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Found 32 results

  1. My girlfriend and I just purchased two sr170tr bikes online. I put them both together, loctite bolts/screws with blue loctite, changed oil with 10w-40 non synthetic, oiled the air filter and filled them up with premium gas. My bike started after a couple kicks and is keeping idle/running fine. The second bike though has been extremely difficult to kick vs mine. It will occasionally kick but it stops/gets stuck so often you basically break your foot in the process. And when it does kick it has much more resistance in general. This is all based off of comparison with the working sr170tr. After many attempts to start the bike (checking spark plug, making sure wire connections are tight, and 100 difficult kicks) I noticed the manifold intake is cracked. Again this bike is new and never been started before so this was a major bummer... I have nearly zero experience with bikes and dont know how to go about this. Ive emailed the company that sent me the bikes about the broken manifold intake. But scratching my head about the difficult kick start issue. Will the broken intake have anything to do with the difficulty of kicking the engine? Thank you!
  2. I’m not into riding bikes but I’d like to be. I’m looking for a modestly priced bike to see if I like it. Apollo’s seem pretty cheap, so what’s the catch? Is it worth the money? Edit- I’m 5’3” and about 135 lbs if that matters.
  3. CallMeAnsel

    About brakes

    My friend bought a brand new Yz450f and he said he started noticing a scratching sound coming from the front brake science day one. According to him, overtime his front brakes have gotten worse and worse. Currently the brake lever can almost touch the grips when you pull it making it feel "squishy" and it brakes pretty bad. I tried to help diagnose the problem but I don't know much about brakes. Any ideas of what it could be? Thanks in advance.
  4. Parker4570

    2006 kx250f newer plastics?

    Will any newer plastics fit on my 2006 kx250f if so what year and what plastic is it ec front fender pic just cause
  5. Had sorta ruined my back number plates during a hare scramble last year and i'm thinking about getting a whole new set of plastics and graphics. I was wondering if anyone has tried putting newer plastics on a 2007 kx250. My biggest issue is the front fender, I love the look of the new front fenders on the 250's and 450's. The only other parts is radiator shrouds because the stock ones quite ugly to but the back fender and number plates are fine. If anyone knows if any newer plastics will fit let me know, not scared to re drill some holes or make some small brackets if necessary, just curious, anything y'all know would be a big help.
  6. I just picked up a brand new 2017 CRF450x, I’ve had it about 3 days now road it about 2 times has about 20 miles on it and today when I went to start it, it took a good little bit, I road it around the trails and then I took a sharp corner and it stalled, which is fine because I was going slow. But then I went to start it and it would not start for shit, the electric starter on the bike was dead so I had to crank it and that still didn’t work, so I pushed it home and I took the seat off and charged the battery and the electric starter started working again which is great, but the bike still would not start. I had the battery charging and then I attempted to start the bike, and it started, I then turned off the charging then the bike turned off, then wouldn’t start back up. I hooked it back up to the charging and gave it a while and it started, then turned off and wouldn’t start once again. I let the bike sit for a good 25 minutes then tried it again and the bike started and I was able to hop on it and ride it around. I was probably riding it about 3 minutes then the bike just completely lost power and shut off, then wouldn’t start and I had to push it home, once I got it home it started once again and started working correctly and I was able to ride it for about 15 minutes until I put it up, I have no clue why I’m getting this kind of trouble on a brand new bike if you know what it could be please tell me.
  7. We have a walk around of the all new Can-am sport XRC model. New to the market for rock crawling and desert trail fun. Check it out and let me know what you think.
  8. Hey everyone, going out on a limb here to see if anyone rides in my area. I live in Longmont, CO, north of Denver, and am looking to get my first bike and learn to ride. I am 28 and have ridden ATVs, motorcycles, mountain bikes, but never dirt bikes but am anxious to learn. First things first, I am looking for a bike to learn on. I am 6' and close to 250 so a little bike probably wouldn't work but any recommendations? I am not looking for anything new until I learn to ride and figure out what exactly I would be looking for. I don't need anything street legal as I plan to ride tracks/closed areas and hopefully in the mountains. Is there any other reason to have a street legal bike I'm missing? I would be looking to spend somewhere in the $1000-$3000 range as I expect that's what a descent, old, reliable, bike might run? Also, if there is anyone in the area that is looking for someone else to ride with that doesn't mind giving some tips let me know!
  9. Hello, I'm 14 years old and I am looking to buy a new dirt bike. I am 5'7" and 115 lbs and have been riding since I was 7. The main bikes that I have been considering were: a 125 2 stroke, or a 230 or 250 4 stroke. I mainly ride woods and trails. I know that the 125 and 250 will be pretty powerful for me but I think that I will grow into them. If you have any opinions they would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  10. I've been really wanting to scratch the itch of getting a dirt bike recently. i don't really know how to ride a bike, apart from the basics. (have trouble with balance, and the whole process is weird to me, and all the legwork) so i've been wondering does it effect my ability to learn to ride a dirt bike? #help #new
  11. Had sorta ruined my back number plates during a hare scramble last year and i'm thinking about getting a whole new set of plastics and graphics. I was wondering if anyone has tried putting newer plastics on a 2007 kx250. My biggest issue is the front fender, I love the look of the new front fenders on the 250's and 450's. The only other parts is radiator shrouds because the stock ones quite ugly to but the back fender and number plates are fine. If anyone knows if any newer plastics will fit let me know, not scared to re drill some holes or make some small brackets if necessary, just curious, anything y'all know would be a big help.
  12. Hello, Thumper Talk, I am a new rider, I just got my license 2 weeks ago and will be getting a bike within the next couple weeks. I have my eyes on a klr 650 but I haven't looked at it yet. My problem isn't with the bike it is with the gear, I will be using this bike for short commuting 5-10 min for work and longer 1hr+ treks, all street at first but I do hope to get off the road eventually, so I need to be able to get it all off with relative ease. I also live in Wisconsin so I need protection from cold, rain, sun, heat, and maybe snow if I dare to try, I would like to accomplish this with around 500$, which is a lot to ask but I do already have a helmet so that will help. I have the AFX FX-39 hi-vis urban camo. If it is absolutely worth it or a really good deal I will go over 500$. So basically what I need is boots, leg armor, upper body armor, and gloves. Some ideas I already had are the o'neal element for boots but they don't seem to have enough protection at the ankle, knee brace and hip armor while just rock denim but I don't think that would be a good idea for the highway, something like the fox titan for upper body with a jacket that can provide protection on the road but I thought that might just get complicated, along with a neck brace and I didn't know what to do for gloves. Obviously this is a lot but I couldn't find anyone that had already asked this before, Thanks.
  13. Great news! The 2019 YZ450Fx got the 2018 YZ450 treatment! New Frame Updated Suspension Bigger Tank (2.2 gallons) Lighter (lost 6 lbs wet even with larger tank) Keeps its wide ratio transmission I'm pretty excited about this bike. I love my '17 450FX and was hoping the 2019s would get updated. Honestly though, I had almost lost hope due to fuel capacity. The 2018 YZ received a smaller tank (1.6 gallons) and the largest tank IMS offers is 2.0 gallons. I took this to mean there was no room left for fuel with the new layout. Thankfully I was wrong! The new YZ450FX is coming stock with a 2.2 gallon tank. Also, the new bike lost some weight. It now weighs 256lb fully wet (or 242lb without fuel). Yamaha seems to be doing everything right with these new bikes. https://www.yamahamotorsports.com/cross-country/models/yz450fx
  14. I have a ttr125 regular and I haven't rode it more than 50 times and i've had a little experience with 4 wheelers but never owned one. I want a little bit bigger bike but I also have always wanted a 2 stroke. Im not interested in yamaha or suzuki. I'm not a racer and I don't plan on getting into racing but I want a 2 stroke. I'm 15 years old, 5'6, and 130lbs.
  15. 4theJman

    XR80 Interchangeable parts

    I have a 1980 xr80 that is starting to freeze up on me ................................. after being ridden for about a month with out a drop of oil. I have a spare bottom end (same year) but not a spare top end. My plan is to hopefully take the old top end and put it on my spare bottom. while I have it all torn apart is there any parts from a different model year that would be interchangeable? also is there OEM parts from a different year or bike that could be swapped on for a performance gain?
  16. twigster

    rekluse clutch

    Hi all,i have a new in box Rekluse clutch its the first edition and it comes with the cable adjuster also new too .These things are pretty rare now and i am thinking i am not going to use it so i would like to sell it to someone who may use it i am thinking of selling my crf so it will be surplus to requirements. as i have stated new and unused ..
  17. Pissed93CR

    Need radiator help 93 CR 250

    Hey! New to forum and have quick question. I just started a 93 cr250 project and all the parts are original and some are a bit clapped out. The radiator needs to be replaced and I am wondering If the eBay radiators are worth it. Company names on ebay are, MSR Racing, Worley, GPI, and HR Racing etc. Are these radiators any good or am I stuck buying an expensive OEM unit? Should I buy a used OEM? No one really seems to make or carry them except the eBay stores. I also have a hard time trusting eBay purchases. Any help would be much appreciated! Thanks -Peter
  18. Just got rid of my wr450f after many years on it. Was very heavy. What’s better the TE300i or the YZ450FX for trail riding???
  19. Jakksin Henson

    New to this 1989 KX250

    I'm new to the bike. Is there an online manual for this 1989 KX250? Does it have a radiator? Lmao I really haven't had time to look at it. All I know is it's in my garage and the clutch plates need changed because the guy I bought it from was riding and heard a loud CLUNK and killed it at idle. He tried to open it up but broke the gasket and didn't have the tools to take apart the plates I guess.
  20. Speed-Freek

    The new "TT" Tree Talk!

    But really, I need a new chainsaw... Gas powered 16" around $400ish? Got a lot of trees I need to cut and they vary from Palm to Oak