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Found 77 results

  1. This guy has a 2003 xr50 for 400$ pretty good deal, but the forks are throwing me off since they're usually a different yellowish brown color. Also in the frame next to the forks there's like a little circle, what's that? I don't see those on the 2003 xr50's. what do I look for when I go see it?
  2. I've run a 125cc Lifan engine on my pit bike for around a year now, and it has performed really well. I decided to wire some lights to the bike and I faced some problems. The engine came with all the electric components and wires required for ignition, and it also has a light coil in it from the factory so I thought wiring some lights should be easy. I made a very simple wiring for the headlight and the tail light (picture of the diagram attached) and I used a multimeter to check the connection between ground and the wire just after the regulator. Results were good, switch worked just as I thought. Then I installed the light system to the bikes wires. I read from somewhere that the red wire coming from regulator is a power wire (12V) and can be used for different components like lights. So I went on and connected the red wire from the regulator (which by the way had nothing else attached to it before) to the light system, powered the engine up and I got no light at all. I checked the voltage on the red wire while the bike was running, and it was around 6 volts. This surprised me as the regulator that came with the engine was supposed to be regulating the voltage to 12V. I have a couple questions: How many volts come directly from the yellow light coil wire? is the wiring on my light system wrong or is this all happening just because of the weird regulator? Many thanks!
  3. My girlfriend and I just purchased two sr170tr bikes online. I put them both together, loctite bolts/screws with blue loctite, changed oil with 10w-40 non synthetic, oiled the air filter and filled them up with premium gas. My bike started after a couple kicks and is keeping idle/running fine. The second bike though has been extremely difficult to kick vs mine. It will occasionally kick but it stops/gets stuck so often you basically break your foot in the process. And when it does kick it has much more resistance in general. This is all based off of comparison with the working sr170tr. After many attempts to start the bike (checking spark plug, making sure wire connections are tight, and 100 difficult kicks) I noticed the manifold intake is cracked. Again this bike is new and never been started before so this was a major bummer... I have nearly zero experience with bikes and dont know how to go about this. Ive emailed the company that sent me the bikes about the broken manifold intake. But scratching my head about the difficult kick start issue. Will the broken intake have anything to do with the difficulty of kicking the engine? Thank you!
  4. Is it possible to swap the working 110 taotao autoshift electric start from 4 wheeler into a manual shift kickstart taotao pitbike?? Looks like it has all the same mounting points.
  5. Hello people of the internet, i have just bought a new pit bike from craigslist and me and my friends want to build a mini track. i have talked to my parents (noting that i am only 16) and they said they were alright with it. But i want to know what is the best material i should get brought to my house? and while i am at it, What is the best machinery i should rent?
  6. So I'm putting together a pit bike and I ran into a problem with getting no spark but when I held the ground wire I got a shock any ideas I'm not good on electrical
  7. Hey guys new to the forum I just bought a new pitbike it's a gio 125cc when I bought it the bike wouldn't run without the choke fully on so my guess was the pilot jet just needed to be cleaned out and some fresh fuel should do the trick.... not the case after tearing the carb apart what felt like 100x and not much change in the idle I decided to go order a new carb. I put the new carb on which fit great minus the throttle cable being to long, the bike started right up and with some tuning it ran great with the choke off. I loaded the bike up in my truck to go rip it at a friend's place, I stopped by another buddy's place on the way to show him the new bike, I started it up did a burnout in the bed of my truck shut it off then headed to my friends house to go rip we off loaded the bike went to start it and it wouldn't run without the choke even after being warmed up. So I grabbed by old carb cleaned out the jets again with a torch and compressed air and slapped it back on, it runs way better then in the first place it will start with the choke or some throttle and will continue to run until it's without throttle for more then 5 seconds. I'm at a loss I have no idea what could be causing this any help is welcome! But please read the whole post I know it's long but I wanted to go over the whole situation so it's narrows things down hopefully
  8. My Lifan125 cc engine is brand new. I rode it around for a bit and noticed something weird. When I Shift into 3rd gear, it doesn’t shift. But when I shift into fourth it shifts ok. Also, when I downshift, the shifter gets stuck in the down position. It is also very hard to get into neutral and I get a false neutral trying to shift into 3rd. What could be the problem here?
  9. Hi folks, I'm new to TT. Seeking some help with an old pit bike (shown in pics). I didn't do the mods on this but saw some value and bought it cheap. It hasn't ran since shortly after I got it a couple years ago. When it did run it was blowing blue smoke I assume burning oil.. probably why it was bought so cheap. It has a 124cc Takegawa kit and I'm not sure the brand of clutch kit installed so I'm hoping you guys notice. It doesn't have any oil right now and I'm wondering if dumping oil in the clutch cover treats the whole engine and clutch or if they're separated inside. I think some oil and fresh gas would get it running again but like I said it didn't seem very healthy when it did run. Does the blue smoke I used suggest the top end needs replaced? Are these parts still accessible if so? Lastly, the sprockets don't align well and the rear brake hardly works. It may just need fluid but are there any good swingarm/rear brake kits out there for decent price? I'd about prefer to remove the swingarm/wheel/brake and start new there. Carb is a Mikuni, PC exhaust, if wondering. I'm not sure what the forks are from but they and the front brake work. Thanks for any help. Would love to get it built right and repost!
  10. Here is my XR100R build from a barely running and slightly crusty parts getter to a fully capable woods machine. I have a ATC200X carb with drilled out exhaust and intake, custom made lift links (I have posted about these before), Battery powered LED headlight for night riding. I am really happy with the way this bike turned out and I wanted to share it with you all. Let me know what you think. I have a picture of it sitting next to my YZ250F and my XR600R so you can see how it sits higher than a normal XR100. I will be taking it out riding the next couple weekends to torture test the lifting link and will take pictures and post more updates of how it goes. Thanks for all of you who have continued to show interest and support to this project, you guys made me fall in love with this little bike and its probably my favorite of my three now and has sparked more ideas for other modifications and even put some visions of creating a business making these components into my head. [I have also received requests for people wanting to purchase the lifting link, I am working on making a large batch of them and will keep everyone interested updated]
  11. I just introduced my 10 year old son to the world of ICE motorcycles with a 2017 SSR 125cc pit bike after his brief training period on a Razor MX650 in our yard etc. I would like to take him on trail rides etc but our forests get drier than a popcorn fart in the summer. If you even think about riding anything with an internal combustion engine and no spark arrestor out there you'll be strung up on the nearest tree! #1Is there an aftermarket muffler that fits the existing pipe with an approved spark arrestor? #2Are there any bark buster sets that work on the stock bars? #3 I see there are versions of this bike with the bigger wheels (17F/14R?), can these swap straight on the existing forks and swingarm? Down the road when he grows another foot and a half taller (probably within about 6 months) it might help the bike continue to fit him? #4 I ride in the local sand dunes regularly and hope he can join me. Is there a flag mount that works good on these pit bikes or do I need to fab my own?
  12. hi everyone i have problem with my apollo rxf 125 i opend the carb and cleen it and put every thing togheter and closd it and i go to a ride but after 2 hours of riding the bike starts to back fire like crazy and after i came home and tryd to start it its just started to leak gas from the carb and don't want to start whats can be the problem?
  13. Hi would any one know were to get a sprocket for a 06 jialing pit bike. I need it to help a friend who put a 06 jialing 125cc motor on to a go kart and only needs a sprocket.
  14. Hey guys- I am at a point where i can move up to big bike if i want to. I am 15, 5"7', and growing. I have an xr100 now that has been fun for the past few months. my question is- should i get a big bike or buy like a klx110 and mod it out? Those little bikes are just so much fun, but on the other hand a big bike would allow me to ride more than just little trails and such. Also, all my buddies have big bikes so if i got a pit bike and modded it out i would still not be able to keep up with them. any input welcome. Thanks!
  15. So, i recently bought an ok condition TDX 125, and i'd need to know how often to change the oil. I don't have a service manual, and i cant find one online.
  16. Hey guys, I just bought this old (possibly 2007) pit bike that needs work for very cheap and I am having trouble finding parts for it. I have another pit bike that looks like all the rest with the backbone type frame and have extra parts laying around. First the foot pegs are different on this one, the seat mounts are further apart and I can't find the type of gas tank to fit into this bike. I'm hoping one of you can help me where I should search and what I should search for. I appreciate any and all help provided. Thanks
  17. I recently installed a 165cc tb big bore on my 2007 klx110 and also the 28mm carb the bike bogs super bad when you give it about 3/4 throttle any advice on what size jets I should run would be great if you need additional info I’ll gladly reply thanks in advance. Or if not jets what else could be the problem.
  18. I was wondering if you guys have worked on 110s to make them more powerful or smoother? Ex-suspension, big bore kits, new parts, etc. any input helps! I’m making a super cross style pit bike track so i need to make these bikes a little beefier
  19. Hi I've just bought myself a pit bike and really want to know where to use it, first I thought I should go to a field but they're all privately owned by someone, then I looked at tracks however I don't know if they accept pit bikes, has anyone got any suggestions were to ride near Fareham such as a field or a track or a very unbusy path.
  20. Hi everyone... i am not going the long way around this so heres a short explanation I have a stomp 140 dont know if it the z140. The head gasket went and i replaced it with a better not brilliant one it had a tear on a oil pass (pic further down) I stripped the top head off making sure T on flywheel was at notch and circle on cam sprocket was at the notch when T was in line i then stripped the top head off removing the sprocket but i did not adjust the cam shaft behind the sprocket I have then replaced the head gasket and put the top head back on. lining T to notch then the cam sprocket circle to notch (the valves in head was closed on removal and piston was TDC) now the bike runs again but really poor it back fires and wont idle even when hot and it gets real hot quick i am wondering is it a fuel mixture problem or timing out or tapets need adjusting as i did not touch them I have ordered a new head gasket will be here wednesday I removed the spark plug and it was a grey ish coulor which is optimal i dont know what to do really need some help thanks for any knoledge and advice Pictures ...
  21. Decided to try and put together a new ssr sr170tr today with zero experience. (Skip to the end if you want the issue in a nutshell) Everything went well until I attempted to put on the front tire and realize it wont fit into the front break caliper. I started to squeeze the front break lever to see if i could see the break pads open and close, and they looked already closed. Thats when youtube showed me theres plastic shoved into there, so in my attempt to pull out the plastic it had snapped between the break pads. I began to unscrew two screws that hold the break pads into place. Break pads fell out along with the plastic. I figured success. Then i screwed the break pads back into the caliper and put the tire back on which then i noticed the break pads are still closed. So i removed the tire again along with the break pads and began pumping the front break lever which showed the calipers will push out with every pump but dont go back in - forcing the breakpads to be closed... -so my question is did i break anything? Is there a way to reset/release the front break caliper so i can screw in the break pads and have room for my wheel? Confused why it only tightens with each pump and doesnt release. Thank you for your time
  22. I'm wondering what tires these are cuz I want some like them for my klx 110.
  23. So I'm looking for a klx110 online and I come up on this post, the dude wants 550 for it but the problem is it doesn't start and he says he needs a front end tune. Also has an rebuilt aftermarket carb. I asked him why it wouldn't start and he said the front end of the motor is shot but all I need to do is tune it. Is it possible?!I'm gonna offer him less but I want to know if it's worth it.
  24. Hey guys I just made possibly the best purchase in my life I bought a clean running kx100 for $200 it was only posted for a few minutes before i told him i would take it. Was this a good deal? I'm 6' 4" And am just using this as a pit bike right now but I just want to know if this was a good deal the only reason I said it was is because some friends told me I got super lucky but Idk anything about Kawasaki.
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