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Found 44 results

  1. Hello everyone! 👍 I would like some help regarding which Supermoto-style front fenders fits a 2017 KTM 500 EXC-F Six Days. There's 2 screw holes in the back off my current off-road fender that mounts in the back of the lower clamp. A friend suggested a 690 SMC-R or Husky FS300-570 but I'm not sure since I've only seen pictures. (OEM partnumber: 7730821000028)
  2. Hey guys, I'm new to thumper, but I was hoping I could find someone who could help me. HERES THE DEAL! I've been riding 4 strokes for about 7 years now, but the 2T world has recently gotten my attention! I currently ride a 2006 YZ250F. (Fully rebuilt by myself;). I ride the piss out of it and I feel like it's missing something. I've tried shaking things up like riding different terrain(sand dunes,Rocks,etc.) I thought maybe I would try a 450, I got to ride my buddies CRF450X. lol that bike humbled me. It was way to high and It felt a LOT heavier. I crossed out the 450 bc I think it would be a waste and I wouldn't be able to push the bike to its limits. With that being said I'm trying to decide between (2017 Ktm 150 sx, 2017 Ktm 250sx, and 2017 YZ250 and/or the X model). Here's me.. I'm roughly 5'8" 175-185lbs. I lift 5-6 days a week. I enjoy riding anything and everything as long as I get to ride.
  3. I guess the glory days of winning the MXdN left with Carmichael & RV eh? The tables have turned and the best we can hope for is top five, now. Lord Alfred (shudder) was correct.
  4. I am not here to sell you a product: "Try this protein powder, you'll get bigger", or "Buy these shoes, you'll run faster", or "Buy this bike, and you'll win more races". I've been both the guy trying to sell you something (in which I believed the products to be sound), and I've also been the guy buying these different products. For the most part, the results from many of them have been less then stellar. Some from my lack of commitment, others didn't meet my personal requirements, but mostly because they were simply J.U.N.K... So why do I feel a bolt on dirt-bike shock should be excluded from my original statement? Because I only want to sell you an experience... I can only relate my experience as "threading the needle" as I felt most of this story is exactly that. Though the performance of the National Shock was recognized on paper, the reality of how good the National Shock really is became apparent when I hit the dirt. In 2nd gear, on the throttle hard coming out of a right hand turn into a straight stretch I never shut the throttle off as I threaded perfectly though a recent fresh cut log, approx. 15in in diameter and less then 12in apart hiding in the grass. It was at that moment the National Shock revealed how good suspension could really be. Not once did the fear of the rear end stepping out, the lose of traction or some unexplained event cause me to shut the throttle off. I could simply say it was confidence. In no other times in questionable traction conditions (or any conditions I imagine) would I have thought this was possible. That single experience has carried the way I have tested this shock since. I have 'threaded the needle' in most every situation I can think of and not once have a thought any less of the performance offered by this Mx-Tech National Shock. There wasn't an area I didn't feel the shock didn't offer top level performance above not only my stock shock, but my highly modified stock shock also by Mx-Tech. We have a sand track with a hard base that get baked in the summer, the rollers that develop are not of envy. They are difficult to time correctly, deep, rutted and offer no mercy to half-throttle riders. Even the best tire quickly if not conditioned. I hit the track with a bit of intimidation. but the result was a shock that never faulted. If it did bottom, I couldn't feel it... Maybe I imagine the shocks bottoming characteristics are one of those of dropping a bowling ball onto a mattress, not a concrete floor? Everything felt smooth, comfortable and in control, no packing or such. I do believe the shock overall was too soft for the kind of riding as it was setup for off-road but still... An example being a small step-up that you need to land off the previous jump and bounce back on top The shock was absorbing the impact and not giving me the full 'pop' or bounce I needed. I always clipped with top with the rear wheel but never out of control. If the stop-watch was on I bet I still did this section faster. Flat corners, bermed corners, inside or outside, I was able to put the bike where I wanted with more accuracy then before. When coming into braking bumps both large and small, the National Shock followed the ground with more control, eliminating the 'shock or sting' of bottoming while not kicking in both a side to side/up and down direction. The bike felt stable and comfortable as the shock was not transferring any feedback through the bike either. Braking could be done considerably later, and with more precision and control. When coming into corners I could not only hit them faster but with more accuracy, which in turn allowed me to carry more speed out of the corners then Imight have been previously familiar with. The traction coming out allowed for the bike to push forward with more drive and confidence knowing the rear end was sticking to the ground and not hunting. Everything displayed was welcomed and not one single fault could be found. Being a off-road guy I took to the trails as part of my test(s). In every single situation on my loops, the National Shock found traction that otherwise was not previously there due to the slippery conditions. Whether is was up some of the rock faces, or through rock gardens the shock followed the ground, never skipping, kicking or becoming unpredictable. The traction created more drive, in turn more momentum which allowed me to hit obstacle with not only more speed but more control too. I'm a good log hopper... Any size, angle, or multiples in a row I have always felt comfortable jumping them. The shock seemed to absorb them better with no kick. Lining up logs became easier, micro-corrections took less effort. Could I complain the shock was maybe a little too good in this are? When jumping logs in sequence, you want suspension a little firmer so you can get both the distance and height. Unfortunately the shock absorbed logs too well. When it came to ruts, or muliple ruts, the bike tracked straighter and didn't want to climb out. Side-hills could be hit with more speed and accuracy, and with less fear of the rear end stepping out causing you to slide to the valley bottom. Overall, two things I found to be most important are 1.) I could 'thread the needle' on every obstacle. I could do everything closer to the edge then I could have done before. I could hit a log straighter, jump off it farther while coming into a corner with braking bumps, brake late and get on the throttle sooner while lining up a rutted hill-climb. Straight up, I was faster. and with a higher level of confidence. The other being that because I could do this with less effort, I wasn't as tired as I might have been before. Since starting this review I have ridden multiple times with National Shock and every time has been better then the last as I am looking to find something that would show me otherwise, I haven't. Edit: In my initial testing, I didn't have Mx-Techs supplied shock spring. When combined with the National shock (included in purchase) you get an approx. 1lb weight savings over the stock shock. With all that being said, The Mx-Tech National Shock is on my short-list for Santa for 2020 off-road season. Its simply that good....
  5. Hey everyone! I went out to the desert last weekend and decided to record it. We rode mostly tight sand washes. Check it out! PS Turn up the resolution and the cameras were faced too far down but I tried to make it work
  6. Fun solo ride before the recent Northern Cali storm, lots of fun good conditions
  7. Looking for new friends to ride with. For this wknd I would have my 8 yr old and he rides too! Moto camp beers fun. Ya?
  8. Hey there! Looking for new people to ride with in Johnson Valley/Barstow area. Trying to learn new technical skills, push myself, and stay dedicated. I'm a beginner/intermediate rider, pretty new to the sport looking for cool people to ride with. Just a heads up I'm a 19 y/o girl.
  9. So the camshaft bearing snapped and got in the valves and locked the motor what damage you think it did to the bike? Had oil and coolant so idk
  10. I’ve recently been trying to find how long a 250 c class moto usually lasts. I’m sure it’s different depending on the race, but I’ve heard it’s usually 15 minutes. I was wondering how long they are so that I know what to except.
  11. austinmc

    YZ85 yz85

    i’m trying to get a bike to use for motocross. i want to start racing motocross and my bike right now isn’t the right fit. i’m looking at a 2008 yz85. i’m 6,1, 170 pounds, and 16 years old. am i too big for the bike and is this bike good for motocross racing? i’d appreciate bike recommendations. thanks.
  12. Growing up, seeing motovans at the track was possibly one of the coolest things.. while I was sleeping in my singlecab pickup. But hey, at the time, in highschool, my truck was cooler than some van. Now at this "age" 24... a van is quite a dang good idea, so I started looking. After a few facebook pots, a buddy of mine knew someone who had a 2001 E350 Passenger van sitting, and would get me a price. he told me it needed a radiator, and the spark plug blew out of cylinder 4 (common 5.4 triton issue). A few days go by, and he calls saying I can have it for FREE! they just needed it gone! So, I go out there with a friend of mine who has a 30ft gooseneck, and some starting fluid to make sure I don't get in too deep... we cant get it to fire without starting fluid, and ruled it out to a fuel pump. We pull the van on the trailer, stop by the parts store, and are headed home. The van was sitting stationary for 4 years... and smelled like it. but we'll get back there.. We dropped the tank, having to cut one of the tank straps and emptied the 4 year old fuel, put a new fuel pump in it, about 5 gallons of premium race fuel (fast and furious), and she fired up. Next was the spark plug issue, I tapped the threads, and installed a helicoil along with new plug and coil pack, and we were good. Later I replaced the radiator after flushing the coolant system. The next day, we pulled out everything behind the first row bench seats, to include the headliner, rear AC duct, and side panels. Had to cut out the old seat belt mounts, and reinstalled the last bench where the first bench originally resided, since it was longer, but a few inches back to have optimal leg room. Then came the wall install... after lots of measuring once and cutting twice... I got it all figured out, and had the wall installed, then yellow stuffed "expanding foam" around all sides to ensure I wouldn't have fuel fumes in the cab. Finally I installed some flooring, just to give the bare metal some protection. After that, I was king of burned out on the van, before I even used it. She sat in my driveway for months before I was ticketed for having an unregistered vehicle parked outside.. gotta love florida.. I posted it forsale for a few days, then decided I would getRdone. So, off to the DMV, registered, and custom plates reading "MOTOVAN". Picked up a heavy duty cargo lock, fuel treatment, tons of black ice "little trees", and some R-134 to recharge the AC. She was making her first trip to the track that weekend! We changed the oil, 1,000 miles and 3 years overdue... only 2qts came out.. and sea foamed the green monster. After driving all over town, I parked in the driveway for a second, only to try to move it, and nothing on start up... not even after a jump.. so back to the parts store for a starter. After one of the worst starter jobs ever, she was cranking again. I figured we were problem free... but not before a brake line failed, and had to replace that guy, in order to take her to the track in 2 days! Finally! we were all clear, and we loaded three bikes into the van, and we were off! Two bikes is preferred.. but three worked, juts had to put most of the gear in the cab. Was a great day of riding, before a buddy crashed and ended the day with a concussion and a few compressed vertebrae.. The van made another trip out this past weekend, and developed a new misfire, that ill be taking care of this week, and rechargeing the whole AC system since ill be sleeping in it this weekend for my first race in years! I will add some photos off my phone in a bit, until then, here is my youtube channel I created for the motovan!
  13. Marvin (KTM) is smart. Really seems like he's racing for the fun of it and because of that, the spotlight is directly on him and everyone is talking about him. Of course I'm sure he's contracted to race this straight rhythm put on by Red Bull, but last night I found myself calling him the fastest guy on a bike right now despite being a Tomac fan. Feels like the Kawasaki program is built on pressure and fixation, while the Red Bull KTM vibe is more open ended. Really seems like Tomac's attitude since getting on that team is racing only when he absolutely has to and then putting a huge amount of pressure on himself when he does. They say Baker's program burns you out but I'm seeing way more burnout from Tomac at them moment. And I feel thanks to these off season races Musquin will come into A1 the favorite. Just my observation.
  14. I just had a few questions related to the proper way to trailer your bikes, I will be trailering 2 bikes a yz250fx and a ttr125l, I first want to know if it really matters that one bike is alot heavier than the other since they will be side by side in the trailer. Next I have 2 wheel chocks and I was wondering if I should have another tie down point in between them so the straps are not pulling more to one side, If that is the case is it okay to just bolt it onto the wood floor? or would that not be strong enough? Thanks,
  15. I got a new piston and it has “in” on one side and I don’t know how the rings go On it and I don’t wanna mess up. Let me know what to do
  16. Hey guys i swamped my 2007 wr450f. Bad. The bike fell onto its left side and covered most of the seat, when i went to hurry and pick it up, my dumbass pulled the clutch and throttle so it wouldnt die. It hydro locked and was able to break it free after an hour. Kicked it slowly over and over and over without the ignition on so it wouldnt fire over. I was able to start it 5 hours later when i pushed my self home. Took the filter out and drove it into the garage. Yes i drove it the garage. Oil was MILKY AF. I started working 12 hour days so i didnt tend to the oil problem. I filled it up with as much oil as i could. And drained it twice a day for 4 days when i got off work. All the water is out now. The bike now will only stay running with the choke on. And bogs out when i take it off or pull the throttle. I air sprayed all connections, took the sparkplug out, saw a lot of dirt in there, blew most of it out. Looked through the carb, can notice a little bit of rust. Not bad. Bike has compression, when the choke is on and bikes running, the lights go bright so i know the stator isnt &%$#@!ed. The computer and the wiring were all submerged, dirt in those connections. Any info or anyone with simuliar issues that can help will be greatly appreciated! Thanks
  17. Looking for a bike for my wife. She is about 12 rides in and has been riding my "old" 2012 350 xcf now for sale. I am riding a TX 300 and loving it. The bottom line is that the 350 xcf is too big, too heavy and too powerful. It's tight ratio, tight gearing and pulls hard, she has trouble standing without whisky throttle. It has seems to have much more hit and power than a 350 xcw or exc. I have ridden many of those. I also want a bike she can grow into a bit. We tried a 230 and some similar bikes but they are heavy and seem a little lacking in some areas and feel like we would be selling it by the end of the summer. So I think we are down to a 2015 KTM Freeride or a 2013 200 xcw both used. I know totally different. Any thoughts, she is a good athlete and mtn biker but still learning the moto. We just ride single track that is semi technical. I don't think she will ever be fast so I don't this the suspension and brakes are a deal killer. I have ridden a few Freeride's and wasn't overly impressed with the brakes and suspension. That being said it's light and lugs and lugs. I just want her to have fun and keep riding. Freeride feels a little more like a novelty where the 200 feels more like a proper moto. I am torn, she is torn. At the end of the day this is a good 1st world problem to have. She aren't many women riders here so it's hard to get feedback. PS She is 5'9" and 135.
  18. MORGANTOWN, WV – June 14, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – MX Sports Pro Racing and Victory Sports have announced the addition of the Cody Gragg Memorial 2-Stroke Race, which will run as part of the Fifth Annual Tennessee National at Blountville, Tennessee’s Muddy Creek Raceway on June 24 for Round 5 of the 2017 Lucas Oil Pro Motocross Championship. Cody was a part of the motocross family from the time he started racing 50cc bikes back in 2000. The recent passing of he and his father, Chris, was a very tragic loss for the entire racing community. Cody enjoyed racing 2-stroke motorcycles, so it is only fitting to honor his memory with a full gate featuring these beloved machines. The Memorial 2-Stroke Race will be open to Pro-Am, A Class, and B Class riders only, and riders with a current pro license will not be permitted to compete. The race will run prior to opening ceremonies of the Tennessee National, between 12 Noon and 12:30 p.m. local time. Practice and a qualifying race for the Memorial 2-Stroke Race will take place on Friday afternoon to determine Saturday’s 40-rider field. An additional practice will take place prior to the event on Saturday. The race will feature a purse, contingencies, and a very special commemorative award for the winner. A holeshot bonus will also be awarded. The purse, which started at $500, has quickly surpassed the $12,000 mark thanks to an array of donations, and will continue to be open to contributions through the actual race. Individuals and businesses can donate to the purse by simply contacting Victory Sports, with winnings paid out to top ten finishers. As the event nears, Victory Sports will provide an update on the total purse, while also providing a list of donors. Entry fee into the Cody Gragg Memorial 2-Stroke Race is $40. For more information on signing up for the race, and to make donations to the purse, please contact Jane Gammon at Victory Sports at jane@victory-sports.com or at (423) 323-5497. Additional information is also available at MuddyCreekRaceway.com. Source: MX Sports Pro Racing, Inc.
  19. hi i have a 2015 crf450 and im doing my own service on them and need help on how to take them apart and how much oil to put back in. also if someone has a video of them doing it would be so helpful
  20. Hey I got a 2017 Honda Crf150r that I purchases a few weeks ago. I paid 2900 for it. I rode it around and it rode great. Since then I've ridden it around a lot and its super fun. I realized that once its warmed up that it has a hanging idle and I'm not sure what to do because I want to sell it and would like to fix that problem. I would normally know how to fix this problem on a carbureted bike but fuel injection is new territory for me so I fell pretty lost. If someone would let me know what to do I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!!
  21. Just wanted to share a video I saw recently of some guys riding their two strokes. Videos like this help me get through the winter haha!
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