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Found 21 results

  1. I just did the raptor petcock mod and had a quick question. Running an FCR39 what happens if one night I forget to turn it to the off position? Here is the petcock I bought. So far I really like it. https://www.thumpertalk.com/shop/Yamaha-FUEL-COCK-ASSY-1-5LP-24500-01-00-p1000322768.html Yamaha FUEL COCK ASSY 1 (5LP-24500-01-00) Thanks for the help.
  2. Bike was sitting for a winter before I bought it from my mom. She was the second owner. Was leaking fuel from around petcock, replaced it. Bike now wont idle unless choke is on. It also won't say up to speed upon riding. Took full carb apart and cleaned it. My dad is saying simple float kit for the carb, he says the float is getting stuck and it's dying for fuel. Someone else (the car mechanic that I work with that has worked on his own bike) says it sounds like a accelerator pump. Opinions?
  3. Just a heads-up alert about all those manually operated petcocks on eBay and the web. Look for the only 1 or 2 out there with the outlet tube or nipple vertical downward and below it. All other 100 models on ebay have the outlet tube pointing right at the choke pull lever. This forces a tight turn which on some fuel hoses will shut the hose and reduce fuel by 80%. Also when removing and installing the tank the hose must first be removed, or its a struggle to get it past the choke pull knob. The knob could be damaged or rod bent. Attaching the hose on the petcock after the tank is in place is tough because of the sharp downward angle needed. Here are a couple of images. I tried 2 different hoses. The light color hose was a high pressure air-compressor hose, it went flat. The black hose is a 1/4" fuel injection hose and it did better. I ended up routing it in a circle forward then back to the carb. Im going to buy a new petcock with the downward tube next.
  4. So I'm pretty new to carb bikes, I used to have a CBR-600rr and decided I wanted a supermoto. I have read the repetitive topics concerning leaving your bike on prime but no answer as to why my bike is ok, everyone seems to have problems. One day I was in the trails and my bike tipped over and wouldn't start, so I set the pet cock to prime and it started fine and I rode/left it sitting like that for 3 weeks because I went to Florida. When I came back I shit myself when I noticed I left it on prime, the bike wouldn't start but was cranking. Eventually I killed the battery trying different choke settings and decided to try to push start it and it started right up. It wasn't idling high like the choke setting was set to but after riding it around for the day it was fine. I let it cool and it started fine. Why does my bike seem ok after what is supposed to be a horrible mess up? Does anyone know the science behind why it wouldn't start at all choked but started fine when I pushed it?
  5. TLDR: does the video below show a faulty petcock, and if so what’s the best approach to solve? Howdy, I’ve been reading on petcock leakage but have a bit of a spinning head now. I have a Clarke 3.9l tank with the stock petcock installed and a stock carb on a 2006 ‘S’. When the bike is off I’m seeing leakage where the fuel line connects to the petcock, after removing the line the fuel looks to be coming only from where it should: the line coming out of the petcock spigot. It doesn’t seem to be leaking from a surrounding areas although it is difficult to be 100% certain the way fuel creeps sideways. Here’s a video of the leak. (See below) I have been struggling with getting the bike going after a couple of years. Not being a bike guy l feel relatively accomplished having rebuilt and jetted the carb... she starts now but idles high, and this leak. What I don’t know is.... assuming this is not normal, does this drip drip drip while the petcock is ‘On’ and the bike off indicate there is fuel slowly draining out of the tank into the system, getting in and ruining the oil etc? I’m wondering if this is NOT an issue, and is possibly a result of a crappy fuel hose clamp... and that the fuel should be expected to drip out like that due to gravity. I don’t really understand the DRZ petcock... is the ‘vacuum’ to pull the fuel through created when the bike is on... and one should not expect any flow when the bike is off (no vacuum)? I’ve heard “go buy the Yamaha raptor petcock and be done with it”... and other saying ‘that’s generic advice, some folks have trouble with that petcock’. If the best advice is to buy a new petcock, is there one that suits the Clarke 3.9 tank? Or should I just rip out the stock one and rebuild it? Not sure how changing gaskets would stop the fuel from flowing directly out of the spigot on it’s own though... but again i don’t know what’s inside the petcock. Thanks for your patience with my basic (and oft repeated) question.
  6. My 06 rmz 250 has a leaking fuel petcock. When i turn the fuel on, it starts leaking a lot. I dont know if it is leaking from where the petcock attaches to the tank or from behind the switch that turns fuel on or off because i saw 2 small philips screws that hold it on. What could be the problem?
  7. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knew which fuel petcock assemblies with reserve fit on the stock tank for a 2000 YZ 125? 2HR-24500-02-00 sound right? Ebay says 1989-2018 fitment. Sounds a little wide. Can anyone confirm?
  8. bought and installed a new petcock On/Off and Reserve (non-vacuum) one . I believe i have to plug the vacuum to the carb, not too sure where its located. does anyone have pictures ? new too riding
  9. What is the best option for a quality oversized tanks that fits with the least amount of mods for a 2013 SM with FCR39 that already has the high clearance choke. I plan to do the aftermarket petcock at the same time, any issues with fitment of the petcock and oversized tank? Thanks for the help.
  10. Hey folks, for those of you with access to a 3d printer: Here is a stl of a shim you can place behind the rubber gasket inside of your beta fuel petcock to stop the fuel from leaking by when you switch it to the off position. I print them out of PLA which is resistant to gasoline & 2 cycle oil. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2415224 - beta petcock gasket shim. cheers -t
  11. So I yeah a petcock failure today. I know I am getting older but really? The bike is only 5 months old and 80 hours so gas doesn't sit much. I was trying to run my tank low to switch to a different 2t oil. I was riding solo and was was heading off the single track and back on the dirt road. Bike went to reserve as planned but then wouldn't start. Wore the battery and legs down trying to kick it. Lucky for me my wife was able to pick me up. Anyway, pulled the fuel line and fuel would come out with bike on side switched to on. Not a drop would come out on reserve. Could of been a real bad day. I am running California gas but should it be this corroded? Looks like an anode rod from a water heater. Most of our rides would not allow for a pickup so lesson learned. Not sure the lesson but... check your petcocks and make sure your fuel flows on reserve or just run it on reserve to be safe!
  12. So I’m reading these horror stories of the stock vacume operated petcocks failing and letting gas into the oil .... how many of you guys switched over and is it worth it to switch to manual ?
  13. Is there a generic type of hose you can by to replace an old fuel hose? Was working on my carburetor on my 04 Drz400s and noticed the fuel hose is cracked. I want to replace it, but don’t want to pay more and wait longer to have an oem one shipped to me since it’s such a small and simple part. thanks!
  14. So I bought a 2005 DRZ400S that seem to run pretty good, only 10k on the odometer. I could tell that the bike was less than cared for, but it was still a steal. Had to rebuild the carb (it was horrid) replace a few other items, clean it up etc etc. The bike had a desert tank on it, so I found a like new OEM tank on ebay , since I wanted to Motard it and still have the large plastic tank for off road stuff. None the less, I removed the petcock (DRZ vacuum type) from the desert tank and ...GOOD GOD MAN! I cant believe that any fuel actually passed the valve. So my point here is, if you guys buy a bike that you suspect may have been a little neglected, check your petcock! A $15.00 rebuild kit and some cleaning resolved this..
  15. I've recently bought a 27000km 2007 DR-Z400SM. It's using the stock carb and the vacuum petcock and for peace of mind I'd like to pick up a manual one at some point. It's got the stock metal tank which I know the Raptor unit doesn't play nicely with as far as fuel line routing goes. Does anyone know how well an E model manual petcock fits on a stock SM? Is it a simple direct replacement? Thanks
  16. This may be a rather dumb question, but is the position the petcock in (sticking straight out -- see picture) in the OFF position?
  17. Has anyone tried this? OEM DRZ vacuum petcocks are priced ridiculously. Used ones are hard to find too. After market ones all look like garbage. I like a good deal just as much as anyone, but if you're buying a new part from China that costs $10 when the OEM is >$100, I'm not gonna take that risk. I randomly stumbled across an LT50 petcock on eBay for pretty cheap. In addition to looking like it probably uses the same rebuild kit as a DRZ petcock, it also seems to have a slightly lower profile mounting plate. Which, since I'm putting this on an aftermarket plastic tank, I've discovered could be helpful. The Acerbis supplied self-tapping screws that go into the plastic mounting holes are too short to catch the plastic when using a stock DRZ petcock.
  18. Hey there. My 2007 CRF450X has had issues my last two races of stalling out when it gets to roughly 50-60% full tank. Both times, same amount of gas burned, it stalls out. I can start it back up briefly after opening up the cap and tilting the bike sideways to fill the carb. I’m thinking it’s either an issue with the tank not breathing properly, or the screen is clogged on the petcock. Any ideas? The first race was a Hare Scramble in 40° weather, stalled it on my 3rd lap, about 22-24 miles, and an hour or so in. Second time was an Enduro, but I hadn’t had a chance to stop because I sucked in test 1, falling several times, but it started stalling out on an xfer section about 26 miles or roughly 2 hours into the thing.
  19. Hi guys! I own a DRZ400s and have a question about taking a different approach to the standard leaky petcock Fix. So, I just ordered the fix a lot of people recommended on here for the leaky stock petcock: The Petcock off of a Yamaha Raptor. I did this after looking for other vacuum petcocks and not finding good alternatives. However, I found a part made by Pingel, and was wondering if it would work in conjunction with the Yamaha Raptor petcock, in order to give me the perks of the Suzuki Vacuum Petcock, without it's shoddy craftsmanship and limited life. Could one of you guys help me out, and tell me if this would work? Do I just place the Pingel Inline Vacuum Valve on the fuel line between the Raptor Petcock and the Carb? Or does the Pingel Valve work as a petcock all on it's own? Thanks guys. Besides hitting the dirt often, I am trying to use my DRZ to zip around Los Angeles and make deliveries with postmates/grubhub/etc, so I would not like have to shut off the manual petcock every time I hop on/off the bike. Thanks again guys!
  20. This post isn't only just in reference to XR's or Crf's, or even Honda, and could apply to pretty much any fuel system with a petcock. I thought I'd share my experience and maybe be of some help to someone in the future. It's fairly long, sorry about that. We have an '05 crf50f for my girlfriend's son, got it for him 2 Christmases ago. When we got it, I cleaned the carb (so I thought). It ran decently for a bit but eventually started giving me trouble and couldn't ever keep it running for him to ride any time he wanted. Air filter was junk, so I took off stock and put on a uni open element filter, still no help. After tearing down the carb a ton of times, and finally looking at an exploded view of the carb, I realized, hey dummy you haven't actually gotten the main jet out to clean that. It was horribly gunked up. Finally, carb is fully clean. I drained the tank and found that the petcock screen had completely deteriorated and turned into chunks and small pieces in the tank. Cleaned it all out, put on 1/4" fuel line and inline filter. Still having problems. The petcock had been leaking, so we decided to drill it out and open it up since we had the tap and screws needed to close it back up, thinking it just had an o-ring in there. Upon opening it up, the seal disk that was in there was hard as a rock, and every passage running through the petcock was clogged damn near completely closed off. Ran a drill bit down through it by hand to break it up and got the whole thing cleaned out. Found an o-ring that would work temporarily, put it back together and on the bike. The little bike runs like a champion now! The o-ring seals it well, but you can't shut off the fuel. So I say use one just as a temporary fix. There's a guy on ebay selling petcock rebuild kits for $15, that will get you the proper inner seal/packing. I know the Honda petcock is sealed so it's probably the last thing anybody would think to check, but if you have an older bike, or just haven't had the best quality gas run though it, you might wanna check your petcock Thanks for reading, I hope this helps at least 1 person Daniel
  21. Just rebuilt the carb on my 1980 Suzuki TS250 and when I took it apart I noticed the tab on the float that contacts the needle was bent in a way that would force the needle to close. I think the guy I bought the bike from did this in an attempt to stop gas from running all over his garage when he forgot to shut the pet cock off. The problem is that I wasn't getting gas to run down the fuel line fast enough to run the engine continuously. It usually will run for 4ish miles before it starts to chug and eventually die. So I tried to solve the problem... so I bent the tab flush with the rest of the bracket that holds the floats thinking this would allow the needle to separate from the seat and allow gas flow into the carb breaking the vacuum that is preventing the gas from flowing. However this did not fix the problem completely. I know there is no gas because I have a clear fuel filter installed. I am now wondering if I have an issue with the petcock not allowing gas to flow out or the carb is making a vacuum that won't allow gas to flow down the fuel line and reach the carb. The problem isn't the fuel filter restricting flow because there isn't gas getting into the filter. Also, I don't have a vacuum line attached to my petcock. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
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