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Found 49 results

  1. So basically. I got this yuuuuggeee RM250 in a trade. It is a really nice bike. I really didn't know much about it when I got it, except that it was very pretty and extremely fast. Anyways, I look it up and find that its the only year of air cooled engine w/ mono shock suspension. Anyways I have been storing the bike ever since on inside of my house and I think its time to make some space. The bike deserves to be ridden more... Honestly, I am a little afraid of how fast it is! And in case you can't tell where this is going... I decided to sell the bike and thought maybe you would be interested. I know its not from the best era or the coolest bike you've ever seen... But it is clean, fast, and pretty dang rare. If you appreciated that I didn't just throw this at you and say BUY MY BIKE and instead wrote a semi-thoughtful write up about it and then hooked in the advertisement at the end. You should check out the bike on Ebay. Ill put the link below. It deserves a good home. Someone like you. Someone like your son who's birthday is coming up. If someone wants it come and get it. No reserve, I sell to highest bidder no questions asked. I will help with shipping, provide more info, etc at jonahdeich@gmail.com. The bike is located in Savannah, Georgia http://www.ebay.com/itm/222475245091?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  2. So i bought a 1992 rm125 about 1 week ago and it ran fine! i got it home and rode it for about 3 days, then after i let it cool down for about 20 minuets it would not start! I checked for spark, and for some reason, there was no spark. I bought a new ngk plug, and still nothing! I went through all the usual stuff, and still nothing! I bought a new stater, put it on, and now it will bump start, but not start using the kick starter. ( the kick starter is 100% good ) I think it may be the ignition coil, but i am not 100% sure. Any ideas?
  3. Hello I live in australia and would like to get back into competing in enduro events along with intermediate trails ive been reading up on just about every 2 stroke made in the years 2001-present and have bounced around the yz250 and rm250 as a suitable bike for an enduro/trail setup once it has had some minor ish work. What should i be looking for in a rm250 2004-2008 these are the years im mostly interested are there any issues / areas of wear i should be concerned or year specific features/enhancements. at this point im looking more for guidance as of ive just been offered a reasonable deal on a 2007 rm250 locally and wouldn't mind a bit of a small ish project bike to biuld up for my desires. im open to any suggestions even suggestions of a different bike.
  4. I have a 1998 Rmx250... I have just gotten the bike back from being rebuilt. The bikes performance is prestige but I have come to realize that it is ugly. I am going to be ordering a graphics kit for it however, I can not do so until I find a set of radiator shrouds. The problem with the shrouds on the bike now is that they are purple. The graphics kit I'm ordering has a bike on display with yellow shrouds. The colors of the graphics themselves are black, white and yellow. The purple would no doubt throw off the color scheme. So to get to the point, does anyone know where I could find a set of yellow radiator shrouds for the bike...I'd much appreciate it.
  5. Okay, so I bought this 2000 RM250, I've never done anything besides basic maintenance really, so I bought this to learn. Im not sure if im posting in the right place or not, if not forgive me, but I paid $200 for it, wasnt expecting much, he said he thought it needed carb work, but took off the top end and the piston has pock marks, and is shot, the cylinder looks clean, now the crank has play in it (vertically) so I was told the crankshaft needs replaced, on another forum, problem is I cant find a crank shaft, a complete bottom end, anything, closest I can find is a rod, and I can find top end kits all day long, also the swingarm bolt is seized, so advice on that would help also, so if anyone could point me in the right direction it would be appreciated, I found a 2002 bottom end on ebay but i'm not sure if it would work or not, but I bid on it since it was real cheap and something happened and ebay shut down my account, so any advice?
  6. I needed a spark arrestor and just ordered an FMF Turbinecore 2 for my '06 RM250. After placing the order I read a review for the Turbinecore 2 on a YZ250 and they talked about two different models of Turbinecore 2s - one for MX and one for trails. I tried to find more info on this and came up empty on FMF's website. Anyone ever heard of this? I did notice there were two different decals on the silencers being offered online. I hope I ordered the right one to go with my Gnarly pipe for tight single track...
  7. Hello all! This is my first post so forgive me if I miss any formalities. Just got my hands on a 01 rm250, I have been running through the forums here looking for info but I feel that my need for information is too broad, probably because this is my first smoker. I'm a handy guy though so I feel that I shouldn't have many issues getting this thing in top shape (with a little help of course). The bike has a few small issues. First and foremost being that it is quite hard to start when cold. This I learned the hard way with no boots and a bruised foot. Second issue is there seems to be a bog mid throttle, its like it falls on its face right before it hits the band. Mods include a fmf shorty and vforce reeds. I have went through the carb and checked the reeds. One set of the reeds was really loose when I got them off so I snugged those up and put it back together. This helped some. I have been through the forums many times, the issue is I don't see many 01s with these issues and im unsure of the model changes through the years. Will post pics when I get off work. Thanks for any insight.
  8. I installed a Mosse Torque/Reed Spacer today after pulling my bike ('06 RM250) out of winter storage. I cleaned the air filter and let it dry while doing the install and filled 'er up with gas. When I fired 'er up for the first time since October the idle was basically at full throttle and coincidentally my kill switch stopped working!!! (I've had kill switch issued a couple times before) All I could think to do was turn the gas off. She sprayed spooge out the exhaust until finally running out of gas. NOT how I wanted to start my season! I tried again, this with the kill switch working, and cranked the idle screw in both directions all the way and no help. Just an RM screaming at the top of her lungs! Any ideas? What did I do wrong? The throttle is not stuck... Do I need to rejet??? If so, would it be that drastic??? Help
  9. Hello all, Im in a bit of a snafoo. I’m in the middle of revalving my forks on my 93 rm250 (45mm showas) and I’ve come to realize that I am missing the needle valve from one of the forks. I’m looking all over for a replacement, but I can’t find anything. Does anybody have an idea of where I can find this part? It’s discontinued so im doubtful that a new part is available anymore. mfg # 51192-43D00 damper rod needle ive included some pictures to help anyone understand which part I am looking for. It is part #14 on the diagram.
  10. Hi, working on an 84 PE full floater, which needs a rear shock to really go off road. Looked everywhere and there’s nothing out there. Does anyone know if an RM one will fit? If so what year and model?? cheers in advance Waz
  11. Hey guys I was wondering if you could tell me if this stator looks okay and is right. It’s off a 2010 KTM 250 XC. I just pulled it off the other day to grease up the e-starting gears, and I don’t know much about the ignition system so could someone tells me if this stator is supposed to look like this? I’ve since cleaned up all the black crude. Thanks
  12. I have an opportunity to purchase a 2004 RMZ250. The motor is locked up and the owner doesn't know what is wrong with it. The transmission is free and the bike rolls. Is this worth my time in rebuilding the motor? Overall the bike is in good shape. My guess is that maybe the piston has a problem or it's in the crank. Opinions?
  13. So I recently bought a 1997 RM250 for pretty cheap, the guy claimed it had a top to bottom rebuild. From what I can see the bottom looks to be done, but not the top. Compression is good but I looked down the spark plug hole and see alot of carbon buildup on the top of the piston. Anyway, the bike is extremely hard to start, cleaned the carb, checked the reeds, I have fuel and spark and this is the only thing I think it could be. I will provide a picture of what I mean but when i took the intake and reeds off and looked in the intake, I could see fuel dripping down the sides of the cylinder. Could it be blown rings/ old piston? I'm out of ideas.. Picture of the fuel dripping: https://imgur.com/a/xWF89 Thanks guys 👍
  14. Hey everyone, So my buddy has a 2003 KX250 with a bent frame, and I have a perfect 02 rm250 roller. Anyone know how easy it would be to swap the kawi engine into the zuki frame? From what I've read it should be fairly easy, because the engine mounts are almost the same with the early 2000's... Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  15. Hey guys, was hoping someone could help me identify what year my engine is? I was told the bike was a 99, turned out to be a 96. But when replacing my top end, a 96 piston doesn't fit. So was hoping someone could help. The vin on the casing is "J115-103439" Thanks!
  16. I have an 01 RM125, Need help what year plastics on the rmz fit on the rm like front plastics Has anyone else done it here?
  17. Hello i recently took the advice of a member on here on how to get my bike running after going through deep water. there advice was to take the gas tank and spark plug off then flip the bike upside down and hand pump the kick starter till no more water came out. I did this and no water came out so I put it back together and went to start it but when i turned on the gas it started leaking out of all the hoses. thank you for any help!
  18. One of the major shortfalls of the DRZ400 is the front/rear suspension in stock form. Early non adjustable forks were too spongy soft and later adjustable forks were stiff and tracked poorly. The rebound only adjustable rear shock was a bit better than the front end but still left a lot to be desired. Compared to my Husqvarna 610 it felt downright anemic and dangerous. While you can sink a bunch of money into revalving, respring, racetech, ect. and end up with a nice ride, I was more interested in what I might get with a bolt on swap. If you read through the forums there is ample info about which forks can swap onto the DRZ with the RM forks being the preferred. However, there are lots of variations in offset which complicate which year to buy, it's a little vague what exactly is direct compatible, and there are a ton of opinions on how it will ride better/worse etc, but very few reports back from people who have made the swap. That's why I'm writing this up. I chose to take a less expensive route which I feel looks better and performs to a level Im used to with my 2 stroke MX bikes. I direct swapped the triples and forks from an 05 RM250, reusing my stock wheel, rotor, caliper, and headlight with a DRZ400SM headlight mount, all sourced online for less than $200. All of this was direct bolt on with no modification. This change alone was night and day better in every way. It held a line with much more confidence and less chatter, it handles soft sand more like it's riding on it and less like it occasionally plows, it rides much smoother at higher speeds, and it's less twitchy as opposed to more. It felt much more nimble and lighter even though any weight loss was minimal. With just the front end swapped It immediately felt on par with my Husqvarna. In fact, it feels so much like my 2 stroke MX bike that I was genuinely suprised. This was all with the stock rear shock which now felt too soft and the new limiting factor. For the rear I direct swapped an 06 RM125 rear shock and reused my stock drz spring to help manage my weight. Realistically I should be running a slightly stiffer spring but with the addition of adjustable high speed/low speed compression that comes on the rm125 shock, the rear end management feels again substantially improved. The speed, confidence, and aggression at which I can take obstacles feels like a completely different bike. It does sit higher. By my measurements it has a bit more travel now. To my surprise, it feels better on the road up to 80mph and tracks very well with maybe a tad more brake dive than stock. All this being said, I'm not saying you should make the swap. I'm not saying it handles better than a boat load of money thrown at the stock forks. I'm not saying that my style of Southern California Ocotillo Wells desert riding is directly comparable to your style of riding. What I am saying is there is a lot of erroneous information about how this swap might perform and if it's worth it over stock. I feel based on cost and performance that it hands down is absolutely worth it! Feel free to post up if you want to know more. I would have appreciated some real world experience before I nervously made the leap.
  19. So I bought this 2000 Suzuki RM250 a couple of months ago it was running rough from the beginning it doesn’t seem to want to hit powerband. It has gotten a little better then it was in the beginning. I did a carb rebuild on it to check the jetting, replaced the reeds as well as the air filter. We also moved the clip on the jet needle up one from middle because it liked fouling plugs. The engine also has very good compression which pushes me away from the idea of a worn top end. To this day I get no low end power at all, sometimes it will hit powerband higher in the rpm curve but sometimes it doesn’t. But it does sputter even when I am giving it gas. Me and my buddy tried messing with the air screw on the carb but it didn’t do much and we also tried messing with the power valve adjustment and it didn’t do much. If anybody has any advice I would greatly appreciate it cause I feel like I just about hit rock bottom with ideas. Thank you!
  20. I found this video series on Youtube and thought I should share it. Might be useful for many people on here working on their bike. The guy is completely restoring a 1992 RM250. All the videos are great in my opinion with good descriptions and attention to detail. The bike is a 92 RM250, so many of the major components (top end, frame, clutch, intake) should be the same as 96-98 RMX250
  21. So I’ve recently got this 03 suzuki rm250 2stroke and it was running ok when we went to go pike it up when we got it home we changed all the fluids and then it wouldn’t start I found out that the throttle was stuck half way open now it seems like it’s running super rich like 10x the smoke on a cold start and it doesn’t go away when the bike warms up also I took the pipe off and I poured like a quart and half of spooge out of the pipe and it doesn’t really what to rev up to the high rpms I’ve also check my he carb it’s a stock needle on the second position and Im running a 150 main and a 45 pilot idk what’s going on any help would be great
  22. After some research I have come to the conclusion that my 1993 RM250 is sleeved. Am I right? A magnet sticks to the cylinder wall. It seems there is some confusion about the magnet thing.
  23. Hello, For this summer, I was looking for a project. As a desert/trial, and occasionally single track rider from Southern California, any time of the year works for a build like this. I grew up riding two-stroke and after a couple years on four strokes, I want to return to the enduro king. However, KTM and Husky sell their bikes for quite a high price tag. So, I have decided I want to take an older two stroke motocross bike i.e. cr250, yz250, etc., and make it the ultimate desert bike for significantly less than a new KTM. I am not loyal to one brand, but I have always loved Honda and spent a grand a month ago on all new gear with Honda's name plastered all over it. I know all the mods I want to do the bikes to make them enduro/desert ready: heavy flywheel, 18 inch rear wheel, new exhaust, steering stabilizer, etc. What I need help in is I don't know what bikes I can install a wide ratio transmission in. I know yz250 can take a 400 or 426 transmission, but can any other brand? I would like to see a cr250 with the gears of a 450x rippin through the desert. I like the steel frame for off road use, and I just need some advice on the best bike for this conversion. Thanks
  24. My 98 rm250 won't shift past 2nd when running. When the motor is off it will shift through all gears smoothly. But when running it will shift into first and second fine, then shift lever just won't raise to shift again. This just started all of a sudden on a ride. Always shifted fine before, no wrecks, haven't dropped it. Any idea of what to look for? Thanks in advance!
  25. Hello TT, I am in the middle of a 2002 RM250 build and for the life of me cannot figure out proper installation of foot pegs/springs. No matter how I try, it just doesn't seem right. Have looked all over, zoomed in on pics online and still just can't figure it out. The manual doesn't even really show it... Can someone with an 01/02 snap a close up pic of their pegs mounted and post?? This is slowly killing me.
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