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Found 31 results

  1. I recently purchased a 2010 KX250F from a friend of mine that had been sitting in his garage for about 5 years. The bike seemed to be in decent shape and the price was right so i picked it up. I went through most of the bike before riding it (air filter, oil, greased all the bearings, adjusted suspension, changed all the fluids, etc) The valves sounded a bit loose so i decided to have a "Buddy of mine" adjust the valves. I get the bike back, go for a ride and the cam chain tensioner falls out while i was riding, luckily i caught it very soon after it happened and it never jumped timing. I put the tensioner back in and continue to ride the rest of the day. as the day goes on the valves sound much looser than they were originally before the adjustment was done, I decided to call it a day and tear the bike down myself. I shim the loose valves and button the bike back up, but now the thing sounds god awful. Straight up clacking coming from the right side of the top end. Since then ive probably had the bike apart and back together 4 or 5 times trying to figure out the problem. Its not the auto decompression valve, every valve is in spec, timing is solid, and the cam chain tensioner is working fine. I'm stumped. anyone have any thoughts?
  2. So im not very experienced with bikes and ive started to notice a click. You can hear a clicking noise as soon as you give it throttle, only when you start to throttle never anytime else. Any help would be much appreciated.
  3. Hey guys - I have a bud with a XR200 that is having some engine noise that he cannot identify. I'm posting the vid for him in hopes that the forum braintrust can help get the right diagnosis. Notes: He has adjusted the valves and the cam chain tensioner. I have asked him to confirm that oil is getting to the top of the valve head. Hopefully he can reply to this thread with more information. @XRepublic Appreciate any and all input :-)
  4. Crf100 with a BBR 120 kit, web cam 68/69 cam, Keihin 24mm carb that I’ve been running it successfully for a few years now. It has been amazing. I made some recent upgrades. The main two that might lend some help answering the questions are lightened fly wheel and I port and polished the head. I have built many motors and this one was flawlessly put back together twice since the noise. There is zero valve tap, no bent valves, cam lobes are perfect, springs are perfect, timing is spot on, there’s a ton of compression, no dents in the top of piston from possible valve, and valves are lashed perfectly. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. We have an XR650L 2005. When at idle, one can hear what sounds like the classic electric motor bearing noise. I saw on a web video that others make that noise too. I just looked at an exploded view of the cam train and it appears to have a common 6904 bearing and another bearing privy to Honda. I learned that if you put the cheap bearings in an electric motor, the noise will not go away. Bearing replacement looks like a quick evening job. Has anyone tried this with success for noise removal? I also learned that if you put the good bearings in a sealed three phase motor, the noise goes away.
  6. Long time reader, first time poster here...but even with all the accumulated knowledge I couldn't find anything that tackles my exact problem. Hope you guys can help me out. So, a couple months ago I bought a used 2013 250l with 12k miles. Already had the full FMF kit on and was riding super smooth. It's my first bike and I wanted something to learn to wrench on, too. Did an oil change after I got it (Castrol full synth), all went well for over 1000 miles now...till last week. Changed the rear tire and instantly noticed something was wrong. Here are the symptoms: -Metallic "clunking" noise in low rpms in gear (all gears) -power cutting out for a split second when going over rocks and little bumps -stuttering when going up a steep hill in 2nd (off road)...if I just send it, I hear a super loud "clonk" and the whole back is rattling Everything is fine in neutral or when I pull the clutch, bolts are tight, chain is tight (that was my first suspicion, but I took the front sprocket off cause I thought it might have been a bit loose or something). Also, riding on tarmac I don't notice any of this...just on rough fire roads and the like. The shifting itself is butter smooth btw. So I figured my new rear tire and the better traction unearthed something or maybe just coincidence... If any of you has an idea please help a newbie out. A short video, running in 6th gear
  7. So, my KTM 450 EXC started making a weird noise today. Did a full oil change filter change and cleaned out both filters under and on the side of the case via the 2 access bolts. After that, I took it for a spin opened the bike up full throttle and about half way through my rpms the bike lost all power. Happened twice. Went home checked everything and and it started making a weird noise like something was loose on the inside. Checked the 2 mesh filters, all in good condition, put everything back together, refilled the oil. Just about 1.7 liters of oil were put in (still did not show on sight glass) It’s 0.5 liters more than recommended... The bike runs fine now, but when I have the decomp lever pressed and I used the kick starter and slowly kick down there is a ratcheting type noise from the inside. Definitely not there before the oil change. I’m very confused. Suggestions? Noise if difficult to hear over video Picture of bike included just because
  8. i recently crashed my drz and now it makes this noise. can anyone please tell me what is wrong so i can trry and fix it thank you so very much! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_NgdnZe8XIs
  9. I have a '02 yz85 and today I replaced the right side crank seal, head o-rings, and swapped out the head for a VHM performance head. I also put a FMF SST pipe on it with a FMF Shorty. The bike has been working perfectly all day, other than running poorly since i need to rejet. But no other problems then that. I came into the garage about 5 hours after riding, and noticed that when I turned the kickstart over, theres some grinding noise. It did not do this after I put it back together, it just started out of nowhere. While I was putting the clutch back together I noticed the shaft the clutch goes on moves in and out, I called my friend who has replaced the clutch on his 85 and he said it was normal and his was the exact same, so I didnt worry about it. After I put it back together it was not making this noise, and didnt make it after riding either. Just started out of nowhere. Heres a vid to show what it sounds like. I don't remember it ever making this noise. I took the clutch apart to make sure nothing was wrong, I didnt find anything wrong except a little gasket maker that got onto the clutch since I put too much. Doesnt feel like theres any resistance while kicking it over, in the video the spark plug is out. Help?
  10. Hey guys, just bought a 1989 Yamaha XT350 the problem I am having is that there seems to be a knocking ,clatter noise that gets louder as the bike warms up, it can only be heard at idle and seems to be coming from the rear of the cases around the balancer shaft clutch basket gear area has anybody experienced this and what resolved it? any suggestions to what it may be are welcome. thank you
  11. Any wisdom appreciated. 08 SM. New std. bore cylinder/piston 1k miles ago. No issues up to now. Started to notice a rhythmic grinding noise from engine at a little less than 1 second intervals. Hopefully you can pick it up from video posted. I have asked three motorcycle mechanics of my acquaintance so far and got three different suggestions. 1. Cylinder overheated and piston is rubbing. 2. Bottom end bearing starting to go. 3. Clutch noise???? Has anyone heard anything similar or can shed any light ? Thanks.
  12. Just did a cam rebuild strictly by the service manual and now there is an intermittent ticking coming from the cam cover area. Does anyone know what this is?
  13. started to make this noise when i shut the bike off anyone know what this is or ever run into this problem? thanks,
  14. Hello folks Today I made it my goal to finally clean the oil screens of my Rmx. I am attaching the video of how it was. I have the suspicion or, as it were, the feeling that this engine has a serious problem. Let me explain: for about 1 year the motorcycle has a sound like "klanck" that I believe comes from the crankshaft. I don't know if it's normal noise or if I'm being paranoid. but this noise in an engine seems a bit strange to me. nor that it was diesel would sound so much. LOL. Anyway, I share my suspicions: I bought the motorcycle 1 year ago and as far as I know it has at least 2 previous owners ( not very mechanic wise for what I have seen on the bike ). Seeing that the oil screens have never been cleaned, I think that perhaps the crankshaft oil pressure was missing for some time. (This assuming that the crankshaft is fed by oil pressure and not by simple flood lubrication). I have not been able to remove the secondary screen since it is seized in place and there are no spare parts in the country, so tomorrow Monday I will have to import this cap from Japan ( 30 days minnimum 🥵). (Do you have any idea how to remove it without breaking it?). Anyway, since I can't even clean this screen, I imagine that it must be full of dirt and also without much oil pressure. I hope all these suspicions of the noise I feel are just my ideas and my paranoia. There is no enduro ride I have been in which I get scared that at some point the bike will leave me stranded there. ( that is a very very ugly feeling ) I will record a video with the noise of the engine so that you can give me your opinion. (I also think that if it were a failure of the connecting rod or crankshaft I have already done more than 600km of several very strong enduro rides some and I have not had any problem) ... I don't know what the hell to think anymore! I don't want to face the cost of having to do such a repair if I had to do it ... I don't have the money for that and I don't want to have to be without riding my motorcycle so much time ... https://youtu.be/Z-WK8eVz6zI My best Mechanic! Anyways thank you as always for your opinions!
  15. I just bought a 2003 KTM 125 SX from craigslist the guy I bought it from only owned the bike for a couple weeks but the guy who owned the bike before had supposedly just rebuilt the top end, I also believed he probably raced with it cause hes got his name on the decals and numbers on it. When I went to pick it thought it sounded fine but I'm not familiar with 2 strokes and I showed it to my Dad and started it up and he pointed out a noise that sounds kind of like a rattle or something and I'm not sure if that is just a normal noise for this bike or if there might be an issue that I should look into. Also the bike looks really clean its got a new fmf pipe on it and supposedly new boysen reeds but the day I brought it home I went ahead and did an oil change and it was verrrry dirty. If anyone is familiar with this bike or has any advise I would really appreciate it!!! Thank you!! Here is a link to a video of the bike running
  16. Hi guys any response would be great. So I just got this 2015 kx250f like 3 weeks ago and I haven't got to riding it that much but since then I've already noticed a few things that are a little abnormal. Whenever the bike is warmed up or even ridden for a while the clutch seems to be jerky and not smooth when taking off from stop. what could be causing this jerkyness? I've replaced the oil in the bike and adjusted the clutch line, nothing helped. When the bike is rolling I can shift the bike into neutral but not when stopped (while the bike is running of course). Also the one that is really concerning me- whenever the bike is cold started(and idling), idling( when warmed up) or cruising in low rpm and trying to accelerate I hear this knocking noise. But whenever I'm revving the bike just a little bit all the way to high rpms the noise seems to go away. It doesn't loose any power and it's only at really low rpms. I can confirm it's coming from the engine and not the chain since I've adjusted the chain to spec. Thanks in advance
  17. Heres the noise. Sounds like its coming from my top end..,
  18. My friend bought this 2012 TE310 with 3500 miles on it. It looked to be in good condition when I went with him to check it out, he got it home and has done about 100 miles on it running perfect and all of a sudden it quit when going down the highway. It would still start when he pulled over, but was making an aweful sound. Im not too familiar with huskys, so all I had checked was the oil when we got home to see if there were any shavings or anything in it. It was pretty low on oil but has nothing in it. By the sound of this video could someone point me in the right direction to what to check next. We are done for the night and I figured I could hopefully get some insight overnight on here.
  19. Alright I have searched and have done research on forums before but have never posted. New guys get eaten alive, I don't mind just help me out. I have an 05 yz250 that runs like a champ, well I came across a 2015 yz250 that I couldn't pass up but she don't sound right to me. Got it to the house, fires up, idles correctly, and revs smoothly. Little bit about the bike, it has a fmf fatty with the Q slip on that looks like a four stroke pipe, but no other real engine mods. At the top of the power band the bike sounds as if the power valve is loose or there's maybe a slight piston slap. I have had a bike with piston slap and it doesn't come to me as that. This is where I need your help. It does the loud cackle noise at the top of the band, then falls smoothly back into the power as it revs down some. Also when down shifting to bring on the power it makes a slight delay with a weird sounding small pop(kinda like a back fire, just quieter). Any help before I open this thing up would be helpful!!!! Thanks in advance ✊?
  20. I have a 2011 CRF250x, I've always been on top of maintenance, never really flogged the bike. From about this time last year the bike developed a sort of rubbing/scraping noise coming from the left side of the motor only when it was 3/4 throttle or more. I thought it might have been drivetrain so I pulled over, put it in neutral and did the same thing (3/4 throttle and more) while sitting still and it did the same thing. The bike sat in the shed for about 6 months and then I took it out to see if I could figure it out. I pulled the valve cover off and everything seemed normal, nothing loose, valves still in clearances. I also pulled the cam chain tensioner out, I wasn't game enough to go further so I put it back together and started it. No noise. It was fine, I rode it for about 1-2 months with no noise at all. I had to get a friend to ride it to get it inspected for road worthy and the noise is back. I've tried taking the cam chain tensioner out again and it hasn't worked this time. The noise has also become worse and at lower RPM (more like 2/3 throttle now). I'm wondering if this has been experienced by anyone else also and how they fixed it. I'm not game enough to continue riding it as I'm not sure whether the noise is something going bad. I'm keen to fix the problem as I've been without a bike for so long, I just don't have the money to pay someone to dig around the bike for me. Thanks in advance
  21. New to forum unfortunately 🤦🏼‍♂️ So heres the deal my drz400sm seems to be “low on oil” i had a shop do the valve cover because it was leaking quite alot and i would add oil every 2 hours or so of riding to keep it at “full” soooo now i got it back and it still seems to be losing oil I’ve been checking it nom stop every which way is recommended 3-10 min idle then wait 2-5min checking then riding for 10-15min checking after off for 2-5min countless times i even changed the oil 3days ago got it to full and checked it throughout the day lept coming back as full now and continuously checked it for the past 3days, today its now down to half way on the hasmarks no matter how i check it i am wondering if it could be the oil pump malfunctioning i have noticed a whirring noise from the engine while on throttle riding ik these are noisy engines but this sounds almost like and air intake or a pump straining lol i am wondering how i can diagnose the issue and if that would effect oil reading... i do notice every once in a while if im messing with it there is a tiny puff of white smoke when reving very high in neutral but its not consistentamd not much i also had valves checked by the shop who said they were in spec the valve cover gasket they installed has a tiny bit of seepage in one corner which is nothing compared to what it was so i doubt its losing enough from that and no leaks at the bottom of engine like i said i have been goin nuts checking this nonstop and cant seem to keep it at full also the bike is stalling after warming up though i belive this is a pilot jet issue which is a 25 pilot 4 clip position on needle and maybe a bigger main jet not sure the shop had done this a while back to compensate for a powercore4 fmf muffler and mid pipe as well as closing the airbox that was swiss cheesed (bought it like that) the shop had it running good (before they rejetted it was decel popping and stalling as well as hanging rpms after pulling in clutch) then my bike got stolen and long story short cops had it sitting on its side for 75days🤦🏼‍♂️ (Back in summer) so now i have it back and the deceleration pop is back along with stalling and hanging rpms im thinking the pilot jet may need cleaning however the shop says it may need adjust due to the temp change from summer to fall anyways more little back story when i got the bike back from being stolen i had popped a wheelie looped out landed on shift shaft and shattered it internally And rode the bike 3 min in second gear back home the shop said im lucky they went into the case and retrived multiple metal fragments from that, put that out there just incase anyone thinks that could be the problem with oil circulation as far as the oil pump gear could be damaged though the shop says everything is good internally now also had a compression test done 6 months ago before any of this and the shop siad i was 97 percent.....sorry for going on and on but any help at this point would be great... not really trying to pay more and more to the shop if i can do it myself ive already spent more than id like to calculate lol
  22. Hey guys, While riding this weekend my bike started giving me a new noise I've never heard before. Any time that there is an initial onset of engine braking i.e. when I down shift, coast and let off the clutch, or let off the gas without using clutch, I get a sort of squeak from the engine. It doesn't last but is just a quick squeak. I honestly have no idea what it is because I have never heard it before. Maybe its time for clutch plates or a basket? I would really appreciate some input on this. If it is of any significance the bike is a 2008 KTM 250f. The best thing I can relate this sound to is a car with a squeaky suspension. Although its not my suspension, it's definitely something else. I can provide more info if anyone thinks it will help. Thanks, Mark.
  23. I just finished rebuilding the bottom end of my 2002 yz426f. About three months ago, the connecting rod snapped while I was riding it in the trails, and then damaged the crankcase and a transmission gear. I replaced the gear, cases, and the rod. I just got it started up, and, once the bike warmed up, It started making a very loud rattling noise that sounded like it was coming from the top end. I checked the valves, and they are in spec. The camshaft bearings appear to be free-turning. The cam chain has plenty of tension, and the cams are in time. Any ideas as to why it would be rattling?
  24. I just finished rebuilding the bottom end of my 2002 yz426f. About three months ago, the connecting rod snapped while I was riding it in the trails, and then damaged the crankcase and a transmission gear. I replaced the gear, cases, and the rod. I just got it started up, and, once the bike warmed up, It started making a very loud rattling noise that sounded like it was coming from the top end. I checked the valves, and they are in spec. The camshaft bearings appear to be free-turning. The cam chain has plenty of tension, and the cams are in time. Any ideas as to why it would be rattling?
  25. Hey thumpertalk I apologize if this has been covered before but I’m new to this forum thing and I’ve searched everywhere I could. I just rebuilt a CRF450 I picked up that had a blown motor.. it was my first bottom end rebuild. I used a wrench rabbit kit, all case bearings were replaced, crank, piston, seals, cam chain, etc.. the only thing I did not replace was the head components, although I did relap the valves and install new retainers. My question is this noise the bike is making, it’s a sort of whining noise that I feel is coming from the top end. Since final assembly and install I rechecked the water pump, kickstart gear... even put in extra oil in the tranny side, check valve clearance like three times , no exhaust leak I can find, it’s not the carb, noise is constant through all gears and changes tone with the throttle regardless of wether the clutch is engaged or not... etc. This being my first full rebuild I’m paranoid AF that I’ve done something wrong, the bike runs great and starts right up. Is this a normal occurrence, should I be worried?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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