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Found 59 results

  1. Here is the flyer for the 2018 NMA Off-Road Series. Note that the 200cc classes have been replaced with 250cc classes, open to both two stroke and four stroke 250’s.
  2. So I thought I should create a new thread to dump my vlogs into for the few that do watch them. If you didn't catch my vlogs from last year for 2017, check them out here -> 2017 NMA Series Season 2 is well underway for 2018. This year I'll be racing the Open A class competing in both the NORCS and NMA off-road series as well as the Desert 100 and maybe some other races throughout the year. If you got any questions or recommendations, lets hear them. Enjoy! Northwest Off-Road Championship Series (NORCS) Northwest Motorcycle Association (NMA)
  3. Over 10k people and several thousand bikes camping in a field to set the stage for an epic desert event. Has a great time. https://youtu.be/yOITGtenqZY
  4. Yo. Wondering what tires can be recommended for racing in superstition I’m taking my time finding the right ones. Must be DOT approved. Race is over 100 miles. For my Ktm 450 exc 03 with lectron carb. Thank you for your time.
  5. Hey guys, so me and my buddy went out riding the other day and we had a little race, his 2014 KX250F vs my 06 KX450. I thought I would have easily smoked him. To my surprise we were dead even :/. Now I am starting to believe something is definitely wrong with my bike. The piston is brand new, the valves were recently adjusted. However my carb has been in need of a good clean. Are these newer 250F's really that fast? Or is it possible something is wrong with my bike (Clutches, carb, valves)? He does have an FMF pipe on his bike and he is definitely lighter than me by a couple pounds at least. What so you guys think?
  6. Sup fellas, Made my first bike clip, rippin thru the woods at last light. Give a like and subscribe if u wanna see more short adventure highlights like this. Suggestions are welcome. -Zamboni
  7. hi all, just wondering i've narrowed it down to these 2 ktm 450 xc f and a honda 450 rx both 2019 all i really need is low to mid power just want to know which one has more low to mid, thanks Archie
  8. Hiya, I need a bit of help with finding a caliper adapter. I've spent a good few weeks trying to find an adapter for my Husqvarna FE 2015 to fit a cheap used 4 pot from like a honda tokico or whatever else I can find on ebay. Simply because I can't afford the best Motomaster or Beringer setup. Now, my problem is that the only axial to radial adapter I can find are either horribly expensive or don't fit my bike. That's when I stumbled upon this thread The problem though, is that the OP mentions finding someone on ebay, who made the adapter for him as a special one off. I've been trying my best to find this seller with no luck. My requirements are a bit annoying as I got my hands on a used 310mm Beringer disc and two sets of Alpina wheels (4 wheels) for 220quid. Every adapter/bracket on ebay is for 320mm discs. (which, if they were axial to radial brackets, I could easily grind down a few mm to fit my 310mm disc) Could anyone help me find where I could get a custom adapter made for under 100 quid or a standard item on ebay that would help me a lot. I even considered learning cad and designing my own, however then my problem is that I don't have a CNC machine and don't know of any shops near me (I live in Scotland). As a side note I also found this brake kit However 100 quid for a full braking setup? Sure its from china but this just looks too good to be true. I would try my luck with this however ideally I need a solution before the 21st of September.
  9. Hello, I run a rather small Mind of a woman...riding blog. I'm looking to see what kind of stuff you guys would want to read about? I've done a few articles... Why you need to let your husband build a Mx track in the backyard http://www.oldhousefreshstart.com/2017/09/5-reasons-you-need-to-let-your-husband.html And why your husband needs a new bike. http://www.oldhousefreshstart.com/2017/09/5-reasons-why-your-husbandboyfriend.html But im wondering..why other types of stuff? There's not much interest in blog of bike maintenance from a women's point..that's boring right? Whats your opinion? Be nice. :]
  10. https://www.redbull.tv/live/AP-1QVQDZUF91W11/red-bull-hare-scramble
  11. I'm and intermediate rider who rides very aggressively and on hard, but fast-paced woods/cross-country/harescramble riding. Sometimes I'll do technical, really tight trails, log crossings, and hillclimbs, etc. and I also will ride motocross tracks every once in a while. I currently own a 2008 KTM 250 XC-F with a bigger rear sprocket, FMF exhaust, aftermarket piston, and I typically run high octane fuel. I won't be upgrading for quite a while but I am planning ahead trying to decide what to save up for and all that. I'm sure this forum will also help others in similar situations. I'd like something that can top out faster than my bike but something that can accelerate quickly and have more torque as well. The majority of my riding is very fast-paced woods with hard corners and lots of roots and steep hills as well, so I'd like something that can blow through corners and accelerate quickly. But, I also ride a lot of tight technical trails so I'd like something that's torquey and has explosive, yet controllable power and something I can take over big logs and rocks. I'm fine with a bike that likes to be revved a lot as that's what I do on my 250xcf now. I'm used to four strokes although I'll probably adjust to a two stroke very quickly as I ride constantly. I'm leaning towards a 250 XC or a 350 XC-F although I've heard lots about KTM's 125 and 150 2 strokes, the 450 and 500, the wide ratio "w" models of the cross country bikes, and their respective motocross models just because I know how explosive they are. I understand that this is a lot to ask out of one bike but I'm going to be adding a lot of aftermarket parts to whatever I end up getting if it doesn't already have any. Tell me all about these bikes if any of you guys have ridden them! I'm probably going KTM because I've heard nothing but good things about them but I will still consider any other brands as well. Tell me any aftermarket you had to do, improvements to be done or downfalls of each bike, and all their advantages and things they're better at than the other ones if you've ridden more than one of these. This is more of a harescramble/cross-country racing post, but since some of my races have parts of motocross tracks I'd like to hear how they do on the track. Also, money isn't too huge of a concern with me but I will definitely not be able to get a brand new bike. I will be racing so if it's bigger than a 250 then I'll have to be sure that it can compete with bigger bikes. Thanks, in advance!
  12. So I finally got around to replacing the horrendous Suzuki footpegs. Went with some Moose Racing "Onyx" 1/2" back offset pegs. What should have been a 2-3 minute video turned about 5.5 minutes due to an issue with the right side that required some creative grinding to remedy. It was a strange thing for me. I love the feel, I love the toe-room, but having to grind on a brand new $90 part kinda pissed me off. I spent my own money on these (video not sponsored by Moose in any way) so I think I gave them a fair shake in the video.
  13. Hey guys, Me and my team have built an Ice Racing Bike for the 2019 Numb Bum Ice Race. Due to the strange warm weather we've been having, and the lack of any info on the internet; does anyone know if the Ice Race is still on, or is there any other ice races in Alberta that we could attend so that we don't waste several thousand dollars in modifications.
  14. Looking for advice from fast AA or A off road racers. How long have you ridden/ raced? How do you train? How often do you ride? I'm trying to get faster and due to where riding areas are it's impossible for me to ride more than once a week. I probably average every other week during the summer. Is it possible to get "stinkin Fast" without riding 2 times a week? Mainly just want to know what it takes.
  15. Cool clip from Finnish race team.
  16. Hey y’all! So I currently have a 1999 Yamaha RT100 that I have restored and modded, and I run some performance parts on it. It’s a decent fun little 2 smoker trail bike to ride around and have fun, and it’s a lot faster since I geared up. Stock rear sprocket was 48 tooth, and it’s 36 now. But anyways, I have had it for about a year now, and I am currently looking for a bigger bike (preferably a 2 stroke). There are some YZ125s for sale in my area, also some CR125s. The majority of the CR’s are from 80 - 82, and they seem to be in good shape. The YZ’s don’t look bad either, the majority of those are from 00 - 15, but I lean towards the vintage bikes. Most of my knowledge is on two strokes, and I know how to do basic maintenance such as rebuilds, transmission oil changes, etc. also I’m more of a Yamaha person, but I do like other brands such as Honda, and Kawasaki. Not to mention I’m not “necessarily” a newbie to motorcycles, it’s just that I can’t really seem to make my mind up. Not to mention I am 14 years old. So I am asking any of y’all that have personal experience on these bikes. Thanks for any advice!
  17. I have been riding for a long time. I started riding when I was 8 and I always wanted to race in hopes that I will get that factory ride some day. The reason why i never raced is because this sport is expensive and couldn’t really afford it. I still want to make it in this sport I seen progression in my riding I just need to get out there. I am 14 and wondering if I could still make it . This year I’m finding a way no matter what. To me I see myself as a decent rider I ride often, stay in shape, and I do strict laps all the time. I got on a big bike at 10 so a lot of time to get things down. My natural ability is good I can whip scrub and take turns wide open on my 125. Right now I am sponsored by two companies for a start. I want to know from you guys is it to late for me to achieve my passion for racing and get the factory ride that I dream of? Can I have some advice on how or some of your stories.
  18. So I was listening to "Real Talk 447 with Jeff Emig and Ricky Carmichael" podcast with legendary guest rider Johnny O'Mara. They the discussing the good old days. I never knew that during Ricky Carmichaels training he never used to want to know his lap times during practice despite the fact that he was racing in the highest level of motocross. How James Stewart was by FAR the fastest rider to have ever blessed the sport despite the fact that his James SR. would push little James to a point of break. Lap after lap after lap, and even if James Stewart would win, his farther would yell at him after the races for not beating the opposition by more time. The poorly interviewed show did reach an interesting point however long and drawn out these stories were. When Rick was discussing his golden days and said he would be paid to travel all over the world to race (what a lucky guy right?) he said Japan was by far his favorite place to shred. The Japanese were fun, quirky, and the tracks were always well built, manicured to perfection, and most importantly "flowy" and fast. So why could I possibly be left with a strange look on my face as I was walked the streets of Tuscany, Italy at one in the morning listening to this podcast. Well here is the answer. With so many Japanese motorcycle manufactures, why is there more pro Japanese supercross/motocross riders out there? Sure there have been maybe one or two in the past but and im sure a few guys are currently out there racing but I mean seriously.. How is it that with Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha, dominating the supercross/motocross industry; there are not many professional Japanese riders racing in the states?
  19. Starting a thread to see if anyone out there has insights into wheel size selection for the standard Motocross Bike 250/450 DTX Class. It's becoming more and more popular lately go run DTX whether on actual DTX setups or even knobby class. I'm running into tons of people that are starting out because it's kinda hip and it gives an IN to racing to what many people feel that missed out on the motocross years. Also, the costs are much less then MX so MXrs are crossing over and new riders are going right in because used cheaper bikes can have good racing on tracks less then the mile. Personally, I love sliding sideways at speed and the TT is my favorite race in all of dirt riding. That being said, there's some legit setup questions especially about wheels since it's the first conversion before doing full setups with suspension. I rode a top racer's setup with 2.75" front and 3.0" rear on a 1/4 mile DT and it felt like turning a FatBoy, it stuck to the track, but wow did it turn stiff. Things that are stated from the DTX wheel builders: 19 inch are standard, local tracks often let Sumo wheels with FT tires, but AFT requires 19". AFT limits wheel size to 19 x 3.5 in maximum. No specified minimum width. All around track size suggestion is: 19" x 2.15" to 2.50" for front || 19" x 2.75" for rear Standard Flat Track Tires are 130/80-19 Front and 140/80-19 Rear On shorter tracks, thinner wheels give the tire more roundness allowing for better maneuvering while on longer tracks the wider wheel make for a more flatter tire giving more contact area for acceleration, but hinders cornering. Where things are silly on paper. The various DTX tire makers give what they say are the recommended/minimum wheel widths. It seems people don't exactly follow them. for example Shinko says min wheel width for the 130/80/19 is 3.0 and the 140/80/19 is 3.5 . I see people run them on wheels not that wide at all. for other brands: Add in here, gearing, i run my standard 13/50 MX gearing, i 4th gear on the 1/4 mile. I don't have the greatest pull on the straightaway but it is great in corners. On the TT couse, stock gearing feels perfect. I have not put my aggressive coupler on the bike yet, i'm waiting to get things setup and tweaked right before throwing a different power setting. I'm running a stock 2019 RM-Z450 for what it's worth. What are people running and or opinions on wheel widths for different track sizes? What sprocket sizes are people running on different tracks? BTW to ask, any chance of mods putting in a Flat Track/TT category since tons are running over to the sport and thy're all thumpers?
  20. Here's my GoPro footage from the start of the 2017 SCORE Baja 1000, enjoy!
  21. The 41st Annual Straight Arrow Enduro Feb 26th 2017 http://www.floridatrailriders.org/uploads/flyer/17_season/2017-CFTR-Enduro-Flyer-022617.pdf Approximately 75 miles Single Loop Trail Gas and Aux Gas not at Camp Gas Trailer available to transport Sanctioned by: FTR and AMA NO FIRES OR PIT RIDING! Pre-entry .................$65.00 Entry (Day of Event).....$65.00 INCLUDES FORESTRY STAMP!! Registration & Inspection: Sun 7-8:30 AM Riders Meeting: Sun 8:30 am Key Time: Sun 9:00 am $10 Camping Fee Limited campsites available Spark Arrestor Required Come Street Legal Forest Roads Will Be Used Questions - Call Dave Nagle 407-222-0050
  22. I have de smogged and kitted the bike out with a nice noisy mega bomb and 4.1 with JD jetting (considering vortex or get also) and have set up the high seat and suspension for me. If you had some money to burn on tuning the engine up further for a 2 day enduro race, buying a steering stabilizer or other performance parts what would you guys recommend or what have you tried that you loved?
  23. I’m having issues with my 1999 YZ250. I bought the bike in June and it ran great. As I continue to ride throughout the summer I noticed a loss of power particularly after I raced a two hour hair scramble. With the advice of family and other riders I was told to do a top end and clean the power valve. I have done top ends before but when I was doing this one I heard a snap when I tightened the power valve bolt too much. I was told that I shouldn’t worry about it my friend and to start the bike up to see how it sounds. I started it up and it sounded fine at idle (as far as I could tell). I had little to no time between that Friday and the race that weekend so I regretfully neglected to deglaze/hone the cylinder before replacing it back into the engine. I also waited to do a heat cycle until I was at the track. I putted around in first and then second and eventually third gear but I noticed there was hardly any power as well as more smoke than usual. Then as I rode more I started to feel a knocking in the motor as the piston moved and it got worse the more I revved the engine so I decided not to race and to park the bike for the day before I broke anything. If anyone has some thoughts as to what’s wrong with it please let me know. I’ve attached a video below of what it sounds like at idle I did not want to rev it up as I am not sure if I will break anything else. I also know it’s not a carb issue as I have already rebuilt the carburetor. Here is a link to a video of it running not sure if it will help:
  24. http://enduro21.com/index.php/usa/2280-ashburn-secures-first-win-at-ohio-full-gas-sprint-enduro
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