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Found 20 results

  1. My wheel has some pretty serious lateral movement. I dont have a truing stand but my buddy could lend me a spoke torque wrench. Would I be able to eliminate the lateral movement only using the the torque wrench ? regards
  2. The Creature

    Piston 300 ser

    Are there any piston options other than oem? Will Ktm 300 piston be compatible? I have not held them side by side yet...
  3. Make this a complication, post your night time riding videos here:
  4. M.Roman

    Trials Crosstraining

    There isn't many forums talking about trials, and how it is related to offroad riding so I decided to start this thread. When it comes to offroad riding a trials bike (IMO) is pivotal to advancing your skills past the average level and yet there isn't a lot of media expressing this. If you look at the top world riders you'll find over and over that they come from a trials background. I've ridden trials for over 3 years and have seen every bit of the skills transfer over, and most noticeably when I ride trials the day before enduro. Probably the most important skill I've honed is balance. You can spend 30 minutes at the end of your work day riding in your yard, or driveway just to get some training in. I can't even count the amount of times I got on to ride for a short bit, then notice an hours gone flying by! Since then I've noticed the trials riding consistently prepares me mentally for bigger hits on my enduro bike; straight rock faces, gnarly drop ins, mossy stream/rock gardens, all stuff that people consider hard enduro. On top of all that, the trials bike allows me to scope out new areas to make trails in remote spots that some people won't even hike, let alone take a full size bike through. And who doesn't like brand new single track??!
  5. Was wondering which is the best street legal enduro bike in your opinion. Want to see different opinions since I'm new at this. Details appreciated. Thanks
  6. Hey all, I’d love your feedback on my latest production. If you like what you see, please subscribe, share with your friends on social media or just provide us with your opinion as it all helps my small team and I a lot! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oE24KqGukWE Facebook – Life of Loam Instagram - @lifeofloam
  7. Hey fans of trials! September 1&2, 2018 in the sunny Northern California Sierra Nevada mountain range marks the date for the 2018 Trial Store AMA-NATC MotoTrials National Series Finale. If you ride trials and want to ride in one the premier trials riding areas in the nation, or if you just want to come out and watch the best trials riders in the nation, then don’t miss this event! It also happens to be rounds 1&2 of the FIM North American Championship Trials followed up by rounds 3&4 in British Columbia. For more information, check out sactopits.org/national as well as mototrials.com For the Canadian round, please see trialsbc.com as well as motorcyclingcanada.ca
  8. Bryan Bosch

    Show us your Sherco motorcycle!

    Let's see pictures and/or video of your Sherco motorcycle. Don't be shy... Let's see what you've got!
  9. My wife has had a year of riding now on her KLX140L and has become a good rider. The only problem is she's watched too many Graham Jarvis videos and wants a Gas Gas contact or a Beta Evo Sport. She's leaning heavy towards the Gas Gas with electric start. She's 5'3 so full size enduro bikes are out. Been there and done that, it didn't work. We ride single track and mostly slower technical stuff. She isn't a fast rider already so going slower would be hard to imagine. Any thoughts or advice is greatly appreciated!
  10. Some enduro riding in snow
  11. NORhardenduro

    Pure Sand Paradise

  12. Please like, subscribe and comment
  13. mahons101

    Mx setup for 2017 Sherco 300 ser

    So guys have recently purchased a Sherco 300ser and realised how much I miss mx I have talk to mpe suspension about gettin the suspension set up and they have a good setup but will the bike be alright for mx
  14. I went on my first ride on the 17 300 SE-R, and oh my how I was impressed! Basic setup: Suspension - First ride, so I didn't touch a damn thing. I figured I'd get in one ride to break it in before messing with the clickers. Sag was close enough (i'm 172 lbs, so most bikes are targeted to my weight region). Forks - I was a little worried going from the excellent KYB SSS, but the forks tracked well, didn't push in the corners, and didn't deflect too much. Didn't even play with the clickers (lazy I know...) Shock - Again, thought it would be a downgrade from the KYB, but was pretty happy. Motor - Going from a heavily modified 08 YZ250 (essentially a YZ250x with the stock YZ tranny) to the Sherco is a pretty major departure, had me changing my riding style to more torque-centric than powerband-centric. The plus - much less wheelspin so traction was abundant. Drawback - Getting it on the pipe is totally different than the YZ, so when you want that power explosion it's not really there. I hope jetting will remedy this. Speaking of jetting! Jetting - NECJ middle clip, 168 main, 38 pilot, 1.25 AS. AMSOil Dominator at 50:1, 93 octane pump fuel Starts up with choke on, turn choke off after 20 seconds Idle is a little rough until it's all warmed up, no excessive smoking Once under way and it's warmed up, the idle will creep up. Had to lower it twice before it finally calmed down Down low is super tractor-like/4-stroke, but no balls Mid-range is strong and smooth, maybe too smooth? Top end is where it falls flat, but i'm thinking it's just a main jet adjustment away. I'm still looking for the YZ style WHOOOSHHHH when it hits the powerband Other - I hate all the damn switches on the bars (kill switch, lights, master kill switch, starter/ign. curve selector). Need to relocate the big ones somewhere where they don't get smashed/I kill the engine mid climb. The linkage tends to hang on bigger logs. On the YZ i never noticed the issue. I have a linkage slider coming soon The Enduro Engineering handguards don't play nice with the clutch/brake hoses. Should have gone with the Cycra. Not the bike's fault obviously Love the juice clutch! Love the starter! As the ride went on, the starter worked better/faster, i guess the battery got fully charged. Spins fast, even with the stock Yuasa unit. When it dies i'll throw an EarthX in The stock FMF Gnarly is more narrow than the one I had on the YZ. I still have a carbon guard coming for it The stock plastic glideplate worked well, but no protection for the water pump or left sidecover. Enduro Engineering will remedy that No need to hunt for trees to lean the bike on, because sidestand. Brakes are great Black rims are pretty, but it took me double the time to swap rear tires cause I was afraid to scratch it... Fuel tank holds plenty of fuel, doesn't get in the way Carb access is a bitch! To re-jet, you need to pull the tank. Small price to pay All in all, I think i made a smart buy. More bang for my buck vs the KTM, and it seems to be more ride-ready than the pumpkin. That's it. Will report again after suspension and carb tweaks.
  15. I'm thinking of buying a new trails bike as an upgrade from my 12 year old Beta Rev3. Looking at the Sherco "standard" 250, the GasGas 250 GT and the Beta 200. Interested in impressions, rants and raves. Thanks
  16. Hey all, I’d love your feedback on my latest production. If you like what you see, please subscribe, share with your friends on social media or just provide us with your opinion as it all helps my small team and I a lot! Facebook – Life of Loam Instagram - @lifeofloam
  17. Sherco didn't have the part I needed😤....so had to make one miself😏 Spent 5 hours making a cheap part but at least bike (Sherco ST300 trials) is back to the trail.
  18. "While at Machu Picchu, one of the seven wonders of the world, Ryan was counting down the days for our dirtbike tour." Todd explained just moments before heading out on the trail. It's hard to look down upon the Andes as you fly into the Cusco valley, and not have your mind blown with the enormity and vastness of the terrain below the wings. If you are crazy passionate about dirtbikes, it's even more mind blowing to imagine riding it on two wheels. Todd and Ryan joined up with Scott Englund of MotoMission Peru for a custom three day hard enduro ride. The ride catered to their skill levels, journeyed across the type of terrain that the boys wanted to ride, and filled their minds with hundreds of unforgettable images of Peru. Each teetered on the edge of comfort as Scott managed to push them beyond their norms of riding in Colorado. The official tour video...Check it out! Toothbrush anyone? "There is something special about leading a father son duo into the back country." Englund said as he explained how his own father bred a bit of adventure in his own heart. "I get people from every corner of the planet. They are all awesome peeps, but to share this experience with Todd and Ryan, that's a thrill." Three days of exotic dirtbiking. Beginning at Englund's home, the trail begins just minutes from the garage. "No trailers, you'll see what I am talking about. You won't even have time to warm up before we hit the trail." Englund explained. What goes on inside of Motomission is nothing short of a dream. Scott has been running MotoMission Peru for a number of years. He is a social entrepreneur who gives 100% of the profits of the business to charity. His family is supported by a number of people and/or businesses who believe in his mission. Sponsors have supported MotoMission with equipment and gear. The marketing arm of the business are happy customers that tell others about the experience and share the included tour video via social media. Scott does what he loves to do. Riding dirtbikes, exploring new areas, cinematography, adventure, travel, serving others, business...It all fits his lifestyle. You can see it in his smile when he hands over the bike to you at the beginning of the tour. So many views! "I've got the coolest gig on the planet!" Englund states. "In my wildest of thoughts, I couldn't have dreamt up a better situation. I live here with my amazing family, all who ride, and I get to do what I love to do, while giving it all away." It's not all happy and easy. "It really sucks when you have to haul a bike out of a canyon in backpacks." recalled Englund of a time when a customer launched a bike off a ledge so steep and deep he couldn't see where the bike had landed. Good times with Dad! Todd and Ryan got the full package. Englund was able to lead the men into an unforgettable riding experience like they had never imagined. Beyond tired, they had to make it to the next town for the night. They rode a section that is typically a two day ride, all in the scope of one day and a little bit of night. "My hand is so tired I can't squeeze the clutch anymore." Ryan said as the cramping in his forearm curled up his hand. When it comes to an exotic dirt bike adventure, MotoMission Peru has the holeshot. With countless untouched routes, an epic landscape, and a personable and capable guide, you owe it to yourself to check out this little gem in the Andes. You can reach Scott at Scott@motomissionperu.com to find out more about tours and riding in the Andes. He is always ready to talk shop! Also, don't forget to "FOLLOW" this blog if you want to have access to MotoMission Peru's new posts and videos.
  19. Looking at getting a new bike and keep on bouncing back and fourth between the 2017 beta and Sherco for a 300 two stroke. I have owned ktm, yamaha and husqvarna and want to try something new that no one else i ride with has. The oil injection really has me interested in the beta along with the adjustable powervalve and the kickstart is nice to have for piece of mind. But i like the looks of the sherco better, larger fuel tank is handy and have heard really good things about them. Just curious on what personal experience you guys have on them, pros and cons of each to try and persuade me to pick one. I think it will end up being a coin toss to decide in the end.?
  20. jamracing

    2017 Sherco 300 se-r

    OK, new to this part of the forum! After years of riding blue, I got another, well, blue bike...But this shade of blue is different, so there's that. Picked up my first new bike in 16 years (last one was a new WR426 way back 4-strokes were an odd bird, and had carbs. Well except for the Cannondale...), and it's a beauty! It'll take a little getting used to, but the best way to acquaint yourself with a bike is to tear it down, so that's happening. Like with any new bike (or new to me), I first pull it apart and do something the factory seems to hate to do - GREASE THE DAMN BEARINGS! The linkage bearings were barely wet with some kind of oil like substance, and would pound out within 5 minutes of riding. Large amounts of Bel-Ray waterproof grease were smeared in there. Quite a sight. Tires - off with the FIM/DOT legal Michelin's, on with the Pirelli MT-16 rear, MX-32 mid-soft for the front Jetting - I'd like some input from any other owners if possible. It seems fat, which is better than lean...I'm at ~sea level, between 50-85 degrees. Exhaust - I comes with an FMF pipe, but i'll be throwing a FMF Q Stealth spark arrestor on it Protection - Enduro Engineering skidplate and hand guards. Clutch cover guard and linkage slider courtesy of Bulletproof Carbon https://www.facebook.com/bulletproofcarbon/ Battery tender dongle to trickle charge isn't a bad idea either (no kickstart backup, which is terrifying).