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  1. Hello. Just got my fire bike ever. Super excited. It has a small oil leak coming from the bottom of the engine. I would say about 10 drops of oil are coming out per day. I'm guessing it needs a new gasket. Is replacing the gasket the first thing I should try? Could there be any other reasons for this leak? I have heard people say opening the engine will just cause more leaks in the end, any truth to that? Thanks!
  2. This morning I fired up the bike to test a new fuel map, and it started smoking. Right side valve cover gasket had a significant leak, very sudden, and it was getting all over the header. Bike has been parked for awhile while I made some mods to it. What I am trying to figure out is if this is common, or if something I did might have caused it. It is coming out with gusto every time I rev it, like spraying. The only recent modifications have been desmog and fuel map/PCV. I am not much of a mechanic and wonder if capping a vent hose on the cover left side maybe is related? It is a big enough leak that I don't want to ride it until the cover is pulled and new gasket and sealant put on.
  3. Hi there, I am new to all of this but would appreciate some advice on my kx85, which currently has oil leaking from the front of the exhaust box (ses photos for location.) Can anyone please advise me if this is normal and just needs a good run at high revs, or if not, how to fix it. Any advise appreciated. Thanks in advance Ben.
  4. I just picked up a 2001 xr200 that isnt running,just started taking the engine apart to inspect it,when i took my stator cover off oil poured out of it,im pretty sure its not suppose to be,but im not a mechanic,there doesnt appear to be any oil seal on the main bearing behind the crank.so im just not sure if its suppose to be that much oil in there or i have a gasket busted somwhere or what,thanks in advance
  5. I've done some research and so far what I found is the causes could be either the oil is over filled or it needs a top end rebuild... I have good compression and have the proper amount of oil so I'm at a loss. Currently after the bike has been running or if I put the bike on its side, oil drips out of the breather tube and makes a decent sized pool. Any ideas would be helpful and/or if this was answered on another forum please point me in the right direction! Thanks!! I can take videos of it if it would be of assistance.
  6. Hi, I’m new on this forum. I couldn’t find any threads with this specific issue but apologies for any duplication... I have had a lot of different bikes and there seems to be less information for this bike than any other I have owned so I thought I would try and get some help here... I just bought a used, 2001 DRZ 250 and noticed oil collecting on the front left side of the engine. I cleaned it and changed the oil and started investigating today. It appears to be coming from where the top and bottom end meet (gasket)? But the strange thing is there actually appears to be a “gap” that the oil is coming from. It is rather large to believe a gasket was meant to cover in the first place (see photo) ...can anyone tell me if this is part of the gasket missing from this area or...if this is by design somehow? I am losing enough oil from it I want to repair it before riding it. I have done top end work before on my yz125 (2 stroke) but never on a 4 stroke. Any thoughts? Thank you!! Danielle/Las Vegas
  7. So I have a 2005 Kawasaki KX 250F. Its got 30 hours on the top. Previous owner did the top end build. Bike has been running greats so far. Took her through some mud and water. Still ran for about 30mins. Stalled out on an unexpected turn. (my own fault there with the clutch, I'm a newer rider). Bike wouldn't start backup. Checked around the bike, and the oil levels were low. Didn't see any oil in sight glass unless tipping the bike on a 45 degree angle. Drained the oil out. and replaced with new oil. Used 5W-40 oil as recommended in manual. Put in 1.3L as also recommended in manual for when filter is not removed. The 1.3L seemed like too much oil, because it basically spilled out of the top. Put the oil cap back on. Oil came out of drain hose, which I heard and read was normal, it does that to remove excess oil. Figured I should be good, it would remove any excess oil and then I figured I would be at the correct oil level. Bike started up after about 10-20 tries. Let it sit for 5 mins or so to work the oil through. Went back out to ride. Bike seemed to be working fine. Was still dripping some oil from the breather hose. Rode for maybe 20mins. Could turn bike off and start back up with no issue. Then at about 30 mins in, turned the bike off and it wouldn't start up. Looked at the oil sight glass, and the oil was gone again... Barely any in there I'm thinking it's some kind of oil leak. I've also heard that if you run a bike through mud and water and the right amount gets in certain spots it can clog the bike up and cause oil to leak from the breather hoses. Not sure exactly what the problem is. I'm newer to bikes, so I don't know too much on them. Shops are backed up for weeks because of covid. And I wouldn't want to sit there and wait if its a simple fix. If someone could guide me in the right direction of what the problem is that would be awesome.
  8. Recently got a bw 2007 ktm 85sx And it seems to be leaking from the exhaust? I found the fluid on the swing arm and I think it’s coming from the where the front pipe meets the silencer (I ran my finger under the rubber gasket and found some drops of it). I’m quite new to bikes and would want to know how/what I can do to fix it. Thanks, Jamie.
  9. Hey I've been experiencing problems with my powervalve. I turned the powervalve adjuster with a wrench without loosening the crew that holds it in place (forgot all about the screw). I then loosened the screw, realizing my mistake, but when I tightened it back on it didn't stop the adjustment knob from moving freely. My bike is a KTM 125sx. I unscrewed the screw out completely and it is only a short screw that does not physically contact the power valve adjuster. How is this screw suppose to work? Am I missing a part or is the screw suppose to hold the adjuster by air compression or something? p.s. There is a small constant leak of oil from the adjuster knob, but poured oil for a second or two after shutting bike off last time I rode it. Also the power valve adjustment doesn't seem to change when screwing the adjuster valve in/out but I could be incorrect about this since I haven't had much time to test/mess with it.
  10. Hello everyone, I just recently bought a 1994 WR250 Yamaha 2 stroke dirt bike. I had a TTR230 but I grew out of it within a month (go figure). I got a pretty good deal on the WR250. Needs a little cosmetic work but mechanically it seems to be fine. I went riding today to test it out and wow I was not expecting that kind of power. I really had to hold on tight when it hit its powerband. Of course, I am coming off a TTR230.. which I really like btw. It showed a tremendous amount of power. The front wheel was even coming up in 3rd gear! The only problem I see is it is leaking a lot of oil out of the muffler and especially leaking a lot where the silencer connects to the fat tube ( sorry about my terminology.. I am obviously new) lol. The guy I bought it from said he mixes a whole liter of 2t oil with 5 gallons of fuel. Could this be the problem?? Is that way too much? The guy was a trail rider a barely used the bike and didn't seem like he knew a whole lot about the bike. ( neither do I ). Do you think this is a fuel problem or jetting problem. I have read about the crank seal as well. I will post pictures of all the oil leaking. I really like the bike and this is the only thing I see wrong with it. Thanks for the help guys!
  11. I was thinking about filling it with metal epoxy, but I'm afraid that it needs to be open and i will block it for no needed reason that could do more damage to machine
  12. I have a 2003 WR450f and it's been leaking oil out of the neutral switch. When I unscrewed it oil started pouring out. This is a new thing for me so I'm a little unfamiliar with neutral switches. From what I've read so far it changes rev limiter in neutral and timing when starting in gear. However I'm not sure if this should have oil in it. If it does, I might just have a bad o-ring on the cover itself. If it's not supposed to have oil in it, I seem to have a bigger issue on my hands. Any advice/suggestions? I've been looking at older posts but I've seen nothing about neutral switches and oil leaks that's been answered yet.
  13. Alright, I've done quite a bit of research without finding anything, hoping some other BRP owners/mechanics can help me out. I've only had my XR600R for a few months, but it hadn't let me down or leaked any oil before. Until out on a ride, downshifted around a turn, and heard some expensive noises. Looked down to see a bunch of oil flung out all around the front sprocket. Before the ride, I'd added 1/3 quart of oil and later realized it was overfilled, so maybe some internal seals blew out via my own dumb fault. Back home on the stand, I cleaned everything and noticed a fresh nick out of the stator case right in front of the front sprocket. I'm think when I downshifted there was some slap and the chain came off of the front sprocket, which was the grinding noise I heard. But how could a chain coming off be related to an oil leak? With the front sprocket off, I could shift through every gear and back down without a drop of oil coming out. I cleaned the whole drivetrain, put the sprocket and chain back on, did the same thing, and oil flung out and turned my chain black again. So it's only leaking under load? I replaced the countershaft seal, very carefully, plenty of grease, tapped it in with a big socket, and the problem is still exactly the same. Also, the countershaft itself is rock solid. And I got a good view of the bearings with the countershaft seal out and they looked fine. I'm not sure why it's only leaking under load. My dad noted it could be a pressure problem, maybe the crankcase not properly ventilated. Please share your opinions, thanks in advance for your time and help!
  14. Anyone know what could cause this leak on the left side of the bike by the shifter believe it’s coming from the crankcase. I was told the gasket could be bad causing oil to be pushed out at that bolt. Any other ideas or anyone else have this problem? I bought the gasket but haven’t installed it yet.
  15. Brand new Apollo z20 leaking from the clutch cover. Popped it open and see the seal keeps on popping off and I believe that is the cause of the leak. I’m not sure why it keeps popping off. There is immense pressure, when taking out the oil cap there is a sizzling noise. Does anyone know what the issue could be?
  16. I have an oil leak coming out from the exhaust header that joints onto the engine case , I cleaned the case really good to spot the leak and see where it was coming from and good enough I figured it out. This is a KTM 450 EXC ,2004 that I just recently bought from a guy that had seating the bike with no oil change for a while, probably 2 yrs. I changed oil,oil filters, large oil screen, Air filter,changed drain bolt and added washer. After being rode for the first time at the end of the ride I could see how the bike start smoking ,reason why I cleaned up and looked for the leak. I am planning on removing the exhaust header and apply permatex ultra copper RTV gasket maker and reinforce the exhaust gasket , apply it really good on the bolt area (noticed oil flowing through there). Anybody with any experience on trying to fix a similar issue and being successful? I would definitely appreciate any advice. I added some pictures for you to see them.
  17. Tldr: look at the bottom, told the whole story of my crash in the first few paragraphs Hey all. I Was riding my 2011 Yamaha wr450f on the road earlier to get to some trails, 10 minute ride on some back roads from the 8-9 acres of private land I offload my bike at and start my day of riding I was riding to my trails and decided to hammer on the gas through a sharp left turn, which I've taken going 50-60mph through a bunch of times. Stupid I'm sure for the curve of the turn and with the speed limit 25 through it, but It's a backroad, not many people go on it whatever. Anyways, to the crash. I take the turn going 50 mph, then speed up to 60mph going through it. I Leaned in to the turn too much, don't have great tires for the road on my street legal wr450f, and was going way too fast so I slid on the left side of my bike on the pavement. I slid like right alongside the bike probably 20 feet. Got some road rash, torn up a bit, most of my body got small things on road rash tbh, mostly my left side. Anyways tldr my long story, crashed my wr450f at 60mph on the pavement, only messed up my clutch lever slightly and got a decent sized hole in the crank case. I rode it home with the hole in the case probably less than a mile as soon as I got up from the crash. I was just wondering, based off the pics I'm posting if I can JB weld it together for a hare scramble I have august 20th, or if I should just get a new aftermarket or OEM one? Any opionions would be great. Pic of the crack in the case isn't great, crappy lighting, but it's maybe an inch, half inch long, the biggest part of the crack to the top of it, right near the shifting pedal, whatever it's called. It bent in and poked a hole in the case. First pic is one of the oil that's leaked on my garage floor since I've had it sitting there for 12 hours, then the other 2 are of the crack in the case, not the best quality like I said
  18. I dropped my 300 today on a steep rocky descent. Not much news there, it was just a normal drop. I thought that both the bike and my body got away free. But when I unloaded the bike, I found a pool of clean oil, its leaking from somewhere under the mud on the clutch cover side. I'll wash it off tomorrow and see if I can locate the leak, assess how big the crack/hole is, etc. Is there anything special I should look for? The parts fiche shows two covers, the outer small one, and a big one that covers most of the side of the engine. Sure hope its only the small round one....
  19. Hello. I just picked up a 1985 Honda XR350R. It's got an oil leak coming from the right side crank case gasket. I haven't been able to find the part anywhere, does anyone know where I can find one? Also does anyone have any experience using gasket sealer instead of a traditional gasket on these bikes? Is that a good substitute if I cant find the gasket? Thanks
  20. Hey Guys this is my first post ever on thumper talk. Not new to the site however. I have a 2016 Honda crf250r with less than 20 hours on it. I live in Canada and it has been especially cold lately. Recently I started the bike in my cold garage to demo the bike for my buddy because like me, he is also an enthusiast. It took a good 30 kicks to actually get the bike to start which is a first for this one ( usually starts 3rd kick) once I got the bike started I let it run on choke for 1 Minute like the manual says and noticed more smoke than usual coming from the left side pipe but didn't think much of it. I then turned the choke off after the 1 Minute and the bike was idling normally and sounded great (as per usual) but still more smoke than usual coming from left pipe. (White smoke) I let the bike run for a few minutes then gave er a shot of gas and hit the kill button. Engine officially demoed lol. Next day I noticed a small puddle of engine oil accumulated just 2 inches behind where the rad overflow hose would leak from. I believe the oil is coming from the engine cover gasket. I can safely say the leak was not present before i started the bike and the oil is still very clean and clear. I change my transmission oil and engine oil every 8 hours of riding or less. Engine side I use royal purple extreme cycle 10w40 and transmission side gets 80w85 lucas transmission oil. Im worried that I may have caused some damage due to the cold start. Im just looking to see if anyone has any advice on this matter. Should I just leave it alone till next spring and just re torque the bolts and see if the leak stops? Currently the oil is not leaking but it is sweating through the seal. Everytime I go back to the bike i can wipe a small amount of oil away from the seal. Indicating to me that it is sweating. This bike has only ever been max throttle 1 time for about 5 seconds lol. She was babied for the most part.
  21. hey guys ive had my drz for about a year and recently the little hole on the left side of the engine has started leaking what looks like oil, ive read it could be a head gasket or something failing but I have no other leaks and the bike still runs fine. can someone please tell me what this hole is for and why its started leaking recently. thank you
  22. Hi, Seeking thoughts from you experts on here. My Husqvarna 2020 te250i has started leaking oil between this gap when running, right behind the front of the pipe. (see pictures with arrows all pointing to the same location). It will leak about 1oz after 3-5hrs of riding. All screws are tight. It's a new bike but just outside that very generous 1 month warranty:) I've tightened all screws, still leaking. Any thoughts on this? Also, this is my first post on here, if there's a better place to ask this, please let me know! Thanks
  23. I have a 2004 crf 450r I was riding the other day I was sure the valves needed adjusting proceded to ride anyway the bike blows out a puff of smoke and oil comes out of the airbox and the hole where you blow debries out of the spark pug hole I am covinced that i dropped a valve or its not seating correctly has anyone ese ever had this problem if so offer any help all feedback will be appreciated
  24. I know this has been talked about somewhat but I'm hoping you can narrow this down for me. I am getting too much spooge coming out of my exhaust. A couple drops here and there ok, but I am getting quite a few drops, too the point where my rear hub is getting speckled and my swing arm is fairly dirty. Other racers I'm around don't seem to have this problem. I have a 2009 ktm 105 sx. The bottom end was replaced recently, new head pipe o rings. I have ran both 32:1 and 40:1 premix ratios with the recommended motorex oil (I know you don't jet by changing ratios, I'm just experimenting). The oil has just been changed and its clean. I run the manuals recommended jetting specs for my temp and elevation (if the google maps elevation markers are accurate). Air screw is two turns out. I run the engine hard around the local sand track. I have also noticed that although I have changed the o rings on the head pipe, oil still leaks there too. At least one head pipe spring is new, maybe both of them. Silencer has been pulled apart and the packing really didn't look that bad so I put it back together as is. The air filter is cleaned regular. I use the highest octane pump gas as I can get and stay away from ethanol. I have cleaned the carb recently, and made a decent attempt at setting the float. I have been told that the ktm recommended jetting specs are slightly rich. But how rich are we talking? I am leaning towards just changing the clip to a higher position on the needle but not sure if there is a better way? (clip is at the second position now). I am trying to jet for a race this weekend that is in a higher elevation than I am currently at...so I can't really test until I get there and time will be limited. So all I can do is follow the manuals recommended specs. on the chart and try to compensate knowing the current performance. The bike seems to run well overall. It idles well. Seems to pull well through every throttle range. Could sometimes be slightly more crisp at a quarter throttle...but hey this is a small bore bike...it not going to be like a four stroke. I would normally say that the bike is probably too rich, but I am at the recommended jetting specs, I'm not fouling plugs, and the bike runs well. I am hesitant to go past what the manual recommends for jetting as I am worried I may not recognize the symptoms of a lean bike soon enough, due to my relative inexperience with 2 strokes. (yes I know its supposed to sound like a marble in a tin can and lose power but I have never experienced it myself). I don't want to bugger up a good thing. Thanks for the help guys! I am probably just thinking about this too much
  25. I have a 05 kxf 250 with a full engine rebuild and about 6 hours ride time on it and the past month I haven’t been out on it but every weekend I start it up and it seems to leak oil everywhere and I’m not sure why? It is a dirt bike and has no side stand. Any tips or help? Also the oil smells like it has some petrol in it
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