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Found 33 results

  1. I just installed a new Radius Rekluse clutch on my 2016 Beta 350RR. I'm having trouble adjusting the Free Play Gain so that I can use engine braking. Either I get too much free play or or not enough. I recently installed the same clutch on my KTM 530 and I can get the engine braking so I know it can be done. Any tips? should I use the heavier springs in the Rekluse disc pack?
  2. My 2012 rmz450 shuts off while riding. This happened numerous times in my last hare scramble race, I’d be on the gas and it would just shut off. No bog, no warnings. I recently installed a rekluse core exp 3.0 and it seems I’ve been having this shut off issue since that clutch has been installed. I have the 1/8” of free play at the clutch lever so I’m sure that the clutch is the issue but I have no clue now. I even turned my idle up thinking that was it. Any ideas on what may help me is greatly appreciated.
  3. Hey guys I recently bought a completely torn down ktm 85. I got it with cases split to do crank and bearings. Got all that done went to install the clutch and it’s a rekluse z start pro. Since I didn’t take it apart I have no clue which pieces go where and I haven’t been able to find anything online about it and rekluse customer service hasn’t gotten back to me. If any of you guys have experience with the z start pro clutch systems any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance!!!
  4. What is out there for extra capacity clutch covers for the 500 EXC? I have a 15 and would like to increase the oil capacity for longer runs like the TAT. Also considering a Rekluse, but that is another research project. I am familiar with the Rekluse extra capacity cover, the Best Dual Sport Bikes cover. What else is out there and who has first hand experience? Extra capacity, foot interference, etc. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone, I purchased a 2003 200 EXC a little while ago. The guy I bought it from said it has a rekluse clutch in it, but that is all I know about it. When I got it pulling in the clutch seemed to have no effect on the bike so I opened up the maser cylinder to find it nearly empty. Filled it from the bottom up and bled it with magura blood. Now when i'm driving in gear it functions normally but any time the bike is off or in neutral it is very hard to pull. The biggest problem is when I come to a stop even with the clutch in the bike stalls. It idles fine in neutral and can be put into first gear and idles fine but the problems happen when coming to a stop. I do not know where to go from here. Any help is appreciated, Thanks. Also considering just going back to a standard clutch, seems like it would be easier to trouble shoot and more reliable for the future?
  6. I have about 12 hours on the RadiusCX now. I've ridden in varied terrain with long climbs, wide open desert, tight rocky creek beds, etc. I installed myself in about 2 hours. For reference, I am not a mechanic but have a bike lift, tools and work on bikes frequently. If you do not have an impact wrench or a helper you may find the clutch hub removal and installation challenging. Other than that, it is quite simple to install. Also for reference, I am a slow racer offroad but ride more aggressively than most recreational riders. Thoughts: The quality of the product is apparent immediately upon opening the box. The anodizing and machining quality is excellent. The packaging of components is excellent. This company clearly takes a great deal of pride in their product. The instructions are spot on. Just follow them. Adjusting freeplay gain is simple, but it moves around on you during the breakin procedure. Don't worry that it seems hard to dial in at first. About 5 or 10 minutes into the first ride, I adjusted it once more as it was grabby. I haven't had to touch it since. It performs flawlessly. In really gnarly conditions it allows you to focus on other things vs. clutching. I bumped my idle up a bit and that helps it stay engaged on descents unless I pull in the clutch. I like this setup. Manual clutch feel is different than stock but predictable with a bit of practice. I don't think the Rekluse holds a rider back at all. Don't forget you have an autoclutch installed... you will though. I was sitting talking to my buddies about where to go and naturally defaulted to "I ain't movin' so i must be in newtch." I blipped the throttle while barely holding on with my throttle hand. The ensuing one-handed leg-dangly wheelie was, apparently, highly entertaining. I found it to be nearly catastrophic. All worked out and lesson burned into the brain. Don't forget that you have an autoclutch installed. It occasionally makes a funny rattle if I lug it too low. I try not to do that. There is one, major issue. Almost a showstopper. The little hose they include for bleeding the slave cylinder is 3/16" and should be 1/4". Good thing I had my own tubing or I would have had to send it back.
  7. I bought my 2009 Yz250f about 5 months ago and it is my first bike. When i bought it had a rekluse clutch in it and the previous owner took very good care of it and gave me the stock clutch along with the bike. But now i want to challenge myself a bit more with the stock clutch. I was wondering if it is going to be hard to remove the rekluse clutch and put the new clutch in? Am I going to need to buy any new parts? Thanks!!
  8. I just ordered a Rekluse Radius CX for my brand new 2018 Honda CRF450R and installed the clutch system into my bike exactly how the install manual instructed to do so. I followed all torque specs, plate sequences, springs, soaked plates and EXP disc in oil, set free play gain and gap to exact specs, put fresh MA approved oil in the motor, and even followed the exact break in procedures of revs, 1st gear starts and second gear starts. At the end of the break in procedure a serious issue occurred with overheating/boiling so I pushed it back to my garage Before I installed the rekluse, my bike has been running perfectly as I only have about 5 hours total on the bike. My motor is not modified, it is stock. I have worked on all my motocross bikes myself and never had a problem of this nature and I have done several clutches on my various bikes throughout the years I decided to check the clutch as this was my first assumption to the cause of this problem since it was the last modification I did and what I found is insane! Attached are photos of the entire Radius CX completely fried to a crisp. Even my stock clutch basket is burnt and notched from this failure of the radius CX. In addition to every single part of the radius CX failure, my shaft on the clutch side is also blued. The clutch basket is burnt & notched (even through the metal slot sleeves notching occured), the thrust washer is scored, the clutch disks and metal plates are scorched, the rod that inserts into the shaft is scored on both ends, the rekluse clutch cover oil feed is chipped, and even the case bearing on the clutch side of the shaft more than likely requires replacement which would mean my entire brand new motor needs to be taken apart and rebuilt. The crank end on the clutch side being blued requires the crank to be fully replaced. This is a brand spanking new bike with a serious issue due to malfunction of this clutch system. I used proper MA approved Honda oil in the bike so the oil is not a culprit in this. Anyone have any insight on what the hell happened? I am seriously regretting purchasing this clutch at this point! I have an email outlining this dilemma to rekluse support as well...waiting on an answer
  9. I cannot get my Rekluse to engage fully. My clutch handle is very loose to the touch. I have tried making adjustments to the slave cylinder. Should I try bleeding the clutch? Give me all your ideas, even if you think I've already tried it, I'd rather hear it it twice than not at all. Thanks!
  10. We have a Core EXP2.0 in our 2011 . But was just looking at the Rekluse site and they have a Radius X style now that's about 200 dollars cheaper than the Core EXP3.0 . Has anyone tried these yet ? If so could you give an opinion on one ?
  11. Looking to add my first mod to the KTM. I love the new ride, but the burden of stalling still weighs heavily, especially with some of the strenuous trails out here in Arizona. I was reading that it's fully tunable to suit the rider and the terrain you're riding on, which can be vast out here. Ran into an experienced rider who had a Rekluse Radius CX Clutch kit installed on his bike, and highly recommended it. Looking to see if there's any other feedback on this product?
  12. OK, I am going to look at a used 2011 Husqvarna WR250 later today that has a Rekluse z start pro clutch. I only have the most vague idea of the Rekluse and how it operates. I'd like to know if there is any behavior that I should be looking for from this component that might be indicative of problems. (FWIW, the bike also has a Stealthy heavy flywheel.) What sort of lifespan does this clutch have? Do the clutch plates wear the same way as a normal clutch? I'm ready to be schooled on how these work!
  13. I would like to start off by saying that I am a new rider and never been on a bike with an auto clutch. That's not to say that I wouldn't be interested in trying one out, even though I will probably never have one. I bought my first bike at 29 and a year later I'm still a pretty terrible rider, but it is still a blast. I bought a motorcycle to have fun and no other reason. So to the question, if someone can buy an auto clutch and it makes riding more fun for THEM then why not? A lot of people say that it prevents you from learning proper clutch skills etc etc, but what does it matter if you have more fun?
  14. I am having an awful time with my EXP 3.0. I have a 2016 CRF450R. Since I have installed (and reinstalled many, many times) this clutch it seems to have never worked properly. When I first installed it all seemed to be well, including break in. Since then my bike began stalling. So a week or so ago I called (really good customer support by the way) and spoke with someone at Rekluse. He suggested I remove the red adjustment springs and install the blue, for a total of six blue adjustment springs. I did that, to no avail. I since have reinstalled the three red for a total of three blue and three red adjustment springs (just like it was shipped, "medium"). Lifter rod is seated properly. My latest issue is this: 1) With the correct free play I pull in my clutch but WITHOUT releasing the clutch I give it gas and the bike starts moving as if I were releasing the clutch (which I am not). 2) So, I then increase free play but when I do this and (pulling in the clutch) shift into first gear, the bike lunges forward and stalls (as if I wasn't pulling in the clutch at all). I have been in and out of this clutch so many times my head is spinning, and I simply don't know where to begin again. I ordered a new clutch cable just in case that is my problem. My configuration is as follows, in first to last disc: Judder seat Judder spring Thin clutch disc (larger I.D.) Steel drive REKLUSE Steel drive Clutch disc Steel drive Clutch disc Steel drive Clutch disc Steel drive Clutch disc All bolts are torqued to specs, oil is fresh. Any reasonable suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks Steve
  15. SteveInSpotsy


    Does anyone have a used Rekluse for one of these bikes they would like to sell? The new ones are $600+, and that's a helluva lot for a clutch - Rekluse or not.
  16. Lots of talk..pro and con for auto clutch..to each their own for riding style and terrain....Im just wondering for extreme enduro if pros or anyone else here are really using them. Its come up in a bunch of posts already so an update might be in order.
  17. So ive read a little bit online and everything ive read is saying i can use a rekluse clutch for a kx250 two smoker in a kx125 2 smoker and i was wondering if any of you guys have done it. One of the articles i read said he had to remove one steel and one fiber plate he said he was it might be an issue on a hot bike but his kid is pretty cautious with his riding, i ride at a local track a lot for hours and do a lot of hill climbs so its not the most gental used bike would this affect me? Just looking for opinions
  18. I am in need of a Rekluse clutch cover for my 06 RM250. They are discontinued. Does anyone know of where there may be one. The height of the Rekluse in the Suzuki requires the use of two of their 1/8in. gaskets stacked together. We have broken a number of covers due to the give in the gaskets when installing them, even with very little torque. Thank you,
  19. Thanks in advance. Tried to search for this but could only find the opposite of what I am looking for. I have a 2009 200 XCW with Z-Start Pro clutch. It all works perfect, per the design. Bike is stock except for the clutch. I bought it with the Rekluse installed. What I ultimately want is a new Core Exp 3.0 clutch. The Z-Start works as it should, but there is no ability to feather the clutch. It is ON/OFF. What parts do I need to buy to convert it back to stock clutch? On my big 450 dirt bikes I LOVE the rekluse.... But with this small bike I want to try a manual clutch and see how I like it before I dump another $900 into the EXP 3.0. Thanks again.
  20. Well, I ran the Indiana X Factor GNCC last weekend in terrible conditions, mud, etc. Ran one lap and smoked my brand new rekluse clutch. Does rekluse have a warranty on their clutches? I literally rode it once and raced it once. I'm really hoping they have a guarantee or something. Thanks
  21. Hi all, I'm interested in a good left hand rear brake set-up for the WR250R. Saw the OXbrake but as it uses a cable instead of a hydraulic cylinder so I heard it lacks power. So I'm looking at the left hand rear brake kit made by Rekluse. The problem however, is the R's rear master cylinder isn't supported. So I'm thinking I'll swap the master cylinder out for one that is, and install the kit. So would anyone be able to tell me which of the following Yamaha rear master cylinders would be a straight swap for the R? Rekluse offers the left hand rear brake kit for all of them: ALTERNATIVELY: I have a 2012 Kawasaki ZX-6R front brake master cylinder and lever from my wreck. What if I found a way to fit that on the bar and just ran a braided line straight to the rear brake caliper and did away with the rear brake pedal completely? Sounds crazy but could it work? Thanks heaps in advance! 👍
  22. Hey guys needing some help with a lockout clutch install. If i torque the bolts down all the way, the pressure plate hits up against the flat backside of the lockout fingers when I pull in the clutch, and im only able to pull in the clutch halfway before that happens. From what I understand, the fingers are supposed to be able to rotate freely outward and not make any contact with the pressure plate up to a certain point, and im guessing that point would be somewhere where the fingers are rounded- somewhere about where the red line is in the picture. I have no clue what is wrong with the setup I have, But I wanna go ride this weekend so trying to get it fixed ASAP. Anyone have experience with the lockout clutch? Could someone Veryify where its supposed to contact? I believe I can remedy it with some spacers if I could find out what the gapping is supposed to be...
  23. Fully loaded ktm 250 sxf factory edition, Watch walkaround video for mods 👍 please like 👍, comment and subscribe.
  24. My son's 15-16 WR250F is needing a new clutch/basket. I'm not interested in an auto clutch so my question Is do any of you have experience with the Hinson billetproof or the Rekluse core manual torq. Drive. There is a $200 difference favoring the Rekluse and of course both sites say their product is the best. Any pointers here would be appreciated.
  25. I am installing a core exp 3.0 on my 09 yz450 and the thrust washer goes down past the gear and onto the spot just below it, is this correct? When I took it apart the washer stuck to the bottom of the assembly so I'm not sure if that's where it supposed to be, anybody able to help me out here?
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