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Found 25 results

  1. Isaiah Villarreal

    Xr100 BBR front forks make chunk noise

    Hello. So ive always stalked this page but this is my first post. I recently just bought a 2002 xr100 and the thing is great. I wanted to beef up the suspension so i picked up and installed the BBR front springs and rear shock. Rear shock was a b**** to install myself but it got done. However, the front springs are were im finding an issue. Theu were easy to install, and i added 15w belray fork oil. The bbr springs were about an inch bigger and required some compression to close the fork cap. The front feels stiffer however, it now makes a loud CHUNK when going off jumps or bumps. I dont know much about the science about suspension but id assume The rebound is too fast? Ive looked into and ive heard different things, such as, changing the oil to 20w, (which i will do next) cuting some of the spring off and adding a pvc spacer. I plan to minimoto this xr100 and abuse this bike...but not willing to pay top dollar. What can i do? Does anyone have any idea? Thanks in advance.
  2. Hey all, I have a question regarding two KTM's. I have two 08 450's. I have a XCF 450 and a XCRW 450. I love the suspension on the XCF and want to dial the XCRW in to match it. I ride endurocross and trails with this bike. Do you know how much difference there is between the design of the forks and shocks on the two bikes? I can't tell any difference between the shocks but I notice the top of the forks have a slight difference (see pictures). Springs have obviously been changed between the two bikes but I'm wondering if I can just swap forks and shocks. Thanks, mpuvdd
  3. sabthumper

    Shock Spring Minimum

    I saw this somewhere but can't remember where. So if I have the shock with "no load" on it. Is the minimum length from top of spring to bottom ( for safe use) 9.75 inches ? If I set the sag and its shorter than that, I'm guessing I need a heavier spring than stock. I'm at 10.25 inches now but I may have to tighten it up a hair. So I'm wanting to be sure. Thanks
  4. My pig's about ten years old and has 12,000 miles on the clock. To my knowledge the shock's never been gone through. I assume it's due for some new oil and nitrogen by now? How much of a difference will I notice if I get it revalved while I'm at it? If I do get it revalved, should I try to do it myself, have a local shop do it, or send it to someone?
  5. Hey guys. I just bought a new 2017 YZ250f. I am 14 and I weigh 56kgs. I was told when I bought it that the spring on their is rated for 60kg to 80kg and when I put all my gear on I am about 58-60 kgs. The spring seems to be ok and I obviously need to set my sag, compression and rebound on my first ride but it is pretty tall for me. I was thinking that when I set my sag I could try lowering the bike more than the sag and then buying a softer spring so my sag would be correct would this work? Also I have seen that some people after lowering the back-end also loosen the triple clamps and slide the forks up a little bit. Should I do that? If you guys have any other ideas of how to make the bike sit lower please, please, please, let me know.
  6. Supermotofool

    DRZ400S VS DRZ400SM

    Now that I am rebuilding my 2001 DRZ400S due to a crash.. I want to be sure that when it happens again the bike will not be completely totaled. I cannot find any axle sliders for it because it does not have hollow axles. The only thing I have been able to find are engine guards that mount to the frame so I will for sure be getting those. So I just have questions on how to get axle sliders mounted on my bike, and I also will probably be getting a handbrake sometime in the near future. Would I be better off just swapping to an SM swingarm? I wish there was a document listing all the spec differences between the SM and S models. Any help would be great. Best regards.
  7. luminaire

    are pds shocks interchangeable??

    The pds shock on my 2014 300 xc-w broke down and im looking for a replacement. Will a shock coming from a 2014 250 exc-f fit my bike? they have different part numbers so im not sure 12.18.7L.63 -- 300 xc-w shock part number 12.18.7L.67 -- 250 exc-f shock part number thanks
  8. yzsmoker

    Shim stack

    Looking for the stock shim stack on a 2015 Yz250 for the shock. Any help would be nice!
  9. Hi Folks! I decided that I am tired of my 06 WR250F having horrible damping (i.e. none at all) and so am going to upgrade the suspension. My questions for you are, 1. Is it worth it, given the age of the bike and cost of the parts, to find old 06-07 YZ250F SSS twin chamber forks and shock and rebuild/upgrade them, or just install a gold valve or similar in my single chamber WR forks? I like the idea of bolting on YZ TC forks and shock, but the cost at this point for them both runs about $500-$600 and they are guaranteed to be clapped out and need a full rebuild/upgrade, just like my WR forks/shock. 2. Race Tech offers a compression gold valve available, but not a rebound gold valve. Can you tell me why this is? I would like both, of course. 3. Will YZ450F components work as well? If so, what year range? 4. Ohlins drop in cartridges look awesome, but front and rear would cost the worth of the bike ;-) Thank you for the help!
  10. i have been looking all over this forum for a definitive answer to this and some have said yes it will work, and some have said no because the shock clevis lengths and mounting bolts are not the same length. Someone please give insight to this. asking because i have a 03 cr250r and found a great deal on a 05 crf450r with a 5.7 kg/mm spring in it ( i weigh 220 lbs) on ebay.
  11. Hi all, Yesterday on my way home from work, my Dominatrix suddenly started acting like a rocking horse in the rear. When I got home I checked for a flat tire, but everything seemed A-okay. Pushing down on the rear produced that undampened swinging up and down, so I guess the rear shock finally gave up after 30 years of service and some 65000 km (approx 40000 miles)... Now, this bike is from 1988, the first model with both a kick as well as an electric start, thus the ideal winter commuter! However, a 3rd party new branded rear shock like Hagon, is about half its worth on the street, so this is a no-go. Finding a used original rear shock with less mileage here in Sweden at a junk-yard is a no-go as well. There are no suitable shocks after having checked with the main ones I know about. A check on eBay reveals some really cheap but quite strangely priced chinese shocks. Checking the interwebb I found a Youtube clip featuring a guy replacing the rear shock on his NX250 with a shock from a mid-00s Suzuki Bandit. Only some slight mods were necessary using an angle grinder. I'm confident I'd manage that too. Before I go down this path, I'd like to check with you if anybody has done this before using a Bandit shock? Are there any other bike brands and models I should be aware of that offer either a drop-in, or minor mod req'd, replacement for the Dominator? Extra info Original NX650 shock length is 343 mm (13,5 inches). Is quite stubby. Upper eyelet is 29 mm wide, lower fork inner width is 30 mm. XL600R shock length is 371 mm (14,6 inches). Too long, will rub linkages. XR200R 1984-on may fit straight on if no remote reservoir. XR650L shock will not fit. The remote reservior will hit the swingarm.
  12. InAquaVeritas

    Replacement options rear shock

    I've searched the forum for info on this, but can't find anything except for a shock in the TT shop. I'm in the process of rebuilding my 2005 SM, front to back. After running the engine into the ground, too little oil and stupidity, I have ordered a big bore kit. As I'm doing that, I want to get the suspension redone as well, but all the rebuilders over here refuse to service the OEM Showa rear shock, as it "will always be a poor quality shock". What are good replacement options? What is the OEM shock length eye-to-eye? Are there progressive springs for the forks? Thanks a lot!
  13. Louis Penfold

    Cr125 1996 rear shock absorber

    Got a 1996 Honda cr125r and the rear shock had had it bounces around like a jack in a box and think it would probably be more cost efficient to buy one from a breakers problem is none of them have one specifically for a 96 but most other years so was wondering if anybody knew whether any other shocks from other years may fit my bike, thanks in advance!
  14. Cesar Molina

    Yz125 Suspension

    How do I make my suspensions softer on my stock yz125 mx bike for an enduro coming up. Do I just mess around with like the clicks. They are labeled as an H and and S on the forks. i weight like around 155lbs. Thanks
  15. I want more wheelbase for my raised BMW F650 since after making it taller its weight distribution became noticeably uneven - it tends to push its front while off-road cornering and became more prone to wheelies. This is my daily use bike and I use it for long trips and off-road cruising regularly. What I've been thinking about is to mount an alloy KTM rear swingarm with a PDS shock that would terminate the need of regular linkage maintenance and would give some extra ground clearance at its bottom. The biggest problem is, that I have now an F650GS Dakar rear shock and the WP PDS I have now is *a lot* longer than that - also the Dakar shock connects to the link under the swingarm but the WP connects onto it, hence I'd need a 300-340mm long PDS shock instead of the recent >410mm one. Were they ever produced in such length or is it even possible to shorten one by so much?
  16. JUST got my Bruce Triplett modified damper rods installed last Saturday. Rode hard all weekend and thru the 4th. This front end tracks perfectly right off the bat. I've had this bike for 2 years and it had never stuck like it does now. I've yet to push the front past it's limits and I am riding with so much more confidence in tight trails in the woods. I can't wait to to get someone to follow me thru the woods so I can show how hard this thing corners now. This makes the bike actually feel lighter. Go Figger. Bruce doesn't advertise so here's his website. https://sites.google.com/site/brucessuspension/
  17. Hey all , looking to get a more heavy duty aftermarket rear shock for my weight lol anyone recommend some different brands ?? Also any one changed theirs already ?
  18. Hello, I'm looking for way to make a machine to vacuum/fill rear shock absorber. I checked, but i can not find a full topic with detailed project - making of... Does anyone have such an information, as I need to have the details and check if I'm able to make it?
  19. Hi all, I'm doing a big maintenance on a CR250 gen3 2002, the shock was not working properly, I could not even tell a big difference fully closing the adjusters... I recon the oil was very-very bad, and could be the reason for this but I checked the shim stack and found some strange modifications of the previous owner I want to share with you: The first red color column is the stack I had in the shock, I found the other two as reference... I think the rebound is OK as it is. In the compression stack I found some strange things, C15-C16 seem they were flipped , I think they should be: 44 - 37 - 28 - 42 And further down the 18mm shim at C26 seems totally wrong and I need a 24 and 22mm shim in this place to recover OEM specs. Can you please show me your insights on this ? This bike was valved from the factory for MX use but I use it for Enduro (woods/singletrack). Maybe these modifications make sense and I should let them as they are and just renew the fluid. Cheers !
  20. tidyrob69

    Spring weight 96 cr250

    Can anyone help? I've got a '93 cr250 that i'm stripping down and sorting out with powder coated frame, new bearings and newer suspension off a '96. The '96 shock and fork need rebuilding which got me thinking would it be wise to fit new springs as the originals, being 20 years old, could have lost some of their original firmness, i'm interested to hear opinions on this. Also any suggestions on weight springs, oil and oil level to use. I'm about 12.5 stone (79.5kg) without gear on. Cheers, Rob
  21. robsandiego

    San Diego CRF230F Owners

    Hi All- Briefly---I have a 230L, love it but want more and now just bought a 230f and am excited by the three rides I've done in and around Tecate so far. I'm overwhelmed by the suspension mod choices available, most of which are expensive. I don't want to throw money at the bike without knowing how it rides after spending $$$. My suspension is stock and I'm considering fork and rear shock upgrades. I would love to get even the briefest of rides on anyone else's bike who has done any of the following: 1.Emulators or new damping rods and rebuild 2. Steering stabilizer/damper 3. Either the Works, Fox, or the other (Hein sp?) shock 4. A reputable shop in town who has done these mods before. Mark at DMC is where I've been going for routine stuff. I'm pretty sure I'm not up for finding an entire other set of forks from another model and fitting them. Too complicated for my patience level and old man riding style. Unless you know the shop/guy who can do it all. Can I buy anyone a beer to let me ride around the block on their bike? I've been reading up about other peoples opinions on their suspension upgrades and it just isn't enough for me. I'd really appreciate a hand-on experience. Thanks in advance for any help. Rob
  22. All, I just bought a 1982 XT250 project bike. We had one of these in the family in the 90s, so I know the model fairly well already. I guess my plan is just to have a small, simple bike for shorter local trips, and maybe some light trail touring. I do know it has some known weaknesses, i.e. suspension, brakes, 6V electrics, corroding mufflers, and open frame/exposed engine cases. So I am looking for tips regarding big bore/ higher comp pistons, camshaft (Web Cam) stiffer shock, fork springs, 12 V upgrade, and so on. I was also thinking about fabricating a stepped SS headpipe, and use a 1 1/2" inlet Supertrapp IDS2 muffler. I guess the weight saving will be replacing heavy stock parts with lighter parts in alloy etc (Sprocket, handlebar, rear fender reinforcement for tail light etc), and using smaller/ lighter tail light, indicator lights. And also replacing the stock instruments with a digital dash from KOSO, Trailtech etc. Any and all tips are welcome!
  23. In one of the OEM/model-specific forums, a TT member posted the following as part of a thread on lowering a bike: I could be completely wrong but it seems to me that the Zeta ring wouldn't have much effect on the height of the bike when sitting or standing on the bike because it only reduces how far the shaft can extend out of the shock body when it's fully extended. When seated or standing on the pegs, the spring will be compressed and the shaft will go further inside the body than when it is at rest so you would be at the same height on the bike for dabbing etc. This all assumes that nothing would be changed for the preload on the rear spring. To get the same sag measurement as before, you would need to back off on the preload tension and this would lower the rear of the bike. But how would the handling be different than having the preload rings at that position without the lowering ring? It seems to me that you would also need to change the rear spring rate for the bike to behave much differently. It seems that shock spacers are often considered to be better than lowering linkages but I don't understand why unless there was also a change in the spring rate. Can anyone here explain this to me? Thanks!
  24. BloodBath

    Full Ohlins Suspension

    Time Left: 5 days and 3 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I’m looking to sell my recently rebuilt/serviced Ohlins suspension setup it is currently set for 180lb GNCC. Less than 2hrs of riding since the service. If you have any questions or need more pictures just let me know.


    Key West , FL

  25. lookin to upgrade my suspension on my 06 cr250, curious whats possible with some work.