to work consistently. I also got a new mikuni vm32 and I did the valves. With a new spark plug installed the thing will fire after 6-12 kicks and it runs, ok. Try to restart it and it acts like plug fouled. I am getting great spark and I have tested with timing advances/retarded, seems to start through out the range hover I feel like it starts best advanced (and thats a guess because I didnt get any instructions with the kit I am turning clockwise on the stator unit for advance?) Basically feels rich. anyways looking for some help with the mikuni vm32, I understand I might be on the larger side, been told vm30 would have been better but I need to make this work. Here is what is in the carb now: 185 Main, 35 Pilot, 6DH7 Jet Needle, 2.0 Air Jet, 159 P-5 Needle Jet. Do I drop the Main and the pilot? 175/27.5? Any help would be awesome. Also D8EA or D7EA for spark plug?
  21. MrPickles

    Mikuni Carb ID??

    Hi Ya'll. I could use your expertise here. I have what looks like be a late 80's/early 90's Mikuni 38 MM carburetor. At least I think it's a 38MM. I bought it on EBAY for my '90 RMX250, but it's not the correct carb for my bike. The exhaust side port is too small for my RMX and the air/fuel screw is not the same. Also, the throttle cable insert is threaded in. Not so on my other 90 RMX. Are any of you able to tell me which model this is and what year/model bike it fits? I'm just trying to resell it. Any help is appreciated.
  22. Any specific tips and tricks jetting the new 38mm Mikuni on the 300s? There is another thread here about 300 jetting but its pretty confusing talking about the older Keihin models in the same thread, since they are pretty different. I've got about 20+ hours on my 300 XCW (2017) and the carb feels mostly OK, maybe a bit rich. I expect its like all two-strokes, a bit rich from the factory to prevent accidental squeaks during break-in. My dealer sent out an email saying that a lot of their customers are not happy with the as-delivered jetting, and that they are working up recommendations 'shortly'. Of course, here in the East, riding season is quickly ending with hunting season and then winter. My only jetting related solid complaint is that the bike is hard to start the first time of a day (or week) either with the kickstarter or the magic button. Once its has fired, it restarts instantly, but it does not want to wake up.
  23. I picked up a new to me 97 xr600 that ran fine when I got it(hard to start but it would start). I got it home and immediately started doing some maintenance things. I couldn't open the airbox when I bought it because it forgot my tools. But the guy is an engineer and seemed to have taken good care of it, so i figured all was well inside the airbox. I was wrong. The filter crumbled apart in my hands into this oily bastard of a mess. The airbox was covered in this caked on oily dirt. Needles to say I was a bit upset. But I pressed on and cleaned the airbox and put on a brand new uni filter and now the bike will not start. I kicked until my leg hurt and barely got anything. I didn't touch anything setting on the carb or mess with the fuel system at all. Is it possible that the carb was choked for air so badly and was adjusted accordingly that now it wont start because of too much air? It has the mikuni 41mm flatside carb on it. Which only has an idle screw adjustment on it. Please help
  24. Just put a new Mikuni VM26 carb kit from tbolt on my klx. It includes a new cable, disc filter and flange. I didnt have instructions so I assembled it on the fly (paranoid I put the carb backwards as the choke is on the right side). Rejetted to compensate for the exhaust, intake, and 143 kit. Installed new cable (did not add additional grease to it). Bike took a few kicks to start, idled ok for a few seconds with the choke on - then the idle took off and raised significantly for a few seconds until I hit the kill switch. It feels like the throttle cable, slide, etc is moving freely. I ran out of day light so to be continued... (I’m also super careful about revving the bikes as Im in Baltimore and at first whiff of a bike it’ll be stolen). Can anyone offer some advice? I’m new to working on bikes but its quickly becoming my favorite thing to do! thanks!
  25. What is this circled part and its purpose? It's clogged and very hard to clean. Carb is Mikuni TM 28ss(drz-250)