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Found 52 results

  1. So i bought a 1992 rm125 about 1 week ago and it ran fine! i got it home and rode it for about 3 days, then after i let it cool down for about 20 minuets it would not start! I checked for spark, and for some reason, there was no spark. I bought a new ngk plug, and still nothing! I went through all the usual stuff, and still nothing! I bought a new stater, put it on, and now it will bump start, but not start using the kick starter. ( the kick starter is 100% good ) I think it may be the ignition coil, but i am not 100% sure. Any ideas?
  2. I recently purchased a basket case 2000 rm125, with this bike came a tub of misc. parts. I have a cylinder that has been sleeved in great shape. I was told all parts in box were for 1998-2000 rm 125. This cylinder does not look like my 2000. From what I can tell from suzuki parts finder it appears to be a 1991? I say this because the power valve rod chamber on top right of jug does not have vent nipple, 1993 and after do. Any help would be appreciated. It measures 54.01 inside, also numbers in pictures are 7wh7 S ON base of front, also 50 on right side and 124cm3 on left side. I circled missing vent area in the one photo. thanks in advance
  3. Disgruntled Fun

    graphics RM250 Graphics kit. Help!

    I have found a picture of this Rm250 that was for sale in the uk probably 2 years ago but what I am more interested in is the graphics kit (Pictured). I have searched across the interweb but with no results. Does anyone know of what this kit is and if it is still available? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. mcnally21

    Not enough gas?

    I have a rm125 and it has like 5 grand restoration done to it inside and out. I had just recently got it and it feels like the powerband hits really late or it is struggling to get fuel. If I replaced the main jet in the carb with a jet that would go in a 250 2 stroke would that fix the problem or does anyone else have any suggestions for me?
  5. I bought a used 2003 rm125 recently. It seemed fine, ran fine until I went into powerband and would stall. I replaced the spark plug, it started once and nowit won't start. idk if its because it just became colder in my state, ct. I dont know whats wrong with it can anyone help?
  6. VintageMoto

    1985 RM125 HELP

    Hey guys, I overheated my bike and blew a head gasket and flooded the cylinder with coolant I was wondering where to go from here. I was told its an easy fix but where do i start? what parts do I get? Thanks!
  7. Radebell

    Unkown Fork specs

    So I purchased a 1999 RM 125 over the summer, and have been riding it weekly on various tracks. I happened to blow both fork seals while at the track one day last week, and decided to give the ol' "Seal Mate" a shot at removing suspected debris. Turns out, the seals are infact blown out. So I purchased a Pivot Works 1999 RM 125 fork rebuild kit off of Ebay (verified seller) and it turns out the seals and bushings are the wrong size. So I contacted the guy whom I purchased the dirt bike from, and he said that he suspected that the forks on the bike were in fact NOT OEM 1999 RM 125 forks. So I have contacted Showa, Suzuki, AND Pivot Works to try and find out what year these forks are from. I have attached a picture of the Fork ID's in this post, any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
  8. I am trying to diagnose some issues I am having with my 1999 Suzuki RM125. Symptoms include: Low power, the bottom end seems OK, but there is no real increase at all. The engine revs up, but the bike doesn't really accelerate with a punch like my 1997 CR125R (not bogging though). Smoke seems a lot thicker than my CR. There is a pinging sound from the exhaust, I've heard that might be an air leak caused by a bad magneto-side crank seal. Sometimes when riding the bike will rev up on its own. Black spooge sometimes comes out of the tailpipe. Some more info on the bike: I checked the float level and its good. Has a pro-circuit fatty and the jetting specs matches the pro-circuit website. The bike has a new top end. Running 32:1. Coolant level doesn't drop (so no leaks there). Crank was rebuilt too. Here's what I think: Top end needs more time to break in. Crank seals need to be replaced. Power valve spring knob needs to be adjusted (don't know which way to turn it, there is a clockwise arrow on the knob but not sure it that will increase or decrease). Maybe I should run a hotter or colder spark plug?
  9. Does anyone know the thread size on the stator side of a 1998 rm125 crankshaft? I need to put a die on it but not sure what one to use and cant find a thread gauge here locally. I cant seem to find it in my manual either.
  10. Dug the Thug

    2002 RM125 rebuild problems

    I bought a 2002 RM125 that needed the bottom and top end of the engine rebuilt because a a small conrod bearing failure. So I put in a new wiseco bottom and top end in with new crank bearings/seals, and all new gaskets. The cylinder needed resleeved so I sent it out to have that done also. It also has a new cylinder head. After rebuilding everything and getting it back together in the bike, I cleaned the carb and checked the float height, and everything looks good. I did not take the powervalve out and clean them; I only checked to see if they were operational and they seemed to operate fine. Everything looked fine. The bike fired up in 2-3 kicks. But it does not run the way it should. It smokes very excessively, and it cant rev up all the way how it should. There's not bogging at all, it just sounds like it has incomplete combustion. It sounds as if there is incomplete exhaust scavenging; it just doesn't sound crisp like how a 2 stroke should. I pulled the plug and there was a lot of oil spooge on the plug. Any comments and suggestions are appreciated.
  11. Not too long ago I got a KX85 for my son for his step up bike going off of suggestions by a few guys from here. It has been an excellent bike with a smooth powerband. I'm kind of wanting a cheap 125 now for a play bike for trail riding. I'd like a 125 with a nice smooth power band like the KX85. What bikes should I be looking at? Which ones should I stay away from? KX125 ? RM125 ? Thank you!
  12. Kaleb Trautman

    1999 rm125 clutch question

    I just bought a 1999 rm125. The clutch is worn and when I start it and shift from neutral to first, with the clutch pulled in, it jumps and stalls. Know that I need to replace the clutch, but what exactly do I replace? Do I buy just the clutch kit with separator, friction plates, and springs? Or do I buy the clutch kit and the basket or just the basket?
  13. Hi there ! I'm currently looking for a used 125cc 2 strokes between 2000 and 2007. ME: I'm form Québec/Canada, I'm a 5.4 foot tall, i weight 130, i mostly ride trails(on dirt, sand, rocks) but i really like to jump, climb on some small rocks(a bit like trial) , and i do ride enduro style too. I CURRENTLY RIDE: an XR200a 1984 (with absorber) i really like that bike, it's undestructible and i can ride for ages with one tank. The downsides are the suspensions and the speed limit. I WANT: a light, 2stroke, 125cc, which i can use all around. I want to pay max 3000$cad. I did some research and found that the YZ 125 is a pretty notorious bike, and more notorious are the 2006+ because of the suspension, motor, weight, improvements. That being said, i'm not close for any other brand. The one thing i'm concerned with is the gas consumption. I can do 2, 3 rides with my XR(4stroke, of course) before it got bone dry. I don't ask for the same results but i just don't want it to run out after 1 1/2hr -2hrs ride. I would really like a bike i can easily find parts. During my reseach i fell on a steel vs ali frame thread, i'm also concerned about it. Being a Vintage dirtbike rider ATM i can say i love the way it feel. I tried my friend 2017 TE300 and it was great but it felt like the bike was SOOOOOO DAMN STIFF !! OMG, myself being small and light, i wasn't comfortable AT ALL on it. I don't think i could see a difference between a steel and an ali frame and i wonder if i could see a difference between 2002 Yz vs 2007 YZ's suspension too ?? HOW MUCH should i pay for a STOCK bike between 2000 and 2007 ?? (i know there can be that bike which as been redone and all, but just overall stock ) Anyway, i probably forget to write some lil thing but overall this is it, i'm looking for a 125, 2t !!! Thanks you very much for your time ! have a nice day
  14. drewkuze

    RM 125 not running

    I recently got a 2003 rm125. when I first got it, the bike was running. I went to ride it down to trails, and it was bogging when not in the high rpm range. Then the bike shut off, I started it again, rode for about 2 more minutes in powerband and it cut again. I couldn't get it running so I had to get a ride back to my house. I bought the actual spark plug (the 36.00 one). WhenI kickstart the bike, it sounds like no gas is getting in the engine. I opened and cleaned the carburetor, and checked to see if the float worked. I put the carb back together, and the float would not move. I don't know what the problem is, can anyone help?
  15. Renegade90

    2001 rm125 rebuild questions.

    Hi guys got a few questions before I dive into a little project. I have some mechanical experience with cars, and working on my yz125 but aside from common service and topend rebuilds I've never dived into these dirt bike engines as far as the bottom end goes. So here's what I'm looking at, my brother in law has an 01 rm125 that as far as body and frame is almost perfect condition. He bought the bike a little over a decade ago and siezed the engine a year or so after he got it he believes from oil starvation. I haven't gotten the engine yet but it's all split open and disassembled. He wants to get into woods riding with me and I told him I'd take a look at it and see what I can do. So here's the questions, if the crank is toast what are my best options and what crank should I be looking for (I've heard to avoid the wiesco cranks)? I figured I'd send the cylinder off to millenium for a replate. Is there anything else I should be doing or buying (telling him to buy). Any reassembly tips? I appreciate it greatly guys, this is by far one of the best dirtbike communities out there!
  16. Jake Phifer

    2000 rm 125 clutch issue help

    Having issues with clutch engaging. Wheel still grabs withe clutch engaged. Step 1: checked lever. Ok Step 2:checked cable. Ok Step 3: opened housing to clutch cable engaged by hand...still locks up. Step 4: replaced entire clutch assembly. Discs,pads,basket,springs. Still having exact same issue.
  17. Hey guys. I just put a new top end in my 1999 Suzuki RM125 that I bought without ever seeing run. It started up easily, but I think something isn't quite right. Here are the issues: Black, sooty, oily stuff comes out the tail pipe, and also accumulates at the joint between the fatty pipe and silencer, and drips down onto the rear master cylinder. It's really smoky. The power seems a little low, and there is no really noticeable increase in power. Gas drips out of the carb when the bike is off. Sometimes when I ride and let off the throttle, the revs will climb on their own. Not sure if this is a possible clutch issue where it doesn't grab (acting as if in neutral). From these symptoms, I think that the carb needs to be cleaned and tuned, so that less fuel is burned (its running too rich), other than number 5. I think it has something to do with the float bowl, what do you guys think?
  18. I have a 2004 RM 125 that I cannot get to start. I rebuilt the carb with a Moose rebuild kit. It started the other day (first kick); and when I went to put my boots on to ride/ tune it, it wouldn't start again. We noticed gas pouring out of the overflow. I tried new plugs and nothing, not even close to firing. I set the float in water to test for holes and there seemed to be no issue with it. I will admit that we didn't have a spark plug gapper at the time, so we went with what it came with (i am going to buy a new one tomorrow!!). When i took the spark plug out; it seemed to have good spark. The plug was clean but smelled strongly of gas, also when I kicked it over, you could smell it coming out of the head. When rebuilding the carb, I set the pin on the middle groove, and I took the jets to original settings. I've contemplated taking it to a shop, but I haven't given up yet. I am wondering if you guys have any thoughts of where to begin my troubleshooting.
  19. franklin9000

    93 rm125 wont kickstart

    I recently bought a 93 rm125 for 700 dollars for my little cousin. The thing won't kick start. It starts easily when bump starting it though. It had low compression so I redid the top end. I've been having problems getting the pilot jet right. it had a 38 in it but you could barely ever start it. We put a 40 in it and you could start it easier, but my little cousin kept flooding it. The main jet and needle setting are good. We ran it and killed it mid ride then read the plug. I'm going to put the 40 back in, but when we had it in before it kept fouling plugs. I try to adjust the fuel to air screw and I can't hear the engine change other than when you get really close to the air screw being completely closed and it starts dying. I test it by revving it to quarter throttle to where it's responsive but not too responsive or "zippy," but the plug is still really black and I end up at like 3-4 turns out without noticing much of a difference. Someone put a keihin carb on it, so I don't know what the stock jets should be. I think I'm going to take the 38 and drill it out a hair to make it a 39. I'm wondering if the powervalve could be contributing to this problem or anything else I'm not thinking of. When I rebuilt the top end the screw that holds the bracket down that holds the slides wasn't even in. It was just floating around in there. This bike has an adjustable power valve, but I'm not sure where I should set it. This bike also has no low end power. I know it's only a 125, but you can't even lift the front wheel with a clutch up. It will just bog. I appreciate any advice and/or ideas.
  20. So I'm working on my co-workers 2002 RM125 that he picked up last summer for $500 - down the molehill we go. He asked me to fix it up on his dime, so I did all the normal stuff to the chassis, new tubes, replaced some spokes, new cables, repacked the silencer...blah blah etc. Now the problem - The engine has a mean stutter when riding it when it tries to come on the powerband - wont clean out and almost sounds like a misfire. Will clean out an run well when warm on the stand. Here's what I've done and checked: Nothing has worked. (FSM = factory service manual) -Head re-cut back to stock specs by Williams Moto Werx -New piston ring -Piston has 2~hrs on it -Cylinder measured in spec (End of spec it has a steel sleeve) on a CMM -Cleaned PV -New Boyesen Reeds -Cleaned carb -Jetted per FMF spec -Reset float height per FSM -New Plug -Verified PV is functioning -Re-set PV spring tension per FSM -New Airfilter -Brand new FMF Factory Fatty -Verified Electrical components (Coil, stator, kill switch) with multimeter and FSM I'm leaning towards a bad CDI box, or maybe slight chance of left side crank seal leak (All thats left to check lol). Anyone have any insights, sanity check, or a 2001-2007 RM125 CDI box laying around I can borrow to check bikes performance? Or that they want to sell?
  21. What's up guys. This is my first question I've posted on here; I need some help. I recently bought a 2001 RM125 to fix as my senior project, expecting to be putting a top end in it and cleaning it up. Upon further inspection, the entire top end was shot, and when I took the cylinder off, I saw moisture and rust on the crank. Fast forward a few months and I have purchased a full top and bottom end and installed both. I put the bike engine in the bike today to see if I could start it and the kickstarter is stuck. I know the top end is not seized because I can hear the piston moving when I spin the clutch. Any ideas?
  22. Snacks25

    RM 125 won't start

    Hey all first post here having some issues and could use some more experience. background: 05 Suzuki RM125. Acquired in a trade. Was ripping great for a day or two on the trails up north and then all of a sudden just bogged down and died. (Only issue during this time was a little bogging when you went wide open throttle--dirty jet for sure, but still ripped). Breakdown: Piston had gauges in it from a screw being too long it seems and some shavings touching piston. The carb is from another year and has been rejetted from stock 460 to 370. (Found this out when the carb rebuild kit wouldn't direct replace). Today: Top end rebuild was done with new gaskets, piston, and proper screws. The carb has been rebuilt besides the 370 jet, that was cleaned and put back in since I didn't have another one. Bike wont start. Doesn't even sound like it wants to. "Wet" is the term I use to describe it when kicking, but the plug isn't wet or flooded. Has good spark/compression. Where do I go from here to troubleshoot this thing???? thanks for reading all this!
  23. I have a 1999 Suzuki RM125. On the left side of the cylinder there is a knob. The knob is to adjust the spring tension of the exhaust valve/power valve. I know how to tighten/loosen the spring tension, but I don't know what the tension should be or how many turns it should be at, or where in the rev band it should open up. There is a little indicator with an arrow pointing clockwise, but again, I don't know how many turns to start at and where it should point, etc. Can you guys help me out? Thanks!
  24. VintageMoto

    Please Help Me Find This

    Im looking for a front brake caliper rebuild kit for my '85 RM125. I can't find anything besides an incomplete kit on eBay which lacks some of the parts I need. Does anyone know of a kit that will fit my bike or a company that still makes a kit for it? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  25. mxrook

    clutch trouble

    hey guys, I'm new to the world of bikes and my uncle has experience with bikes and showed me a few simple things like brake pads and bleeding my brake lines, i just bought my first bike a 2006 rm125. first time i went to ride we started it up and went to put it in first gear, slammed first gear and stalled. figured out if i rev while putting it in gear it goes in fine with a little lurch (no problem just getting my bearings riding the bike for now).clutch plates are brand new, swapped in a new clutch cable hoping that was the only issue. so with a brand new cable I'm still having this problem it seems as though the fitment is off. i was wondering if anyone has an opinions on what might be wrong, i was told something might be missing on the inside (from when previous owner replaced clutch) because the arm that holds the clutch inside the engine (no idea the name of it) could be a little bit lower so that it engages sooner and better. again like i said i apologize I'm a newb with all this and just looking for opinions on what may be wrong. my question is, why wont a clutch cable made for my bike not fit right? could i be missing an internal component causing issues? and should i just go with a whole new clutch kit?