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Found 51 results

  1. Ryan Drant

    pitbike Help Me!

    Hi everyone... i am not going the long way around this so heres a short explanation I have a stomp 140 dont know if it the z140. The head gasket went and i replaced it with a better not brilliant one it had a tear on a oil pass (pic further down) I stripped the top head off making sure T on flywheel was at notch and circle on cam sprocket was at the notch when T was in line i then stripped the top head off removing the sprocket but i did not adjust the cam shaft behind the sprocket I have then replaced the head gasket and put the top head back on. lining T to notch then the cam sprocket circle to notch (the valves in head was closed on removal and piston was TDC) now the bike runs again but really poor it back fires and wont idle even when hot and it gets real hot quick i am wondering is it a fuel mixture problem or timing out or tapets need adjusting as i did not touch them I have ordered a new head gasket will be here wednesday I removed the spark plug and it was a grey ish coulor which is optimal i dont know what to do really need some help thanks for any knoledge and advice Pictures ...
  2. NolanInnis

    pitbike Pit Bike Street tires

    Anyone know where I can get some pitbike street tires? Rear: 60/100-14, Front: 80/100-12.
  3. Hello friends, It's been two weeks now since we purchased our 2007 Honda CRF50F, and my 8-year-old has really taken to it. I'm so impressed how he can run the whole show himself, from getting it out of the garage, to starting it up (ignition, fuel, choke and all, correctly) and putting it away when he's done. He has also impressed me with his comprehension of the gearing, and knowing when to shift. Here's a short video of him in action from this afternoon.
  4. Hello there, people. (Please note I am 15 years old) A few years ago, one of my fathers' friends gave him an old "Pit Bike". It would run, but stalls almost instantly, needs new rear brake linkage, new front rim, adjusted throttle tension... but other than that it's great! I've looked all over the internet to try to find the manufacturer, but to no avail. The closest I could get (appearance wise) was a Kawasaki KX60, which makes buying new parts difficult. I replaced the air filter, fuel tank, spark plug, and fixed the throttle cable. Now, I'm on the task of cleaning the carburetor. My father is a mechanic in the Coast Guard and could probably tell me exactly what's wrong just by looking at the bike himself, but he wants me to figure everything out on my own, which can be frustrating, which is my reason for being here. I have cleaned the float bowl, disassembled the float... mechanism that stops the fuel from flooding the carb and cleaned it, making sure it was put back exactly how it was, and after a few more times ripping the bike apart, it started. Well... I guess you could say it IDLED... for about 25 seconds before going max throttle and dying. (I did not touch the bike) I've been troubleshooting the possible problems, as well as learning about the fuel jets, which I think I found, but I don't want to mess up the bike beyond repair, without buying all new parts. After attempting to fiddle with the AIR / FUEL screws on the carb, the bike gave promising results, before dying, and not starting again. I have spent countless hours researching what to do and fiddling with the bike trying to at least get it back to idling, but with no success. Again, I have no information on the bike so if you need photos, I will add them. If anyone could possibly help at all, please leave suggestions and/or helpful tips... I'm just kinda lost. Thank you, all.
  5. Jason Miller

    pitbike trials

    i got bored with doing typical trails on my pitbike so I started trying others things like trial bike things lol been fun but not working like I want so looking to do lots of mods to make it work, mostly wondering has anyone else tried to turn a pitbike into a trials bike if so what all was done? I'm thinking removing plastics an making a cage around engine, cutting rear part of frame where engine doesn't mount to, would like to upgrade engine but that's to come later engine now has been heavy modified is a 70cc but runs like a 110cc is a semi auto 4spd with sprocket swaps. what do you all think of this?
  6. Cade Landon Tackett

    SSR 125 HELP!!!!

    I need help with my SSR 125 I'm turning into a stunt bike/ motard I have a 12 o' clock bar on it as well as stunt pegs. how every I cant find the balance point on the bike to actually ride out the wheelies. I have taken air out of the rear tire to make it easier, any SUGGESTIONS???????
  7. Hey guys I have a SSR that I picked up last summer and would really like to ride it this summer my only problem is I dont know the model number of this SSR and it has NO Compression! So I need to figure out what the model number is on this bike, or what exactly the motor is so I can buy parts for it. The VIN on it is A5SDD2R3ECC001463 I have also attached a bunch of photos and can upload more if needed. Also if you guys have any ideas on why I am not getting compression I would love your input on that as well. I replaced the carb and now I just need to figure out the compression issue. Thanks so much. I will be active on here!
  8. Hello friends, 6 months ago I encouraged my six-year-old son to learn to ride our little 2007 CRF50F. He rode a little, but kept panicking and having small spills, and I sensed it was becoming a negative experience for him. He had lost all confidence. So I gave it a break, and now, 6 months later, he's back in the saddle. Yesterday at dinner I cheerfully encouraged him to try again. He cautiously agreed, and after about 1 minute of seat time he was off. I think 6 months of strength, mental ability, etc made the difference. Maybe more than anything his confidence boosted and now he's grinning ear to ear. Here's a little video from last night...

    Pit Bike lights not working

    I recently bought a voltage regulator, Baja stator and capacitor to power my lights on my crf50 and they arnt working I'm only getting to 2 volts Dc idle
  10. Alright so here's the deal, I've been looking for a pitbike to cruise around the neighborhood and to pop the occasional wheelies. I'm on a budget too. There's a 2015 ssr 125 for sale, looks brand new for $320 that's a deal! But here's the problem he says in the description that it stopped running a day or two ago and it might need an ignition coil or a new spark plug. I've seen videos on YouTube and other forums that if they don't start up it might just be simple fixes but I don't want to buy a pitbike that doesn't run and that won't run even if I fix the parts it needs. Any suggestions? (Yes i know it's Chinese but it's all I could get right now)
  11. I got a 2004 crf50 with a bbr setup, I'm trying to wheelie but Idk how too. (Ik there's a lot of forums out there but they're not explained well. Do I wheelie in 1st or 2nd gear? I don't have enough money to buy 50stunt pegs and 50stunt rear handbrake. So here it is...I'm in a parking lot rolling in first gear I pull up with my feet hanging but I can't hold it. I try to put my feet back on but I always drop the front wheel down. Then there's the times I use 2nd gear wheelies, I pull down and then up and I give it throttle but it doesn't come up at all. What am I doing wrong?
  12. Howdy dirt bike friends! Here's another short clip from our kids' group ride this past Saturday. We're loving these bikes and the AZ spring weather.
  13. Jake Bolger

    What bike to buy

    Hi all, i am entirely new to riding and am looking to buy my first bike. I have a friend who is planning on selling me a stock 2003 TTR 90 in good condition for $500. I don't know if this is a steal or not and I'm looking for some advice. I am also not sure if the bike would be big enough to use as a pit bike (I'm 5'10 and 140lbs). I hope I'm not leaving any important information out of this post. Thank you!
  14. I just wanted to share with everyone a pit bike that I purchased back in November 2017 called a DB-X-29 X-Pro. It's by X-motos. It's a 17/14 125cc pit bike that has a Zongshen 125cc engine. It has inverted front shocks and a nice looking and working rear shock. The stock suspension is stiff enough to support my weight (195lbs and 5ft10) and it works really well. It's been a super fun, reliable, and solid little play bike that I am planning to use for camping and exploring the area.
  15. Hello friends, I thoroughly enjoy watching my boys progress in their riding skills on 2 wheels. It's fun to see them grow in confidence...and just be outside having a good time. I love that we can do this together. Here's a short video of some highlights from this past Saturday.
  16. March 2016 I bought my first motorbike A CRF50 May 2016 I moved to a 2.5acre block and started creating jumps for my level of riding I really tried to make the most of the natural features that were hidden beneath the grass/weeds but I really just ended up adding to a worm line that we constantly rode and added lip to sections that we saw fit. Straight / last corner First Jump Sandy burm Exit burm, minor woops into second jump Second Jump followed by small burm Small lip into into uneven decent into the last burm/beginning Perhaps this is a good start for a youngster on his/her first bike I failed to mention that I was born in 1995. This track was fun to start with but it was not long until this simply wasn't enough I started to build this line which opposed the direction of the original track. But the idea was to jump this, hit the small burm and then go onto hit a big jump.. But I got distracted by what I accidentally created. A little dodgy I know, this is the creation of when you can no longer be bothered digging and use random items to fill the gaps. Imagining is a great thing to do and to visualize is even better ! I took photos of my jumps and drawn on them with my smart phone. Little did I know this was going to be the most crashed jump of my life (so far) This was the beginning of my laziest effort. Pallet down ramp. These are pretty great if done well. -Level the area for stable stacking of pallets -Use pallets to fill most of desired down ramp space. -Then put any type of thick wood on top (helps spread the load and not crack pallets) -Then carpet so soil doesn't fall through the cracks -Last add soil/clay and lots of it ! I learnt the hard way (not the greatest effort on the jump but it puts the size in perspective a little) This jump quickly became our favourite And the little track quickly got forgotten and over grown. My lust for a bigger and greater jump and had clouded my mind... And with bigger jumps you soon require a bigger bike and this is when I upgraded to the KLX110L 2016 My stupidness resulted in this creation It stood at about 6ft And shook in the breeze After the result of poor pallet down ramp I realised making these sketchy jumps is dangerous and requires a lot of maintenance. So I contacted a lot of earth moving companies. And tried finding companies that were working on clay sites. This was free for me and should be for you. Each load of dirt 15-20t costs roughly $450 to dump in some parts of Australia. So I offered free dumping within my yard, I get dirt for jumps and they save a lot of money, win win. My first load arrived, roughly 17t of dirt.... it sounds like a lot but it really is not. I got these big crate boxes from work and screwed a door across the top of them to help spread the load. The crates are only there to try and save anybody that is lacking the correct speed. Progress was slow, but I needed to move this first load up against the crates as much as possible to allow the track to back in closer to the pallets. When I cant be bothered digging or don't have the dirt. I like to visualize what it will be like in the end Finally destroyed the old ramp and created a new one with the most desired material. That's what 4 days afterwork of my digging looks like (4 hours a night), worth the giant blisters This is about 22-26ft jump which is a good/fun size I believe. This is currently where I am at but I do think my plans are pretty great This is the plan for the future Apologies for not numbering the above photo The yellow jump with the 16 beside it is my pallet jump which is jump #1 And the second large jump of 21ft is the orange one that follows and that is jump #2 From now I ask that you use your imagination and hopefully can figure out which ones are which in regards to the following images. This one is Jump # 3 Note the burm will not swing around the tree and go to the left. This will be a bit of a hip and send you into a right hand turn quickly followed by a left as shown on the birds eye view. #4 is going to be a pretty hectic step down that I am already scared of the idea ! #5 is going to be a 25ft hip #6 is going to be roughly a 20ft triple (rollable) #7 will be a 17-18ft tabletop #8 and #9 need to swap as I think double-table-double would flow a lot nicer rhythm wise.... #11 a good sized triple roughly 18ft Into a hopefully very vertical burm Then into a +20ft hip to finish it off through the trees Hope you've enjoyed this read so far. I will keep you updated with the progression of the rest of the track. Please feel free to give me tips (other than spelling) in regards to the track and ideas. Cheers Jackson
  17. So I'm looking for a klx110 online and I come up on this post, the dude wants 550 for it but the problem is it doesn't start and he says he needs a front end tune. Also has an rebuilt aftermarket carb. I asked him why it wouldn't start and he said the front end of the motor is shot but all I need to do is tune it. Is it possible?!I'm gonna offer him less but I want to know if it's worth it.
  18. alexBLOX

    What tires are these?

    I'm wondering what tires these are cuz I want some like them for my klx 110.
  19. Hey guys I just made possibly the best purchase in my life I bought a clean running kx100 for $200 it was only posted for a few minutes before i told him i would take it. Was this a good deal? I'm 6' 4" And am just using this as a pit bike right now but I just want to know if this was a good deal the only reason I said it was is because some friends told me I got super lucky but Idk anything about Kawasaki.
  20. Decided to try and put together a new ssr sr170tr today with zero experience. (Skip to the end if you want the issue in a nutshell) Everything went well until I attempted to put on the front tire and realize it wont fit into the front break caliper. I started to squeeze the front break lever to see if i could see the break pads open and close, and they looked already closed. Thats when youtube showed me theres plastic shoved into there, so in my attempt to pull out the plastic it had snapped between the break pads. I began to unscrew two screws that hold the break pads into place. Break pads fell out along with the plastic. I figured success. Then i screwed the break pads back into the caliper and put the tire back on which then i noticed the break pads are still closed. So i removed the tire again along with the break pads and began pumping the front break lever which showed the calipers will push out with every pump but dont go back in - forcing the breakpads to be closed... -so my question is did i break anything? Is there a way to reset/release the front break caliper so i can screw in the break pads and have room for my wheel? Confused why it only tightens with each pump and doesnt release. Thank you for your time
  21. I recently broke my kill switch on my Honda Crf50 Pitbike. A replacement is on it's way, and I'd rather fix it myself than pay $48.00 of labor... (rip off). Does anyone know how to properly connect the new kill switch? Is the connecting piece behind the front number plate, or do I have to take off the gas tank and seat to wire to the CDI? Thanks in advance. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ **(I was going to upload some pictures so you know what I'm working with, but I can't seem to download the pictures. I'll upload them if I can figure it out.)**
  22. Harrisongardner1

    Riding spots in Hampshire

    Hi I've just bought myself a pit bike and really want to know where to use it, first I thought I should go to a field but they're all privately owned by someone, then I looked at tracks however I don't know if they accept pit bikes, has anyone got any suggestions were to ride near Fareham such as a field or a track or a very unbusy path.
  23. Hey guys, Pretty simple, just looking for some input on a fun little bike. I’m 25, 5’11” and 175. i really like either the klx 110L or the 140 which would you buy and why