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Found 20 results

  1. I recently replaced water pump and seal after I noticed that my '02 CRF450R was spilling coolant on easy trail rides. After the water pump swap (which was successful), I noticed the same problem. It's interesting - the bike only spits coolant (I mean a LOT of coolant) after passing anything above 1/2 throttle. The bike makes this weird 'gurgling' noise, like trying to suck through a straw when your glass is almost empty. This is weird because I properly bled/ burped the radiators with coolant, and filled them to normal operating levels. The coolant spills through overflow hose. anyways - I swapped the radiator because I thought maybe the bike was running hot. I purchased oversized radiators, bought a 1.6 radiator cap (with a temp gauge) and bought engine ice. The bike runs very very cool - the temp gauge allows me to see this. Still, the bike shoots coolant out of the overflow after going above half throttle, making the same weird gurgling noise when it does. Bike has all of its power, top end was replaced not too long ago. I'm lost and don't know what is wrong with the cooling system in my bike. How do I make the bike stop shooting out coolant, and stop making the weird gurgle noise??? Any advice would help me!!! Thank you!
  2. TxSamsquanch

    Overheating from exhaust wraps?

    Hey guys, I know a little bit about exhaust wraps and that they're supposed to help keep heat within the engine in colder weather, but with the XR650L being air cooled am I going to have an overheating issue if I wrap my pipes? I like the look of it since is reminiscent of mad max and rat bikes but I plan on making my bike into a cross country traveler and worry about excessive heat damaging components over long periods of medium to higher RPMs. Anyone have their pipes wrapped and ran into over heating issues or not had any problems at all? I'm also thinking of adding an oil cooler, but that's for another thread.
  3. gmckenzie

    over heating engine

    Hi I know there has been alot of discussion on over heating crf250r's, but I have a bit of a stumper. My 250r started spewing radiator fluid out the overflow and was getting really hot, riding about 25 mph on open trails after about 5 min. After reading many posts on this site and others we figured a blown head gasket or warped head so we disassembled it, had the cylinder and head checked for warp at a machine shop, there was none, replaced both gaskets, and re-assembled. Bike starts up easy but gets too hot too fast. Our comparison is our 2004 crf250r running at the same time for comparison. I opened up the radiator cap and re-started, and noticed alot of air in the coolant in the 2006 that is overheating where there really isn't any in the 2004 for comparison. So, I believe exhaust air is getting into the coolant and heating / pressurizing it, but the gaskets were just replaced (OEM). I didn't notice any cracks in the head, and there is no coolant leaking from the radiator fins. Also swapped out the radiator cap with the 2004, didn't help. Any suggestions on what to check next?
  4. Hey guys. First time posting but always use the great nfo on the this page. I crashed my drz about 2 years ago and I didn't notice any physical damage except a bent handlebar and some scratches. Didn't ride it again as I moved countries for 2 years. Just got back and wanted to get it started again. Did an oil change, changed handle bars, changed the battery, got most of the old fuel out (I think) and refueled it. Started it up no problem with the choke and it sounded fine. However it would stall if i took the choke off or tried to use the throttle. So i let it warm up for a bit. Come back to the bike and it's shooting out coolant and steam from the bottom hose of the bike. Changed the coolant thinking it may be old coolant. Now I'm scared to let it run for a while to see if it will overheat again. Still the same problem with the choke and throttle. Anyone have an idea of the problem? Cheers
  5. Hey guys, I was hoping some of you could help me out. Recently my bike (2010 KTM 250 XC) started overheating a lot. As soon as it got up to temperature it would start peeing coolant out of the overflow tube. I changed out the stock 1.8 radiator cap for a CV4 2.0 radiator cap. Still continued to pee it out. I went through and checked the head and cylinder to see if they were warped. They are not and I also changed the base gaskets and head gaskets. Still continued to pee out. I bought and swapped out new over-sized radiators, new silicone hoses, and a new billet aluminum water pump impeller. Flushed the system and filled it with Engine Ice antifreeze at about 1/4" above the fins. It still continues to pee out. I've heard different things about how the reeds could be causing it and also my jetting could. My jetting is set up perfectly for my weather and where I ride, and my reeds looked fine on inspection. The only thing I have not checked is my clutch pack. It has some chatter and when the bike is cold it shifts pretty hardly into first gear on the first initial take off. In fact it shifts so hard it lurches forward and wants to die and I have to give it a little throttle or it will. (Also, if the bike is in gear on the trail and I pull in the clutch and try to hit the e-start the clutch doesn't engage until I give it a little throttle). I run what the manual recommends for oil (Motorex 15w-50) and at the right amount. I also changed it about 2 hours ago. Since that is the only part of this bike I haven't really looked at I was just wondering since all of that other stuff didn't seem to work, could my clutch be causing the overheating issue?
  6. Jesse T. Groth-kennard

    05 kx250 new rebuild running hot

    Just did a fresh build on the eng in my kx250 new crank and complete bearing set, bought a complete jug from someone that did a big boar kit when the bike was new, and new seal kit, it looks like the fluid that is flowing in the radiator is full of bubbles i switched to water and purple ice by royal purple an it didnt cool it down but it still looks frothy as it pumps by the cap, and in the exhaust port there was a few water drops on far right exhaust valve and the side of piston was milky looking, here is a pic threw the exhaust port. any one have any ideas one were i should start? i even put new oversize radiators on but still gets hot and starts running real sporadic high smooth idol with no ting so i shut it down. any help would be great!
  7. MotoXRacer_19

    KTM 2-stroke Overheating

    I'm caught between a rock and a hard place. My 2010 KTM 250 XC won't stop peeing coolant out of the overflow tube. I've used 3 different radiator caps (two of the oem 1.8 bar caps and one CV4 2.0 bar) and it still continues to pee coolant as soon as the bike starts up. I just recently bought and installed brand new radiators [GPI on eBay for $88 (the seem fine just the welds are a bit crappy and you can see inside of the tubes where the metal from the welds drooped down but there are no blocks)] and silicone hoses (profactory hoses) thinking they were the problem since the old radiators were bent in like bananas. To my dismay that was apparently not the issue. I've had everything apart and looked at. Has brand new base gaskets, head gaskets, radiators, and radiator hoses. I've bled the radiators like the manual says and there are no bubbles like air leaking into the system or being in the system. The jetting is also perfect. The only thing I haven't changed out is the oem impeller in the water pump but it looks to be in great condition. Any ideas on how I can fix this problem before it gets worse? Also, has anyone else had this problem and figured out how to fix it? I ride it in mostly tight 0-10 mph trails and also some 10-20 mph trails.
  8. I read a lot about some people having problems with their TE 310 but I guess I thought "that surely will not happen to me, right?". Well I took my new/demo 2012 TE310 for its first real outing. We did some technical trail riding today and I started having problems after the bike heated up. First, the electric starter just quit working, not sure if it is a problem with the starter or with the battery (supposed to have a new battery in it when I bought it). When I would turn the key on you could hear the pump still kick on even though the electric start would not work. Then sometimes when I would kick it over it had a weird feel to it, like when I kicked it over the starting was trying to turn as well. The bike would not start, but if it caught at all it would backfire very loud. Then I could kick it over and would usually start. After I rode for about another 45 minutes I noticed the bike did not want to idle. I had to really stay on the gas and the clutch to keep riding. Engine seemed really hot and the cooling fan never turned on. Bike then did not want to stay running, if I slowed down it would not idle and would shut off. When it was still hot I would try to kick it over, I could get it to start but would not stay running and sometimes would backfire (again loud) not start. Do not know what to tell the dealer, what to look for, and what I might try. Dealer is a long way away, very disappointed and frustrated. Any help and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks,
  9. Florida_TrailRide

    2006 CRF450R overheating excessively

    I'm trying to figure out why my CRF450r is overheating so bad, I don't know if I should get a higher pressure cap, a water pump rebuild kit, or what I'm stumped i have read so many forums and can't figure it out, I live in Florida and mainly trail ride.
  10. Robert2496

    Overheating problem

    Okay so I just bought a 2008 kx250f, I've only rode it 3 times since I've gotten it and not on trails or anything just around the block to see how it runs, every time I've ran it, it overheats and I'll only be riding for about 10-15 mins (in about 70-80 degree weather) and the coolant is already boiling coming out of the overflow tube. After the first ride I flushed the old coolant and put engine ice rode it again still same thing. Today I took a look at the water pump and tried to turn the impeller I couldn't with my own strength I'm not sure if that's how it's supposed to be or it's supposed to turn freely. if you have any ideas on what could be causing it, it'd be greatly appreciated, thanks.
  11. So I have a 2005 400 S that has full yoshi header and exhaust, big bore kit, rad guards, JD jet kit blue needle 3rd clip from top, and the problem Im having is the bike is over heating in tight trails. My fan works as it should and fluid has been changed and refilled making sure all no air pockets are in rads or lines. The one big issue I'm having is when it does get hot and fluid goes into expansion tank as its supposed to but it is not returning to radiator once cooled and with this happening I end up low on fluid in radiator which causes it to over heat faster. When the radiator is completely full it does ok but if slow enough it will eventually over heat. I have done a pressure test on lines and system and everything seems to be fine with no leaks, I have also replaces radiator cap so at this point I'm reaching out because I'm lost? Any recommendations on adding sec fan? Why won't it return fluid if my system is holding pressure?
  12. I have a 2008 KTM EXC that had an aftermarket radiator fan installed by the previous owner and worked fine up until some heavy trail riding a while back. Im pretty bad with electrical stuff and havnt even owned a bike with an electric start until now. Ive heard having a fan on these is pretty much a necessity so Im trying to get it working. Ive heard I can test if the fan will work by touching two wires together but I dont know which ones. Also how can I check to see if its a fuse or something else? Thanks!
  13. Colin Greis

    CRF450x supermoto problem!

    ALL HELP appreciated. Bike: 2006 CRF450x Supermoto Back story: about 3 weeks ago went down on the pavement the bike landed on the left side, nothing broken other than bent shifter and a broken foot peg bolt. [to what I can see]. Rode home the bike (in pain) the bike sat for about 3 weeks while I let my body heal and worked on getting out the broken bolt and replacing the bent shifter. [Bike and Body ready to ride again] The following ensues. Day 1: Started the bike up no problem using the electric start (seemed little bit louder than normal) rode down the street after about 5-6min of riding bike started to bog and wanting to die after slowing down for a red light the bike died. Would not start electric start or a kick, had to do the walk of shame and push the bike out of the road traffic. Got the bike started back up 5 mins later with choke on and on the ride home the same thing happen once more. That night did a oil change and looked at the coolant [ full to the brim] Day 2: After thinking about it... thought maybe my idle screw messed up from the crash. started to messed with the idle and the fuel screw. This seemed to some what help and got a quick 15min ride in no problems running a bit rich maybe had some backfires. Day 3: Added slip on FMF muffler that I ordered to replace the other crappy aftermarket muffler. took the bike out side and the electric start didn’t work just clicked away.. the bike started with the choke on using the kick start. [did not want to start as easy as it always does AT ALL] bike idled high for 1 min while I tinkered with the idle and fuel screws again, noticed smoke coming from the water pump area [front lower right] a plastic tube was touching the water pump maybe causing the smoke. turned off bike immediately. after the bike was off a small bit of white smoke was coming out the exhaust [not like oil smoke like (fire-ish) smoke maybe due to the brand new slip on.] So... what does everyone think whats my next move. Did I clog up my radiator when I a crashed? Break my water pump? Is the bike overheating? mess up my fueling? Please let me know! thank you.
  14. JeffFPS

    KTM 50SX/Husky TC 50

    Just finishing up our oversize radiators for the 50's! 37% more fluid capacity, heavier side plates and tanks, and a 'real' cap that won't crack or blow off! Stop blowing thru impellers and ignitions and keep your kid cool! Available for delivery end January for the race season. Special thanks to Alijah Gaines for use of his bike for fitment!
  15. kawasakikyle

    KLX 351 Problems

    Hey all, In need of help ASAP I recently purchased a 351 big bore kit from Bill Blue. Have heard so many great reviews from others who have done the same to their bikes. Watched all the videos from Adventures in Real Life and MrDuhFactor (popular Youtubers who did the 351 bb kit to their bikes). Decided that I wanted to upgrade the bike since I am doing the Trans-American Trail in 5 weeks. did the whole nine yards of mods, pumper carb, dg exhaust, rebuilt head, stiffer clutch, and a few other little trinkets. finished putting it together and it fired right up and ran beautifully. Nearing the end of my break in miles I noticed it was having really hard starts and would cut out at high rpms once warm. Discovered that this was due to a blown head gasket. I assumed I got the wrong torque specs from the internet because when I pulled the head the gasket looked fine, so I called Bill and had him overnight me two new gaskets along with a list of torque specs. Well I just got it all back together and tried to run it. Barely ran at first, so I pulled the valve cover back off and discovered I was a tooth off on the chain. Fixed that and it sounded a lot better. But it won't stay at idle and and when I try to ride it, it cuts out hard past 4000 rpms. If I try and let it idle, it just dies. I feel like I've tried everything but nothing seems to work. I'm at a serious loss here. This is my only bike and I need it to run good for the TAT in 5 weeks. I am an auto mechanic so I'd like to think I'm not mechanically dumb :/ Getting pretty desperate though.
  16. So I took my txc to the sand dunes for the first time and I made sure that my bike was ready, by that I mean antifreeze was checked, air filter cleaned and so on. But when I was riding there my bike was overheating in the first 20 minutes. The fan was working it's butt off and I could hear a swishing noise when I put my ear up to the radiator which I don't know if that is normal. Also my clutch wouldn't engage so I couldn't shift when I was riding but as soon as I stopped the bike died and the clutch would engage again. And my friends bike was doing just fine, his fan didn't even turn on and I want to know if anyone else with Husqvarna is having the same problems or even anyone with the same model?
  17. MotoXRacer_19

    Checkpoint Waterpump Impellers

    Has anyone installed and used a Checkpoint impeller? I see dirt rider had an article about them and I've been curious about them. I've been having overheating problems recently and after spending well over $200 on brand new radiators I've discovered the radiators weren't the problem. So I bought new piston rings since they were out of spec (supposed to be like .15 and they were .5) and then thought about buying one of these aluminum impellers to help the problem instead of keeping the flimsy plastic one. I've read mixed reviews about them. Has anyone had any luck with them or is it basically just paying for the same overheating problems to happen?
  18. Hey all, I recently purchased a 2007 Yz450. All seemed well at first, besides some deceleration popping. I took the bike out for the first time and after about 30 min it got very hot. When I took it back to the garage it dumped some coolant. I then noticed the aftermarket header (LEXX MXE) was bent and touching the cylinder and very close to a water hose directly above the water pump. I adjusted the fuel/air screw to richen up the mix as well as wrapped the header in exhaust wrap. I rode for another 30 min before the bike got quite hot again (still had a lot of deceleration popping). I put the bike on the stand, had some hanging revs in neutral and lost some more coolant. My question is does this sound like a lean fuel mix problem? Could a header bent in this fashion get the bike that hot? Once the bike cools down I am going to go run it and spray with ether to check for intake leaks. Disclaimer... I am competent enough to do just about anything to the bike there is a YouTube video for, but I am no mechanic. I could be way off the mark with this post and not realize it. Thanks for the help, Kev
  19. Brady Brittain

    HELP 2012 Wr 450 getting hot FAST

    Here lately, probably the past month or so, my 2012 wr450 started running a lot hotter than usual. It happened right around the time I put some header wrap on my head pipe so I thought that was the issue and left it at that. Well I deliver for a company on my bike and its been warming up here in texas the past few weeks ~80's I decided to take the header wrap off because it felt unbearable riding with how hot this thing is now. So I take the wrap off and the bike still gets stupid hot stupid fast. Now when I say stupid hot I don't mean boiling but temps, but way higher than it used to in a shorter amount of time. Before this issue it could be 60 degrees or so outside and my trail tech fan would never kick on. Ever. The fan temp was set to trigger at 175. Now even when it is this cold out (60's) it can hit 175 in maybe a mile of easy riding. I ride on the street so it's constant air flow pretty much all of the time. The bike does have Engine Ice in it and it is full in the rad and appropriate amount in the reservoir. I started it this morning to see if the coolant was circulating with the cap off and the level would kind on bubble (probably not the right word for it) but it would kind of go up and down maybe a half inch or so every second or two. So I assume the pump is working as it should? Not sure but i've got a buddy who is bringing his stock water pump over and I am going to drain and clean my coolant system with white vinegar and water 50/50 to clean and flush all the junk, if there is any, out of the system and then try his pump setup. I checked my oil and it doesn't look milk shaked inside but I do plan on changing the oil tonight to see if there is anything going on in there which will tell me if impeller shaft seal is bad etc etc. Also, When it's in the garage and running my temps on my GYTR tuner says the engine temp is 150/160's when the trailtech fan kit is saying 180's but once the bike is off they seem to equalize out within 2 or so degrees from eachother. Not sure if that tells me anything but this is far all I know off the top of my head currently, If things change or I remember I will update the thread. The bike has 320 hrs on it probably 98% street riding as this is my daily driver. It is not losing coolant, leaking or burning. Valves are all in spec, checked last night (for the first time lmao) GYTR ECU and FMF powercore4 pipe Oil should be good but I am going to do it anyways tonight. Coolant getting flushed and cleaned along with a "new" water pump this evening aswell. If anyone has some tips or things to check for etc let me know. Thanks in advance!
  20. Ok, I idolize, worship the new 2018 YZ450F (new for me because I bought it late in the year). Haven't had any starting issues or had to use the new starter plunger until the winter temperatures crept in. I keep it in an off and on heated garage, but in the morning it's cold, and would not start so easily anymore as it did in the summer, where I never before had to use the starter circuit. The F.S.M says to push the plunger all the way in, then hit the starter, and let the engine run/rev at 3000-5000rpm!!! for 1-2 minutes. Then, your supposed to operate the throttle, as the chop throttle direction is supposed to kick the plunger back out to its N.O.T. position. I did exactly this, but, when I operate the throttle, the throttle close direction DOESN'T kick the plunger back out. The engine was revving at about 3100rpm for only about 40 seconds, when, to my dismay, I looked down at the engine & exhaust pipe; the exhaust pipe exiting the cylinder port was glowing so hot I swear it was almost molten! Screaming inside my head, I quickly grabbed a pair of long slip joint pliers to pull the plunger back out (or else I'd no doubt brand myself on the glowing exhaust), and the motor rpm dropped to a more conventional warm/idle up speed. I then had to accelerate the water pump briefly, then cut the engine. I waited a few seconds, and started it up again, and varied the throttle slightly. I repeated this a few times in order to cycle the motor, and safely remove the heat conduction thru the cylinder head. My YZ450F runs great, post incident, and has more power than ever now. My only issue is now I have to always have a pair of pliers when cold starting the powerhouse, because the throttle and starter plunger still don't communicate. I DON'T let it run for more than like 15 seconds on fast idle anymore. My question is, WHY did the pipe heat up so much if that is how long it's recommended to fast idle, AND does anyone else have this issue with their starter plunger sticking, or had their pipe heat up orange hot? I went to the dealership to correspond with the mechanics there and no one was able to give me any information. Please, ONLY 2018+ YZ450F owners need reply on this thread, as it is a BRAND NEW starting device on a fuel injected engine for Yamaha, so other instances or experiences will not apply.