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Found 36 results

  1. I recently bought a 2017 rmz 250 and it won’t run, the bike will start up first or second kick, run for 30 seconds then shut off and I have no clue what it could be any help is appreciated thanks
  2. Hi, I’m having spark issues on my kx250f. If anyone is willing to do swaptronics with me, please let me know. Not sure what the problem is, so I figured someone could help me out by doing this. Thanks
  3. I start my motocross challenge with 2011 YZ450F . although i had many years experience with heavy cubic MC , from the first start i underestand it have so much power . and the first try MX track was scary and i decide to sell it . but as i am a stubborn person , i keep pushing and learning whit this bike . + mapping it as soft as possible and now i am getting better . last weekend i tried a rmz250 and was amazed how well i can drive it, but i didnt like it there was no power in it . now i need help : my friend suggest me to change to a 250 2 stroke : so how dose it feel to change from 450 4t to 250 2 stroke !? it is getting even harder !? or should i just not give up and keep pushing and learning with a 450 !? or maybe i just go to 20 4 stroke !?
  4. So i bought a 1992 rm125 about 1 week ago and it ran fine! i got it home and rode it for about 3 days, then after i let it cool down for about 20 minuets it would not start! I checked for spark, and for some reason, there was no spark. I bought a new ngk plug, and still nothing! I went through all the usual stuff, and still nothing! I bought a new stater, put it on, and now it will bump start, but not start using the kick starter. ( the kick starter is 100% good ) I think it may be the ignition coil, but i am not 100% sure. Any ideas?
  5. Ive got a real bugger here. I have a 2007 RMZ250 with a recent top end rebuild. New Wiseco piston and rings, new exhaust valves, new head, and new stage 2 Hotcams. The valves were lapped to the new head. I also put a FMF megabomb on it too. Ok, so right after I finished the rebuild, it started on the 4th kick and ran strong. I did a couple heat cycles and both times it started right up. Next day I was ready to do a 1/2 throttle break-in and it took a while to start this time. It finally started and I rode it and it ran perfect. The low end power was really smooth. After that, I let it cool completely down for the next ride. Couple hours later and I started it up again (not much hassle) but as soon as I cranked the throttle for the first time, my low end power was gone but my high end power-band was crisp. The low end would garble and choke but as soon as I gave it more gas, It hit the power-band and ran fine. I ran it like this for around 30 minutes, nothing changed. I parked it and let it cool down completely again and that was the last time it ran. It would not start after that. I kicked it for about 15 minutes in total and tried to bump start it. Nothing. I then cleaned the carb and tried again- still nothing, every 10th kick or so it would pop but that was it. I put a new spark plug in it and still nothing. Another thing, I weigh 155 pounds and can barely kick it over. I have to literally put all of my weight on the kick start lever and sometimes it still wont turn over. could the auto-decompression not be working right? Do the valved need to be re shimmed with the hotcams? Would the megabomb cause it to not run with the stock jetting now even though it ran fine before I cranked on the throttle? Im stumped guys. Any thoughts or Ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
  6. Hello All, Well, I came home with a 2013 RMZ250 today and I am super excited. This will be a project bike for me as the motor is currently locked up. I got this bike for such a good deal, I could not pass it up. I dont know much about it yet, but tomorrow, I will drain the oil and start opening up the sides of the engine to see what I can find. Since this is my first Suzuki, do you have any suggestions on where to start? Also, anyone have a 2013 Service manual? That would really help me out. Just wanted to start this thread as I am sure I will have numerous questions and you guys are the pros. Wish me luck and check back for updates. Cheers!
  7. Hey, I'm looking for a good used muffler for my 07 rmz250 and I was wondering if other years would fit on the 07? I know that 07-09 are the same but are there any others that would fit? thanks
  8. I just bought a used 2016 RMZ 250. It doesn’t have the SHAC. Is that standard on the 2016? What are my options as far as reading hours without it?
  9. Buckle in this is a long one. Any advice is appreciated! I have a 2011 RMZ 250 that has done me very well for 4 years. Has been a very reliable bike with lots of power. Last year it started to act up a bit, slightly less power & became more difficult to start, especially cold (side note: it’s a Suzuki so it’s never started great cold but usually 3 or 4th kick was the case). Still ran okay though & fiddled with the fuel screw a bit which seemed to help with the starting/power issue for the rest of the season. This past winter we pulled it apart, put a brand new piston in, checked the valve clearances, moderate amount of carbon build up on the valves which we cleaned off, and put in a new spark plug which is also in spec. Bike still wouldn’t start great cold but was starting on about the 8-10th kick and power seemed to be improved although not 100%. I’ve take it for quite a few rides now and broken the new piston in and am having more issues: -won’t kick over cold at all but bump starts just fine -will kick over first or 2nd kick when warm but NOT when the bike starts to get even slightly hot -very little top end power. Bottom of the gears seem to be full power and the hotter the bike gets the less power I have in the top end -bike began to backfire quiet a bit when hot -won’t idle in gear when hot Any advice on what to replace/trouble shoot next? I had a buddy tell me it could be a worn out injector so that’s what I’m looking at replacing next. Thanks!
  10. Im planning on adding some power to my 15 rmz250. The idea so far is High compression piston(not super high still want the option to run 91oct), and hot cams, and full exhaust, and getting it re-tuned on dyno. Im just wondering if anyone has had success making these motors faster how they did it.
  11. Hello I want to order a 2016 gearbox but I have a question. Does a rmz 250 2016 gearbox fit in a rmz 250 2015 engine ? because I have always have problems with the 15 gearbox and the 16 gearbox is much better i have ask 6 local dealers but they think it fits but nowone nows it for sure do anybody can help my ? Greetings Rens
  12. I recently purchased a secondhand RMZ 250 2004 and it has had trouble kick starting ever since I got it. I drained gas, I cleaned the carb, The oil is fine, I changed the air filter and i changed the spark plug and it is still super hard to get started. Has anyone had the same problem and can give me some advice?
  13. I have an opportunity to purchase a 2004 RMZ250. The motor is locked up and the owner doesn't know what is wrong with it. The transmission is free and the bike rolls. Is this worth my time in rebuilding the motor? Overall the bike is in good shape. My guess is that maybe the piston has a problem or it's in the crank. Opinions?
  14. So I just bought a 2017 rmz 250 and I was wondering how often I have to rebuild the top end. I figured as long as a keep the oil changed every 3 hours and a new oil filter every other oil change and keeping the air filter clean I wouldn't have to touch the top end very often but the book says every 20 hours and I don't think I can fit that in my budget so often, any opinion is appreciated, thanks.
  15. My bikes been hard to start and making a ticking noise in the top end after a new piston and crank. Just removed valves and nothing broken or bent a lot of carbon build up on the exhausts especially though (I guess this is normal?) Some cam journal wear = some scoring marks nothing's crazy and a minor bent c clamp is my only guess... piston didn't look like the valves were beating it but I dunno ... Here's the noise Cam journal wear Bent c clamp
  16. Ive almost completed a rebuild, the bike was recently purchased and needed some gearbox problems sorted out, I've sorted that out its just i have accidentally bent one of the piston rings and need some advice on replacing the rings if anyone can help me. I am unsure what brand of piston it is, stamped on the underside is VP and and on the top exhaust side is 13-27 22335, inlet side is B 76.96. I have tried googling these numbers to find a brand and model as I'm guessing piston rings are specific but have had no luck, can anyone identify this piston? Thanks, Luke
  17. Detailed technical information now available for the completely upgraded RM-Z25 BREA, CA – September 11, 2018 – (Motor Sports Newswire) – Suzuki Motor of America (SMAI) is proud to release technical details for the all-new 2019 RM-Z250 motocrosser. The RM-Z250’s features and preliminary specifications are available on the SuzukiCycles.com website. Redesigned for 2019, the updated RM-Z250 now mirrors the cutting-edge styling of the championship-caliber RM-Z450. An upgraded engine and list of chassis changes that achieve superior performance, were developed so the RM-Z250 remains the best handling 250 on the track. The 2019 RM-Z250 features a new cylinder head that contributes to better throttle response and power, and a new dual injector EFI system that increases performance through the entire rev-range. Exceptional handling from a new, lighter aluminum frame and swingarm contribute to the RM-Z250’s advancement as well as a new KYB-supplied suspension that includes a new coil-spring fork. Race-ready Dunlop MX33 tires and improved braking performance increases stopping power and feel with a larger front brake rotor to help keep the rider in control. Back in the pits, tuning the new EFI system for maximum performance is easy thanks to Suzuki’s proven fuel-coupler system. Evolving the fundamental performance elements of ‘RUN’, ‘TURN’ and ‘STOP’ to a new level, Suzuki has infused the Winning Balance into the 2019 RM-Z250. With particular attention focused on advancing its ‘TURN’ capabilities, Suzuki engineers have achieved an even greater level of balance between the race-proven engine and the slim, nimble chassis to again raise the standard for cornering performance. Key New Advancements for the 2019 RM-Z250 Increased Engine Performance New cylinder head delivers increased output and throttle response New dual fuel injector system increases high rpm power Evolved traction management system helps the bike hook up on a variety of surfaces Updated Suzuki Holeshot Assist Control (S-HAC) launches you out of the starting gate fast Greater Cornering Performance New frame and swingarm balances lightness with strength Revised engine location and new mounts expands the chassis’ nimble handling Coil spring KYB fork provides superb performance and easy tuning New KYB rear shock and linkage deliver remarkable control Race-ready, High-grip Dunlop MA33 Tires Improved Braking Performance Larger front brake increases stopping power and feel New, compact rear master cylinder is designed to prevent mud from collecting on it and from catching on the rider’s boots Functional Styling Aggressive new styling from the championship-caliber RM-Z450 Narrow cockpit and ergonomics lets rider move with ease for maximum racing performance Rider-friendly Tuning Fuel couplers are included for quick and easy EFI tuning Pricing: TBA Availability: February 2019
  18. The problem occurs about the midrange, the motor runs uneven and dont produce any power. The motor starts easily, don't smoking, and idles very well. Under and above this certain rpm range the bike runs well. In neutral the problem dont occurs. In smaller gears and in sliperry terrain where the wheel can spin the bike runs better. My first thought was it is a carburetor problem, but douesnt matter the throttle position, the problem always occurs on the same rpm range, so I start to think maybe the ignition has the problem. I found the stock carburetor setting is: 170 main, and nldt-4 needle. The bike had 175 main and I changed it to 162 (because there is 2 type of k9 rmz 250 and the other type of k9 stock main is 162) but it dont solve the problem, I also tried different clip positions. I changed the spark plug and the old the spark plug has a perfect brown color. I dont check the float level and needle because I think if its bad the bike would run bad in every rpm range. By the way the bike is totally stock. Sorry if I made any mistake in my write, my english knowledge is not perfect.
  19. I have just recently bought an rmz 2010 250, first of the fuel injected. As normal I’ll let it warm up, once I get on the track it’s cutting out, and ticks over no problem at all, is this a fuelling Issue or is it the valves? I will be replacing the piston etc but I’d rather know if this could be more of a fuelling issue before I got chasing problems, bike is hard too start but still feels like it has good compression, something backfires when kicking.. also what would be the best piston etc too run with this year of bike. Thanks in advance
  20. I have a 2004 rmz 250 and when I pull in the clutch and put it into first gear the bike still moves (the clutch is all the way in.) I tried adjusting the cable and the idle but that didn't help at all. Also when the bike is running I can't go back to neutral unless I shut it off. Are these problems related? And do I need a new clutch or new clutch basket? Pls help! Thanks.
  21. T_Winans229


    So, I’m back Currently have the case split and going over the transmission. Felt like something was wrong so just double checking. I’m looking at diagrams online and most common sites show a 2013 L2 transmission. Which has a few washers missing from mine, but I found a euro site for the 250 L3 transmission. Also I have found the 450 pulls up the L3 transmission. Are chances that the 450 L3 is the same as the 250 L3? Not trying to order anything from overseas. Just don’t want to much waiting
  22. I got a 2008 rmz 250 the kick starter is froze up and at one point I got to kick it twice and locked up again I took the clutch side off and checked the gears and one of the gears won’t spin without prying with a screw driver I don’t know what gear but I have a picture of it it’s the gear closer to the water pump u can only see half of it I think the clutch basket gear meshes with it help
  23. I recently bought a 2005 Rmz 250 for $1850. The bike's in great shape all stock. When i went to buy it and test ride it he had it firing first kick. I loved it, so i bought it. When i got it home i could not start easily. It took at least a minute of kicking (which is ridiculous coming from a 2 stroke), but it was very easy to bump start. About a week later i was messing around with it and i got it to fire between 1-3 kicks. What you do is slowly kick through until you feel a little click (TDC) then slowly go roughly half way down until you feel a sorta soft spot. Come up and kick all the way through and it should start from 1-6 kicks which is a HUGE improvement from from kicking and kicking until it would start. Hope it helps. I couldn't find any forums explaining hoe to start a 04-06 rmz 250.
  24. I have a 2013 rmz250 that had been running like a dream until it hit 30 hours on a new rebuild done by a shop and paid for by previous owner. I bought this bike with 19 hours on it and loved every second spent on it until it started to act like it was running out of fuel when it got hot. I got it most of the way back to my barn and had to push it the rest. It would start just fine, run for about 3-4 seconds then quit. 3-4 times. I let it sit overnight and the next day I tried it again and the kick-start lever won't even move even with 220 pounds on it. I took out the spark plug to investigate and decided to try to kick it over a few times. After 2-3 kicks it took almost no effort like it should have and I thought it would most likely be fine so I put the spark plug back in, hooked everything back up, and it started up just fine but would still die after 3-4 seconds, and now I'm right back where I started and the lever wont even move. Any ideas on what this could be?
  25. Hello all!! I picked this up yesterday. New to me 1997 RM250. It has Rockstar graphics on it and the guy said it's a Rockstar edition bike. I can't find anything online that would give me any details. It looks to have the correct graphics and the radiator shrouds are purple. Any ideas where to find out the details for these editions?
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