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Found 11 results

  1. What is this Red Top Jet Needle without any other markings on it? When I bought my 2012 YZ250 a few months back it wasn’t long before I took the carb apart and noticed it had a JN with no markings on it. The only thing I could ID on it was that the top/Head was painted red. I tried replacing the JN with others (EW, EJ, CW) for ID reasons but nothing seem to work as good as the Red Top JN. It just seems to be the magic JN! Need to know for future reference and recommend it to anyone!!!
  2. I made a Kawasaki 2-stroke service report, thought someone might be interested. I hope it will make it easier to track what service I've done and what's coming up. It's based on the periodic maintenance chart from the service manual of my 1999 KX250. I've made some alterations and merged a couple of items. The idea is to print it double sided to get space for additional comments. It would be interesting to hear your opinions. Excel: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3yiF_m3txnERzhXY000MTdTWXM/view?usp=sharing PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B3yiF_m3txnEZkhQOFVTR29VQms/view?usp=sharing
  3. furball751

    250L Service Manual Free pdf

    If Any one is looking here is a copy of the 2013 CRF250L shop/service manual. http://www.hondampe.com.au/docs/owni...F250L13_OM.pdf Hope it helps any one that needs or wants it.
  4. So here is my contribution to the forum. I've managed to get a 250/300 Workshop Manual. It is in images and with medium resolution, but it's OK to print. Hope it can help. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vw9datj2iizzpaz/AAB_TO8JYqqtTrlK4_oAgG4la?dl=0
  5. anywhere on the innerweb to download it yet?
  6. Caleb Breaux

    Pissed at Honda

    So I've got 2015 crf250x. I did many of the ccc mods and now it runs like a champ. Starts on first kick/push and I love the suspension and feel. What I hate about the bike is how hard it is to work on. Specifically the carb. For anyone who doesn't own a 250x/450x the carb sits right behind a large portion of subframe and is nearly impossible to access. I have a after market fuel screw and I still can barely get to it with my hands. If you actually wan't to clean the carb you have to lift the whole sub frame to get it out. Now my throttle cable is seized up (probably from sand) and I am going to have to replace. I'm not mad that the cable seized, it happens, things go wrong grit gets in places its not supposed to be and parts wear out. However where my throttle cables attach to my carb is completely inaccessible. So I am going to have to lift the sub frame again! This is not that big a deal but the last time I tried to get the airbox boot back on the carb it took 5 hours and a shit ton of grease. Carb work is something that is common on all dirtbikes. Even just for maintenance. It should not be that difficult to access it. It seems like honda doesn't want owners to work on their bikes anymore. Don't even get me started on trying to find a current service manual (because the bikes don't come with them anymore). I looked at several buddies bikes because I was curious as to how they are layed out, and for the ktm, yamaha, and suzuki the throttle cable fix wouldn't take more than 30 minutes. But its going to be an all day process for me. I'm so pissed right now I'm thinking about selling my bike and switching makers because I feel like this is going to become a recurring problem. What do you guys think? Any honda guys out there gonna convince me otherwise?
  7. rusty_camper

    Maintenance Schedule

    Hello fellow riders, Being a dual-sport fan by heart and a software developer by trade, I couldn’t resist the urge to create an app that would help me to keep track of my bike’s upcoming maintenance schedule, service history and expenses. Initially created for my Suzuki DR650 and available to the DR650 community, I just had to extend it to support the mighty Honda XR650… not after months of nagging from a XR650 friend (hello Nick, I know you’re reading this). Free forever, no ads, no bs! Android only, sorry iPhone users. Don’t take my word for it, link: get it on Google Play Store Your feedback is welcome and appreciated. Have fun riding!
  8. I’m a DIY’fer all the way. But I’m wondering if I can change my Factory Connection springs (front: from .48 to .50, rear: from 6 to 6.7) on my 2012 YZ250 without changing other parts (other than obviously the seals for the forks) and if so what parts and where to buy them? There’s only a few parts available in the FC site that I could find. I already ordered my springs. What other type DIY service can be done? Any advice/guidance will be greatly appreciated! #yz250 #factoryconnection #doityourself #suspension #onabudget #frontforks #rearshock #spring #kyb
  9. maxjdroog

    92-95 CR250 service Manual

    Hey all, does anyone have a PDF service manual for a 95 or newer CR250. Doing fork seals and a few other maintenance items and would like to review the manual. I cannot find anything online regarding the forks on the 95 and older models. Not sure exactly how to bleed the inner fork cartridge. Thanks
  10. funkinalive

    Good video on servicing your TAC forks

    Came across a good video on servicing your Showa SFF TAC forks: if there is anything i would add/critique it would be to take longer strokes and use momentum to separate the forks instead of short hard hits. I think he skipped the part about adding oil to the inner chamber. Also use a good torque wrench, if in doubt, go slightly lower on torque (about 5%) the threads are soft and can be easily stripped. Other than that, a great overview.