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Found 33 results

  1. so I'm wondering about buying a 250cc 2 stroke I just turned 15 and weigh about 120lbs and am looking for a dirtbike coming off a Yamaha banshee. I will be mostly riding in the sand dunes but do go up and ride semi technical trails and desert riding. i've heard that a 125 will not have enough power for sand riding. would I be able to hold the bike up being around 5'9-5'10? what would y'all recommend I look for. (not at all considering a 4 stroke because of the costs of rebuilds)
  2. Pictures are great, but I figured it could be fun to have a thread that is strictly dedicated to riding footage of our almighty girly bikes. There's been several people posting footage lately, so if this takes off and stays near the top of the forum for people to keep watching when we're bored, awesome. If not, then I guess it was worth a shot. I have quite a bit of footage, and some of my videos are rather long, so I'll just post 3 videos for now of 3 different areas that I went to last year with my new favorite trail bike. Nothing nearly as extreme as some of the riding others here are doing on their 230's, but still plenty of smiles to be had. This first video is from August and was basically my first week on the bike since buying. I had spent the previous months slowly getting the suspension and engine set-up, along with other trail-worthy mods. Fortunately, and not surprisingly, it felt fairly comfortable to ride from the get-go. This second video is from a trail riding event in southern Minnesota. They are actually horse trails but they hold this event on two weekends out of the year (1 in Spring, 1 in Fall) for us dirt bikers. Most of the trails are beginner/intermediate, but still very fun when the conditions are good. The third video is from some state trails that are more towards the northern end of the state. It was another trail ride event put on by our local district. Thankfully it wasn't a week later because we got dumped on with white stuff that is still here in April with more on its way...
  3. After only riding street for about 4-5 years straight I went dirt riding the past 3 weekends in a row! Feels great to not have to worry about cops or cars killing you all the time. Plus it feels like I can still ride good and I know how to do stoppies from street riding😉 almost got all new gear too. Couldn’t be more stoked to ride a dirt bike! Just needs to rain.
  4. So as I’ve been saving up for parts for my yz85 my mind has obviously been on riding a lot. I’ve watched videos of people riding these two stroke bikes, but they never seem to help because they are never doing the same type of riding as me. I am going to ride corn fields (when they’re plowed) and trails with this bike. Right now I want to talk about riding in the fields. On the videos I’ve watched the people riding just go wide open, highest gear pegged when they are riding in a straight line, which is mostly what I do in fields. That is great and when I’m riding in my own I will probably do some of this. The only issue is is that most of the time when I’m riding, I am doing it with my two friends who ride a TT-r 125 and a Polaris 570. Both are decently fast machines but when I’m riding with them we aren’t a going high gear pegged the whole time and they can’t keep up with the yz85 and I don’t want to just leave them in the dust the whole time. My first when I ride is to go full throttle and get up to probably about third gear and then ride that gear at mid range rpm’s and hit the power band every once in while to get a fun little boost of speed so that I can keep a good pace with my riding buddies. My second strategy would be to go full throttle and get up to third or fourth gear and then cruise with little bits of throttle and hitting the power band to keep speed up but not go too fast Which way of riding sounds better to you guys!!?? THE REST OF THIS WRITING IS NOT A PART OF THE QUESTION, JUST BACK STORY: (I know people are going to tell me I don’t need a two stroke race bike to ride in the fields and I know that but I just got this bike because it is my dream bike (not a blown up yz85 like mine) and I have always wanted to ride a two stroke because they look fun. I am just worried I’m going to put all this money into fixing my bike and then ride it wrong and mess it up again. Trust my neither me or my dad has the money to spend on me destroying this bike if I mess it up again. We bough this bike not knowing that is had bottom end issues and I figured that out the hard way after riding it for less than an hour and the connecting rod bearings going out. It is going to take me al summer to save up for new parts and I don’t want to save up for them again!)
  5. i live near nc want to ride with some people gotta yz250
  6. New to dirt bike riding, anyone familiar with southern Louisiana know of some good places to ride. my zip is 70448 (northshore, New Orleans)
  7. First off I usually don't wear knee braces. I would like to find riding pants that have a tighter fitting knee area and aren't made to fit knee braces. does anyone know of any mx pants that have a tighter fit, ESPECIALLY through the knee area? Any help would be much appreciated.
  8. Hello fellow thumpers, I am getting a new trail bike and It's time for me to invest in some nice tools. I've always purchased whatever is cheapest and It's time to change that. Also, what specific tools would you buy. Brand? I want them to last so I dont mind spending extra cash.
  9. Hello, I run a rather small Mind of a woman...riding blog. I'm looking to see what kind of stuff you guys would want to read about? I've done a few articles... Why you need to let your husband build a Mx track in the backyard http://www.oldhousefreshstart.com/2017/09/5-reasons-you-need-to-let-your-husband.html And why your husband needs a new bike. http://www.oldhousefreshstart.com/2017/09/5-reasons-why-your-husbandboyfriend.html But im wondering..why other types of stuff? There's not much interest in blog of bike maintenance from a women's point..that's boring right? Whats your opinion? Be nice. :]
  10. So guys, I need some input from someone who has suffered a debilitating head injury, or TBI. A mild concussion doesn't count. TBI is essentially a concussion, but far worse. To put things into perspective, I was in a coma for five days after my motorcycle accident (this was on the street). Am I saying that you need to have gone through the same thing? No. However, I would like some input from someone who has suffered a debilitating injury, maybe just an injury of any kind, and had to make the decision about whether to ride the following year. I'm twenty-one years old, and have raced motocross every summer since I was fourteen. It makes me feel... well, I'm not really sure how to describe it. My life is rather mundane, but when I get on that bike and race, I feel alive and in control for however long I'm riding it. I live in Alaska, by the way, so summer is like five months max. Point is, the injury will not be the hardest thing I've ever had to go through, if I do indeed decide to stay off the dirt bike this summer. The hardest thing, guaranteed, that I will have gone though, is to have stayed off the bike this summer. It is one of the very few things I truly love in life, and I fervently look forward to it every year. I do nothing in the winter. Buuuut, and this is a big but, I'm also not an idiot. My brain injury occurred in very late September of last year. If you all think it's more than just wise, but critical, to stay off the bike this year, just like my doctor thinks (but you know doctors... always over-protective of your physical health, like parents), then I will stay off of it this year. Looking up at that bright sun, experiencing the peak of summer greatness, it will undoubtedly be monumentally difficult to put riding into the back of my mind, but I can do it. What do you think? Thanks!
  11. I just moved back to Central Maryland and picked up a bike. Looking for any fellow riders in the area that would like to ride and know of any places. White Rose, Breezewood, FRO, Motocove, Taskers Gap, and Southern MD are all 2-3 hours one way. Hoping there are some "low key" spots that are a little closer. I'm open to joining a club like R&T or Gunpower, but starting this thread to network see if anyone out there is within the same vicinity and knows of any places or would just like coordinate some rides.
  12. Down here in mexico, land of the miracle and home of the weird, ive seen people use the same mousse for over 2 years. They claim that though it has become softer, it remains in place and performs well. How long have you used the same mousse for? Rubber side down my guys, Saludos,
  13. GNCC was cancelled for this weekend. Looking for a place to ride/race? Come out to the VFTR Moonshine Enduro and Halfmoon Jr Enduro. The Halfmoon Jr Enduro is for children and is ran on Saturday. The Moonshine Enduro is for adults 16yrs and older and is run on Sunday. Please see attached flyers. Hope to see you there!
  14. So I have an 03 rm 125 and I’m having a problem with my jetting. My original 460 main jet that came out of the carb is huge and unlike any jet I’ve seen before. I also ordered a mikuni genuine main jet off of eBay and went to go put it in the carb (440 main) and it’s way too small. Not sure what to do.
  15. When standing up on the dirt bike, trail riding and mx riding, are you supposed to lean forward to accommodate acceleration so that you’re not really pulling on the handle bars with your hands? I assume so, but it’s not made clear in the videos that I’ve watched to learn from. I’ve ridden my friends dirt bike at the track, holding a strict standing position no matter what level acceleration, forcing me to hold onto the bars pretty hard, and it just felt totally unnatural.
  16. Hey legends, So after successfully rebuilding my 2003 WR450F (Bottom and top end) with an 06 crank and flywheel upgrade as well as a 480CC Athena big bore...Everything was going well... On my 5th or 6th ride, the motor was well worn in and everything was running strong...I was out riding with mates when I noticed 5th gear start jumping in and out...It got worse and worse till the point where I did not use 5th gear anymore...At first i thought it might be the clutch but its only in 5th gear it does it .. :/ I did a little research and some people think ive damaged something inside the gearbox... Can someone help me out on exactly what I need to do to get this fixed? I really don't want to have to disassemble the engine again :'( Please help Thanks Ben @grayracer513 Can you help at all??
  17. Fall 3 race offroad series at GHORV that is suitable for all skill levels. We will offer a Long Course, Short Course and Kids Course all designed for the skill level. Round 1 starts next Sunday October 8th. Long course is a 7.2 mile loop, Short Course is 6.4 mile loop, Kids 9-12 is 1.5 mile, and 8 and under is .7 hope to see you there.
  18. I decided to create a seperate thread for this, so: I'm still looking for riding partners for trails in Michigan, but now I would like to plan 2 to 3 day trips over weekends to knock out some sections of MCCCT that I have yet to ride, specifically from Fife Lake to Indian River, and Indian River back down to Gladwin. I like to do about 120-140 miles a day (with gas and food stops), either 60-70 out and back, or if it is possible to stage vehicles at both ends, all in one direction. I'm also open to riding 50" ORV or motorcycle only loops, especially the few I haven't done yet. I'm 45 years old and have been riding since I was 15. I like to ride at a fun but safe speed. I carry a good assortment of tools, a tube, and have my bike street legal and set up with a USB charger to use GPS (on my phone). I've ridden alone a few times, but it's safer and more fun to ride with at least one other person. And it's an opportunity to meet fellow trail riders. If anyone is interested, send me a PM
  19. I’m new to the Albany, OR area and I’m looking to meet some new friends to go ride tracks and drink some beer with on the weekends. I’m 23 and probably a slower junior/C class rider. I’m open for riding trails a little bit here and there, but mostly enjoy the tracks. I’ve also got a brand new paddle tire just sitting in the garage if we do some dune riding. Hit me up! I’m tired of riding by myself.
  20. Alright! Just came back from a trip in the Cape Breton highlands. 4 hrs riding there, then two days of off road exploration with two nights camping. We travelled high speed logging roads and all sorts of other terrain including single tracks and no tracks at all to try and make it to interesting spots. mall was well with the bike quite loaded. It performed awesome! Yesterday morning we wake up to bear freezing temperature and rain. So as I was riding fast down those logging roads I was not as good avoiding the potholes and I suppose that’s when the seals busted. Maybe the oil level was too high in the forks? Anyway, I didn’t notice until the girls appeared to not be drying on the highway when the rain stopped. I thought it was weird and touched the « wetness ». Well it was the oil from the forks all over the fork socks and down the sides. That kept leaking on the highway (didn’t notice too much as I was doing 70+ mph and the wind and load on the bike kept the front end lightly loaded but when I got off the highway, the front was well low... overall awesome trip! XT ran like a champ, very capable bike!! But now two things: -time to look for a fork seals diy -Time to find a better luggage solution.
  21. Hey I got a 2017 Honda Crf150r that I purchases a few weeks ago. I paid 2900 for it. I rode it around and it rode great. Since then I've ridden it around a lot and its super fun. I realized that once its warmed up that it has a hanging idle and I'm not sure what to do because I want to sell it and would like to fix that problem. I would normally know how to fix this problem on a carbureted bike but fuel injection is new territory for me so I fell pretty lost. If someone would let me know what to do I would really appreciate it. Thank you!!!
  22. Hey all I have a few questions: 1. Do u wear chest plates over ur jersey or under? 2. Can you wear body armour (eg.sixsoxone) + chest plate (one under and one over jersey)?
  23. With warmer weather and the riding season around the corner for many of us, I wanted to cover a topic that can either make or break an event. Whether you’re competing in a racing series or traveling to the track or trail, let's talk about event preparedness. More specifically, what spare parts should you keep on hand? Plus, what methods do you use to keep your spares organized? Honestly, I struggled with organization until I started working on this post. I had no method to my madness. Every time an event came up I’d do the same thing; throw a bunch of stuff in a box or the back of my van and head to the event. The sad part is I now realize this was a weakness of mine for quite some time, but didn’t do anything about it! Maybe you can relate? I finally said enough is enough. I don’t throw my tools in a cardboard box when I go to a race, leaving what I bring to the fate of my memory. So why would I do that with the spare parts I bring? I started solving this problem by compiling a spreadsheet detailing what spare parts I keep on hand for ice racing and hare scrambles. I realize that each discipline will differ and may have niche parts that should be kept. The goal here is not to definitively define what spares one should keep on hand, but to have a conversation and provide a resource that can be used to help people get set up based on their own needs. Once I took inventory of everything I felt I wanted to bring to a race, I went to Menards and went hunting for the perfect organized storage bin/toolbox. Here’s what I ended up with: Naturally, once I returned with the toolbox, my list grew and I probably need to go back for a bigger one. I intend to store a copy of the spreadsheet in the tote so I can keep tabs on inventory and know exactly what I have available. Should I get another bike, this system is easily replicable and my plan is to get another organized toolbox that goes with it. This system is how I went from being an unorganized “throw it in the van at the last minute” rider to a more relaxed well prepared rider. I’d love to hear how you handle event readiness, what you bring, and how you keep track of it. My hope is that by sharing our strategies we’ll save someone the misfortune of having a bad day at the track or trail. Perhaps I'll even end up with more things I need to add to my list. -Paul If enjoyed this post be sure to follow my blog and sign up for my newsletter! DIY Moto Fix Newsletter
  24. Hi, I have just bought a kx250f, 2013 with a freshly rebuilt 2016 motor in it, this is my first time on these forums, anyways, I have also bought a lowering link to drop it 4 inches on the arse, I was wondering if anyone knows how much I should drop the forks? I havent put the lowering link on yet. Thanks.
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