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Found 88 results

  1. Nic_W

    91 XR200R Rebuild Help

    Hi iv been looking at the forums for a few years and finally decided to make an account. I just took apart my 91 xr200r for the first time because of low compression (60-70psi) and i was scraping off the head gasket and some of it went into the stud/bolt holes. Im worried it will block the oil passage ways. Can anyone tell me how i should go about cleaning these out or can i just leave it as is (does not seem like a good idea). I also have some marks on the cam journals if that's the correct term and should i be worried about this. The surface is still smooth and i cant see it causing any friction. Any help or tips on reassembly or just any tips in general are greatly appreciated,thanks. Here is a diagram of the oil passageways i thought others might find help full .
  2. Hi iv been looking at the forums for a few years and finally decided to make an account. I just took apart my 91 xr200r for the first time because of low compression (60-70psi) and i was scraping off the head gasket and some of it went into the stud/bolt holes. Im worried it will block the oil passage ways. Can anyone tell me how i should go about cleaning these out or can i just leave it as is (does not seem like a good idea). I also have some marks on the cam journals if that's the correct term and should i be worried about this. The surface is still smooth and i cant see it causing any friction. Any help or tips on reassembly or just any tips in general are greatly appreciated,thanks. Here is a diagram of the oil passageways i thought others might find help full .

    HELP yz250 clutch question!

    so i bought a yz 250 recently and right off the bat after the test ride i noticed the clutch was a little sticky but it was a good price so i bought it anyway. when i took it apart today the first thing i noticed was that the oil i drained out of it was red, ATF right? i have heard of guys using ATF in their bikes so i didn't really think anything of it but once i got deeper into the motor i found it really hard to pull the discs out and that they would come out stuck to each other.. stuck together by the oil. the hub looks basically brand new and the basket has some wear on it but nothing real deep, at least not deep enough to hold anything together i think so was it the oil causing the clutch to be real sticky?? the shop manual recommend 10w 30 oil in it and after smelling it i know for sure that is not what came out. i just want some info on what this could be before i go out and buy a new basket... any info would be appreciated, thanks!
  4. Allooushh

    Air Box Filling up with Oil

    My ttr90 is running well then all of a sudden it starts blowing smoke and stalling, I’m thinking that its worn rings or piston so I begin tearing apart to rebuild, as soon as I open the air box it just drops oil everywhere, the oil could of only came from the breather hose that comes from the crank case, when I checked the dip stick the oil was still a little over the line, I’m wondering if this can happen from putting too much oil, or if it’s from something more serious like pressure leaking into the crank case.
  5. edmuliz

    No OIL = No PROBLEM ??

    Hi guys, couple of weeks back I had reassembled the engine of my DR350SE and properly filled it with oil according to the manual. Last night, after driving it for around 300km I noticed some engine oil on the block itself. It looked like it came from the clutch lever and also from the starter motor bearing (probably when it was laying on the side when I ghosted it few times). Therefore, I decided to check the oil level... and the dipstick was dry. It took whopping 400-500ml just to get it back to the norm!!! I have two questions now... Where/how that much oil could have gone, and how much damage could this have causes my poor DR?? Thanks!
  6. I had a disastrous oil change today. I only drained out one of my drain bolts (the one on the back right side of the engine) at first. After draining that one bolt, I put 1 and 1/4 quarts of oil in the bike. And then, "OH CRAP!" I realized I had only drained that reservoir.... I thought maybe if I drained one bolt it would also drain most of the other? But I wasn't taking any chances so I drained out both bolts this time and started over. I then put 1 and 1/4 quarts back in and finished up. I checked the oil level window, and it looks like the oil goes over the window? This bike has no dipstick which sucks. I took the bike for a 10 minute ride and stopped and held it upright and it still looked like it was over the window. Where is the level supposed to be? Is it supposed to be over the window? I don't think I put too much, if I did please let me know. I ALSO CHANGED THE OIL FILTER. Thanks!
  7. Like the title asks, will a 2014 Husaberg FE350 Clutch & Brake Levers Fit on a 2014 KTM 350 XC-F? I found a great deal on some MSR front brake and clutch levers and was wondering if they would fit on the KTM, as Husaberg and KTM are virtually identical. Thanks
  8. Reeve Harper

    KTM 85 green oil leak

    Hi, my Husqvarna (KTM in disguise) 85 has just sprung an oil leak while it was layed over on it’s left side, the oil was dripping off the bottom of the foot peg and an alarming amount of oil has come out, and the oil seems to have a green tinge to it. Does anyone know what this is? Thanks
  9. So, I ran out of my last gallon of Rotella T 15-40 yesterday. So today, I mosey on over to Walmart and to grab another white one gallon jug for $13.00. To my surprise, the white jug is now called T-4 15-40 triple protection. It's still non synthetic, it's still in a white jug. It is still rated Jaso MA . Also there was the jug of T-6 Synthetic for $23.00 No thanks.. There was also a jug of T-5 Synthetic Blend. I almost bought that at $15.00 per jug, but on the back there was NO Jaso MA rating. So it must have friction reducers in it. Anyone know if the new T-4 14-40 is as good as the old T-15-40?
  10. Hello everyone, I just recently bought a 1994 WR250 Yamaha 2 stroke dirt bike. I had a TTR230 but I grew out of it within a month (go figure). I got a pretty good deal on the WR250. Needs a little cosmetic work but mechanically it seems to be fine. I went riding today to test it out and wow I was not expecting that kind of power. I really had to hold on tight when it hit its powerband. Of course, I am coming off a TTR230.. which I really like btw. It showed a tremendous amount of power. The front wheel was even coming up in 3rd gear! The only problem I see is it is leaking a lot of oil out of the muffler and especially leaking a lot where the silencer connects to the fat tube ( sorry about my terminology.. I am obviously new) lol. The guy I bought it from said he mixes a whole liter of 2t oil with 5 gallons of fuel. Could this be the problem?? Is that way too much? The guy was a trail rider a barely used the bike and didn't seem like he knew a whole lot about the bike. ( neither do I ). Do you think this is a fuel problem or jetting problem. I have read about the crank seal as well. I will post pictures of all the oil leaking. I really like the bike and this is the only thing I see wrong with it. Thanks for the help guys!
  11. Hey Thumper guys - Looking for some advice .. I recently picked up a cherry 02 YZ250 with the intent on building for single track and off road ridding .. It's been a while since I've been on a smoker and forgot how much fun they are compared to 4-strokes ... The bike runs amazing but spooges like a SOB.. Any advice on where to go with jetting/pre-mix is appreciated .. Also important: the bike was purchased in AZ and was jetted for higher and colder elevations .. After messing with the jetting I adjusted to below and it runs amazing but just spooges like no other. Ive follow a few of the treads on here around how to dial in jetting and feel the bike runs perfectly, Super snappy of the bottom and rips on the top Here's current specs that should/can effect the spooge: 02 YZ250 = New Wisco Top end, JD Jet Kit, FMF Granrly Pipe & Turbine Core Silencer, New UNI Air Filter, NGK BR8 Iridium plug, MotoTassinari VFORCE3 Intake w/ Carbon reeds, new FMF Packing Jetting = Red JD Needle (3rd clip from Top), Main: 168, Pilot = Stock (50) Ridding conditions: Elevation= 1,500 ft .. Temp= 70 degree's Pre Mix= Motul 710 at 40:1 mix .. Originally ran at 32:1 per the owners manual but moved to 40:1 in hopes it would help but no such luck I know that i'm going to get some spooge due to not constantly being on the pipe but theirs gotta be a better solution to the mess i get .. I also don't want to go to lean and fry my piston either.
  12. Philliprowe

    2008 kx250f moisture in oil glass.

    Hey guys, new here. I tried the search before doing this but didn’t find too much. Maybe I did it wrong. Well I currently have a 2008 kx250f I just did my oil change 2 days ago and realized the glass having a whitish look to it. Oil that came out didn’t look milky or feel weird though. Bike as been running great and I checked my coolant and levels seem to be fine. Also my crankcase hose has a milky white oil coming out after riding... the oil in the sight glass is fine though? I also checked to my head gasket. I was told I could check it by taking the rad cap off and start the bike to see for any constant bubbles. There was no bubbles besides some little ones and the initial start up but they went away quickly. What should I do?
  13. Just serviced my 2015 YZ250F, noticed the oil looked thinner than normal, and on closer inspection found oil smelt of fuel. Being fuel injected how can this happen? Leaking injector? Anyone had the same problem?
  14. ooohry

    low oil level after change

    i'm having trouble getting an oil reading on the dipstick of a 2006 drz400e. i've tried running it for 3 mins then 3 mins off, ive tried warming it up then a 10 min ride, i can only ever get a tiny drop on the very bottom of the dipstick. i even tried this straight after doing a change, so i know theres at least 1.7 litres in there somewhere. in trying to figure this out, i've pulled off crankcase breather box, and found what looks like some crazy honeycomb rubbish in the air vent side. does this make sense and could it be causing my low readings? i'll be replacing the breather unit shortly, as i can't figure out a way to clean it, but since it was in the air side, i'm not quite sure if this explains my current issue. thanks
  15. I've done some searching and reading but still looking for advice on my specific issue. I have a 2009 450 XCW. Last couple years it was doing the typical slight usage of oil that I would just add a little here and there, but was never a major concern. This year when I started riding Oil is dropping rapidly. It use to just smoke on start up but now I am burning smoke all the time. Everyone says I'm smoking like a 2 stroke. I can visually see my oil dropping when I stop and check it every 20 min or so. I have noticed some oil spray coming out the breather tubes (not connected to carb anymore) but that may or may not be a result of me possibly over filling at times. Its definitely burning though. I also notice (and supported by the guys I ride with) excessive smoke when doing a hill climb or romping on the gas. The positive thing though is I have not really seen to much in a drop of performance if any. With all that in mind, what do you think is wrong and if you were me, what would be the order of things you would change/repair to solve the issue? I really appreciate the help. Thanks
  16. I was riding in my local trails yesterday and decided to stop for lunch. I pulled up in my driveway and noticed a big wet spot under the bike. After some inspection I realized that a bolt was completely missing from the right side of my engine right behind what looks like a drain for the oil filter (also right in front of and under the brake pedal). I have no clue what this bolt was for or how it rattled itself out but it seems to have been a drain plug of some kind. I lost a ton of oil (my boot was covered in oil and the whole right side of the engine is covered). I'm planning on obviously draining the rest of the oil and replacing the oil filter and all since I was almost due for an oil change anyway. Should I be concerned about having run the bike with little oil and any damage that may have caused? I've seen a few threads on people who lost a bolt and seized their engines but none on this scenario. Can't believe how lucky I got but if anyone has any advice on checking for damage or if anyone knows what that bolt is or where to get another please let me know. Thanks!
  17. gr4vitas

    Fork Oil

    Quick question, I've got a 2016 300RR (open cartridge) and I'm putting some fresh fork oil in. (first timer) Do I need to remove the cartridge assembly to get the oil out of the cartridge as well? Or can I just pop the cap dump out the old yank the spring, fill to desired MM then toss the spring back in throw cap on and call it good? Additionally I'd like to remove some of the preload that apparently these bikes are coming with in the forks, I understand there's just one nylon washer under the cap, can this just be removed to drop the preload (forks are harsh in the top 1/3 thus the oil change to 5w and wanting to drop the preload)? Or does it need to have that washer in there so I'll need to get a thinner one / grind that one down? Also unrelated, what do you guys do to keep your seats clean? Mines gotten really dingy and black stained from my pants. I see pics of guys betas all the time with their seats looking like their brand new (florescent red ) but no matter what I try it seems I can't get the dark staining out.
  18. edmuliz

    New DR350, several different questions!

    Hi guys! I have just bought my 1996 DR 350SE and I'm super happy about it! This will be my second moto after Aprilia RS 125 I'm preparing it for 'technical inspection' on Tuesday and I hope you could help me with several questions that I have: 1) The front light was disconnected and I had to sort out the wiring. Once connected, I noticed that even with the high beam off the indicator is slightly lit (see the attached picture). Shout it be like this? 2) When I was connecting the front light I noted two wires connected to nowhere. I traced them back to the clutch lever. Any ideas what they are for and should I fix it? 3) Do you use fully or semi synthetic engine oil? 4) I have to connect turn signals in order to have the motorcycle road legal, but I didn't see any mounts nor any loose wires. Where should I attach and connect the turn signals? Thanks guys in advance! ^^
  19. Radley Neethling

    Honda XR400m 2006

    Hi, Just changed the oil and replaced the oil filter on Honda XR400m 2006 motorcycle now the problem. 1, Filled up the oil with 1,8l of oil dip stick is looking good. 2. Take the bike for a ride and check the dip stick and it is showing about an inch above the high level mark. any suggestions as the what could be going wrong would be helpful
  20. CrenulateMist

    1983 Honda XR350 Oil

    I am running conventional 20W40 oil in my bike, is this too heavy? Should I switch to synthetic oil? Thanks
  21. I recently sold my 1993 DR350S dual sport to my not-so mechanically inclined newbie friend rider. Bike slowly consumes a bit of oil and hadn't had a change in a while, he didn't think to check and ran it out of oil til it died. Hauled the bike home to find out it had a few shot glasses of oil in the entire case. The camshaft ground into its groove in the head, making sharp metal edges and shavings that were chipping off in my fingers. Cams were scored and completely deformed. Piston and cylinder looked okay, albeit to my somewhat untrained eye. Clutch looked fine and he was able to downshift and coast to a stop so I assume the trans is acceptable at least, maybe it survived because they had oil in the bottom and lasted longer than the top...? Since wherever the camshaft was sitting was basically shredded, is it safe to assume it'll need new a new head and cover, and obviously a camshaft? is there any chance a shop could file down the damage as it seems the shaft left behind most of it's metal and "welded" it to the grooves? If not, as this seems highly unlikely, we were thinking of selling the frame and the engine bottom end/transmission (as untested/partially functional?) separately and trashing the top. Any advice on what action is most cost-effective?
  22. SoCalXR600Rmonkey

    New Source for Oil Temp gauge

    greetings all. i have a few XRs, XLs etc. i have one Vapor gauge pod which reads oil temp if set up that way. so i needed something else for the other bikes. heard too many stories of XRs only piece coming apart. so i poked around on the internet and found this site: https://www.motorcycledipsticks.com so i wrote them asking if they had any product suitable for my XR's. John, the owner promptly got back to me and indicated he had no current XR items available. but if i sent him some dimensions, that he would make something up for me. here is what he sent: i realize that the gauge doesn't go 300deg, but so far i haven't gone past 240 when riding. in my testing on the stove, the gauge was linear all the way around to zero. John cautions that the gauge isn't accurate until it's past 100deg. he also mentioned that the thermometer dial can be easily rotated in any direction once installed with no damage. i did let him know that a top value of 300 was preferred by most and that the length could be longer to aid in accurate levels. i am pretty ok with their length and scale. others may not be. i can say that construction appears to be top notch and the one in black had a great finish. i have misplaced the paperwork but i believe they came with a 1yr warrranty (don't hold me to it tho') please feel free to check out the site or drop john an email. i am not affiliated with john in any way, just wanted to mention an alternative to XR's Only and
  23. semkaldijk

    Car Oil In Honda CRF250

    So im planning to buy a Suzuki or honda, but i thinking for the honda because the trans and motor oil apart. since we almost never change the trans oil i have to use less oil for the engine. But anyone used car oil for the eninge? i thought it is better because of the anti friction additives. but my dad says a good oil like motul 5100 also does the job and make sure that u change it before 10 hours. Besides the price if it also good for less wear. now im not asking here for what oil is the best , im asking car or engine oil? with experiences please, dont say no because you think its for a car etc.
  24. GoonRider101

    questions about oil changing

    Hi, im new to this whole dirt bike thing and also thumper talk so forgive me if i posted in the wrong part. I just have a few questions on maintenance for my new Honda crf450r 2012. I have recently just put 6 or 7 hours on the bike and i havent done an oil change yet so when do i need to do an oil change? I bought the castrol activ 4t oil for my engine and trans but not sure if i can use it because on supercheap auto it says "Do not use for water cooled four-stroke marine outboards." So this means i can't use it on my liquid cooled crf450r? Also, what oil do i use, should i stick with this one or switch to another oil? Now about oil filters, should i stick with the paper ones or should i switch to stainless steel ones? When do i change them? I was planning to change my oil filter at 15 hours and my oil at around 7 is this too late for my oil and oil filter? and with suspension oil - when should i change my front fork oil and my back suspension oil? if there is anything else i need to change or check besides engine oil, transmission oil, brake fluid, chain lube, suspension oil can you please let me know?
  25. Scott L.

    2006 Honda CR125 Tranny Oil

    Hello, I recently picked up a 2006 Honda CR125R coming from a 2008 Yamaha yz85. In my YZ85, I normally ran 10w30 oil in the transmission. I used some top notch expensive stuff once but could not afford to pay $25 for oil since I ride trails and change the oil pretty much every 3 rides. In my 2006 Honda CR125, could I run the 10w30? Or is 10w40 better since my bike is older? Like I said, I ride trails. I mostly stay in the first 3 gears. I would MOSTLY like to know if either 10w30 or 10w40 is better considering I have both in my garage. Any help is appreciated! Thanks