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  1. I'm having an issue with my drz. I replaced the stator 100% correctly regarding tucking wires under the brackets and loctiting the bolt but when I put it back together it won't start. It cranks but no spark. I've replaced the coil, and the CDI box. I've heard the wiring can be wrong with some stators, how do I check that? I have a multimeter but I'm not sure what to really check. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  2. I recently bought a taotao 110cc dirt bike that had no spark, the previous owner's dogs chewed the wiring. First thing I did was wire everything up by directly splicing the wires where I was pretty sure they needed to go and double checked while looking over diagrams. After not having spark I assumed I must be doing something wrong so I broke down and bought the whole harness which came with the loom harness, 5 pin AC CDI, coil, sparkplug, kill switch, and a new stator and plate. After replacing the stator and plugging all the wires into their correct places I still had no spark, I even tried disconnecting the kill switch and kicking it over, still no luck. The harness had two places to plug in a kill switch of two different types, I cut one of the connectors and held the black/white wire and the green wire and when I did this while kicking the bike over it shocked me at this point but still no spark. When all was lost I went to this 12v DC CDI system I made and hooked it up to my battery and connected it to the bike with alligator clips at the blue/white wire and the green to the negative on the battery along with ground to the cylinder head I got spark. I just can't understand why I'm not getting spark with the AC CDI system that I purchased for the bike.
  3. I have a friend that I'm trying to help get his bike started. He bought it not realizing the entire harness had been gutted down to new CDI, stop switch, headlight, new stator, rectifier, TPS, primary coil. Everything checks out as far as testing per the service manual, but there's no spark. I've been thru harness and checked all connectors and all wires. It was running now we're stumped!
  4. Hello everyone! I have a 1978 ke175 with no spark.. i believe it’s the ignition coil but I can’t find any replacement part. If y’all can find a link or a website to which I can get one I would appreciate it a lot. I’ve been looking for a month and can’t seem to find anything.
  5. Hey everyone! I picked up this 1979 Yamaha mx100 the other day for almost nothing. I have no real experience with bikes at all but I figured this would be a neat summer project. The guy I bought the bike from said that the bike needed a new coil and crank seals. Today I went ahead and fixed a lot of the wiring and the kill switch that the previous owner cut trying to figure out the problem and added a fuel line. The bike has good compression so I am just wondering if it is likely that the secondary coil is likely the problem or is there anything else I should check before buying a new one? I also noticed this silver thing bolted to the side of the bike. Any ideas what it could be? Thanks!
  6. hey guys I was hoping you guys could help me out I have a 1988 Honda TRX 300 and I cannot get this thing to give me spark after I took off the stater cover and clutch cover for some reason the day prior to this you had to move the solenoid around to get spark but after 10 minutes of doing so it was fine and has spark whenever then the next day I took off the stater cover and clutch cover to replace the gaskets put it together and it would not spark at all not even the slightest bit all of my neutral switches are hooked up and I even tried grounding them but nothing I tested my stater and coil and they were good but I am not getting any power to my coil though I’m not sure how to test a CDI on one of these if it’s possible but what else could I look for if anyone could help me out It’ll be much appreciated
  7. just got a 1999 cr125 today knew it didn't have spark and started checking everything out and noticed that the flywheel magnet is rubbing against the stator every rotation not sure how to go about fixing it there is an visible wear mark where it has been rubbing for a bit
  8. Hi everyone, so earlier this spring I bought a 1978 rm50 completely taken apart. It is now all together but there is no spark😡. We hooked up a multimeter to it and there is current getting all the way to the electrode of the spark plug but no spark. I’ve rebuilt a few engines before but still learning. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Oh and it’s a points ignition. Thank you!
  9. Hey guys I need some help with my 1982 XL250R it currently has no spark also having some issues with indicators and the headlight when I turn on the headlight the indicators stop working all together and can’t be turned back on the headlight when it’s on does not work well if somone knew a lot about these it be great for some help cheers
  10. I recently rebuilt a 2001 CR250. It ran when I bought it but it had a crack in the left side of the crank case near the flywheel cover, I'm guessing oil got in when I ran it (like an idiot), and it bogged down and shut off on me after 15 minutes of riding and wouldn't start back up. I since replaced the left side crank case, painted the frame, and put her back together. I did a spark test and got no spark. Forgot to sand down some grounding spots so I did that. Didn't want to take the whole motor out so I sanded as best as I could between engine and engine mounts. Still got nothing. I assumed from my research it was the CDI. Bought an aftermarket HPI CDI box. Still nothing. Got an electrosport stator that came with the wiring harness and pick up coil, still nothing. Got a new kill switch and ignition coil. STILL nothing. Put an extra ground harness from a bolt on the crankcase to a sanded spot on the frame.. annnd nothing.. Anyone have any suggestions? I used a multimeter (when I had access to one) on the old components, they seemed to read just fine.. Is it even worth my time getting my hands on another multimeter to test an all brand new electrical system? Desperate here and trying to avoid taking her to the shop someone please help!!
  11. I had a drz400e with a great motor but I wanted it to be street legal (in Florida there's no way to make it street legal unless it comes that way from the factory). I bought a drz400s really cheap because it had s lot of miles and I swapped the motors. I got my E motor running just fine with the S wiring harness (thanks to previous posts in this forum), but I'm not getting any spark on the S motor with the E harness (it has the S cdi). Any ideas? I know my neutral switch isn't connected to anything, is that the problem?
  12. I bought a really clean 1984 xr350r last week. It had sat for sometime but ran. Brought it home and ran for a few days but then quit. Wasn't getting fuel. Took off the carbs and they were nasty. Cleaned them and the tank, checked valve adjustment and put it all back together. I am now getting fuel but no spark. I have tried a new plug, disconnecting the kill switch, checked my connections, checked resistance on the coil, removed the resistor in the plug wire and replaced with a piece of copper and checked resistance on my stator and it appears to be in spec. Would anyone know the resistance spec on the pulse generator? I checked resistance on mine and I get 1325? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  13. Hi guys, My problem started with this: I went for a quick ride for learning wheelies. The bike was running good for the whole time then I stopped for a little break. After that when I wanted to start the bike it but wouldn't start. The starter motor cranked but nothing happened. After a few tries I noticed that when I pushed the starter button a slight smoke(wich smelled like burnt plastic) came from the bottom of the fuel tank. Ok I tought it is a short so I pushed the bike home instead of trying it more times. Next day I pulled off the fuel tank and checked for burnt cables. I found out that the ground wire which is fixed under the ignition coil burnt down. I replaced it and tried to start the bike. When I started it the replaced wire started to get hot instantly. Ok, I tought it will be something else. I searched for anything else. I found that the ground wire which comes directly from the battery came off from the frame. I screwed back to the frame. After I tried to start again, the ignition coil ground wire didn't got hot that time but it didn't do a single spark. So i tried several thing in the last few weeks. I bought a new ignition coil, hired my friends working CDI and tested with is, bought a new aftermarket stator(Electrex, wich is english made), took apart the whole wiring harness looking for a burnt wire and checked all of the plugs for burning or someting that is not correct. All of these seems to be okay so now I'm clueless what it can be. The bike is a 2005 E model which is converted into an SM. It has an SM wiring harness with some modifications(side stand switch bypassed, clutch switch bypassed, horn, fan and neutral switch plugs not used).
  14. I recently did a rebuild on a 2007 crf250r I had bought off of a guy. The guy had blown the bottom end, It had the typical brass shavings in the oil and oil filter. After I finished the rebuild, I put the motor back on the bike. And no spark. Can someone help me figure out as to why there is no spark?
  15. Hello everyone, I’m in need of some help with this one. About a month ago my 2001 YZ125 was running fine until all of a sudden after running WOT for a little bit i let off the throttle and the bike instantly died. I checked the bike out after I got home, and sure enough no spark. I changed the plug thinking that was a possible problem but it didn’t fix anything. Tested the ignition coil and thought that might be the issue so I got an oem replacement, and it ran again for about a minute, but when I gave it a little throttle it died again and then I was back to no spark. So I put the old coil back on and cleaned the ground points real good. Cranked it over, started and then again i gave it some throttle and it died again. I also noticed that when I kick it over the starter likes to slam back into position which it never did before, and there is excessive amounts of smoke coming out of the exaughst when it does. Today I replaced the ignition switch because I thought that it may have gotten screwed up earlier from when I dumped the bike, but it made no difference. Im totally lost on what it could be, maybe cdi? I don’t know what the symptoms of a bad cdi are, so I can’t tell. Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated, thank you in advance!
  16. 2000 Honda Rancher 350 FM 4x4 Running into a problem I can’t seem to figure out. I lost spark a while back, went through the manual and checked everything. Started at coil, check good, rectifier...good, stator...good, pickup...good. Everything In spec according to manual, so I took good parts from another bike and start swapping everything mentioned above but same no spark result. Changed Cdi box and bike fired up and ran for about 20 minutes then died. Back to no spark. Checked stator and pickup again with borderline readings this time. Ordered new stator and pickup, pulled stator housing and about two quarts of oil came out. Seems like a lot Of oil to me in that housing. Anyways changed stator and pickup and put everything back together. Bike fired right up and ran for a few minutes then died with no spark again. Opened the stator housing and another two quarts of oil dumped out again. At this point I have everything new in the electrical system, and I feel like the housing is filling up with too much oil and creating a no spark condition. As far as I can tell there are no seals behind the flywheel or in the stator housing. Has anyone else ran into this problem, i can not ever recall pulling a stator and having that much oil in the housing. Always a little bit of oil but not two quarts. Any ideas on what’s the problem here or any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  17. I was trail riding, possibly some puddles deep enough to soak all electronics.. it died - could not get it started.. no spark! I tried to test all electrical components but i am without service manual ... and do not know specific SPECS. I def. dont want to spend $500 on new CDI box - if it might not be that.. so What sort of readings should i be getting for the coil ?? and also the rectifier and the stater and anything else i need to test ?? Youtube is not really helpful. :/ Can anyone point me in the right direction? or does someone have a Service Manuel they would be willing to email or show me a link? thank you in advance!!! I JUST WANNA RIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ESMX786@gmail.com
  18. imac2020

    ttr 125 no spark

    I have a 2005 ttr 125LE that ran great up to a few months ago. Now I have no spark. Here is what I replaced: 1. new spark plug 2. new coil and spark plug boot 3. new CDI module I replace one at a time and it made no difference. Engine cranks over fine but no spark to spark plug. What else do I need to check? Thanks in advance. Chris
  19. I have a 1972 Suzuki ts250 that doesn't get spark, it ran fine for a couple days then one day I went to start it and it would run fine for a few seconds then only give me half power and kept wanting to die. That lasted a couple weeks. Then a little while later I completely lost spark. I have replaced all major electrical components and still no spark, I've done everything I can think of.
  20. Hi i'm new to the community and i'm having a lot of trouble with getting spark on my recently purchased 1986 xr250r. I've been trying to get spark for a while now I bought a new ignition coil and cdi box but nothing seems to make a difference. The problem is that when the CDI box is grounded to the frame or engine all of the volts go strait to ground, and nothing comes out of the CDI box to the ignition coil. When the ground is detached I get power through the ignition coil but not enough for spark. I've disconnected everything except the components used to get spark, no kill switch, no lights. The bike was converted to be road legal. I'm using a brand new DPR9Z spark plug. this is the CDI unit i'm using: https://www.ebay.com/itm/XR200R-XR250R-OEM-Replacement-CDI-Ignition-Box-for-Honda-XR-200R-250R-1985-2003/163036202797?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 This is the ignition coil i'm using: https://www.ebay.com/itm/192799361454?ViewItem=&vxp=mtr&item=192799361454 Thank you in advance for any help you provide!
  21. My sons 2004 crf 100 died while driving, i checked when we got it home and we have no spark. Checked the usual parts, just in case ordered new cdi and coil. I have checked and have spark from black/red wire from stator, from. black/white from the CDI to Ignition. and kill switch. I did disconnect kill switch and ignition to rule them out the thing I find funny is if I unplug the 4 wire block from the CDI and check the connections direct from CDI I have spark from Green/White to body (ground) but None from Black/Yellow to Coil. At a complete loss and been waiting 3 weeks to go for our first ride together.
  22. I have a 1972 Suzuki ts250 that doesn't get spark, it ran fine for a couple days then one day I went to start it and it would run fine for a few seconds then only give me half power and kept wanting to die. That lasted a couple weeks. Then a little while later I completely lost spark. I have replaced all major electrical components and still no spark, I've done everything I can think of. Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated ?
  23. I bought a really clean 1984 xr350r last week. It had sat for sometime but ran. Brought it home and ran for a few days but then quit. Wasn't getting fuel. Took off the carbs and they were nasty. Cleaned them and the tank, checked valve adjustment and put it all back together. I am now getting fuel but no spark. I have tried a new plug, disconnecting the kill switch, checked my connections, checked resistance on the coil, removed the resistor in the plug wire and replaced with a piece of copper and checked resistance on my stator and it appears to be in spec. Also took my coil assy and tried it on a 1985 xr350 and it ran with mine but wouldn't run with his parts. Would anyone know the resistance spec on the pulse generator? I checked resistance on mine and I get 1325? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  24. Need help! I recently bought a 2004 RMZ 250 that wasn’t running, for cheap. (Bad year for these bikes, I know). I put on a new head with kibblewhite valves and new piston rings. After I got everything together it fired within 5 kicks. It had a high idle and I went to adjust it, I turned it down a little and then the bike died. The bike ran for a total of 10 seconds and then wouldn’t crank after it died. So I took the spark plug out and put it in the coil to test for spark and nothing. After I let it sit for an hour or two it’ll fire right up but then dies soon after. I have replaced the spark plug, the ignition coil with a new OEM one and the CDI box with a new OEM one. After replacing all of that I can start the bike fine cold and idle perfect and I can ride it for about 5 minutes but then it’ll die when I’m coasting, it then loses spark again. Sometimes I can tap the new CDI box and the spark will come back. Now I don’t know if the new one is bad too but I’ve checked all the grounds and connectors on the wire harness and they are clean and connected good. I did disconnect the kill switch and it’s still doing the same thing. One thing I have not checked or replaced is the stator. Any help would be appreciated! Sorry if this isn’t in the right forum area.
  25. I’ve got a Suzuki RM250 and it doesn’t have spark and I think it’s the stator but I can’t find a stator for the life of me, I’m finding lots of 2002 stators, my bike is a 2000, will it fit? It looks identical but I really don’t know. Also if anyone has a stator for a 2000 Suzuki RM250 for sale please let me know, thanks
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