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Found 20 results

  1. I’m a DIY’fer all the way. But I’m wondering if I can change my Factory Connection springs (front: from .48 to .50, rear: from 6 to 6.7) on my 2012 YZ250 without changing other parts (other than obviously the seals for the forks) and if so what parts and where to buy them? There’s only a few parts available in the FC site that I could find. I already ordered my springs. What other type DIY service can be done? Any advice/guidance will be greatly appreciated! #yz250 #factoryconnection #doityourself #suspension #onabudget #frontforks #rearshock #spring #kyb
  2. Hello everybody! I've been riding on my CRF 250 M for 2 years now. Originally I wanted a funbike, but after a year I wanted to explore the dirt. I bought the L wheels and I've been shredding offroad ever since. Never had any regrets. Yesterday I noticed once again how onfitt the rear shock is for agressive dirt riding. I bottomed it out and my rear wheel folded hte licenceplate. I need a better shock. Does anybody know if the L rear shock is the same lenght as the M one? I found the parts numbers. 52400-KZZ-305 the L shock 52400-KZZ-A41 the M shock Could I order a hyperpro or YSS rear shock for the L and simply bolt it on?
  3. Hey guys new to the forum. Question is my sons riding 2016 kx 65 anyone know where I can buy used or new fox or ohlins rear shock. My suspension guy is telling me they are no longer making them and we would like to at least give some sort of a battle with those ktm's without buying 1 my son has green in his veins.
  4. Daniel Wolfe

    01 KX250 rear suspension help

    So after almost breaking my foot yesterday due to blown out bouncy ball suspension i'm pretty sure my rear shock is all &%$#@!ed up inside now i can't find any 98-02 rear shocks on ebay so im looking to upgrade to a kx250f rear suspension if this is possible what years will fit and what will i need to do this im figuring ill buy a new shock off ebay for that year for something more modern and just rebuild it to my weight over the summer any help is appreciated
  5. Bought my 2003 Kx 250 from a shorter, lighter kid that had the suspension done by EVO for mx. I budget race woods, and the suspension set up for a 140 lbs mx racer actually does alright for me in the woods as I'm around 165 lbs. The foot pegs were welded higher which I took care of, the forks were way high in the triple clamps which I took care of, but the seat sits much lower than I want it to, I can flat foot the bike with about an inch to spare. I don't really know how the work was done, is there a link or something I can just take out to raise it back up or was the shock cut or replaced with something to fit the previous owner? how do suspension shops usually go about lowering a bike? if its free/inexpensive to fix, I would like to do so, but if it cost any decent amount of money ill just suck it up and keep riding. Maybe its just because I'm used to it, but it seems the rear end sticks better when corning compared to my friends bikes ive ridden. but its just too short. Thanks, Jake
  6. I have a 1990 XR600 with a shot shock - pitted shaft, no good for rebuild. From reading other posts it looks like a 1993 XR600 rear shock will fit with no modifications. I read a post from elsalvadorXR6 with a photo that i believe is the exact sawp but not quite sure. Can anyone confirm that I can swap these shocks? thanks, John
  7. 06thumpstarpro

    2006 Thumpstar 125 rear shock upgrade

    I just picked up a 2006 Thumpstar 125 and I want to upgrade the rear shock to accomodate my weight. I'm 6'1" and just about 300lbs. My bike has the A style or triangle style swing arm. There's some decent looking 1200lb rear shocks on ebay or there's the Fast Ace 550lb rear shock on Tbolt which says is for A style swing arms. My question is, would the 1200lb rear shock be the way to go for a guy like me even on the A style setup? Also would a 280mm shock work? And does the shock have to be A style specific or not?
  8. 06thumpstarpro

    2006 Thumpstar 125 rear shock upgrade

    I just picked up a 2006 Thumpstar 125 and I want to upgrade the rear shock to accomodate my weight. I'm 6'1" and just about 300lbs. My bike has the A style or triangle style swing arm. There's some decent looking 1200lb rear shocks on ebay or there's the Fast Ace 550lb rear shock on Tbolt which says is for A style swing arms. My question is, would the 1200lb rear shock be the way to go for a guy like me even on the A style setup? Also would a 280mm shock work? And does the shock have to be A style specific or not?
  9. Braap4Life

    YZ250F 08 Rear shock

    Hello, i purchased a 2008 YZ250F with zero problems until awhile ago my suspension started getting softer and softer every ride (Mostly trails, about 10h track time total) so i decided to change the oil in my forks and shock by watching youtube videos. The forks turned out great, the shock not so much. it feels like its just bouncing off the spring the rebound is instantaneous and very fast and it continues to bounce for several seconds afterwards. Being tired of not riding for a while i rode it as is once (light trail riding) and the back end was extremely sloppy and all over the place to no surprise. The shock is not leaking oil, and is holding nitrogen to the full extent of my knowledge. if anybody has any suggestions im all ears. i could take it to the shop and have it professionally serviced its only about 15 minutes away but im trying to learn to maintain bikes myself and value the knowledge please let me know what you think any ideas or opinions would be great. Thanks.
  10. Hi, working on an 84 PE full floater, which needs a rear shock to really go off road. Looked everywhere and there’s nothing out there. Does anyone know if an RM one will fit? If so what year and model?? cheers in advance Waz
  11. So the other day I notice that the rear shock spring on our 1994 xr200r had cracked and separated about 2 coils from the top. No big I thought....just go on Ebay and pick something. Well, after a few days of looking I can't find ANYTHING used or aftermarket! The stock Honda spring #52401-KT0-691 is "no longer available". Can anybody lead me in the right direction to get a replacement spring for this bike?? Thanks in advance.
  12. One of the major shortfalls of the DRZ400 is the front/rear suspension in stock form. Early non adjustable forks were too spongy soft and later adjustable forks were stiff and tracked poorly. The rebound only adjustable rear shock was a bit better than the front end but still left a lot to be desired. Compared to my Husqvarna 610 it felt downright anemic and dangerous. While you can sink a bunch of money into revalving, respring, racetech, ect. and end up with a nice ride, I was more interested in what I might get with a bolt on swap. If you read through the forums there is ample info about which forks can swap onto the DRZ with the RM forks being the preferred. However, there are lots of variations in offset which complicate which year to buy, it's a little vague what exactly is direct compatible, and there are a ton of opinions on how it will ride better/worse etc, but very few reports back from people who have made the swap. That's why I'm writing this up. I chose to take a less expensive route which I feel looks better and performs to a level Im used to with my 2 stroke MX bikes. I direct swapped the triples and forks from an 05 RM250, reusing my stock wheel, rotor, caliper, and headlight with a DRZ400SM headlight mount, all sourced online for less than $200. All of this was direct bolt on with no modification. This change alone was night and day better in every way. It held a line with much more confidence and less chatter, it handles soft sand more like it's riding on it and less like it occasionally plows, it rides much smoother at higher speeds, and it's less twitchy as opposed to more. It felt much more nimble and lighter even though any weight loss was minimal. With just the front end swapped It immediately felt on par with my Husqvarna. In fact, it feels so much like my 2 stroke MX bike that I was genuinely suprised. This was all with the stock rear shock which now felt too soft and the new limiting factor. For the rear I direct swapped an 06 RM125 rear shock and reused my stock drz spring to help manage my weight. Realistically I should be running a slightly stiffer spring but with the addition of adjustable high speed/low speed compression that comes on the rm125 shock, the rear end management feels again substantially improved. The speed, confidence, and aggression at which I can take obstacles feels like a completely different bike. It does sit higher. By my measurements it has a bit more travel now. To my surprise, it feels better on the road up to 80mph and tracks very well with maybe a tad more brake dive than stock. All this being said, I'm not saying you should make the swap. I'm not saying it handles better than a boat load of money thrown at the stock forks. I'm not saying that my style of Southern California Ocotillo Wells desert riding is directly comparable to your style of riding. What I am saying is there is a lot of erroneous information about how this swap might perform and if it's worth it over stock. I feel based on cost and performance that it hands down is absolutely worth it! Feel free to post up if you want to know more. I would have appreciated some real world experience before I nervously made the leap.
  13. I’m relatively new to dirt biking, I blew out the shock on my 06 125 and I’m trying to figure out the size of the shock I need (not trying to get a OEM) if someone can link me the size/ where to find a fitting shock it’d be much appreciated
  14. Gordon Craig

    XLR 250 1991

    Hi everyone. I recently bought an XLR 250 (1991). The rear shock has started to leak and i need to either get a kit to refurbish it or purchase a new one. From what i can make out the shock is a KYB model KZ9-710. Can anyone help put me in the right direction. Thanks in advance
  15. Long story short, I bought a project bike awhile back and have been rebuilding it. It is a 1985 xr600. I rebuilt the engine, front shocks, and electrical this winter. It's been running great, except I just noticed the rear shock is leaving a small puddle on the ground of my garage. Looking into buying new gaskets and seals for it, I'm realizing that this isn't the stock shock of a 1985 xr. I've attached an image of the shock and am hoping someone has the knowledge of what year this shock may have come from, I do believe it is from a donor xr of a P.O. since the bike has rear disc brakes (not stock for 1985).. Any help/advice would be great
  16. Why the mystery? I need to repair the stock rear shock on a 1996 XR650L. There is no oil in it. I got it as a fixer-upper. So why is it so difficult to find replacement parts for the "rear damper"??!! I need to replace the nitrogen bladder and the seal head. Not trying to re-valve it or anything fancy! I just need it to hold oil and operate as a friggin shock !!! From other forums, I see that it is 46mm diameter vs. 44mm on the 650R. Does anyone know the part numbers and/or sources to get these replacement parts for the 650L? HELP Thanks a Bunch!!
  17. Hello all, I'm new to the forum but I just picked up a 2009 Drz400sm and need to raise the shock back to at least stock height. I am 6'4 and the guy I bought it from said he had lowered the rear spring a bit for his height. I need to know how I can raise it back up to at least stock height, if not a little more. The guy I bought it from said something about the rear shock having 2 collar rings, and by loosening the bottom one, I can adjust the top one back up. Does anyone have any experience or knowledge about this? Also the rear feels a little loose, like it might be moving around a little on me. Would the offset of the lowered spring and my height cause this? Thanks!
  18. DanLe

    2007 WR450f rear shock

    Hello guys, I've just pick up a 2007 WR450f. Went for fork seal replacement and realized it has been replaced by some older fork (46mm, which I think is from a 2003). Now I also need to rebuild the rear suspension which has a light leaking. So the ODC in me kicks in and now I'm not sure if it's the correct shock from 2007 to find the correct rebuild kit. Is there any way to tell the rear suspension is from which year, and do you guys have any recommendation for rebuild kit? Thanks Dan
  19. Im currently in the process of taking apart my rear shock to replace seals. My problem is there is no valve to release the nitrogen in the shock. Should I just proceed with taking it apart? The manual only talks about disposing the rear shock and says to drill a whole in it, but that would render the shock useless. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Nate