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Found 45 results

  1. ceckert98

    rm250 2001 rm250 sunk help!

    hey, i was recently riding and managed to get into some deep water with my 2001 rm250 and after about 10 minutes it bogged out and wont start up. Im fairly new to dirt bikes and i know obliviously that much water isn't good for the bike and was wondering if i could get some help on how to clean out my bike and get it running again. thank you!
  2. I have a 1997 RM250 with a Keihin pwk38 37E1 carburetor. The seat is bad and is no longer available for rebuild. I was looking for an after market that would be more reliable than a used or even new of the pw38 model. This is last year before they added the power jet model Keihin. Any advice is much appreciated...
  3. peyton mcadams

    Complete 01 Rm 250 engine

    I recently took my 01 Rm 250 apart to do a full restore on it, but the money from parting it out is still in the back of my mind. That being said, would any of you be interested in buying this Box, and if so how much would you pay? its a complete, running engine, with EVERYTHING needed to make it run. Wiring harness, 2 carbs(both will need to be rejetted as i had jetting problems)and clutch cable, and throttle cables, radiators,radiator hoses, fmf gnarly, power core 2, new rental sprocket. The engine has a fresh top end( less then 5 hours on it) there was no crank play when taken apart, bottom end looked good, but will need a right crank seal, or the carb rejetted, i never figured out exactly which.
  4. I recently purchased a basket case 2000 rm125, with this bike came a tub of misc. parts. I have a cylinder that has been sleeved in great shape. I was told all parts in box were for 1998-2000 rm 125. This cylinder does not look like my 2000. From what I can tell from suzuki parts finder it appears to be a 1991? I say this because the power valve rod chamber on top right of jug does not have vent nipple, 1993 and after do. Any help would be appreciated. It measures 54.01 inside, also numbers in pictures are 7wh7 S ON base of front, also 50 on right side and 124cm3 on left side. I circled missing vent area in the one photo. thanks in advance
  5. hey guy's. a couple weeks ago i traded a ford bronco for a 97 rm250. the guy said it had been rebuilt about 4 month prior. well i tore it down the other day because it was REALLY hard to start after riding and stalling or killing it. on cold start shed fire RIGHT UP. when i tore it down i found that the cylinder was scratched up pretty good and a few feelable grooves. and there was a piece missing from just above the intake port that looked like he had tried to dremmel tool it back smooth...fail. threw off port timing. im going to send the cylinder off to get re dipped. the piston was toast as well. i orderd a weisco top end rebuild and complete gasket and seal kit. and a ton of other parts.. but my brother checked the clearances on my rod and crank. and he says its close to 7mm out.. i have found a complete crank and rod that came out of a 2000 rm250. the guy says it should fit a 97 rm250. is there anyone here that can confirm this before i spend another $200 on a paper weight? i hate that i even have to get a crank....because my bronco was worth more than this bike even IF this bike was in good condition..pretty much learned you cannot trust people.. but please any info on that crank AS SOON AS POSSIBLE would be so great. as i want to get it ordered ASAP if it will work. thanks so much
  6. Disgruntled Fun

    graphics RM250 Graphics kit. Help!

    I have found a picture of this Rm250 that was for sale in the uk probably 2 years ago but what I am more interested in is the graphics kit (Pictured). I have searched across the interweb but with no results. Does anyone know of what this kit is and if it is still available? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. Ryin Greely

    RM250 Sleeved

    After some research I have come to the conclusion that my 1993 RM250 is sleeved. Am I right? A magnet sticks to the cylinder wall. It seems there is some confusion about the magnet thing.
  8. Hello TT, I am in the middle of a 2002 RM250 build and for the life of me cannot figure out proper installation of foot pegs/springs. No matter how I try, it just doesn't seem right. Have looked all over, zoomed in on pics online and still just can't figure it out. The manual doesn't even really show it... Can someone with an 01/02 snap a close up pic of their pegs mounted and post?? This is slowly killing me.
  9. yz_ripper

    99 RM250 Stuck in Neutral

    Hi everyone! I'm the original owner, it's been a good 20 years just about and this bike has been flawless, but alas, i'm at a loss Doing a routine oil change, i start the bike up, ride it around 1st gear a bit, make sure the engine is warm, park it in neutral, shut her down. I change the oil, start her up and she wont click into 1st or 2nd. No matter what, rocking, pulling up hard, bike on/off, its definitely stuck in neutral, the shift lever moves fine, but no "clicking". So, I popped the clutch cover, things look fine, but definitely noticed some deep notching on the basket (replacing obviously). I get the basket off, the gearing seems fine, things move as i think they should, but now while pulling up on the shifter, i hear "clicks" like it's going into gear. The problem is i dont know enough about what i should be looking at and trying? So even though it clicks, and i move it up say into what i think is 4th gear... if i spin the rear tire, it still spins freely like it's in neutral, is that supposed to be the case or should it be impossible to spin the rear tire? Secondly, when starring at the case, i have 2 gears to the left, the main shaft in the middle, below that, the shifting mechanisms, and to the right i believe the pump gear. Again, it appears things are moving ok, but i dont know what i should be testing or looking for that's not normal. Hope i was detailed enough, i can send some photos if helpful. I called the dealership i bought it from, they asked me if things looked align? Thanks, Artie
  10. Ljharding_09

    Rm250 wont shift past 2nd

    My 98 rm250 won't shift past 2nd when running. When the motor is off it will shift through all gears smoothly. But when running it will shift into first and second fine, then shift lever just won't raise to shift again. This just started all of a sudden on a ride. Always shifted fine before, no wrecks, haven't dropped it. Any idea of what to look for? Thanks in advance!
  11. I have this RM 250 two stroke, I've determined it's 87 or 88 I can't tell which one exactly, I know they are similar. What is the difference in the 1987 and 1988 RM250 models?? I will be restoring it thanks! Pulled the oil drain plug and there was a lot of coolant in the oil. Lol what could that be head gasket or water pump?
  12. Hi i found this suzuki rmx250 race ecu and not sure what is the exact difference of the ecu then the normal one , if i use this ecu should i change any other setting such as jetting , it say `Competition use only` on the ecu Thanks !
  13. Collin Luckett

    Broken rear brake

    2002 rm250 just purchased. Was told the rear brake would need to be fixed since the bracket or mount that keeps it stationary is broken. In the picture where my pointer finger is there appears to be a piece of it broken off. I was told it was a piece that is actually welded to the swingarm where my other two fingers are located in the picture with the wheel off. And it does appear that there is a welded section broken off there. I do not have the broken piece and when I look at oem diagrams they do not show anything welded to that side of the swing arm. And the diagram that shows the brake bracket/mount only shows that my broken bracket is missing a small little section. Someone please help me because I can’t figure out what is missing or how to fix it. I was told I can buy an adapter piece that will bolt onto the swing arm but can’t find that online either. Thanks
  14. Hello, For this summer, I was looking for a project. As a desert/trial, and occasionally single track rider from Southern California, any time of the year works for a build like this. I grew up riding two-stroke and after a couple years on four strokes, I want to return to the enduro king. However, KTM and Husky sell their bikes for quite a high price tag. So, I have decided I want to take an older two stroke motocross bike i.e. cr250, yz250, etc., and make it the ultimate desert bike for significantly less than a new KTM. I am not loyal to one brand, but I have always loved Honda and spent a grand a month ago on all new gear with Honda's name plastered all over it. I know all the mods I want to do the bikes to make them enduro/desert ready: heavy flywheel, 18 inch rear wheel, new exhaust, steering stabilizer, etc. What I need help in is I don't know what bikes I can install a wide ratio transmission in. I know yz250 can take a 400 or 426 transmission, but can any other brand? I would like to see a cr250 with the gears of a 450x rippin through the desert. I like the steel frame for off road use, and I just need some advice on the best bike for this conversion. Thanks
  15. Hello all!! I picked this up yesterday. New to me 1997 RM250. It has Rockstar graphics on it and the guy said it's a Rockstar edition bike. I can't find anything online that would give me any details. It looks to have the correct graphics and the radiator shrouds are purple. Any ideas where to find out the details for these editions?
  16. ceckert98

    rm250 leaking gas help

    Hello i recently took the advice of a member on here on how to get my bike running after going through deep water. there advice was to take the gas tank and spark plug off then flip the bike upside down and hand pump the kick starter till no more water came out. I did this and no water came out so I put it back together and went to start it but when i turned on the gas it started leaking out of all the hoses. thank you for any help!
  17. I'm struggling to find a good light weight tool solution for tire iron/axle wrench for my 2006 rm250. Anybody have something that works for this odd sized front axle - 17mm axle diameter, 21mm spanner wrench needed???
  18. Wescrf

    Is my cr500 running hot?

    I installed a pro Circuit heat strip on the cylinder of my cr500 and was wondering what should my operating temp be or what should the strip be reading, if any of y’all have installed these on your 2 strokes the help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  19. Hi all. Well i am in the market again over the new few months to buy the right bike for myself. 25 years old, I have been a long time motorcycle rider. I've had several sport bikes, 600's , 1000's, a few cruisers too. Looking to give dirt biking a try as i haven't owned one myself yet. I do currently own a cruiser motorcycle so I do not have any highway requirements for a bike any longer. I've been on the fence with dual purpose vs strictly off road. I like what i read about the DRZ 400's and the Wr250r's. Im a bit of a suzuki fan however opened minded. I'd like to find something that is not too maintenance oriented mainly for the money. Most of my riding i intend will be wooded trails / forest type of terrain and some recreational dirt tracks. I am mechanically inclined too if that makes any difference. "" 1. What is your skill Level Beginner - Dirtbiker. Experienced on sport bikes and motorcycles. 2. What's your height & weight? 5'10 , 200lb 3. What year, make, & model of motorcycle are you coming from? And, what do you want the new bike to do better? Gsxr 1000's, r1's, zx10rs, Vstars, etc 4. What's your ballpark budget? 4000$ Max 5. What types of terrain will you be riding? Woods/ Dirt trails 6. Will you be racing or just play riding? Recreation play only. If you could recommend a bike for a first time dirtbiker what would you recommend to someone like myself? Thanks all!
  20. Needing some help, Picked up an 03 rm 250 non running. The guy had the cylinder replated and honed and a Wiseco top end kit put it but could not get it to start. It's getting spark, carb is clean, it's getting gas, the piston and rings were put in the right way, feels like it has great compression but almost feels a little hard to kick over. Not sure what could be causing not to start, any ideas??
  21. So im looking at two bikes, a 03 kx 250 and an 04 cr250r both have Some aftermarket parts and are about the same price, which should i buy?
  22. scotgary

    RM250 Rekluse Clutch Cover

    I am in need of a Rekluse clutch cover for my 06 RM250. They are discontinued. Does anyone know of where there may be one. The height of the Rekluse in the Suzuki requires the use of two of their 1/8in. gaskets stacked together. We have broken a number of covers due to the give in the gaskets when installing them, even with very little torque. Thank you,
  23. Josh Johnson


    So I just got done rebuilding my 2000 rm 250 bottom and top end. Its bored over 2.10mm to be a 265 (I believe). It has a Pro circuit header, FMF shorty silencer, and vforce 1 reeds. Its just barely broken in maybe an hour or two on it so far. It keeps fouling plugs and sounds a little rich. Its running a 160 Main (2 up from stock) and 48 Pilot (1 up from stock) with the needle clip on the stock setting. Should I change my needle clip position? Any help or tips would be greatly appreciated!
  24. Need some help identifying the year of this rm.... no vin number to go off of, I'm thinking around 1990 but I don't know. My brother says it has 2 holes in the neck of the frame whereas my 1998 only has 1. Justus trying to figure out the year before we try our hand at restoring it. Any help will be greatly appreciated
  25. Ryin Greely

    RM250 left hand thread?

    Is bolt #19 in the image left hand thread? It does not wanting to come free at all. I don't have air tools.