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Found 11 results

  1. Chris Cooksey

    Interview with Jeff Emig

    The sport of motorcycling is fun and rewarding for the entire family, but done incorrectly can lead to significant and life altering consequences. When I first heard about the formation of the USMCA I felt a sense of relief that others shared my views on education, including appropriate training. As it stands now new riders must rely on friends and family to teach them the ropes of basic riding. Unfortunately due to the growth of our sport if you want to ride but do not know other riders, your education is trial by fire. The USMCA has a plan to transform the educational/safety piece of riding and help reshape the long term health of our two wheeled passion. I took a few minutes to speak with one of the founding members, multi time Supercross and Motocross National champion Jeff Emig, to answer a few questions. CC: Regarding the upcoming Summit on February 9th and 10th in Arlington, TX, can you elaborate on what an individual who is attending can expect? Jeff: This being the first annual coaching summit, and the fact that we have not reached the point where we are certifying coaches with everything up and running, this first summit is going to be about the introduction. It will be about what the USMCA is what the goals are and how we are going to get there. The initial summit is about the journey that got us to this point where we need to make a change in the industry and why coaching is necessary, then laying out the plan for the next few months and year. CC: Is there a base education needed for anyone to attend? Jeff: No. Anyone can attend. CC: How will an established coach benefit from the USMCA? Jeff: Some of the biggest names in the industry will be there and every current coach we have spoken to has been extremely positive. When it comes to their business the USMCA should provide a tremendous value to them and be a tool for them to run a better more successful business than what they already do. Not to mention they can look at it from a totally different perspective of the responsibility and opportunity to give back to the sport that we have all been involved with. We feel like we are on to something really good, we have had great feedback up to this point. The summit is a big event, there is a lot riding on it for everyone that's been involved. I feel confident that we have some really smart passionate people that have helped build the USMCA to this point. Beyond the summit is when we start to get all of the coaches in the industry involved and building standards and practices for their coaching association, there's more work to be done. This is one more step toward making it to the mountain top and reaching our goal. CC: What is the primary focus of USMCA? (At this point Jeff referred me to the USMCA Mission Statement). Jeff: The USMCA Mission Statement: The USMCA is a nonprofit corporation founded to oversee and foster the creation of a robust, nationwide network of motorcycle-riding coaches in the sport’s major disciplines, including on-road and off-road riding. Structured, systematic program curricula will ensure that the training if these coaches is as effective and safe as possible, and will enable them to subsequently share their own knowledge and skills with both new and exisiting motorcyclists through a highly consistent and repeatable process. As a result, parents and individuals seeking coaching will be confident that they can choose from a wide selection of well-trained, certified coaches. CC: What are the long term goals of USMCA and how do you think these goals will shape the future of the industry? Jeff: To break down the barriers to entry helping beginner and novice level riders advance their skills so they can be lifelong enthusiasts. CC: Thanks Jeff for taking the time to explain USMCA. I look forward to helping grow the Motorsports community as we are in need of a structured curriculum to educate riders on techniques that not only make them faster but keep them safe. Is there anything else you want to add? Jeff: At this point we are getting close to maximum capacity and the support from the industry as a whole that we have received has been a bit overwhelming. The USMCA is not about the founding members, advisory board, or team. It is about the industry and it's about the coaches, and more importantly our customers in the sport of motorcycling. It's not the only answer to producing a great future for our industry but we certainly feel that with all of the data and information that we have collected and the hundreds of hours of meetings and time that we have all put together, establishing the USMCA is one of the things that will build a better future for the sport as a whole.
  2. If you are in the Colorado area in August, we invite you to join us for the 2017 Colorado Roads and Trails Rally August 24 - 27, 2017. We have 3-1/2 days of both off-road and on-road rides in the Silverton Colorado area. Details are at http://www.cortr.org. Come ride with us!
  3. Chris Cooksey

    Interview with Jeff Emig

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  4. Nickrm125

    Thumb throttle on ktm?

    Hey ThumperTalk. Ive been wondering what it takes to mount a thumb throttle on a dirtbike. Specifically a 2009 ktm 300. I know it can be done. Ive read a lot about people doing it. My question is, if anyone has info on it or has done it, what throttle fits the best and how do you install it? I don't think it would be hard, I just want an opinion and to know if there is any problems I could run across. Thanks for any help
  5. Time to upgrade the front tire on my YZ 125. I ride almost exclusively on singletrack trails at Foresthill, Georgetown, Cow Mountain, and the Sierra Nevada etc. Anyone have recommendations for a good enduro front tire? I'd prefer to spend less than $100 on this tire. Pretty new to dirtbike tires, so feel free to school me. I replaced my rear with a Motoz Mountain Hybrid, but think I'm gonna spring for a Shinko 505 Cheater next. Thanks!
  6. GUIII

    TTR 230 Jetting Issue

    After doing the basic mods to the ttr 230 (changing the main jet to a 130 and pilot jet to a 38, removing silencer in exhaust and the air box mod) the bike now does not want to start. I bottomed out the fuel mixture screw and took it back 1.5 full turns and it will not start. The bike was working fine before the mods. What have I done wrong? EDIT: I’ve adjusted now so it’s 1 turn rather than 1.5 and it starts now, but when I rev it a bit, it cuts out. I then immediately stop revving it and it returns to idle and then idles normally. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  7. I'm shopping for a new motorcycle and after being on KTM 2-strokes for a long time, I'm thinking of changing things up completely with a YZ250FX. But they're hard to find, apparently (and I'm not buying new - ideally want a *super clean* used 15 or 16). That said, the regular 250F is way more plentiful and all over here locally. I ride and race off-road. Rocky, technical, tight and/or fast single track. Swapping to an 18" wheel is easy, a bigger tank may not even be necessary and although I'd love to have e-start, I've kicked my entire life and I'm sure I can keep doing it. Who is using the 250F for off-road and what did you do to it? My biggest concern is suspension. I'm 170 without gear and ride at the A level, and I feel like even the stock moto settings can probably be opened up enough to make it work pretty well, given how great its supposed to be out of the box as-is. Only other thing I would be missing out on is the trans, but I don't care too much about that either. I'd just like to hear from anyone that is riding this in tough off-road settings; I'm really hesitant, but think it would be a good time. Or I'll just go right back to an orange 2-stroke....
  8. Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing Rider Tops Podium in Belo Horizonte May 21, 2017 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – With the four-day event cut short after day two due to environmental concerns beyond the event organisers’ control, Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing’s Graham Jarvis has been declared the winner of the 2017 edition of Minas Riders having ended day two as the overall leader. Jarvis entered the second edition of the Brazilian race determined to start things off with a victory. Ending a rain-soaked prologue as runner-up, he then went on the attack when the race entered the mountains for the first off-road day. Pushing hard throughout the five-hour plus opening day of hard enduro racing, the Husqvarna rider claimed a three-minute margin of victory to establish an early lead. Maintaining his position at the head of the field with second on day one, Jarvis was holding a two-minute buffer over his nearest rival Cody Webb as the race entered its second half. But with days three and four cancelled, Jarvis unexpectedly found himself as the early winner of the 2017 edition of the Brazilian Hard Enduro Rally. With victory in Brazil, the Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing rider now looks to add one more victory to his 2017 campaign at Austria’s ErzbergRodeo in June. Final Classification — Red Bull Minas Riders 2017 1. Graham Jarvis (Husqvarna) 5:46:47 2. Cody Webb (KTM) 5:49:29 3. Alfredo Gomez (KTM) 6:03:51 4. Philipp Scholz (KTM) 6:15:01 5. Paul Bolton (KTM) 6:37:28 6. Pol Tarres (Beta) 6:52:57 Husqvarna Motorcycles. Tradition on two wheels since 1903. Husqvarna Motorcycles are widely known and respected in the off-road world for a heritage of competition and numerous motocross and enduro world championships. Originally founded in Sweden in 1903, Husqvarna Motorcycles have been designed and manufactured in Mattighofen, Austria since 2013. Rockstar Energy Drink Rockstar Energy Drink is designed for those who lead active lifestyles – from Athletes to Rockstars. Available in over 20 flavors at convenience and grocery outlets in over 30 countries, Rockstar supports the Rockstar lifestyle across the globe through Action Sports, Motor Sports, and Live Music. For more information visit: www.RockstarEnergy.com Source: Husqvarna Motorcycles GmbH
  9. Hi everyone! Myself and a few others are trying to start a business of an indoor/outdoor motox track and an atv/utv trail in the Pennsylvania Region. We are in the process of everything and we need a survey done to get some idea of peoples interests and to gather data. It does not matter where you are from, every bit of data helps us. Would you mind taking the survey? It takes 3 minutes to do all 20 questions! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSflPdsCuxJgAagPFcyjJGhbR6H5yoAB3VtBVeGShcBk93NnFQ/viewform
  10. Top riders from major off-road events earn free entry to SundayKnockout Rounds Sequatchie, TN (June 1, 2017) – The seventh annual KENDA AMA Tennessee Knockout, presented by Moose Racing and SRT will take place on August 12-13, 2017 at the Trials Training Center. The TKO has gained a reputation as one of the premier off-road motorcycle races in the US and has attracted some of the World’s top racers to try to take the win. Despite stiff competition, FMF KTM Factory Racing backed Cody Webb has dominated the TKO for the last four years. In 2016, he topped South African Wade Young and in 2015, he won an epic battle with the UK’s Johnny Walker. Webb and Young are both expected to be back along with several of the world’s top off-road riders that have earned an invite directly into the Sunday Knockout rounds. They will all be gunning for a piece of the $10,000 purse. The event will again feature a Red Bull TV feature show, adding to the prestige of taking the win. The KENDA AMA Tennessee Knockout uses a unique four round Knockout race format that is challenging for the riders and entertaining for the fans. The amazing Trials Training Center facility allows for easy access to the race action. The top five finishers at the previous TKO events have included riders from EnduroCross, World Extreme Enduro, Trials, National Enduro, GNCC, WORCS and even the Enduro World Championship. So it is a great mix of backgrounds facing off on an extremely challenging course with a large purse on the line. Pre-qualified riders get a free entry into the Sunday program. These riders earn an invite based top results in several major US or International off-road motorcycle race events. On Saturday, those riders that did not already earn an invite can challenge themselves on the course with the top finishers earning their own invite to the Sunday Knockout rounds. The following riders have earned invites for the 2017 KENDA Tennessee Knockout. Cody Webb Wade Young Colton Haaker Kyle Redmond Cory Graffunder Max Gerston Steward Baylor Mike Brown Noah Kepple Ben Kelly Graham Jarvis Quinn Wentzel Cory Buttrick Mitch Carvolth Alfredo Gomez Josh Strang Nick Klapec Mario Roman Wally Palmer Grant Baylor Ty Tremaine Travis Bollinger Russell Bobbitt Kailub Russell Marc Freixa Pat Smage Nick Fahringer Trystan Hart Thad DuVall Andrew Putt Jonny Walker Jordan Ashburn Alexander Niederer Ty Cullins Billy Bolt Logan Bolopue Pascal Rauchenecker Craig DeLong Taddy Blazusiak Wyatt Hart Ricky Brabec Jesse Groemm Robby Bell Ricky Russell Karl Davis Jr. Manuel Lettenbichler Paul Bolton Jacob Argubright Drew Higgins Dalton Shirey Daniel Blanc-Gonnet Tyler Kinkade Layne Michael Eric Rhoten Ryan Smith Nick Fahringer Justin Wallis Samuel Fastle Eloi Salsench Hiroshi Takahashi Taku Izumi Mike McGinnis JoJo Bowden Jobel Coronado Chris Satterfield Casey Satterfield Will Presson Cooper Abbott Taylor Robert Drew Fortner Destry Abbott Ryan Sipes Ian Blyth Philipp Scholz Kevin Dupuis Joseph Wasson Ryder Lafferty Justin Seeds Josh Rooken-Smith Hunter Neurwirth Josh Toth Gary Sutherlin Dylan Macritchie Blayne Thompson Rannar Uusna Geoff Aaron Tegan Temple Zach Love Ronnie Commo Chance Baker American Cody Webb (center) took the 2016 KENDA Tennessee Knockout win over South Africa's Wade Young (left) and Kyle Redmond (right). All three are planning to be back to compete again in 2017 along with a long list of top off-road racers. Photo: Future7Media. Riders try to negotiate one of the difficult waterfall sections during the 2016 TKO. Photo: Future7Media. Check out the 2016 Red Bull TV Tennessee Knockout Show here: https://www.redbull.tv/video/AP-1QAU6F7C92111/recap-slick-and-muddy?playlist=AP-1QAU6F7C92111 2016 Highlights For more information about the Kenda Tennessee Knockout, presented by Moose Racing and SRT, please visit: http://tennesseeknockoutenduro.com/ For general information please contact: Catherine.Bedley@trialstrainingcenter.com or Alison@trialstrainingcenter.com. For Expert rider race information please contact: Eric@ericperonnard.com For Sponsorship information please contact: Sean.Finley@digitalthrottle.com
  11. As I was inspecting my new-to-me bike that I just purchased, I noticed there is a grove on the back side of my front brake rotor that goes completely around it, and you can feel it with your finger nail. I have noticed some poor performance, but I figured it was because of the new pads that the previous owner installed just before I bought it hadn't seated yet. However, I've ridden a couple times and it doesn't seem to get much better, if any better at all. Is that enough to explain why when I pull in the brake as hard as I can, it only slows me down a little, instead of going into a stoppie and over the bars (as I wish it would)? Should I look into buying a brand new rotor? I have no pictures of it, I'll try to post some when I can.