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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys, working on my 1999 Suzuki RM125. Last time I drove the bike, there was a crunching sound. Compression was instantly lost, and the bike died. I decided to take a look, thinking it needed a new top end. I knew the piston was old, and it looked like part of the exhaust valve went too far into the cylinder and then the piston collided with it. I'd rather not spend hundreds of dollars on exhaust valve parts. So I was wondering: what if I just remove the valve that broke off, and left the other. So one side would actuate normally, while the other side would always be wide open (as if I was revving the bike hard). I was wondering how much this affect the lower rpm range of the bike's power. Has anyone ever completely removed the power valve? What was it like to drive? I know this isn't the best option, but its cheaper, and at least one of the sides still works, so I would be getting some control. I could even adjust the spring tension to compensate, maybe.
  2. Hey all, let me get right to the point, basically for the past couple years I've had this bike, it hasn't been running right. It tends to start well, and has a decent amount of power for a 200+ lb kid on it, but once I attempt to hit the top of the power band, it tends to cough and sputter like it's choking. When I recently checked to carb to jet it, I realized ALL but one of the Jets are missing. I've checked the reed valves, they seem to be in great shape... However, today (it is a warm day) it ran great for a while, after topping off the oil and running with the choke half on, this bike also leaks oil, but I'm almost convinced that this is a jetting issue (being that they're missing) at this point, but I've also never put a top end in this bike. Thanks for any help, I'd just like to get an opinion on what you guys think. I know I'm all over the place btw, sorry for that
  3. Diogo Francisco


    So... i recently purchased a used 2006 ktm exc 125 and the first rides were awesome, the bike was very snappy just like a 2 stroke should be.. yesterday the bike had a normal low end but absolutely no top end power. it won't hit that powerband...it seems like it has some kind of rev limiter. i think maybe its time to do a top end rebuild and check those powervalves and perhaps clean the carb and put a new filter in... any suggestions???
  4. Ripping around some back roads, seeing what she's got. She's still a got a lot more I know. We'll get there -=D
  5. hello everyone, I have a 2009 Ktm 125 sx and it has a very "doughy" power-band, it makes plenty of low end torque for a 125 but the top end in no where near as strong as my mates 2007 cr125 which has big needles and a full exhaust system. I just put a new top end in so it couldn't be that!! I wonder if possibly an aftermarket exhaust system would wake the Ktm up a bit or maybe some bigger jets, just hit me up with your thoughts. regards oli
  6. Got my 88 Cr250 was idling odd so I cleaned the carb and tried adjusting the idle but can't get it perfect and now ithe will wind up like it's about to snap into powerband but it acts like it almost hits a rev limiter and gets some power but definitly does not sound right, any help much appreciated.
  7. canonball.z

    KX 250 high rpm bog

    This is going to be very long winded, but I know there are people who know a lot more about 2 strokes than I do that I need help from, so I want to provide as much detail as possible. I bought a 2003 KX 250 about six months ago. When I first got it, I replaced the air filter, cleaned the carburetor, and put in a new spark plug. Up until about a month ago, that was all I had done to the bike besides minor stuff that doesn't relate to the actual performance of the bike. It rode hard and fast since I had bought it without a hiccup (besides some fouled plugs), but on a ride about a month ago, I had been riding it decently hard for about an hour and a half when I tried to really open up coming up a slight hill and it sounded like the bike hit a rev limiter. It still had all of its low end power and otherwise ran perfectly fine, but it was like it could not get into the powerband. After keeping off the pipe and letting it coast as much as I could on the way back home, it seemed to get a bit better, where it would just get there, but any farther and it would sputter like crazy and bog. Just two weeks ago, I came to the conclusion (to the best of my knowledge at least) that the power valve was sticking shut, and since I was going to take the cylinder off to clean the power valve anyways, I decided to rebuild the top end. After cleaning the power valve, replacing the piston, and repacking the silencer, I broke it in nice and good and let it rip. It sounded crisp and had all of its power everywhere it was supposed to have it. I felt like I was riding a new bike, so I enjoyed that for about half an hour. Next day, I hop on it and warm it up, take off and it bogs when I get to the powerband. Every time I've gotten on it since, it's a different story. One minute, it's bogging like heck, I sit for a few seconds to calm my frustration, take off and it rips with a sound like that of angels singing. It always runs exactly the same at low rpms, but very different at high rpms. I hate to admit it, but I cleaned the power valve without completely disassembling it, so I think that may be my problem. I'd just hate to tear the bike apart again, thoroughly clean the power valve assembly, put it back together and then my problem still not be fixed. Not sure if it's important, but it does foul plugs quite a bit. It has since I got it though and it ran good before this problem started. Any help is appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  8. Jdavis352


    Alright I have searched and have done research on forums before but have never posted. New guys get eaten alive, I don't mind just help me out. I have an 05 yz250 that runs like a champ, well I came across a 2015 yz250 that I couldn't pass up but she don't sound right to me. Got it to the house, fires up, idles correctly, and revs smoothly. Little bit about the bike, it has a fmf fatty with the Q slip on that looks like a four stroke pipe, but no other real engine mods. At the top of the power band the bike sounds as if the power valve is loose or there's maybe a slight piston slap. I have had a bike with piston slap and it doesn't come to me as that. This is where I need your help. It does the loud cackle noise at the top of the band, then falls smoothly back into the power as it revs down some. Also when down shifting to bring on the power it makes a slight delay with a weird sounding small pop(kinda like a back fire, just quieter). Any help before I open this thing up would be helpful!!!! Thanks in advance ✊🏼
  9. So my 125 is bogging so much that is stalls when riding. It can be fine for a small amount of time, maybe half a lap but thats it, its fine when on the stand no bog at all. I took apart the top end today as I've read it could be the power valve, the bike has 4 laps on the new top end. The Z adjustment is out by 4mm, although it was perfect when rebuild was done. But the connecting rod won't move in order to adjust the Z measurement. I undone the screw the red arrow is pointing to and then moved the adjuster the blue arrow is pointing to but the rod does not move. Any advice?